A I bukdan the outside edge of a piece of folded paper

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MUKEI CIFUN water taxes

MUKEI DABABUKŪ a long tin pipe used for siphoning water

MUKEI DALIN bank of a stream

MUKEI EYEBUKU a water pipe, a drain pipe

MUKEI FEISE unfired, sun-dried brick

MUKEI FORON whirlpool, eddy


MUKEI HUJUREKU a small water-run mill


MUKEI IHAN water buffalo

MUKEI IHAN I UIHE BERI a bow made from the horn of a water buffalo

MUKEI ISIHIKŪ a pole with wet hemp attached to the end used for extinguishing fires

MUKEI JUGUN water route

MUKEI MOSELAKŪ a large water mill

MUKEI MUDAN bend in a river

MUKEI NIOWANGGA MOO a tree that grows near water (Xylosma racenosum)

MUKEI NURE clear wine, wine clear as water

MUKEI SINGGERI water mouse

MUKEI ŠURDEKU a water wheel

MUKEI TALGAN the surface of water

MUKEI TEBUN a container for water

MUKEI WEILEN BE ICIHIYARA BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN an office con erned with water conservancy in the Board of Works

MUKELEMBI to water, to irrigate

MUKELU ILHA hyacinth

MUKENEMBI to turn to water, to melt

MUKERI watery, weak (of tea)

MUKIYEBUMBI caus. of mukiyembi

MUKIYEMBI to go out (fire), to be extinguished, to expire, to perish, to cool off

MUKIYEN extinction

MUKJURI MAKJARI idle (talk), paltry, petty, inconsequential

MUKJURI MUKJURI running slowly (of short people)

MUKJURŠEMBI to bow deeply

MUKŠALABUMBI caus./pass. of mukšalambi

MUKŠALAMBI to beat with a stick

MUKŠAN a stick, club, cudgel

MUKŠAN FU the name of small, round, quick river fish

MUKŠATU NIMAHA minnow, tench

MUKTEHEN temple, monastery

MUKTEMBI see mektembi

MUKTUHUN sand grouse; cf. nuturu

MUKTUN mole, animals of the family Talpidae

MUKŪMBI to hold a liquid in the mouth

MUKŪN 1. clan, extended family, kindred 2. fleet 3. herd, flock


MUKŪN I AHŪN DEO all the boys of one generation in a clan, brothers and cousins of the same surname

MUKŪN I URSE members of a clan

MULAN 1. a stool 2. an ironing board

MULDERHEN lesser skylark; cf. guwenderhen

MULFIYEN I. round and flat 2. circles woven into a textile 3. a round disc

MULHŪRI a cow without horns

MULINAMBI to swallow, to gulp down

MULIYAN 1. the curve of the jawbone under the ear 2. the curve at the base of the wings of birds

MULMEN a type of fish hawk, possibly the same as suksuhu

MULTUJEMBI to come loose, to come off, to get free, to leave

MULTULEMBI to come loose (of knots), to loosen, to slacken

MULTUMBI see multulembi

MULU 1. ridgepole, beam 2. support pole of a tent or yurt 3. ridge of a mountain -1. the back line on a pelt

MULU I FERE MOO supporting beam in a ship's cabin

MULU I HETU MOO a horizontal beam in the ship's cabin

MULU TUKIYEMBI to place a beam in position, to hoist a beam

MULUNOMBI (-ho, -ro) to form a ridge, to form a mound

MULUSE an exotic fruit that grows inside the bark of a tree--it is a four- or five-inch long sweet, yellow fruit

MUMANAMBI to wallow in mud (of deer)

MUMIN very deep, profound, unfathomable

MUMIN WEHE lapis lazuli

MUMUHU 1. a football, often made from pig's bladder 2. a term of abuse

MUMUHUN see mumuhu

MUMUREMBI to buck, to kick (of horses and other livestock)

MUMURHŪN vague, indistinct, blurred

MUMURI 1. toothless, missing a tooth 2. worn smooth

MUNAHŪN morose, surly, out of humor, annoyed, displeased

MUNARI a round exotic fruit that at first tastes bitter then turns sweet when eaten

MUNG MANG (onom.) sound made by cattle or deer

MUNG MANG SEME lowing, bellowing, roaring

MUNG MUNG SEME see mung mang seme

MUNGGA see munggan

MUNGGAN 1. low hill, mound, tumulus 2. tomb, mausoleum

MUNGGE NIONGNIYAHA one name for the wild goose

MUNGGIREMBI to play boisterously, to romp

MUNGKERI ILHA laurel magnolia

MUNGKU a fish frozen in the ice

MUNJIMBI to cry out from pain; cf. mujimbi

MUR MAR SEME obstinate, stubborn

MURADAMBI to roar from rage

MURAKŪ a whistle for calling deer

MURAMBI 1. to roar, to low, to bellow, to neigh 2. to call deer with a whistle

MURAN a battue held at the time of the deer-breeding season

MURAN I ABA a battue for deer during the mating season

MURCA a wooden crossbar for making fast the ropes that hold down a load

MURCAKŪ 1. spiral, whorl, helix 2. snail-shaped ornament on a hat

MURCAKŪ FARA I ILETU KIYOO an open sedan chair with a spiral shaft

MURCAN a small gray crane, the same as ajige kūrcan

MURFA a type of barley that grows in cold areas in the west

MURHU unclear, vague, blurred

MURHU FARHŪN now clear, now unclear, first blurred then distinct, indistinct (in the mind)

MURHŪN see murhu

MURIBŪMBI caus./pass. of murimbi

MURIGAN see murihan

MURIGAN WECEKU a deity to whom

sacrifice was offered at the north wall of a house

MURIHAN a curved place on a road or path

MURIHAN BOO a house with a curving front

MURIKŪ 1. obstinate, stubborn, perverse 2. peg (of stringed instruments)

MURIKŪ MOO a board on a wagon for tying down the ropes that hold the load

MURIMBI (-ha) 1. to twist, to wring, to wring out, to pinch 2. to be stubborn, to be obstinate 3. to wrong (someone) 4. to throw sideways (at wrestling)

MURIME with legs tucked under the body; cf. moselame

MURIN TARIN difficult to manage, awkward, recalcitrant, stubborn

MURINJAMBI to be stubborn, to act recalcitrantly

MURISHŪN wronged, unjustly judged, treated unjustly

MURITAI obstinate, stubborn

MURKIBUMBI caus. of murkimbi

MURKIMBI to trim off the corners, to round out, to round off

MURSA 1. radish, daikon (large white Chinese radish) 2. an engraved round ornament

MURTAMBI to cry out, to scream

MURTASHŪN recalcitrant, refractory, unreasonable, pertinacious

MURU 1. form, shape, appearance, lay (of the land), style, manner 2. nearly, almost; cf. amba muru

MURU AKŪ unreasonable

MURU TUCIKE has taken form

MURUNG a spotted wildcat

MURUNGGA 1. similar in appearance 2. exemplary, model

MURUŠEMBI 1. to do in outline, to do only in a general way, to do in an approximate way 2. to take form, to obtain a shape

MURUŠEME in general, in outline, approximately

MUSE we (inclusive)

MUSEBUMBI caus. of musembi


MUSEMBI 1. to bend, to become bent, to become warped 2. to become discouraged, to become disheartened

MUSEMBUMBI 1. caus. of musembi 2. to bend, to make crooked or warped

MUSEN 1. bending, warping 2. an open grave 3. outer coffin

MUSENGGE the same as museingge

MUSHA a short-haired tiger--one name for the tiger; cf. tasha

MUSI a broth made of roasted flour, sugar., and water

MUSI WEHE soapstone

MUSIHA MOO a type of oak (Quercus serrata)

MUSIHI a wooden dipper with a long handle

MUSIREN rattan (Calamus rotang)

MUŠEKU see musihi

MUŠU quail (Coturnix coturnix)

MUŠU ALGAN a snare for quail

MUŠU GIDARA ASU a net, four feet by four feet, used by one man for catching quail

MUŠUHU excrescence on a tree, a gnarl

MUŠUHURI just, just now, just right

MUŠURHU the 'yellow fish' that is supposed to turn into a quail in the ninth month

MUŠURI a type of linen produced in Korea

MUTEBUKŪ a type of local school in ancient times

MUTEBUMBI 1. caus. of mutembi 2. to achieve, to bring about 3. to fill (a post)

MUTEMBI 1. to be able, can, to be possible 2. to be completed, to be achieved

MUTEHE BE SIMINERE BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN office for examining merit in the Board of Civil Appointments

MUTEREI TEILE with all one can, with all one's capabilities, to the extent of one's power

MUTEN 1. capability, potentiality 2. achievement, skill, art 3. material

MUTEN AKŪ without skill or talent

MUTEN ARAMBI to show off one's abilities or talents

MUTENGGE skilled, talented

MUTULHEN a type of fish hawk possibly identical with suksuhu

MUTUMBI (-ha) to grow, to grow up, to mature

MUTUN 1. growth, maturing 2. share, portion

MUWA coarse, crude, rough, thick

MUWA BOSO coarse cloth

MUWA DUHA the large intestine

MUWA EDUN TUWAMBI euphemism for 'to defecate'

MUWA FUNIYESUN coarse woolen fabric

MUWA HONCI the skin of a large sheep

MUWA SUSERI HOOŠAN a type of paper made from bamboo

MUWA UHUNGGE HOOŠAN a type of coarse yellow wrapping paper

MUWA WEHE uncarved stone

MUWAKAN rather coarse, crude, rough

MUWARUNGGA FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy--the great seal

MUWAŠAMBI 1. to be coarse, crude, or rough 2. to do or make coarsely, to do roughly

MUYA the broken stalks of grain, chaff, straw

MUYA SUSE chaff and straw

MUYAHŪN complete, intact, unblemished

MUYAHŪN AKŪ incomplete, not intact

MUYAMBI 1. to roar 2. to be angry without speaking of it

MUYARI 'dragon's eye'--longan (Nephelium longana)

MŪNGGU bird's nest--the edible nest of a type of swallow

NA 1. earth, land, field 2. background (of a design on a textile), base 3. local 4. a sentence particle of mild interrogation

NA BEŠEKEBI the earth has become saturated from rain

NA DE FEKUMBI to throw oneself to the ground

NA I ENDURI DOBON the hall where sacrifices to the earth were offered

NA I GINDANA (Buddhist) hell

NA I GIYAN the lay of the land, configurations of the land, geography

NA I HAFAN local magistrate

NA I L00 hell, the underworld

NA I MANGGA BA firm earth

NA I OILO HETU I DURUNGGA TETUN the name of an astronomical instrument in the Peking observatory

NA I OILO HETU UNDU I DURUNGGA TETUN the name of an astronomical instrument in the Peking observatory

NA I TAN the altar to earth

NA SULHUMBI the earth is spongy (at the spring thaw)

NACA wife's elder brother

NACEO a type of silk with inwoven designs

NACIHIYABUMBI caus. of nacihiyambi

NACIHIYAMBI to comfort, to console

NACIN the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus)

NADACI seventh

NADAJU see nadanju

NADAN 1. seven 2. goods, possessions 3. paper money hung on a long pole and offered at the grave on the seventh and forty-ninth day after a person's death

NADAN BIYA the seventh month

NADAN IRUNGGE MAHATUN an ancient-style hat with seven ridges on top

NADAN TŪHEBŪKŪ I MAHATU an ancient-style cap with seven tassels

NADAN USIHA the Big Dipper, Ursa Major

NADANCI seventh

NADANGGA pertaining to the number seven

NADANGGA HOOŠAN seven-layered paper

NADANGGA INENGGI the seventh day of the seventh month

NADANGGERI seven times

NADANJŪ seventy

NADANJUTA seventy each

NADANJŪTE see nadanjuta

NADAŠE seven years (old): nadan se

NADATA seven each

NAGALAMBI see nahalambi

NAGAN see nahan

NAG'A ILHA the 'naga flower,' which has a white blossom surrounded by six leaves

NAHALAMBI to lie on an oven-bed, to tend the oven-bed

NAHAN Rang, oven-bed of North China and Manchuria

NAHAN I BAITA sexual intercourse

NAHAN I HOŠORI soot from an oven-bed

NAHAN I IRUN chimney of an oven-bed

NAI a large sacrificial tripod used in ancient China

NAIHŪ the same as nadan usiha

NAIHŪ DE ŠŪCUNANGGA LOHO a sword that glitters when it is drawn from the scabbard

NAIHŪBUMBI caus. of naihūmbi

NAIHŪMBI to tilt, to lean to one side, to stagger

NAIJI ILHA spikenard

NAIMISUN the hem of the lining of a fur jacket; cf. afin

NAINAI housewife, mistress of a household

NAIRAHŪN gentle, kind, warm and gen


NAJIHIYAN one name for the mojihiyan, the Tibetan black bear

NAKABUMBI 1. caus. of nakambi 2. to dismiss, to let go, to discharge

NAKAMBI 1. to stop, to cease, to desist 2. to leave (a post) 3. to leave a perch (chicken)

NAKA BAI stop! cease!

NAKCU mother's brother

NAKCUSE plural of nakcu; cf. nakcuta

NAKCUTA plural of nakcu

NAKŪ after (used after the imperative)

NAMA see naman

NAMA GIDA a small spear used by the vanguard

NAMA SIRDAN a military arrow with a head shaped like a spearhead

NAMALABUMBI caus. of namalambi

NAHALAMBI to stick with a needle, to practice acupuncture

NAMAN a needle used for acupuncture

NAMARABUMBI caus./pass. of nomarambi

NAMARAMBI to desire still more, to take up again (a quarrel), to raise (a price)

NAMAŠAN (used after the participles) at the point of, just when, right after, about to

NAMBUMBI to catch, to have fall into one's hand

NAMBUHA NAMBUHAI at random, happening upon, by chance, unintentionally

NAMGIN a red persimmonlike fruit of Hainan

NAMI a garment made of cured deerskin

NAMKI saddle blanket or pad

NAMKŪ the name of a famous sword kept in the arsenal

NAMSI NAMSI at random, haphazard

NAMŠAN (used with the participles) at the point of, just when, when about to; cf. namašan

NAMŠURI an exotic fruit from a bush over three feet tall that blooms in winter

NAMU 1. ocean, sea 2. overseas, foreign 3. a large-leafed green vegetable eaten raw, lettuce

NAMU ANGGA port, harbor

NAMU COKO a peacock; see tojin

NAMU DENGJAN a lamp made of a sheep's horn hung before a Buddha image

NAMU NIYEHE a 'sea duck' or 'foreign duck' with a white body, spotted head and wings, and a red fleshy growth on the bill

NAMU SIKA MOO a variety of South Sea palm


NAMU URANGGA MOO a type of conifer in Annam

NAMUN storehouse, granary

NAMURI name of a flaxlike plant from which fabric can be woven

NAMUSI keeper of a warehouse or granary

NAN MU MOO the nanmu tree

NANDABUMBI caus. of nandambi

NANDAMBI to ask for something for nothing, to demand

NANGGIN porch, veranda, gallery, corridor

NANGGIŠAMBI to show off one's charms, to ingratiate oneself with, to allure with one's charms

NANGGITU COKO one name for the turkey; cf, junggila gasha

NANGGŪ a trap for badger and raccoon-dogs

NANTUHŪN dirty, filthy

NANTUHŪRABUMBI caus./pass. of nantuhūrambi

NANTUHŪRAMBI to dirty, to make filthy, to soil

NARACUKA regrettable, causing feelings of longing and attachment

NARACUN longing, attachment

NARAHŪNJAMBI to continually long for

NARAMBI (-ka) to long for, to feel attached to, to linger over

NARANGGI finally, after all, really

NARAŠAMBI to long for continually, to linger over a long time

NARAŠEMBI see narašambi

NARGA harrow, rake

NARGABUMBI caus. of nargambi

NARGAMBI to level with a harrow, to rake

NARHŪDAMBI to be stingy, to be miserly

NARHŪN 1. fine, thin 2. detailed, minute 3. secret, confidential 4. sparing, economical, frugal 5. grazing the target (at archery)

NARHŪN BA office of secret communications in the Board of War

NARHŪN BAITA a secret matter

NARHŪN DUHA the small intestine

NARHŪN EDUN euphemism for 'urine'

NARHŪN EDUN TUWAMBI euphemism for 'to urinate'

NARHŪN FUNIYESUN a type of fine woolen


NARHŪN MUCIHA FUTA a thin tow rope of bamboo

NARHŪN NIMEKU 1. tuberculosis 2. hernia


NARHŪN WEHE a stone polished smoothly

NARHŪNGGA fine, refined, detailed


a style of calligraphy--the small seal

NARHŪNJAMBI see narahūnjambi

NARHŪŠABUMBI caus. of narhūšambi

NARHŪŠAMBI 1. to be fine, to be minute 2. to be sparing, to be economical 3. to do carefully, to do minutely 4. to do secretly 5. to make (an arrow shaft) thin

NARHŪŠAME FEMPILERE BA bureau for sealing (examination papers)

NARHŪŠAME FEMPILERE FALGANGGA the same as narhūšame fempilere ba

NARHŪŠAME FEMPILERE HAFAN Sealer of Examinations, BH 652F

NARHŪŠEMBI see narhūšambi

NARI a female black bear; cf. nasin

NASA see nasan

NASABUMBI caus. of nasambi

NASACUKA regrettable, lamentable

NASACUN regret, lament

NASAMBI to regret, to lament

NASARA BITHE obituary, memorial essay for a deceased person

NASAN salted cabbage, preserved vegetables

NASAN GIDAMBI to make salted cabbage

NASAN HENGKE salted cucumber, pickle

NASHŪLABUMBI caus. of nashūlambi

NASHŪLAMBI to meet with an opportunity, to take advantage of an opportunity, to seize a chance

NASHŪN opportunity, chance, happenstance

NASHŪN BE ACABUMBI to take advantage of an opportunity

NASIN large black bear (Ursus arctos)

NASUCUNGGA regrettable, pitiable

NAYA younger brother of one's wife

NE 1. now, at present, current 2. sentence particle of mild interrogation

NE ANIYA the current year

NE BELEN ready, available

NE JE immediately, right now

NE JEN BELHEHE already prepared

NE TUŠAN current post

NECE the wife of one's wife's elder brother

NECIBUMBI caus./pass. of necimbi

NECIHIYEBUMBI caus. of necihiyembi

NECIHIYEMBI 1. to level, to smooth out 2. to console, to calm down 3. to subjugate, to subject, to pacify

NECIHIYEN peaceful, tranquil, serene

NECIHIYENEMBI to go to pacify, to go to subdue

NECIKEN rather level

NECIMBI 1. to encroach on, to attack, to raid 2. to incite, to provoke, to stir up

NECIN 1. level, flat, even 2. peaceful, tranquil, calm

NECINEMBI to go to encroach or provoke, to go to attack

NECINGGE level, flat

NECINGGE KARAN watchtower, lookout tower


NECINGGE MAHATUN an ancient-style hat with a flat board on top

NECINGGE MUDAN the level tone of Chinese

NECINGGE SAIFI a flat spoon

NECINJIMBI to come to encroach, to come to provoke, to come to attack

NEGELEMBI to be unsteady, to wobble (of things just placed in an erect position)

NEHŪ (this word and the next have the peculiar spelling of soft h before ū): a slave girl

NEHŪJI a slave girl

NEHŪJI MAMA an old slave woman

NEI sweat, perspiration

NEI FUNIYEHE body hair

NEI TARAN perspiration

NEI TUCIMBI to sweat

NEI Y00 heat rash

NEI Y00 DEKDEMBI to get heat rash

NEIBUMBI caus. of neimbi

NEIGECILEBUMBI caus. of neigecilembi

NEIGECILEMBI to divide equally, to even out

NEIGELEMBI to make even, to make uniform, to act uniformly, to behave equally

NEIGEN even, uniform

NEIGENJEBUMBI caus. of neigenjembi

NEIGENJEMBI to make even, to make uniform, to divide evenly

NEIKU SITHAN small hinge on a box

NEILEBUKŪ tutor of the heir-apparent during the Three Kingdoms Period

NEILEBUMBI caus. of neilembi

NEILEBUN introduction, exposition (a type of essay)

NEILEMBI to disclose, to elucidate, to introduce to something new--especially knowledge

NEILEN introduction, disclosure, primer, letter (from a superior)

NEILESHŪN beginning, beginning of spring

NEIMBI to open, to open up

NEKCU the wife of one's mother's brothers

NEKCUTE plural of nekcu

NEKELIYEKEN rather thin, rather flimsy

NEKELIYELEMBI to make thin, to make scanty, to make unimportant, to treat as unimportant

NEKELIYELENEMBI see nekeliyelembi

NEKELIYEN 1. thin, flimsy, fine 2.

unimportant, trifling 3. scanty, meager

NEKELIYEN CECERI a variety of thin silk

NEKELIYEN HOLBONGGO HOOŠAN a variety of strong thin paper made from bamboo

NEKELIYEN ŠOBIN a thin baked cake made of flour, sugar, walnuts, and lard

NEKU a woman's female friend, sworn sister

NEKULAMBI (-ha) the same as nekulembi

NEKULEMBI 1. to take advantage of (a friend's good offices, an opportunity, someone's misfortune) 2. to rejoice over another's misfortune or weakness

NELHE peaceful, healthy

NEMEBUMBI caus. of nemembi

NEMEGIN a measure equal to thirty catties

NEMEHEN addition, increment

NEMEKU OMOLO a descendant of the fifth generation

NEMEMBI 1. to add, to increase 2. to remove the husks from grain

NEMEME moreover, on the contrary, especially

NEMENDUMBI 1. to add together 2. to hull together

NEMERGEN see nemerhen

NEMERHEN a raincoat made of reeds

NEMERI tender, young (of fruits and vegetables)

NEMERKU a raincoat, rain jacket

NEMEŠEMBI to add to repeatedly

NEMEYEKEN rather tender, rather graceful

NEMEYEN tender, gentle, graceful, docile, easygoing

NEMEYEN CECERI a soft silk used for women's garments

NEMGIYAN see nemgiyen

NEMGIYEN graceful, affectionate, gentle

NEMKIBUMBI caus. of nemkimbi

NEMKIMBI to hem, to border

NEMKIYAMBI see nemkimbi

NEMSELEMBI to add more, to intensify, to make more serious (an illness), to aggravate (someone's anger)

NEMSURI BELE a variety of rice that is cultivated in dry fields in the south

NEMŠEKU insatiable

NEMŠEMBI to be insatiable, to be unsatisfied, to desire still more

NEMU a mine, mine shaft

NENDEBUMBI caus. of nendembi

NENDEMBI to bb in front, to put first, to come before, to be prior, to act first

NENDEN first, beforehand, prior, premature

NENDEN BOJIRI ILHA a variety of chrysanthemum that blooms in the seventh month

NENDEN ILHA plum flower (Prunus mume)

NENDEN ILHAI GIYEN the name of a dark blue dye

NENDEN USIHA Elaeagnus pungens

NENEMBI to be first, to be ahead; cf. nendembi

NENEHE former, prior, which went before

NENEHE ANIYA former year, previous year

NENEHE BIYA previous month

NENEHE ENDURINGGE SAISA former holy sages, sages of antiquity

NENEHE INENGGI former day, previous day

NENEHE JALAN former age, previous age

NENEHE TUŠAN former post

NENEME formerly, previously, beforehand

NENGGE a white spot on the eye

NENGGELEBUMBI to cushion, to support, to prop up

NENGGELEKU see fi i nenggeleku

NENGGEREBUMBI the same as nenggelebumbi

NENGGERESHŪN cushioned, supported

NENGGESHŪN see nenggereshun

NEOMBI to roam, to wander away from home

NEORE TUGI a floating cloud, a lone moving cloud

NERE 1. a three-legged prop for a cooking pot 2. a hole used for cooking purposes

NERE FETEMBI to dig a cooking hole

NERE JUN a portable stove made of iron, used when traveling

NEREBUMBI 1. caus. of nerembi 2. to shoot a wounded animal again 3. to vilify further, to add insult to injury

NEREKU a sleeveless rain cape made from leather or oilskin

NEREKU NEREMBI to put on a rain cape

NEREMBI to throw over the shoulders (clothing)

NERGEN see nergin

NERGI smart, clever, sharp

NERGIN moment, short space of time, occasion, opportunity

NERGIN DE just at this time, at that moment, on an occasion

NERGIN I HŪSUN a temporary worker

NERGINGGE clever at grasping opportunity

NERKIMBI to open, to open out (a

scroll, roll of cloth, etc.)

NERKU see nereku

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