A I bukdan the outside edge of a piece of folded paper

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TUBINGGA MOO a tall tree of Kiangsi with thick, red, bitter bark and a chestnutlike fruit

TUBIŠEMBI to surmise, to estimate

TUBITU another name for the tontu

TUCIBUBUMBI caus. of tucibumbi

TUCIBUMBI 1. caus. of tucimbi 2. to take out, to bring out, to remove (from inside something) 3. to take a coffin to the place of burial 4. to recommend S. to reveal, to discover 6. to appoint, to delegate, to send out (on a mission) 7. to publish 8. to save, to rescue

TUCIBURE BITHE copy of a memorial sent from the provinces

TUCIBUNJIMBI to come to take out, etc.

TUCIBUNUMBI to take out together, etc.

TUCIBUSI publisher

TUCIMBI (-ke) 1. to come out, to come forth 2. to exit, to go out, to leave 3. to rise (of the sun) 4. to sprout, to spring forth, to originate from

TUCIRE DE SELGIYEBURE KIRU a yellow banner of the escort embroidered with the words tucire de selgiyebure

TUCIN beginning, source, origin

TUCINE red center of a target, bull's-eye

TUCINEMBI 1. to go out (there) 2. to appear

TUCINJIMBI to come forth, to appear

TUCINUMBI to come out together, to exit together

TUDI ENDURI the earth god; cf. banaji

TUFULEMBI to put one's foot in a stirrup

TUFULEME DABALI FIYELEMBI to vault over a horse after putting the foot in the stirrup

TUFUN stirrup

TUFUN DE GAIFI NIYAMNIYAMBI to shoot from close range from a horse

TUFUN FESHELEME KURBUME FIYELEMBI to turn around by kicking in the stirrup

TUFUN I FATAN the bottom or footrest of the stirrup

TUFUN I SENGKEN hole on the stirrup through which the thong that connects the stirrup to the saddle is passed

TUFUN I TUBA the iron (or bronze) support for the base of the stirrup

TUFUN JAFAFI KURBUME FIYELEMBI to turn around by taking the line that holds up the stirrup in the hand

TUFUN TATAME CASHŪN FIYELEMBI to lean backwards by pulling back on the stirrups

TUFUN TEMŠEMBI to quarrel over the stirrup--i.e., the horse tries to prevent the rider from mounting

TUGI 1. cloud 2. a cloud-shaped ornament

TUGI AGA sexual intercourse

TUGI ALHATA with scattered clouds

TUGI HETEHE the clouds dispersed

TUGI NEIGEN clouds cover the sky

TUGI NOHO SUJE satin covered with cloud designs

TUGI WAN a ladder used for scaling walls

TUGI YUR SEMBI clouds billow upward

TUGIDEI one name for the golden pheasant; cf. junggiri coko

TUGINGGA OMOLO a descendant of the eighth generation

TUGINGGE FAN a tablet for imperial edicts of favor

TUGIRI sword bean

TUGITU a small sparrowlike bird that nests in the sand

TUGITU ILHA the name of a tall lotuslike flower

TUGITUN a gong that was beat at T'ienan gate when imperial edicts of favor were issued

TUHAN 1. a tree that has fallen over, roots and all 2. a single tree that serves as a bridge across a stream 3. a long pole

TUHAŠAMBI to go across a bridge that is made of a single tree

TUHE 1. lid for a pot 2. a trap for weasels made from willow branches in the shape of a pot lid

TUHE EFEN a flat thin cake made of wheat flour and oil and fried on a skillet smeared with fat

TUHEBUKU 1. curtain 2. Watergate, sluice 3. portcullis 4. a tassel of coral or gems hanging from a ceremonial hat

TUHEBUKU DOOHAN suspension bridge,


TUHEBUKU HORHO a bird trap with a falling door

TUHEBUMBI 1. caus. of tuhembi 2. to bring to ruin, to drag into a crime, to implicate in a crime 3. to sentence 4. to lower (taxes) 5. to let flow (tears) 6. to let the hair hang freely

TUHEMBI (-ke) 1. to fall, to collapse, to fall down 2. to sink, to set (of the sun)


TUHEN fall, conclusion

TUHENEMBI to fall in, to fall behind, to go to fall

TUHENJIMBI to fall down from above, to fall towards the speaker, to come to fall

TUHENUMBI to fall together

TUHERI EBCI the short ribs of the chest cavity

TUHETE hanging down, dangling

TUHI see tugi

TUI JANGGIN see to i janggin

TUI TUI from mouth to mouth, from hand to hand

TUIBALABUMBI caus. of tuibalambi

TUIBALAKŪ carpenter's plane


TUIBAN see tuibalakū

TUIBUMBI to blow out the lamp and once again sacrifice to the gods after a shamanistic rite in the home

TUIHŪLU short-lived

TUIKŪLU see tuihūlu

TUILAMBI to stampede, to run wildly

TUILEBUMBI caus. of tuilembi

TUILEMBI to scrape the hair of a slaughtered animal after scalding

TUILENDUMBI/TUILENUMBI to scrape the hair from a slaughtered beast together

TUIPAN see tuibalakū

TUK TUK SEME pounding (of the heart)

TUKDA four wooden sticks in a cooking vessel on which a grill is placed

TUKDEN MOO the name of a tree similar to fiyatarakū

TUKIYA DA a variety of wild onion

TUKIYEBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of tukiyembi 2. to be elegantly attired, to have a striking appearance (after having made up)

TUKIYECEKU boastful, proud, arrogant

TUKIYECEMBI 1. to lift or raise together 2. to praise, to extol 3. to boast, to be conceited, to be self-satisfied 4. to take boiling water off the fire, to cool hot water by pouring it from one vessel to another

TUKIYECENUMBI to extol one another

TUKIYECUN hymn of praise, panegyric

TUKIYEKU a square fishing net that is thrown from the shore and lifted out of the water from time to time

TUKIYEMBI 1. to lift, to raise, to hold up, to hold high, to carry 2. to offer, to offer in both hands 3. to hoist 4. to recommend, to praise, to laud 5. to promote, to advance 6. to call (honorific)

TUKIYEHE AFAHA a slip of paper with a resume of a memorial on it

TUKIYEHE GEBU honorary name, courtesy name, style

TUKIYEHE GISUN memorandum, synopsis

TUKIYEHE SILGASI Senior Licentiate of the second class, BH 522A, 631

TUKIYEHE ŠOŠOHON a summary of the important points of a memorial attached to the original with a yellow strip of paper

TUKIYEHE ŠOŠOHONGGO KUNGGERI an office in the Board of Civil Appointments concerned with preparing summaries of memorials


TUKIYENJIMBI to come to lift, etc.

TUKIYENUMBI to lift together, etc.

TUKIYERI CECIKE meadow bunting (Emberiza godlewski)

TUKIYESHUN looking up, facing upwards

TUKIYESHŪN written for tukiyeshu-o

TUKIYESI Provincial Graduate,BH 629B

TUKSA BOO a house made of birchbark--the same as jeofi

TUKSAKA bastard, son of a whore; cf. lehele

TUKSICUKE 1. dangerous, in danger 2. frightful, startling

TUKSIMBI (-ke) 1. to pound, to throb, (of the heart) 2. to be alarmed, to be anxious, to be afraid 3. to be exhausted (of livestock)

TUKSIN throbbing, alarm, anxiety

TUKSITEMBI to be alarmed, to be greatly anxious


TUKTAN at first, originally, beginning

TUKTARHAN a ladder made from a single tree

TUKTUMA armor used by cavalry

TUKU 1. the outside surface, the outside 2. the outside of a garment

TUKU JODON grass linen with designs of wax on it

TUKULEMBI to put an outside part on something, to surface (v.t.), to add an outer covering

TULBIMBI to estimate, to surmise, to ponder, to plan beforehand, to guess

TULBIN estimation, guessing

TULE outside

TULE BENJIRE KUNGGERI a section of the Board of Works

TULE GENEMBI to go to relieve one-self

TULE GENERE BA privy, toilet

TULE GENERE HORHO the same as tule genere ba

TULEBUMBI caus. of telembi

TULEJEMBI to put on weight, to become portly

TULEMBI 1. to set (a snare) 2. to cast (a net) 3. to attach (a handle or frame)

TULERGI 1. outside 2. outer, foreign

TULERGI AMSU I BOO foreign kitchen in the palace

TULERGI EFEN I BOO foreign bakery in the palace

TULERGI GOLO BE DASARA JURGAN Court of Colonial Affairs, BH 491

TULERGI GOLOI BOLORI BEIDEMBI to review the death sentences from the provinces in the autumn

TULERGI GOLOI HAFAN I KUNGGERI office in charge of enfeoffments and honorary titles for provincial officials

TULERGI GURUN foreign country

TULERGI HERGEN the letters of the Manchu alphabet used for transcribing foreign sounds

TULERGI JIJUHAN the three upper lines of a hexagram

TULERGI KŪWARAN I SIMNERE BAITA BE BAICARA HAFAN the examination inspector of the outer hall

TULERGI SIMNENGGE KUNGGERI an office in charge of successful examination candidates from the outer provinces

TULERGI TANGGINGGE BOO the name of an office in 'the Board of Civil Appointments

TULERI the outside, the outer edge, outside

TULESI 1. outward, toward the outside 2. inside out

TULESI ETUMBI to wear inside out

TULFAMBI to ricochet, to bounce off

TULGIRI NIYEHE the name of a variety of duck--the same as aka niyehe

TULGIYEN besides, otherwise, other (the word preceding is followed by the ablative suffix -ci)

TULGIYEN ARAMBI to act differently

TULGIYEN GUNIMBI to consider an outsider

TULGIYEN OBUMBI to consider an outsider, to consider a special case


TULGUN see tulhun

TULHU lambskin

TULHUN cloudy, dark

TULHUŠEMBI to become cloudy

TULIBUMBI caus. of tulimbi

TULIMBI (-ke) to run over a deadline, to be overdue, to expire, to run out

TULIMBUMBI see tulibumbi

TULIN CECIKE the name of the oriole in Shantung; cf. gūlin cecike

TULJEMBI see tulejembi

TULU the breast of livestock

TULULAMBI to promote, to advance, to push forward

TULUM a cow- or sheepskin filled with air that is used to support the body across a river

TULUME a belt made of lacquered rattan, filled with air to aid a person crossing a river

TUMBI to hunt, to pursue

TUMEHE ILHA a white flower whose petals resemble butterfly wings

TUMEN ten thousand, a myriad

TUMEN ARBUN BOLGO NIKTONGGA MUDAN the name of a piece of music played while the food was brought in at a palace banquet

TUMEN DE in case, should it be that

TUMEN DE EMGERI in case, should it happen that . . .

TUMEN JALAFUN DENGJAN a lantern placed on a stand in the inner court at New Year's

TUMEN JALAFUN JECEN AKŪ 'a myriad lives without limit'--a birthday wish

TUMEN MUKEI TAMPIN the fourth vessel of the clepsydra of the observatory

TUMEN SE ten thousand years-long live . . . !

TUMEN SE OKINI long live . !

TUMEN TUMEN one hundred million

TUMENCI ten-thousandth

TUMENE ILHA the name of a flower whose leaves resemble birds' wings. There are two varieties: one is red with purple spots, and the other is green with brown spots

TUMENGGE MOO Ligustrum sinense

TUMENGGERI ten thousand times

TUMENLEME forming a myriad

TUMETE ten thousand each

TUMGETU a certificate given to an official going out on a new assignment


TUMIKAN rather thick, rather viscous, rather deep (colored)

TUMIN 1. thick (of soup, paste, etc.), viscous 2. close, dense, concentrated 3. on close terms, intimate

4. deep (of colors)

TUMIN LAMUN GU lapis lazuli

TUMIN LAMUN SUJE DE AISIN DAMBUHA AJIGE KIRU a blue banner of the imperial escort depicting a golden dragon

TUMIN LAMUN SUJE DE AISIN DAMBUHA MUDURINGGA TURUN a blue standard of the imperial escort depicting a golden dragon


TUMIN SOBORO olive green

TUMIN ŠUŠU deep purple

TUMIN TEMERI dark brown

TUMPANAMBI to have a large face, to have a pudgy face

TUMSORO a variety of jujube from Sumatra

TUN island

TUN GIOWAN see mangga ceceri

TUNG IO tung oil

TUNG MOO the tung tree

TUNG ŠENG see simnesi

TUNG TANG (onom.) the sound of bells and drums

TUNG TUNG (onom.) the sound of a drum

TUNGDZ young lad, boy

TUNGGALABUMBI to run into unexpectedly

TUNGGALAMBI 1. to run into, to encounter 2. to experience

TUNGGALANAMBI to go to encounter

TUNGGEL young boy

TUNGGEN breast, chest, bosom

TUNGGEN BOKŠON breastbone of cattle

TUNGGEN DE NIKEBUMBI to take to heart, to treat respectfully


TUNGGI 1. bent over, curved, crooked 2. too taut (of a bow when the string is too short)

TUNGGIOWAN see mangga ceceri

TUNGGIYEBUMBI caus. of tunggiyembi

TUNGGIYEMBI 1. to pick up 2. to collect the remains after a cremation

TUNGGU a deep pool, deep part of a river, lake or pond

TUNGGULEMBI to treat a wound or bite with the fluid obtained from burning willow branches

TUNGIO see tang io

TUNGJEO I CALU a granary in T'ung-chou near Peking

TUNGJY see uhei saraci

TUNGKEN 1. drum 2. archery target

TUNGKEN CAN I KIRU a yellow banner of the imperial escort with the words tungken can written on it in gold thread

TUNGKEN I KEMUN the round hole in the middle of a target

TUNGKEN LAKIYARA KEMUN a hanging archery target made of felt

TUNGKEN TINGGIN I YAMUN complaint section of the Transmission Office; cf. BH 928

TUNGKEN YORO a small bone-headed arrow used for target shooting

TUNGKESI drummer

TUNGKI TANGKI staggering, reeling

TUNGKU a small dragnet used for fishing under ice

TUNGKU TEMBI to fish with a tungku

TUNGLU patina, verdigris

TUNGNIBUMBI caus. of tungnimbi

TUNGNIMBI to treat a wound or bite with the fluid obtained from burning willow branches

TUNGSE translator, interpreter; cf. hafumbukū

TUNGSE KAMCIMBI to bring along an interpreter

TUNGSEREBUMBI caus. of tungserembi

TUNGSEREMBI to translate, to interpret


TUNGTUNG TANGTANG (onom.) the sound of bells and drums together

TUNIYELTU CECIKE another name for the bird niyengniyeltu cecike

TUNIYEME FEKUMBI to jump with the aid of a pole, to pole-vault

TUNUHŪ crown daisy (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

TUR (onom.) 1. the sound of a horse clearing its nose 2. at a gallop

TUR SEME at a gallop, fast

TUR TAR 1. (onom.) the sound of muskets firing 2. anxious, frightened 3. crackling, like frying beans

TUR TAR SEME 1. crackling, sputtering 2. anxious, fearful

TURA pillar, supporting pole in a tent

TURABUMBI caus. of turambi

TURAKI jackdaw

TURAKŪ waterfall

TURAMBI 1. to pour, to pour off, to pour the water off rice or meat 2. to stand firm (like a pillar)

TURAME AGAMBI to rain cats and dogs

TURAME ILIMBI to stand firmly

TURBELJI one name for the eagle; cf. tashari

TURE the leg of a boot

TUREMIMBI to attach the leg of a boot or a shoe

TURGA 1. thin, skinny, lean 2. a round piece of cloth over the tassel of a hat

TURGA EFEN round cakes made of bean meal without the addition of oil

TURGATU a skinny person

TURGEN 1. fast, swift 2. urgent, acute, serious (illness)

TURGIMBI to clear the nose (of horses), to snort

TURGUN reason, motive, circumstances

TURGUN ARBUN circumstances, situation

TURGUN BE ANAMBI to put forth as a reason

TURGUNDE (after a participle) because, since

TURGŪT Torgot, Oirat

TURHA 1. a round piece of cloth on the tassel of a cap 2. a dab (of rouge)

TURHUN see turgun

TURI bean, pea

TURI ARSUN bean sprout

TURI CAI a variety of wild tea whose leaves resemble the leaves of the pea plant

TURI CECIKE hawfinch (Euphonia personata)

TURI HOHO pea pod, bean pod

TURI MIYEHU bean curd

TURIBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of turimbi 2. to come loose, to come untied 3. to let go, to lose 4. to emit (semen)

TURIBUHE EJEN loser, one who has lost something

TURIGEN 1. rent 2. wages

TURIMBI to rent, to lease, to hire

TURIHE HŪSUN a hired worker

TURIHE NIYALMA a hired man

TURITU soy bean paste

TURŠUL scout, spy

TURTUN a type of thin silk yarn

TURTUN CECE a very light silk gauze

TURU 1. a belt for carrying a sword 2. sayings of holy or wise men, traditional methods handed down by the disciples of a wise man

TURULABUMBI cans. of turulambi

TURULAMBI to be first, to be at the head of, to be the leader

TURUN a large standard

TURUN I WECEN sacrifice to the standard (performed before battle)

TURUN WECEMBI to sacrifice to the standard

TURUNGGE JUNGKEN a musical instrument consisting of twelve bells on a frame, each one of which corresponds to one of the twelve earth's branches

TUS SEME UKCAMBI to come loose (of something tied)

TUSA profit, gain, benefit, advantage

TUSA AKŪ of no benefit, profitless

TUSA ARAMBI to do something of profit, to do something to benefit someone

TUSALAMBI to be advantageous, to be profitable

TUSANGGA beneficial, profitable

TUSANGGA CALU a government granary in which surplus grain was stored to be sold to the people in famine years

TUSERGEN a tall table on which cups and plates were placed at banquets

TUSHŪ a cup given to guests to drink from at the door

TUSIHIYA a net for catching falcons

TUSIHIYALAMBI 1. to catch falcons with a not 2. to catch in the claws (of panthers, tigers)

TUSU BIYA a month propitious for marriage

TUSULAMBI see teisulembi

TUSUMBI 1. to give a girl in marriage 2. to be married (of a woman)

TUSY chieftain of a native tribe

TUSY IRGEN subjects of a native chieftain

TUŠABUMBI caus. of tušambi

TUŠAHŪ one name for the owl; cf. hūšahū

TUŠAMBI 1. to encounter, to meet with (something undesirable) 2. to pass through, to experience 3. to happen, to occur 4. to commission, to charge with

TUŠAN 1. duty 2. office, official post 3. commission

TUŠAN BE AKŪMBUMBI to fulfill a duty to the best of one's ability

TUŠAN DE AFAHA HAFAN honorary title for officials of the ninth rank second degree, BU 945

TUŠAN DE AKŪMBUHA HAFAN honorary title for officials of the sixth rank second degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE BAITALABUHA DAIFAN honorary title given to officials of the fifth rank second degree, RH 945

TUŠAN DE BAITALABUHA HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the eighth rank second degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE DOŠIKA HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the ninth rank first degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE FAŠŠAHA DAIFAN honorary title given to officials of the fourth rank second degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE FAŠŠAHA HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the seventh rank second degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE GINGGULEHE DAIFAN honorary title given to officials of the fifth rank first degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE GINGGULEHE HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the eighth rank first

degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE KICEHE DAIFAN honorary title given to officials of the fourth rank first degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE KICEHE HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the seventh rank first degree, BH 945

TUŠAN DE MUTEBUHE HAFAN honorary title given to officials of the sixth rank first degree, BH 945

TUŠAN JERGI official rank

TUŠANAMBI to happen upon something

TUŠANGGA MAHATUN a hat worn by officials in ancient times

TUŠANJIMBI to come to meet, to come to experience

TUŠU a private seal

TUTABUMBI 1. caus. of tutambi 2. to leave behind

TUTALA so many (as that), those several

TUTAMBI 1. to fall behind, to lag behind 2. to remain behind 3. to survive (from antiquity) 4. to be overdue, to expire (of a deadline)

TUTTU like that, thus, so

TUTTU BIME nevertheless, however, yet

TUTTU OCI if like that, if thus, in that case

TUTTU OFI therefore, so

TUTTU OSO so be it

TUTTU OTOLO even thus, even to the point of being like that

TUTTU SEME but, however, yet, although it is so

TUTTUSI in that direction, thither

TUTTUSI OSO a little more in that direction

TUWA fire


TUWA I AGŪRA firearms

TUWA I FITHEN sparks that fly out from a fire

TUWA I OKTO gunpowder


TUWA SINDAMBI to set a fire

TUWA TURIBUMBI to catch fire

TUWA USIHA the planet Mars

TUWA YAHA charcoal

TUWAI AGŪRAI KŪWARAN I SIDEN YAMUN Headquarters of the Artillery and Musket Division, BH 733

TUWAI BUJAN USIHAI DOOHAN I MUDAN a piece of music played at court on New Year's evening when the lanterns were hung

TUWAI BULEKU burning glass, lens

TUWAI EFIN fireworks

TUWAI EYE a fire pit

TUWAI OKTO gunpowder

TUWAI OKTO I NAMUN ammunition-store of the palace

TUWAI POO a cannon

TUWAI SEYE hole in an oven-bed



TUWABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of tuwambi 2. to introduce into an audience 3. to divine 4. to show, to exhibit

TUWABURE AFAHA a slip of paper on which the names of those appearing in an audience appeared

TUWABUN 1. survey, review 2. view, prospect, situation

TUWABUNAMBI to go to be seen, to go to be examined, to go to show or exhibit

TUWABUNGGA the published name list of successful candidates in an examination

TUWABUNGGA HOOŠAN the paper on which examination results were written

TUWABUNJIMBI to come to show or exhibit

TUWAKIYABUMBI caus. of tuwakiyambi

TUWAKIYAKŪ guard, watchman

TUWAKIYAMBI to watch, to guard, to watch over, to observe

TUWAKIYARA COOHA garrison troops, guard troops

TUWAKIYARA HAFAN Second Captain, BH 752D

TUWAKIYACAMBI see tuwamgiyambi

TUWAKIYAN discretion in conduct

TUWAKIYANAMBI to go to watch, watchfulness

TUWAKIYANDUMBI to watch together

TUWAKIYANGGA inspecting, supervising

TUWAKIYANJIMBI to come to watch together, to watch one another

TUWAKIYANTU ENDURI the guardian deity of city walls

TUWAKIYASI guard, watchman

TUWAKIYASI DA chief of the watch

TUWAKŪ 1. aspect, appearance 2. exemplary behavior, model, example

TUWAMBI 1. to look, to look at 2. to observe, to examine, to oversee 3. to consult (the yarrow stalks), to divine 4. to visit

TUWAME (postposition with the accusative) in accordance with, depending on

TUWAME KADALARA HAFAN supervisor, director, superintendent


TUWARA GIŠUN reference to a case

in the statutes

TUWARA NIYALMA a fortuneteller

TUWAMCIN circumspect, prudent

TUWAMEHANGGA nice to look at, attractive

TUWAMGIYABUMBI caus. of tuwamgiyambi

TUWAMGIYAMBI to straighten out, to correct (an error), to correct (something one has said)

TUWAMGIYATAMBI to correct, to make straight

TUWANABUMBI caus. of tuwanambi

TUWANAMBI to go and look, to go to visit

TUWANCIHIYABUMBI caus. of tuwancihiyambi

TUWANCIHIYABUN cultivation, rectification

TUWANCIHIYAKŪ 1. corrector 2. supervisor of instruction in the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction 3. rudder, helm

TUWANCIHIYAKŪ BE GIDARA MOO a piece of wood holding the rudder on the stern of a ship

TUWANCIHIYAMBI to straighten, to put in order, to correct, to rectify, to guide a horse

TUWANCIHIYARA YAMUN a subsection of the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction

TUWANCIHIYARA YAMUN DE BAITALAMBI to be promoted to the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction from the Hanlin Academy

TUWANCIHIYAN correction, ordering, putting into order

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