A I bukdan the outside edge of a piece of folded paper

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BERI FITHEKU a crossbow

BERI GIRU the shaft of a bow

BERI JA the bow has a light pull

BERI JAFAKŪ the grip of a bow

BERI NU a crossbow

BERI TABUMBI to draw a bow

BERI TATAMBI to draw a bow

BERI UHUKEN the bow has a weak pull

BERI BERI each one, severally

BERILEKU a drill

BERINGGA UŠIHA the constellation hu

BERINGGE pertaining to archery


BERTEBUMBI caus./pass. of bertembi

BERTEMBI to dirty

BERTEN dirt, grime

BERTENEMBI to get dirty

BESEREI a mongrel mixture of a taiha hunting dog and the common house dog


BESERHEN same as besergen

BEŠERI same as beserei

BEŠEHUN stupefied, dazzled, led astray

BEŠEMBI (-ke) to become saturated, to drink to excess

BEŠEME AGAMBI to rain sufficiently to saturate the ground

BEŠEMBUMBI caus. of bešembi

BETE inadequate, useless, ineffective

BETEN earthworm, bait

BETHE foot, (lower) leg

BETHE BUKDAMBI 1. to bend the knee, to kneel on one knee 2. to draw a tally stick

BETHE DEMNIYEME CASHŪN FIYELEMBI to do trick riding with the legs

swinging backwards

BETHE GOCIME FIYELEMBI to do trick riding with the legs drawn in

BETHE I FATAN the sole of the foot

BETHE I FATAN I HERGEN plantar lines

BETHE TUKIYEHEI FIYELEMBI to do trick riding with the feet lifted in the air

BETHEI FILEKŪ a foot warmer

BETHELEKŪ a trap for entangling the feet of birds

BETHELEMBI I. to sleep with the legs together 2. to pile grain in small piles to allow it to dry 3. to entangle a bird's feet in a snare

BETHENGGE having legs

BEYE I. body, self 2. capital

BEYE ACAMBI to have sexual intercourse

BEYE BE ARAMBI to commit suicide

BEYE BE DASAMBI I. euphemism for to castrate 2. to cultivate oneself

BEYE CIHAKU against one's will

BEYE DE BIMBI to become pregnant

BEYE DE GOCIMBI to place near oneself

BEYE DE OMBI to become pregnant

BEYE DEKDERELEOE KURBUME FIYELEMBI to ride balancing oneself on the hands

BEYE ILETULEMBI to become incarnate, to appear in bodily form

BEYE ISIHIMBI to deliver (a baby)

BEYE JURSU pregnant



BEYE OSOHON small in stature

BEYE SISAMBI to exert oneself

BEYE TEKSIN well built (figure)

BEYE TOMSOMBI to control oneself

BEYEBE TUWANCIHIYAMBI to cultivate oneself

BEYEBUMBI caus. of beyembi

BEYEI by oneself, independently

BEYEINGGE one's own

BEYEMBI to freeze, to be cold

BEYEN freezing, cold

BEYESE plural of hope

BI I. I, me 2. there is, there are, has, have

BI SINI MEIFEN BE 'I'm going to cut off your head!'--an oath

BIBUMBI I. caus. of bimbi 2. to detain, to retain, to keep back, to leave behind


BIDERE bi+dere

BIDURI lapis lazuli

BIGAN wilderness, an uncultivated area, wild

BIGAN I CAI wild tea

BIGAN I CIYANLIYANG tax on uncultivated land

BIGAN I COKO pheasant, ring-necked pheasant

BIGAN I GINTALA wild celery

BIGAN I HUKEN a hawk that has escaped from captivity

BIGAN I HUTU a ghost or spirit that dwells in the wilderness

BIGAN I IBAGAN a malevolent spirit dwelling in the wilderness

BIGAN I MUCU wild grape (Vitis Thunbergii)

BIGAN I NIONGNIYAHA the wild goose

BIGAN I SINGGERI field mouse, vole

BIGAN I ULGIYAN wild pig; cf. aidagan

BIGAN I WECEKŪ the shamanistic god of the wilderness

BIGAN TALA a steppe, the wilds, wilderness

BIGAN URANGGA MOO the wild tung tree (Calophyllum inophyllum)

BIGARAMBI to be in the wildernes

BIGARAME through the wilds, across the wilderness

BIGARARA MAHATUN a cap used for distant journeys


BIGATU NIYEHE wild duck, mallard

BIGATŪ UNIYEHE wild duck, mallard

BIHA crumb, small piece

BIHAN same as bigan

BIHE BIHEI for a long time

BIJABUMBI caus. of bijambi

BIJAMBI to break, to snap (v.i.)

BIKCU Buddhist monk

BIKCUNI Buddhist nun

BIKITA the name of a constellation

BIKITA TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner with the constellation bikita depicted on it

BILA ILHA an exotic white flower that blooms in the autumn

BILABUMBI caus./pass. of bilambi

BILAGAN period, term, deadline

BILAGAN I TEMGETU a paper on which a term or deadline is recorded

BILAMBI I. to break 2. to dull 3. to set a date, to fix a term, to limit

BILAME GAIMBI to subtract, to take away

BILAN see bilagan

BILAŠI singer

BILCA cake made from bean and millet flour

BILCAMBI to smear, spread a sticky substance on something

BILCI see bulji

BILEMBI to lay eggs, to give birth to pigs and dogs


BILERI a wind instrument with eight holes and a metal mouthpiece--a sona

BILEŠI a sona player, a trumpeter

BILGA same as bilha

BILGACŪNGGA same as bilhacungga

BILGEŠEMBI to brim, to be too full of a liquid

BILHA I. throat 2. a very narrow passage 3. a smoke hole

BILHA BE DAŠAMBI to clear the throat

BILHA ILENGGU I GESE AMBAN respectful title for members of the Štate Council


BILJAMBI (-ka) to soak, to ooze, to leak through

BILTEMBI (-ke) to overflow

BILTEN tidal flats, a shallow lake, a marsh

BILUBUMBI caus. of bilumbi

BILŪKAN on the sly, secretly

BILUKŪ one who deceives by using sweet talk, a confidence man

BILŪMBI I. to stroke, to rub, to nourish, to caress, to fondle 2. to cut meat into small pieces

BILŪN pacification

BILŪNGGA pacified

BILURJAMBI to swindle by pretending to be honest

BILUŠAMBI to be affectionate toward, to act affectionately

BIMBI (imperfect participle bisire, imperative bisu) I. to exist, to be 2. to stay, to remain

BIMŠU I. paralysis 2. quail

BIN DZ betel nut; cf. merseri

BING BIYAN camphor

BING BIYANG sound made by the sona or flute

BINGGIYA water chestnut

BINGHA the name of a constellation

BINGHA TOKTONGGO KIRŪ a banner depicting the constellation bingha

BINGSE steelyard

BINGSELEMBI to weigh on a steelyard

BINGSIKŪ autumn cicada

BINŠE see bin dz

BIR BIYAR SEME hanging to the floor (of clothing)

BIR SEME hanging loose

BIRA river

BIRA BE KADALARA TINGGIN office of river management

BIRAI CARGI the other side of the river

BIRAI DALIN I FALGANGGA unloading area on a riverbank

BIRAI DENGJAN a paper lantern in the form of a lotus used to light the way on a river excursion

BIRAI EBERGI the close bank of the river

BIRAI HŪYA an edible river snail

BIRAI JUGŪN BE UHERI KADALARA AMBAN Director- General ofRiver Conservation, BH 820D

BIRAI SEREMŠEN I KUNGGERI section for river control in the Board of Works

BIRAI WEILEN I FALGA bureau of river works in the Board of Civil Appointments

BIRANGGA having or pertaining to a river

BIRANGGA KIRU a banner decorated with the design of a flowing river

BIRCA HIYAN MOO the name of an exotic tree whose wood is used for making scroll rods

BIREBUMBI caus./pass. of birembi

BIREGEN a willow palisade built along a frontier

BIREKŪ roller, rolling pin

BIREKŪ MOO a wooden roller for rolling seed

BIREMBI I. to rush (into), to attack, to breach 2. to roll (dough, seed, etc.)

BIREME completely, thoroughly, universally

BIREME HEREME totally and completely

BIREME YABUBURE BITHE ICIHIYARA BA an office of the Printing Office and Bookbindery charged with the distribution of books

BIREN tigress, female leopard

BIREN I HŪYA an edible river snail


BIREN YARHA female leopard

BIRENDUMBI to collide, to run into one another

BIRENEMBI to go to run into

BIRETEI totally, universally, completely

BIRGA see birgan

BIRGAN creek, brook

BIRGEŠEMBI I. to overeat 2. to hang loosely, to dangle

BIRHEŠEMBI the same as birgešembi

BIRKŪ same as bireku

BISAMBI (-ka, -ra/ndara) to overflow, to flood

BISAN flood

BISANDARA long form of the imperfect participle of bisambi

BISARAMBI (-pi) to overflow, to pour out everywhere

BIŠARI ILHA an exotic white flower that grows along rivers

BIŠI crab louse, tick

BIŠIMBI same as bišumbi

BIŠIN a flat iron clasp, a decorative

rivet or tack found on knives, cruppers, bridles, etc.

BISIN DURDUN smooth crepe

BISIN ELDENGGE LOHO a sword with a smooth pommel

BISIN ILHANGGE KOFON SUJE a smooth patterned Soochow silk

BIŠIRE imperfect participle of bimbi

BISIRE EBSIHE one's whole life

BISIRELENGGE all that exists

BISIRENGGE having, existing

BISŪ imperative of bimbi

BISUREMBI to crawl, to creep

BIŠUBUMBI caus. of bišumbi

BIŠUKAN I. somewhat smooth 2. temperate in eating

BIŠUMBI to smooth, to rub, to stroke, to pet, to grope, to feel

BIŠUN I. smooth, slick, level 2. temperate in eating

BIŠURI MOO coconut palm

BIŠUŠAMBI to keep rubbing, to caress repeatedly

BITA river island, sand bar, eyot

BITHE I. book 2. letter

BITHE BOO a study

BITHE FUCIHI DOOSE Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism

BITHE HŪLAMBI to study.,

BITHE HŪLARA HAFAN Reciter of Prayers, BH 79, 382B

BITHE NOHO SUJE silk with writing woven into the pattern

BITHE ŠUWASELARA FALGA the court printing office

BITHE YABUBURE BOO office of the palace apothecary

BITHEI AMBAN a high civil dignitary

BITHEI BOO study, studio

BITHEI HAFAN a civil official

BITHEI HAFAN I FUNGNEHEN I KUNGGERI office in charge of posthumous honors

BITHEI HAFAN I TEMGETU a document sent to a bithei hafan

BITHEI HAFAN SINDARA BOLGOBŪRE FIYENTEN department for the selection of civil officials; cf. BH 335


BITHEI JORINGGA table of contents


BITHEI NIYALMA scholar, civil official

BITHEI ŠUNGSI Member of the National Academy, BH I91

BITHEI ŠUSAI a baccalaureate of the civil examinations

BITHEI TACIKŪ a provincial school for preparing civil and military candidates for the examinations

BITHEI TACIN COOHAI ERDEMU scholarship and military strategy

BITHEI YAMUN the National Academy, BH I9I ff.

BITHELEMBI to notify in writing, to send a letter to

BITHESI scribe, secretary, clerk, BH 293

BITHESI I KUNGGERI section of clerks in the Board of Civil Appointments; cf. BH 293

BITUBUMBI I. caus. of bitumbi 2. to see in a dream

BITUHAN border, edging

BITUMBI to edge, to border, to go along the border, to adorn, to decorate

BITUME GAMARA ambiguous, vague

BITURAME along a mountain, via a mountain

BIWANGGIRIT (Sanskrit vyakarana) exposition, explanation, grammar

BIYA moon, month

BIYA ALIHA BA Record Office, BH 497

BIYA ALIHA FIYENTEN Record and Registry Office, BH 455

BIYA AMBA the month has thirty days

BIYA FEKUHE overdue (of a pregnant woman)

BIYA I KIRŪ moon banner

BIYA I MANASHŪN the end of the month, after the 20th of the month

BIYA JEMBI there is an eclipse of the moon

BIYA KŪWARAHA the moon has a halo

BIYA MANARA ISIKA the moon has almost disappeared

BIYA OSOHON the month has twenty nine days


BIYAI HAFAN ILGARA BOO a department of the imperial household charged with the monthly rotation of officials

BIYAI HALAN menstruation

BIYAI ICEREME at the beginning of the month

BIYAI MANASHŪN after the 20th of the month


BIYABIYASHŪN same as biyabiyahūn

BIYADAR SEME speaking recklessly

BIYADARI every month

BIYAHUN pale, wan

BIYAINGGE of a certain month

BIYALAME months long, lasting for months

BIYALANGGI blabbermouth, gossiper

BIYALARI ILHA Rosa indica--the monthly blooming rose

BIYALDASITAMBI to fluctuate greatly

BIYALUMBI to slip away, to flee

BIYALUME YABUMBI to flee, to escape

BIYAN inscribed tablet above a door

BIYAN SIO Compiler of the Second Class, BH 200B; cf. acabume banjibukū

BIYANDU lima bean

BIYANGGA moonlike, lunar, round

BIYANGGA EFEN small round cakes filled with sweetened bean paste eaten at the moon festival, moon cakes

BIYANGGA FA a window in the shape of a full moon

BIYANGGA INENGGI the I5th of the eighth month--the moon festival


BIYANGGA TUNGKEN a hand drum in the form of a moon

BIYANGGIDEI a name for the golden pheasant; cf. junggiri coko


BIYANGSIRI ILHA an exotic flower-'cicada's blossom'

BIYANTAHA a scar on the head, a spot on the head where the hair is sparse

BIYANTU cudgel

BIYAR SEME brimming (full of water)

BIYARA a type of swallow found in Manchuria and Mongolia

BIYARGIYAN faint, pale

BIYARGIYAŠAMBI to be gray, colorless (of the weather)

BIYARIŠAMBI to blind (of a strong light in the eye)

BIYASHUOBI the same as biyalumbi

BIYATAR SEME the same as biyadar seme

BIYOHALAMBI to get away, to escape

BIYOLOKOŠOMBI to tell yarns, to talk idly

BIYOLUMBI to shave smooth, to level off

BIYOMBI to smooth off a surface

BIYOO a memorial to the throne, manifesto

BIYOO BITHE a memorial to the throne

BIYOO BITHE WESIMBUMBI to present a memorial


BIYOOHA I. a horse with a white spot on the end of its nose 2. cocoon

BIYOOHA SUJE satin made from wild cocoons

BIYOOHA SURI silk made from wild cocoons

BIYOOHARI ILHA an exotic white flower that grows in mountain areas--its bloom resembles a cocoon

BIYOOLAMBI see biyolumbi

BIYOR SEME trickling, slowly, lazily, dragging (clothes), slack, limp

BIYOR SEME ETUMBI to wear clothes that are too long or too large

BIYOR SEME EYEMBI to flow in a trickle

BIYOR SEME UYAN dangling and soft

BIYORAN a cliff of red earth

BIYORONG SEME slowly, languidly

BO HO mint

BO IOI a monk's eating bowl

BOBORŠOMBI to cherish, to dote on

BOCEHE see bocihe

BOCERI ILHA Lychnis senno


BOCO I. color, complexion 2. sex, lust

BOCO DE DOSIMBI to be lustful, to be lecherous

BOCO HACIN I NAMUN a storehouse belonging to the Board of Revenue for iron, bronze, incense, wax, paper, etc.

BOCONGGO colored, brightly colored, colorful

BOCONGGO ARSALANGGA KIRU a banner bearing the likeness of a lion


BOCONGGO ŠUGIN I ILETU KIYOO a ceremonial sedan chair painted in many colors

BOCONGGO ULHŪMANGGA KIRU a banner bearing the likeness of a pheasant

BODI bodhi--enlightenment

BODISATU bodhisattva

BODIŠE the hard red fruit of the Indian Bodhidharma tree out of which rosaries are made

BODISU the same as bodise

BODOBUMBI caus./pass. of bodombi

BODOGON plan, plot, scheme, strategy

BODOGON I BITHEI KUREN Military Archives Office, BH I39

BODOHON I. a small pendant of precious stones worn by officials at court 2. same as bodogon

BODOHONGGO good at strategy, full of plans and ideas

BODOKŪ abacus

BODOMBI I. to calculate, to figure 2. to plan 3. to drive animals to a predetermined place

BODOFI BURE KUNGGERI the name of a section in the Board of Revenue

BODORO BOO office of calculations in the Board of Works


of mathematics

BODOMIMBI to talk to oneself

BODON calculation, plan, policy, strategy

BODONGGIYAMBI the same as bodomimbi

BODONGGO concerning planning, containing plans

BODONOMBI to go to reckon or plan

BODONUMBI to plan or scheme together

BODOR SEME to mumble (through the teeth)

BODORI the handle of a plow

BOFULABUMBI caus. of bofulambi


BOFUN a wrapper, a wrapping cloth, a bundle

BOHIBUMBI caus. of bohimbi

BOHIKU wrapping for women's feet

BOHIMBI to bind the feet

BOHOKON somewhat muddy, opaque

BOHOMI I. a winnowing fan for kaoliang and sesame 2. hulls of kaoliang and sesame seed

BOHON muddy, opaque, dull, clouded over (the pupil)

BOHORI I. pea 2. a covering for lanterns

BOHORI DEBSE deep-fried pea cakes

BOHOTO a camel's hump

BOIFUKA a clay flute with six holes

BOIGOCILAMBI to come from the earth, to glean from the earth

BOIGOJI host, master

BOIGOJILAMBI to act as host or master

BOIGON I. family, household 2. property

BOIGON ANGGALA members of a household, family

BOIGON I BOO an office in the Court of Colonial Affairs

BOIGON I JURGAN Board of Revenue, BH 349

BOIGON I JURGAN I TOKTOHO GISUN phrases used by the Board of Revenue

BOIGON NAHAN household

BOIGON NAHAN JAFAMBI to take care of the household

BOIGON ŠALIMBI to inherit property

BOIHOCILAMBI see boigocilambi

BOIHOJI same as boigoji

BOIHOJU the god of the earth, the shrine of the earth god

BOIHOLOMBI to get free, to get loose (from a trap)

BOIHON earth, ground, soil

BOIHON DALAN an earthen dam

BOIHON I BUKTAN an earthen mound used as a landmark

BOIHON I HOTON an earthen wall

BOIHON I KARMAN an earthen fortress

BOIHON I KEMNEKU an earthen mound used like a sundial

BOIHON I MUTUN an earthen mound one foot high and ten feet square at the base


BOIHON USIHANGGA KIRU a yellow banner embroidered with a picture of Saturn

BOINGGE see booingge


BOISIRI ILHA 'amber flower'--the name of an exotic flower

BOJE an accounting book

BOJI I. go-between in a business deal, witness to a contract 2. contract, deed

BOJI BITHE written contract

BOJI ILIMBI to make up an agreement or contract

BOJI SEKIYEN a preliminary contract or deed

BOJI UNCEHEN a final contract or deed

BOJILAMBI to pawn, to mortgage

BOJINA KEIRE a splendid brown horse

BOJIRI ILHA chrysanthemum

BOKIDA fringe, tassel (often made of precious stones)

BOKIDA ILHA an exotic, pale yellow flower that hangs down like the weeping willow

BOKIDANGGA having a tassel or fringe

BOKIRSHŪN stiff, unable to move the limbs normally

BOKITA an unperforated blunt arrow

BOKORI GAIMBI to kick playfully in the rear

BOKSON I. threshold 2. the curved cart of the ends of a bow

BOKSOKON graceful, elegant

BOKŠOLOMBI to be graceful, elegant

BOKŠON the breastbone

BOKTO hunchback

BOLABUMBI caus. of bolambi

BOLAMBI to roast, to broil

BOLGO 1. clean, clear 2. honest, sincere

BOLGO DUINGGE HOOŠAN a type of paper made from the bark of a tree

BOLGO RICAN a person who eats little

BOLGOBUMBI caus. of bolgombi

BOLGOBURE OBOHON the name of a classical musical note corresponding in function to E

BOLGOKON somewhat clean, somewhat clear

BOLGOMBI (-ho/ko) 1. to clean 2. to make clear, to clarify, to explain

BOLGOMIMBI to abstain, to fast

BOLGOMI TARGA 'fast and abstain'-inscription on a tablet posted on fast days

BOLGON clean, cleanliness

BOLGOSU see bolhosu

BOLHO see bolgo

BOLHOMBI the same as bolgombi

BOLHOSU a slave of the third generation

BOLI glass

BOLIBUMBI caus. of bolimbi

BOLIKU I. bait 2. flag-sign on a shop

BOLIMBI to lure with bait, to entice

BOLIN I. lure, enticement 2. a dragon embroidered on satin

BOLIN GECUHERI brocade with writhing dragons depicted upon it

BOLJOBUMBI caus. of boljombi

BOLJOHON agreement, covenant

BOLJOMBI to agree on, to promise, to fix (a date), to decide to

BOLJOCI OJORAKŪ cannot be determined, unpredictable, cannot be foreseen



BOLJON GIDAKU bow of a wooden canoe

BOLJON WEREN waves and ripples

BOLJONGGO conventional, determined by custom, customary

BOLMIN incorrupt, sincere

BOLOKON somewhat clean

BOLOMBI (-ko) to be exhausted, used up

BOLORI autumn, fall

BOLORI BE BODORO HAFAN an official of the observatory

BOLORI BEIDERE BAITA BE UHERI ICIHIYARA BA central office for the autumn assizes

BOLORI DULIN the autumnal equinox

BOLORI FORGON I MUKE autumn floods


BOLORI MUDAN ILHA Japanese anemone

BOLORIKTEN autumn sacrifice to the ancestors

BOLOSU glass

BOLOSU DEIJIRE KŪWARAN imperial glass factory

BOMBI (-ngko, -re) to pierce, to bore, to make a hole with an awl or pick

BOMBOKON out of humor, annoyed, bored

BOMBON a pile, a wad, a cluster, a bunch

BOMBONOMBI to pile up (of clouds), to form into layers


BON pick, awl, tool for making holes in ice

BON I BOMBI to break up with a pick

BONCIHIYAN shrill (like the sound of a broken cymbal)

BONGCILIHI a fish from the Eastern Sea whose flesh and bones resemble those of the roe deer

BONGGIBUMBI caus. of bonggimbi

BONGGIMBI to send (away from the speaker)

BONGGO I. point, apex 2. first

BONGGO DE GENEMBI to go first, to go at the head

BONGGO DOSIKASI number one in the examination for Metropolitan Graduate

BONGGO MORIN outrider, lead horse

BONGGO SONJOSI number one in the palace examination

BONGGO ŠUSAI number one in the baccalaureate examination

BONGGO TUKIYESI number one in the provincial examination

BONGJONGGI a coarse, vulgar person, a lout

BONGKO I. bud of a flower 2. a wooden cap placed over the point of an arrow

BONGKO DALANGGA a weir built at a fork in a river

BONGKO SUKIYARA DUKA an ornamental gate in which sections of decorated wood are suspended

BONGKON yellow side ornaments that hang down on both sides of an official's hat

BONGKONOMBI to form a bud

BONGSIMU NIYEHE one of the names of the wild duck

BONIO I. monkey 2. the ninth earth's branch

BONIO BIYA the seventh month

BONIO ERIN the double hour from four until six in the afternoon

BONME (imperfect converb of bombi) downward

BONME GABTAMBI to shoot an arrow downward

BONME WASIMBI to descend from a high place

BONO hail

BONO TORIBUMBI to be hailed upon

BONOMBI to hail

BONTOHO bareback

BONTOHOLOBUMBI caus. of bontoholombi

BONTOHOLOMBI to be empty, to be bare, to be deprived

BONTU an adze

BOO I. house, room 2. family


BOO GIYA constable


BOO GUWAN guarantor

BOO I HOŠO the northwest corner of a house

BOO NAHAN ILIBUMBI to establish a family



BOOCI TUCIKE TEMGETU an official certificate allowing a person to become a Buddhist monk

BOOCI TUCIMBI to leave one's household, to become a Buddhist monk

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