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TAIHA a hunting dog with long hair on the ears and tail

TAIHEO widow of an emperor

TAIHŪWA sea-bream

TAIJI a Mongolian title

TAIJINGGA ILHA the name of a water

flower from Kwangtung

TAILI a saucer for a wine cup

TAIMIN a stick for stirring a fire

TAIMIYOO the imperial ancestral temple

TAIMPA a type of edible river snail or mussel

TAIMPARI NIYEHE one name for the teal; cf. borboki niyehe

TAIPUSY YAMUN see adun be kadalara yamun

TAIRAN a slash cut on a tree--used by hunters as a guide or landmark

TAIRAN GAIMBI to ascend by a winding path

TAIRAN GAIME SACIMBI to make a slash on a tree as a landmark

TAISUI ENDURI 1. the first of the year gods--the planet Jupiter 2. the god of misfortune

TAIŠI Grand Preceptor--an honorary title

TAITAI lady, mistress

TAIYŪN the name of a sea fish that resembles the bream

TAJI naughty, mischievous

TAJIHŪN ill-bred, naughty

TAJIRAMBI to act naughtily

TAK SEME (onom.) the sound made by hitting something solid

TAK TIK (onom.) 1. the sound made when chopping wood 2. the sound made when moving chessmen

TAKA temporarily, provisionally, for the time being, for a short time

TAKABUMBI caus./pass. of takambi

TAKAMBI to know (a person), to recognize, to be familiar with

TAKAN the name of an edible mustard-like wild plant that grows along streams

TAKANAMBI to go to recognize

TAKANDUMBI/TAKANUMBI to know or recognize together, to recognize one another

TAKANJIMBI to come to recognize, to come to know

TAKASU 1. wait a moment, just a moment 2. for the time being

TAKCIHA FILAN a wooden bow without a horn covering

TAKDAMBI (-ka/ha) to be happy over some success, to be in high spirits, to be elated to the point of haughtiness

TAKDANGGA happy, in a good mood, in high spirits, elated to the point of haughtiness

TAKITU a protective knee covering made from leather

TAKIYA the knee of animals

TAKSIBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of taksimbi 2. to conceive (a child)

TAKSIBURAKŪ BERI the name of a famous bow of antiquity

TAKSIMBI 1. to survive, to remain, to last 2. to be there, to exist, to be living 3. to preserve 4. to be conceived (of a child)

TAKTA MOO yew (Taxus cuspidata)

TAKTAN MOO plane tree, sycamore tree

TAKTU 1. a storied building, tower 2. upstairs

TAKTU AMBAN Director of the Imperial Armory, BH 89

TAKŪ tench (fish)

TAKULEO see takūlu

TAKŪLU wait a moment, just a moment; cf. takasu

TAKŪRABUMBI caus./pass. of takūrambi

TAKŪRABURE HAFAN Chancery Chief, BH 296

TAKŪRABURE HAFAN I TINGGIN Chancery (in various ministries), BH 296

TAKŪRAKŪ overseer, inspector, etc.-- the name of officials in various bureaus of the government

TAKŪRAMBI 1. to send on a mission, to delegate, to commission 2. to appoint (to a post) 3. to employ, to have in one's service

TAKŪRAHA HAFAN official for special duty, deputy, BH 436, 778 ff.

TAKŪRAN commission, duty, mission

TAKŪRAN BE ALIHA FIYENTEN a section of the Bureau of Rites concerned with caring for foreign emissaries

TAKŪRAN BE ALIHA HAFAN in ancient times, the name of an official who was in charge of caring for foreign emissaries

TAKŪRANDUMBI to send to one another (on a mission)

TAKŪRANGGE official summons or invitation

TAKŪRSI beadle, bailiff

TAKŪRŠABUMBI pass. of takūršambi


TAKŪRŠAMBI to employ as a (personal) servant

TAKŪRŠARA DAHALJI personal servant, valet

TAKŪRŠARA HAFAN an official charged with making preparations for official business, commissions, etc.

TAKŪRŠARA HŪSUN a coolie, a laborer

TAKŪRŠARA NIYALMA servant, valet


TALA 1. plain, steppe (transversed by caravan roads) 2. the space between lines of writing

TALABUMBI caus./pass. of talambi

TALAMBI 1. to spread out (wares for sale) 2. to confiscate, to seize (property as a legal punishment) 3. to make griddle cakes, to fry flat bread; cf. ,empilembi

TALAME DURIMBI to rob in plain daylight

TALAME TUKIYEMBI to lift by placing the leg between the thighs (at wrestling)

TALBI IHAN a cow that hasn't been used

TALBU shuttle

TALFA a shallow place in a stream, shallow water

TALFARI a shallow place where the bottom of a boat may touch bottom

TALGAN the surface of a flat, round, or square object

TALGARI 1. the surface of a table 2. the outside surface of a memorial or examination paper

TALGIBUMBI caus. of talgimbi

TALGIKŪ a wooden scraper for leather

TALGIMBI 1. to scrape dressed leather 2. to act stupidly, to speak foolishly

TALIHŪN undecided, vacillating

TALIHŪNJAMBI to vacillate, to be undecided

TALIŠAMBI 1. to flicker, to shimmer 2. to blink

TALKAMBI to cook fish half-done

TALKIMBI to console, to comfort

TALKIYAMBI to lighten, to flash

TALKIYAN lightning, electricity

TALKIYAN FULARILAMBI to flash in the distance when no clouds are visible (lightning)


TALMAHAN the white strips of hanging mist toward the end of autumn

TALMAMBI (-ka) to be foggy

TALMAN fog, mist

TALTAN 1. raised decorations around the edge of a table 2. the side of a canoe

TALTAN TATAMBI to make raised decorations on the edge of a table

TALU by chance, accidentally, perchance

TALU DE 1. by chance, accidentally, perchance, in case . . . 2. here and there, sometimes

TALU JUGŪN shortcut

TALUDE see talu de

TAMA sole (fish)

TAMABUMBI caus. of tamambi

TAMALIMBI to struggle (to keep from falling, etc.)

TAMAMBI 1. to collect scattered things into one place 2. to fill (a vessel) with 3. to tighten up the sagging portion of a battue line

TAMAN castrated swine, hog

TAMBI 1. to get caught on something, to get entangled and trip over something 2. to get caught in a trap or net

TAME AFAME YABUMBI to walk dragging the feet

TAMIN the end of an animal's hair

TAMIN ACABUMBI to arrange the hairs of a pelt naturally and in the proper direction

TAMIN ACANAHA the hairs (of a pelt) are running in the proper direction

TAMIŠMBI to taste with the lips

TAMLIMBI see tamalimbi

TAMPA see taimpa

TAMPIN vessel, pot, container (for tea or liquor)

TAMPIN EFEN small rice cakes with a filling

TAMPIN I BOO the room where the water clock was kept under the observatory

TAMSE a small container, jug, jar

TAMSU see taste

TAMTAN a carplike sea fish with red fins

TAN 1. a sandbar, a small island in a river 2. altar 3. saliva

TANA 1. a precious freshwater pearl found in the rivers of eastern Manchuria 2. a type of wild leek that grows near salty marshes

TANANGGA ILHA the name of an exotic flower with five petals whose filaments resemble tiny pearls

TANDAMBI see tantambi

TANG 1. a hall 2. a praying mantis

TANG SEME 1. hard, firm 2. fluent, with ease (of speaking)

TANG SEME GECEHE frozen solid

TANG SEME GISUREMBI to speak fluently

TANG TANG (onom.) the sound of a bell

TANG TING (onom.) the sound of hitting iron or of chopping a tree

TANG U LI BOO see tanggūli

TANGGA see mangga tangga

TANGGAMBI to wrap the weak part of a bow with sinew

TANGGIBUMBI to put something under an object to cushion or support it

TANGGIKŪ a bamboo device placed in a relaxed bow to preserve its shape

TANGGIKŪ I BUKDAMBI to bend (a bow) with a tanggikū


TANGGILAMBI 1. to fire a crossbow 2. to flick the forehead with a finger

TANGGIME GISUREMBI to correct oneself in speaking, to cover up an error or faux pas in speaking

TANGGIMELIYAN bent backward, arched,


TANGGIN hall, chamber, office of a high official

TANGGIN I ALIBUN a matter presented to a superior for consideration by a subordinate, petition presented to a high ministry official

TANGGIN I TEMGETU EJERE BOO registry of the Ministry of Works

TANGGINGGE BOO an office of the Board of Finance concerned with draft documents

TANGGIRI 1. a small finger cymbal 2. an anvil for making nails with large heads

TANGGIRI ILHA the name of a colorful flower that blooms in the springtime

TANGGIYABUMBI caus. of tanggiyambi

TANGGIYAMBI to repaint, to relacquer

TANGGIYAN repainting, relacquering

TANGGŪ one hundred


TANGGŪ GING the last night watch

TANGGŪ HALA the common people

TANGGU TUMEN one million

TANGGUCI hundredth

TANGGŪDA hereditary head of a hundred families

TANGGŪHA white-necked crow (Corvus torquatus)

TANGGŪLI 1. the central hall of a house 2. the central section of a tent

TANGGŪNGGERI one hundred times

TANGGŪRI ILHA the name of a red flower that blooms for a hundred days

TANGGŪT 1. Tibet, Tibetan 2. Tangut

TANGGŪT HERGENEHE SUJE silk with Tibetan writing on it

TANGGŪT TACIKŪ Tibetan language school

TANGGŪTA one hundred each

TANGGŪTE see tanggūta

TANGKA see tangkan

TANGKA AKŪ without steps or rank

TANGKA FEJILE your majesty

TANGKAMBI to kill small fish in shallow water with stones

TANGKAN step, rank, grade., class

TANGKAN TANGKAN I step by step

TANGKAN TANGKAN I WESIMBI to ascend step by step

TANGKI bump, excrescence

TANGSE the imperial shamanic shrines in Peking and Mukden

TANGSIMBI to drum continually

TANGSIME GISUREMBI to speak fluently

TANGSU 1. darling, dear (children) 2. delicate, tender

TANGSULAMBI to fondle, to hug (children)

TANGSULAN fondling, tender care

TANGSUN see tangsu

TANI a measure equaling one hundred-thousandth of a dry quart

TANJAMBI to stutter, to stammer

TANJI one ten-quadrillionth

TANJURAMBI to pray, to pray for blessings (of shamans)

TANTABUMBI caus./pass. of tantambi

TANTALAMBI to thrash, to beat

TANTAMBI to hit, to beat, to strike

TANTANUMBI to beat one another, to fight

TANTU a cultivating tool with a forked head

TAR SEME startled, suddenly afraid

TAR TAR SEME timorous, afraid

TARA 1. clabbered milk, curd 2. children of father's sisters or mother's brothers 3. relative of a different surname

TARA AHŪN DEO cousins (see tara)

TARA EYUN NON female cousins (see tara)

TARAK see tara (1)

TARAN (heavy) sweat

TARAN WALIYAMBI to sweat (profusely)

TARANI a dharani, magic formula

TARANILAMBI the same as tarnilambi

TARBAHI marmot (Marmota bobak)

TARBALJI one of the general names of the eagle

TARBIHI see tarbahi

TARCAN lead (the metal)

TARCAN I IRUKŪ lead weight on a fishing net

TARFU one name for the tiger; cf. tasha

TARGA 1. a square piece of cloth worn on the shoulder by children during shamanistic ceremonies 2. a tuft of straw hung on a door in order to forbid entrance

TARGA I FUTA a rope hung on a door at midsummer to keep evil spirits from entering

TARGA INENGGI the day on which an emperor or empress died

TARGABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of targambi 2. to forbid troops to plunder, to enjoin not to . . . , to admonish

TARGABUN prohibition, admonition

TARGACUN 1. abstinence, avoidance,prohibition 2. precept

TARGACUN BE TUWAKIYAMBI to observe the Buddhist precepts

TARGAMBI 1. to abstain from, to refrain from, to give up, to swear off 2. to be on guard against 3. to avoid as taboo

TARGAN small tiger

TARGANGGA 1. religious vows 2. an oath



TARGANGGA GAIMBI to take monastic vows

TARGIKŪ UMIYAHA a poisonous green caterpillar

TARGIMPA see targikū umiyaha

TARGŪ fat, see tarhūn

TARHŪKAN rather fat, somewhat fat

TARHŪLAMBI to make fat

TARHŪLAHA FAHŪN deer or sheep liver wrapped in fat and cooked

TARHŪMBI to get fat

TARHŪN 1. fat 2. a mussel that is supposed to be a transformed bird

TARHŪN EFEN small cakes soaked in fat

TARHŪN YALI fat meat, fat

TARIBUMBI caus. of tarimbi

TARIMBI to cultivate, to farm, to plow

TARINAMBI to go to cultivate

TARINDŪMBI/TARINUMBI to cultivate together

TARINJIMBI to come to cultivate

TARMIN NIYEHE mallard; cf. borjin niyehe

TARNI dharani, magic formula, charm; cf. tarani

TARNILABUMBI caus./pass. of tarnilambi

TARNILAMBI to recite a dharani

TARSI cousin of a different surname

TARSI NIYAMAN children of father's sisters or of mother's brothers

TARSI OMOLO the children of father's sister's children and mother's brother's children

TARSILAMBI to marry a cousin of a different surname

TARUDAMBI to chatter, to talk nonsense

TARUN a person who talks nonsense

TAS SEME (onom.) the sound of an arrow grazing an object

TAS SEME TATAME GAMAMBI to jerk from the hand suddenly

TAS TIS SEME (onom.) the sound of a number of arrows grazing an object

TASGABUMBI caus. of tasgambi

TASGAMBI to saute quickly

TASHA 1. tiger, the Manchurian subspecies is Felis tigris amurensis 2. the third of the earth's branches

TASHA BIYA the first month

TASHA GABTARA NIRU an arrow with a short iron head for shooting lying tigers

TASHA GABTARA SELMIN NIRU an arrow with a long iron head for a crossbow

TASHA GABTARA YORO an arrow with a head of birch wood with four holes in it that was used for rousing recumbent tigers

TASHA GIDA a spear for hunting tigers

TASHA I ORON I DOGON the name of a constellation

TASHA ORHO 'tiger grass' (Arisaema thunbergii)

TASHA OŠOHONGGO FUKJINGGA HERGEN the name of a style of Chinese calligraphy

TASHACI a tiger skin

TASHANGGA pertaining to the tiger, tigerlike

TASHANGGA ANIYA the year of the tiger

TASHANGGA DOBTOLON striped over-pants worn by troops of the green banner

TASHANGGA DUSIHI a striped skirt worn by troops of the green banner

TASHANGGA ETUKU a striped uniform worn by the troops of the green banner

TASHANGGA MAHALA a hat made in the form of a tiger's head that was worn by the troops of the green banner

TASHARI eagle, vulture

TASHŪ 1. a yarn or thread separator used in weaving 2. the bottom of the crop of a bird, gizzard

TASHŪMBI to go back and forth continually

TASHŪME YABUMBI the same as tashūmbi

TASIHIMBI to step against one's opponent from the side in wrestling

TASIMA EFEN a somewhat larger variety of toholiyo

TASMA leather thong made of deer or antelope skin

TAŠAN 1. false, spurious 2. error, mistake

TAŠARABUMBI caus. of tašarambi

TABARAMBI to err, to make an error, to go astray

TAŠUN is it false?

TATABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of tatambi 2. to be too tight (of clothing) 3. to act affected, to behave in a ridiculous manner

TATAKŪ 1. drawer 2. a wooden bucket, a bucket made of willow branches used for sprinkling water

TATAKŪ DERE a table with drawers

TATAKŪ I ŠURGEKU pulley on a well

TATALA many; cf. tutala

TATAMBI 1. to pull, to pull at, to tear, to draw, to pull out, to extract 2. to strangle (a criminal as a form of capital punishment) 3. to stop on a journey, to halt, to lodge, to make camp 4. to open wide (the eyes) S. to deduct 6. to chat

informally 7. to pull apart, to rip

TATAME NIRU an arrow with a short roundish iron head used for hunting wild beasts

TATAME {AMBI to strangle (one of the two forms of capital punishment)

TATAME WARA WEILE a crime punishable by strangulation

TATARA BOO inn, hotel; cf. divan


TATARA EDUN whirlwind

TATARA GURUNG a palace used by the emperor on his travels

TATARA YAMUN office, public hall

TATAN 1. a camp, a stopping place 2. territory of a tribe

TATAN I DA chief of a camp

TATANAMBI 1. to go to pull 2. to go to stop on a journey

TATANDUMBI/TATANUMBI to stop on a journey together, to rest together

TATANGGA HANGSE noodles that are pulled by hand

TATANJIMBI 1. to come to stop on a journey 2. to come to pull

TATARABUMBI caus. of tatarambi

TATARAMBI 1. to cut meat, specifically to slice mutton very finely with two small knives 2. to rip to pieces, to rip apart 3. to pull at one another (at wrestling)

TATAŠAMBI 1. to keep pulling, to pull continually 2. to be agitated, to be concerned

TATHŪNJACUKA hesitant, vacillating

TATHŪNJAMBI to hesitate, to vacillate


TATUHAN the name of a two-stringed musical instrument, a two-stringed fiddle

TAYAMBI to break out (of fire)

TAYAME YABUMBI to suddenly dart across the surface of a pond (of water striders)

TAYUNGGA NIMAHA the name of a sea fish that resembles the carp

TE now, at present

TE BICIBE at present, presently

TE ELE OHO KAI that's enough now

TE I JALAN the present world

TEBCIMBI to endure, to suffer

TEBELIYEBUMBI caus. of tebeliyembi

TEBELIYEKU a piece of metal around the middle of a scabbard

TEBELIYEKU AFAHARI a piece of yellow paper stuck on the outside of a family genealogy that gives the reasons for obtaining hereditary official positions

TEBELIYEMBI 1. to hug, to embrace, to hold in the arms 2. to adopt a child

TEBELIYEME ACAMBI to embrace upon meeting (upon returning from a journey a junior embraced the legs of his senior, a senior embraced the back of a junior, and equals embraced one another about the shoulders)

TEBELIYEN 1. embrace, hug 2. an armload

TEBEN MOO a support timber on a ship

TEBKE a bone or wooden bridge or plate at both ends of a bow placed under the knots of the bowstring

TEBKE LATUBUMBI to glue on bridges for a bowstring's knots

TEBKE TABKA tottering and babbling (of children learning to walk and speak)

TEBKEJEMBI to catch a shuttlecock that has been thrown up in the air while holding a gacuha in the hand, to hold a gacuha in the hand

TEBKELEMBI to cut (meat) into small chunks

TEBKU 1. afterbirth, placenta 2. a bow case

TEBSEHE a type of locust that eats crops

TEBUBUMBI caus. of tebumbi in the sense of to pour, to set out (plants), to fill (a vessel), to distill, to fill (a pipe)

TEBUMBI 1. caus. of tembi 2. to pour 3. to set out, to plant 4. to fill a vessel, to fill a pipe 5. to pack, to put in 6. to install (an official) 7. to make (liquor), to distill 8. to place a corpse in a coffin

TEBUNEBUMBI caus. of tebunembi

TEBUNEMBI to do garrison duty, to be stationed at a border garrison

TEBUNUMBI to pack together, to plant together, etc.; cf. tebumbi

TEBURELAMBI to place in a grave, to inter

TECEBUMBI caus. of tecembi

TECEMBI to sit together, to sit down together

TECENDUMBI/TECENUMBI to sit in a group, to sit together, to sit facing one another

TEDE 1. dative/locative of tare 2. there, in that place 3. up till now

TEDERI from there, by there, from that, from him, from her

TEFEMBI to burn up

TEHE 1. frame, framework, rack 2. lathe, loom 3. Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica)

TEHE UJU a piece of wood over a loom that regulates the thread

TEHE WAN scaffold

TEHEN 1. a stick-horse 2. see tehe

TEHEN MORIN a stick-horse

TEHENI TUNGKEN a large drum that sits on a stand

TEHEREBUBUMBI caus. of teherebumbi

TEHEREBUKU balance, scales; cf. pingse

TEHEREBUMBI 1. to weigh on a balance 2. to make even, to balance out, to make match

TEHEREBURE BOO the weighing office of the Peking mint

TEHEREMBI 1. to be even, to be equal 2. to match 3. to be of the same generation 4. to counterbalance 5. to be worth the price (or exchange)

TEHEREHE NIYALMA a person of the same generation

TEHEREN equal, even, matching, balanced

TEHEREN TEHEREN balanced, in balance

TEHERENDUMBI to counterbalance one another, to be equal to one another

TEHERŠEMBI 1. to be a match for 2. to be the same price 3. to correspond to

TEIFULEMBI to use as a staff, to lean on as a staff

TEIFUN cane, staff

TEIFUNGGE one who walks with a cane-- an old man

TEIFUŠEMBI to walk with a cane or a staff

TEIKE just now, a moment ago, just

TEILE 1. only, just, alone 2. (after participles) to the extent of . . . ; cf. muterei teile, jabduhai teile

TEILE AKŪ not only

TEISU 1. assigned place, designated place, responsibility, one's part 2. corresponding, matching, facing, opposite

TEISU AKŪ incongruous, not matching

TEISU BE DAHAMBI to follow one's own calling, to be content with one's lot

TEISU TEISU one by one, severally, all together, in busy confusion, on every occasion

TEISU TEMBI to sit opposite

TEISULEBUMBI 1. caus. of teisulembi 2. to adapt, to fit 3. to encounter, to come up against 4. to fit, to correspond, to be suited to, to coincide with 5. to face, to be relative to 6. to inflict the proper punishment

TEISULEBUME BODOMBI to settle accounts

TEISULEBUME WECEMBI to sacrifice to the earth spirits

TEISULEMBI 1. to meet, to encounter, to happen upon 2. to correspond, to match

TEISULEHE DARI in any case, each time that . . .

TEISULEHE ORON a suitable vacancy

TEISULEN correspondence, encounter, mode

TEISUNGGE corresponding, fitting

TEISUTU sergeant of the green banner

TEIŠUN copper, bronze, brass

TEIŠUN FAKSI coppersmith


TEJIHEN one name for the crane; cf. bulehen

TEK TAK SEME (onom.) the sound of shouting or quarreling

TEKDEBUMBI 1. caus. of tekdembi 2. to burn sacrificial money

TEKDEBURE HOOŠAN yellow paper that is burnt before Buddhist images as an offering

TEKDEMBI (-ke) 1. to creep up (of sleeves) 2. to ascend, to fly upward 3. to die (a euphemism)

TEKEMBI to be soft due to warm moisture (of leather)

TEKSI see teksin

TEKSIKEN rather even

TEKSILEBUMBI caus. of teksilembi

TEKSILEMBI to put in a row, to set out evenly

TEKSILGAN the rhythmic shouting of workers at a hard job

TEKSIN 1. even, equal, straight (not curved), of equal length or height 2. the tamarisk, see suhai moo

TEKSIN JAN a whistling arrow with a bone arrowhead that has a flat point

TEKSIN NIRU an arrow with an arrow-head that has a flat point

TEKSIN YORO an arrow with a bone head that has a flat point

TEKSINGGA in a rank, in a row, in an orderly arrangement

TEKU 1. a seat, a place to sit, a perch, a place where one can settle 2. measure word for a banquet

TEKU UNDEHEN seat in a rowboat

TELAMBI to give way, to collapse suddenly (of the hind leg of livestock)

TELEBUMBI caus./pass. of telembi

TELEJEMBI to be raised, to be embossed

TELEJEME JODOMBI to weave with an embossed or raised design

TELEJEN 1. embossment, raised design, a protuberance 2. a courtyard with walls

TELEMBI to stretch taut, to truss

TELEME WAMBI to kill by trussing

TELEN trussing

TELERI a woman's satin ceremonial garment decorated with a design of standing dragons

TELGIN belt (for trousers)

TELGIYEN see telgin

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