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JIHANA COKO Mongolian ring-necked pheasant

JIHANA YARHA a spotted leopard

JIHANAMBI to bloom (of grains)

JIHARI YANGGALI the name of a small bird--the feathers around the neck resemble a string of cash

JIJI JAJA twittering

JIJIRGAN a poetic name for the house swallow

JIJIRI a mat woven from fine straw--used in summer

JIJIRI ORHO a type of grass (Anthistiria ciliata) that is used for weaving mats and shoes

JIJUBUMBI caus. of jijumbi

JIJUGAN see jijuhan

JIJUHAN digram, trigram, or hexagram of the Book of Changes

JIJUHAN I KŪBULIN changes of the digrams

JIJUMBI to draw lines, to draw, to write, to cast lots

JIJUN stroke, line, lines of a divination figure

JIJUNGGE pertaining to divination

JILABUMBI caus. of jilambi

JILABURU pitiful person

JILACUKA pitiful

JILAKAN pitiable, pitiful, poor

JILAMBI to pity, to have compassion for, to love

JILAHABI "has been merciful toward"--1.e., has formed only a few pockmarks

JILAN 1. compassion, pity, love 2. a place where water doesn't freeze because of a fast current

JILAN MUKENGGE KIRU a banner of the imperial escort with a design of flowing water depicted on a green background

JILANGGA compassionate, gentle

JILARI GAHA the same as holon gaha

JILBI see jilbin

JILBIMBI to sew a gold border on clothing

JILBIN a thin gold border

JILEHUN unabashed, audacious

JILEKUN see jilehun

JILERŠEMBI 1. to ignore (someone) deliberately, to feign ignorance 2. to brim with tears

JILGAMBI to sound, to shout, to sing (of birds)

JILGAN sound, noise, voice


JILGANDUMBI to shout together

JILGANGGA GASHA the name of a bird that sings at night--its voice can be heard, but its form is never seen

JILGIBUMBI caus. of jilgimbi

JILGIMBI to remove the hair from a hide

JILHA stamen and pistil of a flower

JILHAMBI to burn to ashes; cf. gilgambi

JILHANGGA ILHA the name of an exotic flower--its stem and leaves resemble the camellia, has large buds, and is very fragrant JILI 1. anger, temper 2. the base of the horn on deer, roe, etc.

JILI BANJICUKA annnoying, vexing

JILI BANJIMBI to get angry

JILI DOSOMBI to hold back one's anger

JILI HATAN irascible

JILI NUKIBUMBI to get fed up, to become angry

JILIDAMBI to get angry, to become mad

JILIDAME FACIHIYAŠAMBI to become angry and agitated

JILIHANGGA 1. excitable 2. ardent, intense 3. virtuous, chaste (of women)

JILIHANGGA HEHE a widow who remains unmarried after her husband's death

JILIHANGGA SARGAN JUI a betrothed girl who commits suicide upon hearing of the death of her fiance

JILINAMBI 1. for a hole to form in river ice 2. see jili banjimbi

JILKIN skein, hank, tuft, lock, strand

JILUN pitiable, poor; cf. jilakan

JIMA sesame

JIMA MALANGGŪ white sesame

JIMA ŠOBIN a baked wheaten cake filled with red bean paste and sprinkled with sesame seeds

JIMALAMBI to attach a spearhead to the shaft

JIMBI (imperative: jio, -he, -dere) to come, see also jidere

JIN see jinn

JIN ŠI the same as dosikasi

JING 1. just, just at the time when, on the point of 2. often, frequently, all the time, keep on . .

JING SEME all the time, keep on . . .

JING JIYANG (onom.) the sound of flutes and stone bells

JING YANG (onom.) the sound of birds singing harmoniously

JINGGERI 1. a small nail with a large head 2. a nail on armor

JINGGERI FANGKAMBI to drive in an armor nail

JINGGIYA a sty on the eye

JINGJAN small and colorless

JINGJANAMBI to be very small or short

JINGJARA 1. yellow-browed bunting (Emberiza chrysophrys) 2. the common sparrow

JINGJI 1. heavy, steady, firm 2. grave, ceremonious

JINGJING JANGJANG (onom.) 1. the sound of various types of flutes and pipes 2. the sound of a flock of birds singing in the springtime

JINGKINI 1. honest, upright, orderly, regular 2. chief, main, principal

JINGKINI BEYE one's own person, in person

JINGKINI CIFUN chief tax, main tax, regular tax


JINGKINI ILHI chief and subordinate

JINGKINI KADALARA DA Director of the School for Imperial CMansmen; cf, BH 717

JINGKINI UJU JERGI rank 1-A, chief rank of the first order

JINGKINI WESIMBURE BITHE the original copy of a memorial (the one read by the emperor-- the

second copy went to the archives)

JINGNEMBI to advance by pairs at a funeral to offer a libation of wine

JINGSE knob indicating rank on an official cap

JINGSE I ALIGAN the support for a knob on an official cap

JINGSE KIYAMNAMBI to attach a knob to an official hat

JINGSE UMIYESUN BISIRENGGE possessing knob and sash--1.e., an official

JINGSITUN the name of a constellation

JINGSITUN TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner with the constellation jingsitun depicted on it

JINJAHA testicles

JINJIBA white-eye, bird of the genus Zosterops

JINJIMA lentil

JINJIRI JANJIRI (onom.) noise of a group of children

JIO imperative of jimbi

JIR JIR SEME (onom.) 1. the sound of bubbling water 2. the crying of crickets, birds, or mice

JIRA close together, dense, thickly spaced

JIRAHŪN obstinate, stubborn

JIRAMIKAN rather thick

JIRAMILABUMBI caus. of jiramilambi

JIRAMILAMBI 1. to make thick, to thicken 2. to treat generously 3. to treat courteously

JIRAMILANJIMBI to come to treat generously

JIRAMIN 1. thick 2. generous, kind

JIREN see jerin

JIRGABUMBI caus. of jirgambi

JIRGACUN leisurely, at ease, comfortable

JIRGAMBI 1. to be at ease, to enjoy leisure, to be comfortable 2. not to be employed in an official capacity 3. to die (of the emperor)

JIRGEKU a sprayer used to put out fires

JIRGEMBI to twitter, to chirp

JIRGIO a kind of waterfowl

JIRHA CECIKE North China wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

JIRI ten trillion

JIRIN see jeren

JIRUMTU SURU a fine white horse

JIRUN ten million

JISE a draft, rough draft

JISE ICIHIYARA BOO office for preparing drafts in the Court of Colonial Affairs

JISELEMBI to make a rough draft, to draft

JISIHA hazelnut tree

JISUBUMBI caus. of jisumbi

JISUMBI to cut leather and similar objects in a straight line

JIYA an emphatic sentence particle

JIYAN HOOŠAN a lip of paper

JIYANG WANG ASU a large fishnet used from a boat in still water; cf. horilakū asu


JIYANGGIYŪN 1. general 2. Manchu General-in-Chief, BH 744

JIYE an emphatic sentence particle

JIYEI 1. older sister, miss 2. a tasseled tally used as an emblem by princesses

JO a Chinese pint

JO BANJIMBI to belch, to regurgitate acidy substances

JOBOBUMBI caus. of jobombi

JOBOCUKA causing concern, disquieting, worrisome, distressing

JOBOCUN worry, affliction, grief, sorrow

JOBOLON harm, trouble, disaster, calamity, sorrow, mourning, funeral

JOBOMBI 1. to suffer, to be in need 2. to worry, to be distressed

JOBOHO ARAMBI to compensate for trouble caused to someone

JOBORO SUILARA worry and pain, suffering

JOBON distress

JOBORAKŪ ILHA an exotic flower that is said to bloom when it is caressed by a woman

JOBOSHŪN 1. concerned, worried 2. worry, concern

JOBOŠOMBI to suffer deeply, to be greatly distressed, to worry much

JOCIBUMBI 1. caus. of jocimbi 2. to harm, to reduce to dire straits, a euphemism for 'to murder'

JOCIMBI 1. to be in need, to be at the end of one's means 2. to be murdered

JOCIN see jojin

JODOBA common plantain (Plantago major)

JODOBUMBI caus. of jodombi

JODOHŪN CECIKE one name for the hoopoe; cf. indahūn cecike

JODOMBI 1. to weave 2. to come and go unexpectedly, to be always coming and going

JODORO ARARA YAMUN office of the Superintendent of the Imperial Manufactories


JODORO ICERE KŪWARAN Imperial Weaving and Dyeing Office, BH 96

JODORO WEILERE KUNGGERI section on weaving and manufacturing in the Board of Works

JODON grass linen

JODONGGA CECE gauze of coarse linen

JODORGAN USIHA "the weaving girl"--the star Vega in the constellation Lyra

JODORHO a kind of aquatic plant JOFOHO 1. point, edge 2. corner, angle 3. harpoon for spearing fish

JOFOHO ACABUMBI to match the points

JOFOHOCI shaddock (Citrus decumana)

JOFOHON pomelo

JOFOHONGGO pointed, projecting

JOFOHORI citrus fruit, orange, tangerine

JOFOHORI ŠATAN orange cake

JOFOHOTO Citrus acida

JOHIBUMBI caus. of johimbi

JOHIMBI to heal (of a boil or sore)

JOHOLIMBI (-ka) to be pudgy, to be flabby

JOHOMBI to belch, to burp

JOJIN 1. horse's bit 2. a mistaken spelling for jorin, q.v.

JOJIN BE SUDAMIMBI to slacken the reins


JOJINGGA pertaining to a bit

JOK SEME abruptly, suddenly (of stopping)

JOKJABUMBI caus./pass. of jokjambi

JOKJAMBI to thrash (as punishment), to chastise

JOKSI a wooden dipper without a handle

JOKSIKŪ a small hatchet with a curved blade

JOKSILAMBI to stuff oneself, to be a glutton

JOKSINAMBI to be overweight, to eat to excess

JOKSON 1. first stage, beginning, inception 2. at first 3. skinny (of horses)

JOKTONDA Japanese lily (Lilium japonicum)

JOKŪ fodder knife

JOLABUMBI see joolabumbi

JOLACAMBI to bow, to stoop, to be obsequious

JOLIMBI same as joolambi

JOLBONOMBI to get dull

JOLDOMBI to buy back things one has given or sold to someone else, to redeem one's former goods

JOLFO oyster

JOLGOCOMBI to press forward in a rage, to stampede, to rush off in a fury

JOLHOCOMBI see jolgocombi

JOLHOMBI to gush up, to well up

JOLI a ladle with many small holes in it used for straining

JOLIBUMBI caus. of jolimbi

JOLIGAN ransom money, ransom

JOLIKŪ see joolikū

JOLIMBI 1. to redeem, to ransom 2.to row

JOLINAMBI to go to redeem

JOLINJIMBI to come to redeem

JOLO 1. doe, female deer 2. hateful, hideous

JOLO BUHŪ doe, female deer

JOMAN edge, seam, end

JOMAN ACABUMBI to join (folded) edges (in sewing)

JOMBI (1) (-ho, -ro) to cut with a fodder knife

JOMBI (2) (-ngko, -ndoro, -mpi) 1. to bring to mind, to recall, to mention, to bring up 2. to move in the womb

JOMBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of jombi (2) 2. to remind, to suggest, to advise to

JON memory, recall

JONDOBUMBI caus. of jondombi

JONDOMBI to recall to mind, to mention, to bring up, to concentrate on

JONG JONG SEME grumbling, complaining

JONG JONG SEME GAŠAMBI to grumble from discontent

JONGDON bright satin with gold threads woven through it

JONGGINAMBI to knit the brow from anxiety

JONI the name of the magpie in the Kanjur

JONOMBI the same as jondombi

JOO 1. an imperial order 2. interjection: enough! stop! it won't do!

JOO BAI interjection: enough! stop!

JOO ELE OHO KAI that's enough! sufficient!

JOO SIOWAN HAFAN commander of the military police

JOOBAI same as joo bai

JOOCIN see jojin

JOOCINA let it be!

JOOKŪ see jokū

JOOLABUMBI to turn over one's duty to another at the relief time

JOOLACAMBI see jolacambi

JOOLAMBI 1. to join the hands as greeting 2. to put the hands behind the back or into the sleeves

JOOLI a bamboo ladle for lifting things from water; cf. hereku

JOOLIBUMBI caus./pass. of joolimbi

JOOLIGAN ransom, redemption payment


JOOLIMBI 1. to ransom, to redeem 2. to row

JOOLINAMBI to go to redeem

JOOLINGGA pertaining to ransom, ransom money

JOOLINJIMBI to come to redeem

JOOMAN 1. the base of a fingernail 2. see joman

JOOMBI 1. see jombi (1) 2. to cease, to desist

JOR (onom.) the sound of many humans, dogs, chickens, or animals screaming

JOR JAR (onom.) the sound of people or birds screaming

JORAN amble (of a horse)

JORAN MORIN ambling horse

JORDABUMBI caus. of jordambi

JORDAMBI to amble (horses and mules)

JORGIMBI to chirp, to twitter, to hum

JORGINDUMBI to chirp, to hum (of a group of birds or insects)

JORGIRHEN lesser skylark (Alauda arvensis)

JORGON BIYA the twelfth month

JORGON INENGGI the eighth day of the twelfth month

JORHO a pointed arrowhead with holes on each side

JORHO CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. jirha cecike

JORHO FODOHO Salix gracilistyla--a type of willow from which arrow shafts were made


JORIBUMBI caus. of jorimbi

JORIKŪ pointer, index finger

JORILAMBI the same as jorišambi

JORIMBI 1. to point, to indicate, to point out 2. to aim 3. to use a pretext

JORIRE SIMHŪN the index finger

JORIN 1. aim, goal 2. intent, meaning, elucidation

JORIN I GISUN words of elucidation or direction (on a document)

JORIN SAIN good shot, steady aim

JORINGGA theme (on an examination)

JORINGGA HOOŠAN examination paper

JORINGGA I ACABUN the second part of a formal essay (immediately following the joringga i faksabun)

JORINGGA I FAKSABUN the first two sentences of a formal essay

JORINGGA I TUCIBUN the section following the introduction (deribume fiyentehe) in a formal essay

JORINGGA I YARUN the part of an official essay following the opening expositon (deribume giyangnan)

JORISI magistrate

JORIŠAMBI to point out continually, to indicate continually, to give guidance

JORO a type of arrow with a horn head

JORON wild beans (Lophatherum gracile)--a straight plant with large leaves and flowers resembling the blooms of the bean plant--it is used as feed for horses

JORTAI 1. deliberately, willfully 2. pretending

JORTANGGI the same as jartai

JOTOMBI to be always coming and going

JU 1. imperative of jimbi 2. a musical instrument in the shape of a square peck measure--it was used as a signal for other musical instruments to begin

JU SY MUKE I SEKIYEN GOLMIN I MUDAN a musical piece used by the board of rites when it entertained the hereditary duke who was a descendant of Confucius

JUBEN story, tale

JUBEN ALAMBI to tell a story

JUBENGGE tale-carrier

JUBESI storyteller

JUBEŠEMBI to slander someone behind his back

JUBKI an islet in a river, a sand bar

JUBU clerk, recorder, registrar; cf. dangse jafašakū

JUBUNGGA pertaining to a clerk

JUBUNGGE see jubengge

JUBURAMBI see jiberembi

JUBURŠEMBI to get diphtheria, to get an inflammation of the throat

JUBUŠEMBI to ponder, to judge

JUCE 1. pond, pool (with clear, deep water) 2. a guard post, checkpoint, police precinct

JUCE TEMBI to stand watch, to stand guard duty

JUCELEBUMBI caus. of jucelembi

JUCELEMBI to stand guard, to stand a watch

JUCEN see jute

JUCERHEN a leather line attached to a saddle at the place where the pommel and the frame of the saddle join

JUCIBA firefly

JUCUBA see juciba

JUCULEMBI to sing Chinese opera, to act

JUCULESI actor, opera performer

JUCUMA a face mask worn as a protection against small insects

JUCUN play, opera, theatrical performances

JUCUN I HŪFAN a theatrical troupe

JUCUNGGE pertaining to the stage, theatrical


JUDA ten Chinese feet

JUDUN the ridge of a mountain

JUDURA a domestic pig colored like a wild pig

JUDURA IHAN a cow with a white stripe down the spine

JUDURAKŪ striped silk

JUDURAME along the ridge of a mountain

JUDURAN 1. stripe, line 2. the grooves on a file 3. fold, crease

JUFELIYEBUMBI caus. of jufeliyembi

JUFELIYEMBI to prepare dried provisions for a long journey

JUFELIVEN dried provisions used on a long journey

JUGEMBI to offer sacrifice to the Big Dipper at night

JUGŪN 1. road, way, street 2. the name for a province during Sung and Yuan times

JUGŪN CINGGIYA the way is short



JUGŪN I ANDALA on the way, along the way

JUGŪN I YARUN a road pass carried by officials

JUGŪN MALHŪN the way is unexpectedly long

JUGŪN NEIMBI to open a way (by force)


JUGŪN YABURE ANDALA halfway along (on a trip)

JUHE ice

JUHE AKIYAHABI "the ice has dried"--1.e., has frozen solid

JUHE DUKDUREKEBI the ice has swollen up, the ice has formed a raised spot

JUHE FUSEJEHE the ice has become brittle

JUHE HUJUREMBI the ice grinds together (in the spring when it starts to melt)

JUHE JAFAHA the ice has frozen solid

JUHE OROME GECEHEBI the ice has formed a thin crust (a thin crust of ice has formed on the surface of water)

JUHE SICAKABI the ice has cracked

JUHE SULHUMBI the ice is thawing

JUHE ŠATAN sugar-candy

JUHE TUHEKE the ice has fallen (into the water at the thaw)

JUHEN SINGGERI mammoth frozen in the ice in Siberia

JUHENEMBI to form ice

JUHIYAN a precious head ornament made of pearls and other jewels

JUHIYAN I DA chief of workers who searched for fish, pearls, honey, ginseng, etc.

JUI 1. child 2. son

JUI JALAN the generation of one's children (including nephews and nieces)

JUI JONGKO the child has moved in the womb

JUI TAKSIHA has become pregnant

JUINGGE pertaining to children or sons

JUJIN a name for the peacock; cf. kundujin; tojin

JUJU JAJA with a lot of useless chatter

JUJUMBI to mark out a line with a needle in sewing

JUJURAMBI to act in a petty way, to be small about things

JUKDEN a plant resembling the wild grape (Vitis labrusa) from which red dye is produced

JUKE a type of cake made of crumbled toholiyo cakes

JUKE EFEN the same as juke

JUKEN 1. ordinary, everyday, plain 2. just enough, just right

JUKEN ISIKA just sufficient

JUKEN SAIN just right

JUKIBUMBI caus. of jukimbi

JUKIDUN partridge (Perdix daurica)

JUKIMBI to stop up, to fill in, to plug up

JUKIMBUMBI see jukibumbi

JUKJA see jokja

JUKJAMBI see jokjambi

JUKJUHŪ NIYEHE a black-footed wild duck that is very good at diving

JUKTE long, thick piece

JUKTEHEN temple, shrine

JUKTEHEN I SARASI assistant to the priest in charge of a Taoist temple

JUKTELEBUMBI caus. of juktelembi

JUKTELEMBI to cut into small slices or pieces

JUKTEMBI to offer sacrifice to

JUKTEN sacrifice, offering

JUKTEN BE ALIHA HAFAN master of ceremonies (at a sacrifice)

JUKTEN I BOO shrine where offerings were made to one's ancestors or famous men

JUKTEN I USIN land belonging to a temple

JUKTESI sacrificial attendant

JUKTU stout, developed, strong

JUKTURI a two-year-old bear

JULAN a place in a river where the fast current precludes freezing in winter

JULEFUN for his sake, in his stead (used in prayers for terei jalin)

JULEHEN see emu julehen

JULEN story, tale

JULEN ALAMBI to tell a story

JULEN BITHE book of stories, novel

JULERGI 1. front, in front of, before 2. south

JULERGI BITHEI BOO the name of a study used by the


JULERGI COLHON I KIRU a banner depicting the southern holy mountain

JULERGI FISEMBUHE BOO a veranda in front of a house

JULERGI HECEN the southern part of a city

JULERGI ICE CALU a storehouse in Peking belonging to the Board of Finance

JULERGI JUWERE JEKUI KUNGGERI office of grain transport in Yunnan

JULERGI KŪWARAN I CALU a storehouse in Mukden'

JULERGI NAHAN a kang on the south wall

JULERI front, in front

JULERI YARHŪDAN an official in Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction

JULESI forward, toward the front, southward

JULESI BUMBI to offer an animal in sacrifice; cf. metembi

JULESIKEN a little bit forward

JULETUN ancient vessels and objects

JULGE antiquity, ancient times

JULGECI EBSI from antiquity until now

JULGEI ULASI monument of antiquity

JULGEN good fortune, lucky chance

JULGEN SAIN "luck was good"--said of a safe return from a journey or a hunt

JULGUME short boots worn by women

JULGŪ see julhū

JULHUN see julkun

JULHŪ reins

JULHŪMBI to polish an arrow shaft with wood filings, hair, or lint

JULIBUMBI to become swollen

JULIMBI (-ka) to swell

JULISHŪN swollen

JULIYAMBI to spit out something one can't chew

JULKIYEMBI see jukimbi

JULKUN 1. the depression at the base of the neck or throat 2. depression on the chest of animals

JULUNGGA docile, obedient

JUMALAMBI to attach a spearhead to a shaft

JUMAN a level area above the opening on a stove

JUMANGGA ILHA the name of an exotic blue flower

JUMANGGI a small bag

JUMANGGILAMBI to put in a small bag

JUMARA suslik (Citellus dauricus)

JUMARGAN another name for the suslik; cf. jumara

JUMBALI right in

JUMBI (-nggke, -mpi) to clench the teeth

JUN 1. stove, hearth 2. tissue, pulp of a tree 3. vein

JUN EJEN the kitchen god, the god of the hearth

JUN I BILHA smoke outlet of a stove

JUN I EJEN the kitchen god

JUN I NUHALIYAN a depressed area near the opening of a stove

JUN I ŠENGGIN an area jutting out on the front of a stove--used for adding fuel

JUN I WECEN sacrifice to the kitchen god

JUN TONGGO strong three-strand thread

JUNAFI the same as juwe nofi

JUNARA one name for the partridge; cf. jukidun

JUNG bell--the same as jungken

JUNG YUWAN the Yellow River Plain

JUNGGALA the inside of a stove--the firebox

JUNGGE veined

JUNGGE SUJE veined silk

JUNGGE SURI veined satin

JUNGGEBUMBI caus. of junggembi

JUNGGEMBI to transfer a person's possessions to another place secretly

JUNGGIDEI KIYOO a sedan chair used by the imperial concubines that was carried by sixteen men

JUNGGILA GASHA one name for the turkey; cf. ildedei

JUNGGIN brocade

JUNGGIN ABUHA ILHA a type of swallow (Malva sylvestris)

JUNGGINAMBI to become like brocade--to get furrows on the forehead, to worry

JUNGGINGGE HOOŠAN "brocade paper"--a strong paper with a pattern on it

JUNGGIRI COKO the golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

JUNGGISUN the same as garunggū

JUNGGISUN COKO a type of phoenix resembling the pheasant

JUNGGISUN ILHA Diervilla ambiflora

JUNGGITU an ancient name for the pheasant

JUNGGUHE a spotted myna



JUNGKENGGE 1. a measure of volume equaling six bushels and four pecks 2. pertaining to a bell

JUNGŠU Secretary of the Grand Secretariat, BH 137

JUNGŠUN water or wine poured in a

sacrificial pig's ear

JUNIHIN a type of ancient land tax

JUNINGGE a measure of volume equaling 18 pecks

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