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FAKSALAN separation, division

FAKSI I. craftsman, workman 2. skilled 3. clever, shrewd

FAKSI BOŠORO DA Overseer, Inspector of Works, Clerk of Works, Overseer of Works, BH 77, 82, 96, 460A

FAKSI CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. darha cecike

FAKSI DA chief artisan

FAKSI JURGAN Imperial Armory, BH 89

FAKSIDAMBI to act shrewdly, to act cleverly, to argue cleverly

FAKSIKAN rather clever, shrewd, or skilled

FAKSIKAN I FORGOŠOME FIYELEMBI to do a skillful turn at trick riding

FAKSIKAN I GAMAMBI to handle cleverly

FAKSINGGA endowed with skill, skillful

FAKSIŠA plural of faksi

FAKSISAI KUNGGERI a section of the Board of Works concerned with artisans

FAKŪ a stone dam in a river--used for catching fish

FAKŪRI pants, trousers

FAKŪRI FERGE the seam in the seat of trousers

FALABUMBI I. to exile, to banish, to expel 2. see gūnin falabumbi

FALABURE WEILE crime punished by exile

FALABUN exile, banishment

FALAN I. floor 2. threshing floor 3. quarter of a town 4. sacrificial site S. a while, a short period

FALAN SOMBI to offer bread on the threshing floor after the autumn harvest

FALANGGA pertaining to the floor or earth

FALANGGA DENGJAN a lantern hung on a pole that is stuck in the earth

FALANGGA NAHAN an earthen floor with a passage under it through which hot air from an outside fire passes--a type of central heating

FALANGGŪ the palm of the hand

FALANGGŪ DUMBI to clap the hands


FALANGGŪ FORIMBI to clap the hands

FALANGGŪ USIHA a sweet fruit in the shape of a man's palm that comes from Yunnan

FALASU enamel, enamelware

FALGA I. clan, tribe 2. all the people living on one street, quarter of a town 3. office, bureau 4. group, clump, grove S. measure word for buildings 6. gust (of wind)

FALGA FALGA in clumps, in groves, in gusts

FALGANGGA I. office, subsection 2.Second Class Transport Station (on the Grand Canal) , BH 834

FALGARI bureau, office

FALGARI I AISILAKŪ Director of an Office, BH 389, 39I

FALGARI I ICIHIYAKŪ Assistant Director of an Office

FALHA see falga

FALI I. measure word for solid objects, a lump 2. a unit of money

FALIBUMBI caus. of falimbi

FALIMBI I. to tie, to bind 2. to conclude (a treaty or agreement)

FALIN tying, binding

FALINDUMBI to be bound to one another

FALINGGA having connection, connected, bound

FALINTAMBI to trip, to stumble

FALINTU MONIO one name for the monkey

FALISHŪN intermittent

FALMAHŪN the name of a constellation

FALŪ Manchurian bream (Megalobrama terminalis)

FAMAMBI to lose one's way, to get lost

FAMBI I. to dry up, to become very thirsty 2. to become tired

FAMBUMBI see famambi

FAMHA spindle, a stick or board for winding thread or yarn

FAN I. pan, dish, tray 2. barbarian, foreign

FAN DASAFI TUKIYEMBI to put assorted delicacies on a tray and offer them to guests

FAN FERE a small gulch or canyon, the course of a creek or a spring

FANCABUMBI caus./pass. of fancambi

FANCACUKA vexing, annoying, stifling, causing despair


FANCAMBI I. to get angry, to be stifled 2. to spring (of a lock)

FANCAME HALHUN stifling hot

FANCAME INJEMBI to be convulsed with laughter

FANDI a wooden grip on an oar or on a mast

FANDZ I. foreigner, (western) barbarian 2. see fanse

FANG square (as in 'square feet')

FANG JANG Buddhist abbot

FANG SEME solidly, immovably

FANGDZ prescription, recipe

FANGGA magic, possessed of magic powers

FANGGA BITHE amulet, fetish, charm


FANGKABUMBI I. caus. of fangkambi 2. to repay a debt with an object of equivalent value, to make restitution, to compensate for

FANGKAKU an earth packer--usually a large flat stone

FANGKALA low, short

FANGKAMBI to throw down, to drive, to beat

FANGKAME TEMBI to sit in a rigid, unnatural manner

FANGNAI sure, firm, determined, resolute, stubborn

FANGNAI OJORAKŪ unsure, irresolute

FANGNAMBI to deny, to go back on what one has said

FANGNAME LAIDAMBI to deny what one has said

FANGSE I. pongee, a light raw silk; cf. sirgeri 2. banner

FANGSIKŪ racks on both sides of a stove used for drying noodles

FANGŠAKŪ a device used for smoking fox, rabbits, badgers, etc. from their holes

FANGŠAMBI 1. to smoke (v.t.), to fumigate, to smoke out 2. to deny, to lie

FANGŠANGGA TUBI a smoking rack for meat and fish

FANIHIYAN a chopping board

FANIYAHIYAN see fanihiyan

FANIYAN see fanihiyan

FANSE I. bailiff, policeman 2. trader

FAR SEME in profusion, in large quantity

FARA 1. an ox-drawn sleigh used for carrying hay or wood 2. horn strips on both sides of a grip 3. the edges or shafts of a wagon

FARADAMBI to get stuck in the mire (of wheels)

FARAMBI I. to spread freshly harvested grain out to dry 2. (-ka, -pi) to faint, to lose consciousness

FARAMBUMBI caus. of farambi

FARANG SEME solidly, immovably

FARANGGA having shafts

FARANGGA DUKA the outer door of an official office

FARANGGA DUKAI TAKŪRSI bailiff of the outer door

FARFABUMBI 1. caus. of farfambi 2. to be confused

FARFAMBI I. to be in disarray, to be confused, to be unclear 2. to throw swiftly (at the game of gacuha)

FARGABUMBI caus./pass. of fargambi

FARGAMBI to pursue

FARGARA COOHA pursuit troops

FARGANAMBI to go to pursue

FARGI a perch for chickens

FARHA CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. darha cecike

FARHŪDAMBI to act in a foolish or muddled way

FARHŪKAN rather dark

FARHŪN dark, obscure, unclear, confused, muddled

FARHŪN SUWALIYAME in the period just before dawn

FARHŪŠAMBI to act blindly

FARI see geri fari

FARILAMBI 1. to become dark 2. to be upset, to be worried

FARINGGIYAMBI to cut with a sickle and lay out to dry

FARSA I. mint 2. a very small freshwater fish of little value

FARSA GIRANGGI lower bones of the rib cage, asternal or floating ribs

FARSI I. piece, strip 2. a unit of currency

FARSI FARSI in pieces, in strips

FARSILABUMBI caus. of farsilambi

FARSILAMBI to cut or make in pieces

FARSILAHA CINŪHŪN cinnabar in pieces

FARSILAHA HIYAN incense in pieces

FARSILAHA OKTO medicinal pellets or pills

FARSINAMBI to be in pieces

FARŠAMBI to risk one's life, to act carelessly

FARŠATAI fearlessly, recklessly, without heed for life

FARTAHŪN protruding, thick at the end

FARŪDAI the phoenix of the south

FASAK SEME the sound made by a beast or bird suddenly emerging from a thicket

FASAN fish weir

FAŠŠAN FEKŪMBI to become disloyal, to rebel

FAŠŠAN IREN fish weir

FAŠŠAR ŠEME in many pieces, scattered, in great numbers

FASAR SEME GENEHE crumbled, became undone

FAŠŠAR SEME HŪWAJAHA broke into many pieces

FASAR SEME LABDŪ in great quantity

FASE I. raft 2. the weights used on a scale or steelyard

FASILAN 1. fork, forking 2. discord

FASILAN NIRŪ a forked arrow

FASILAN SALJA a road with a threeway forking


FAŠIMBI I. to hang (oneself) 2. to cling to, to climb

FASIME BŪCEMBI to die by hanging

FAŠŠABUMBI caus. of faššambi

FAŠŠAMBI to exert effort, to go to a lot of trouble

FAŠŠAN exertion, effort, zeal

FAŠŠAN BE BAICARA BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN a section of the Board of Civil Appointments; cf. BH 337

FAŠŠANDUMBI/FAŠŠANUMBI to exert effort together

FAŠŠANGGA expending effort, meritorious

FAŠU one name for the quail; cf. mušu

FATABŪMBI caus. of fatambi

FATAK (onom.) the sound of falling objects

FATAKŪ the name of a dark red flower

FATAMBI to pinch, to pick (fruit)

FATAN I. the sole of the foot or a shoe--also used as a term of contempt 2. a tomblike tool used for working silk on a loom

FATANAMBI to go to pinch or pick

FATANJIMBI to come to pinch or pick

FATANUMBI to pick together

FATAR SEME to the best of one's ability, with all one's might

FATAR ŠEME AŠŠAMBI to wiggle with all its might (a fish)

FATARAMBI 1. to pinch repeatedly 2. to use things sparingly

FATARI ILHA a flower resembling the gardenia with small leaves

FATARŠABUMBI caus. of fataršambi

FATARŠAMBI I. to pinch repeatedly 2. to be in the habit of using things sparingly

FATHA hoof, foot (of fowl), claw

FATHA BERI a bow with cow's hooves mounted on it

FATHACAMBI see fathašambi

FATHAŠAMBI to be discouraged, to be dejected, to be despondent

FAYABŪN expense, consumption

FAYAMBI I. to spend, to squander, to consume 2. to sell

FAYANGGA soul, the yang soul

FAYANGGA GAIMBI to call the soul (said of shamans)

FAYANGGA HŪLAMBI the same as fayangga gaimbi

FAYANGGA ORON the yang soul and the yin soul

FAYANGGA TUCIMBI the soul departs from the body

FE old, not new

FE AMBA CALŪ a granary in Peking

FE AN I in the old, customary way

FE DURUN old-fashioned

FE GŪCŪ old friend

FE KOOLI old regulations

FE ŠUŠU one's native place

FEBGIYEMBI to talk while in a delirium, to talk in one's sleep

FEBHI see febigi

FEBIGI an insect that lives in damp places, has a white body and a red head

FEBSEHE cockroach

FEBUMBI to be stopped by a head wind

FECEHŪN see fecuhun

FECIKI strange, odd, wonderful

FECŪHUN low, base, devious, unfaithful (wife)

FEDE advance! work hard!

FEFE vulva, female pudenda

FEHEREMBI (-ke) to calm down, to become placated

FEHEREN the area between the eyebrows

FEHI I. brain, brains 2. memory

FEHI AKŪ without memory

FEHŪBUMBI caus./pass. of fehumbi

FEHUHEN a footrest, a foot rail

FEHUMBI to step on, to tread on, to trample

FEHŪN a pace

FEHŪNEMBI to go to tread on

FEHUNJIMBI to come to tread on

FEHUTEMBI to trample

FEHUTENUMBI to trample together, to trample (of a group)

FEI an Imperial Concubine (of the third rank), BH 8

FEI DZ nut of the tree Torreya nucifera, torreya nut; cf. fisha


FEI GIN gold leaf

FEIBIHE see febigi

FEIDZ see fei dz

FEIFUMBI to boil, to brew

FEIGIN see fei gin

FEIHE see fehi

FEINGGE an old thing

FEISE brick, tile

FEISE MOOI KUNGGERI a section of the Board of Works


FEISEI DUKA the name of the left or right gates before the main gate of the examination hall

FEJERGI under, underneath

FEJERGI FEMEN the lower lip

FEJERGINGGE that which is below

FEJILE under, underneath

FEFILE BAHA became pregnant

FEJILE BI is pregnant

FEJILEBUMBI caus. of fejilembi

FEJILEMBI to catch with a fejilen

FEJILEN a noose made of hair from a horse's tail--used for catching wild fowl

FEJUN base, vile

FEKCEHUN see fekcuhun

FEKCEKU a drug used for poisoning fish--it is made from the leaves and bark of a tree resembling the walnut

FEKCEMBI 1. to jump, to hop 2. to beat, to pulse

FEKCUHUKEN somewhat astringent

FEKCUHUN astringent, puckery (like the taste of an unripe persimmon)

FEKSIBUMBI 1. caus. of feksimbi 2. to gallop (a horse) 3. to set dogs on game at night

FEKSIKU a pole with hooks that is placed at the bottom of a body of water to catch carp

FEKSIMBI to run, to gallop

FEKSIMBUMBI caus. of feksimbi

FEKŠIN gallop


FEKŠULEMBI to treat with alum

FEKŠULEHE DUINGGE HOOŠAN paper treated with alum to be used for painting


FEKUBUMBI caus. of fekumbi

FEKUCEMBI to leap up, to jump (rope), to hop, to skip

FEKUCENUMBI to leap up in a group

FEKUMBI 1. to jump, to leap 2. to wrinkle up (of cloth that has been wet)

FEKUMBUMBI caus. of fekumbi

FEKUN a leap, a jump

FEKUN WALIYABUMBI to have a fright

FEKUNEMBI to jump across (away from the speaker), to jump to the other side

FEKUNJIMBI to jump across (toward the speaker)

FEKURI an ox-drawn wooden sledge used for carrying wood and hay

FELEBUMBI caus. of felembi

FELEHUDEMBI to act brashly, to do accidentally, to encounter

FELEHUN 1. brash, brazen 2. brashly, recklessly, accidentally

FELEKŪ tassel or ornament on a bridle

FELEMBI 1. to act recklessly 2. to assassinate 3. to roll the hair into a chignon

FELEFI YABUMBI to act recklessly


FELHEN 1. a shelter for cattle 2. trellis

FELHERI ILHA a raspberry (Rubes rosifolius)

FELIYEBUMBI caus. of feliyembi

FELIYEMBI 1. to walk, to take steps 2. to frequent (a place) 3. to discuss marriage

FELIYEME TABUMBI to go for a walk

FELIYEN walking

FEMBI 1. to lay out new-mown hay or other grass to dry 2. to talk heedlessly

FEHE GIŠUN careless talk


FEMEN ACABUMBI to sew together

FEMEN KAMNIMBI to close the lips tightly

FEMPI a paper seal used on envelopes and on doors

FEMPI DOBTON I KUNGGERI a section in the Court of Colonial Affairs

FEMPILEBUMBI caus. of fempilembi


FEMPILEHE DOBTON a sealed paper pouch for official reports

FEMPILEHE DOBTONOHO BITHE a document sealed in a pouch

FEN a square piece, a slice

FENDZ portion, share, contribution

FENEHE tinder, kindling

FENEHE CECIKE pseudo goldcrest (Phylloscopus inornatus)

FENEHIN see fenehe

FENEMBI to go to lay out new-mown hay

FENG bee, wasp

FENGSE pan, jug

FENGSE I TUWABUN an artificial landscape or scene placed in a bowl

FENGSEKU a small porcelain pan or bowl

FENGŠI a practitioner of geomancy

FENGŠEN prosperity, good fortune

FENGEN BE ALIHA USIHA two of the stars in the Great Dipper

FENGŠENGGE prosperous, fortunate

FENIHE swarm, flock

FERGUWECUKE GUNGGE POO the name of a large cannon that weighed a thousand catties

FERGUWECUKE HORONGGO BAKCIN AKŪ POO the name of a large cannon that weighed three thousand catties


FERGUWECUKE HORONGGO KIRU the name of a banner embroidered with dragons or serpents on a dark background used by the imperial escort

FERGUWECUKE HORONGGO POO the name of a large brass cannon weighing four hundred catties

FERGUWECUKE KARAN the Peking observatory


FERGUWECUN wonder, marvel

FERGUWEMBI to be astonished, to wonder at, to admire

FERGUWEN 1. wonder 2. understanding, intellect

FERGUWENDUMBI/FERGUWENUMBI to wonder at (of a group)

FERHE 1. the thumb, the big toe 2. see ferge

FERHE GIDAMBI in dividing up objects, to take the best for oneself

FERHE SIRGE the thickest string on a stringed instrument

FERHELEMBI to grasp with the thumb (a bowstring)

FERI horse, donkey, or mule hide with the hair removed

FERIMBI to strive

FERKINGGE experienced, knowledgeable, learned

FERTEN vomer, the thin bone separating the nostrils

FESEN see fesin

FESER SEME I. broken in small pieces 2. frightened, stunned, astonished

FESER SEME HŪWAJAHA broke into small pieces, shattered

FESER SEME MEIJEHE broke into small fragments (of porcelain)

FESHEBUMBI caus. of feshembi

FESHEKU see fesheleku

FESHELEBUMBI caus./pass. of feshelembi

FESHELEKU shuttlecock

FESHELEMBI I. to kick 2. to open up (border regions)

FESHELEME TABUMBI to string a bow by placing the foot on one end

FESHEMBI to suffer

FESHEN a tiered bamboo or wooden rack

FENIHE ULHŪMA a type of pheasant that flies in flocks

FENIHIYEN a small table for burning incense

FENINGGE something old

FENIYEKŪ one member of a swarm or flock

FENIYEKU WEIJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

FENIYELEMBI to form a flock, to swarm, to flock

FENIYEMBI to smelt

FENIYEN flock, swarm, drove, herd, crowd

FENIYEN FENIYEN I in flocks, in swarms

FENIYENGGE forming flocks, swarming

EEO IO ephemerid

FEPI cutting board for fodder

FER FAR SEME weakly, fluttering slowly like a butterfly in flight

FER FER (onom.) the sound of yelping dogs

FER SEME fluttering, floating, wafting

FERE I. bottom, base, floor 2. the central banner in a battue

FERE HECEME completely, exhaustively

FERE JALAN the first jalan of a banner

FERE SELE a piece of iron in the bottom of a quiver

FEREI BELE rice on the floor of a granary

FEREI BOO the building behind the main house

FEREI MOO crosspiece between the legs of a table or bed


FEREMBI (-ke) I. to become old, to become worn out 2. to become deaf, to be deafened 3. to become giddy, to become dizzy

FEREMBUMBI caus. of ferembi

FERENEMBI to become worn out, to become decayed

FEREŠEBUMBI caus. of ferešembi

FEREŠEMBI to take a sample

FERETU adjutant, assistant

FERGE I. the back claw of a fowl 2. the seam joining the two halves of a pair of trousers 3. see ferhe

FERGETUN a thumb ring used on the right hand in archery

FERGIMBI to become numb, to sting

FERGIME NIMEMBI to suffer from a sting

FERGUWEBUMBI caus. of ferguwembi

FERGUWECUKE strange, wonderful, astonishing


used for steaming various foods

FESHEN EFEN steamed bread, mantou

FESHEŠEMBI to kick repeatedly

FESIN handle, stock, grip

FESIN I TOLDOHON hilt of a sword

FESINGGE having a handle

FESKU see fesheleku

FEŠŠEMBI see feshešembi

FETEBUMBI caus. of fetembi

FETECUN criticism, gossip, backbiting

FETEKŪ an ear-pick

FETEMBI 1. to dig, to dig out, to dig up 2. to criticize 3. to analyze, to scrutinize

FETEME NIYAMNIYAMBI to shoot under the target (at mounted archery)

FETEN 1. digging, excavation 2. fate 3. element

FETENUMBI to criticize one another's weak points

FETEREKU overly critical, prone to criticism

FETEREMBI 1. to dig, to dig out 2. to criticize (faults) 3. to investigate, to go into

FETEREN investigation

FETERI opening, small hole

FETERI FETERILEMBI to flare the nostrils while laughing

FETERILAMBI see feteri feterilembi

FETHE the dorsal fins of a fish



FETHEŠEMBI to paddle in water

FETHI see huwethi

FEYE 1. nest 2. wound 2. the eye of a needle

FEYE DE EDUN DOSIMBI a draft penetrates the wound

FEYE FIYARTUN scars of wounds

FEYE TUCIKE an injury resulted

FEYE TUWARA HEHE woman coroner

FEYE YEBE OHO the wound has healed

FEYELEMBI 1. to build a nest, to nest 2. to get wounded

FEYENGGE wounded, pertaining to a wound

FEYESI coroner


FI writing instrument, writing brush, pen

FI I DUBE the tip of a writing brush

FI I HOMHON a cover for a writing brush

FI I KITALA the shaft of a writing brush

FI I NENGGELEKU a stand for writing brushes

FI I OBOKŪ a washing basin for writing brushes

FI I SIHAN a vessel for holding writing brushes

FI I ULGAKŪ a vessel for wetting writing brushes


FIB SEME wavering, unsteady

FICAKŪ a six-holed flute blown from one end

FICAKŪ ORHO a short reed that grows in mountainous areas

FICAKŪNGGE pertaining to the flute

FICAMBI 1. to pipe, to blow (a flute) 2. to decoy game with a horn or flute

FICAN blowing, piping

FICARI an eight-holed bamboo flute

FIDEMBI 1. to dispatch (troops), to transfer (troops) 2. to intrigue

FIDEME ICIHIYAMBI to dispatch (troops)

FIDEME KADALARA AMBAN Provincial Commander-in-Chief, BH 750

FIDENEMBI to go to transfer

FIFAKA FOSOKO in all directions, helter-skelter

FIFAMBI (-ka) 1. to ricochet, to rebound 2. to stray

FIFAN a four-stringed, plucked instrument with frets, a lute

FIFANGGA pertaining to the lute

FIFANGGA NIYEHE a type of duck

FIFARI a two-stringed instrument similar to a f ifan

FIHA YOO a blister

FIHALI foolish, idiotic

FIHALIKAN rather foolish

FIHANAMBI to develop a blister

FIHAŠAMBI to be stuck for words

FIHATA glans penis

FIRE the upper part of the foreleg of a quadruped, the flesh on the aforementioned part

FIHEBUMBI caus. of fihembi

FIHEMBI (-ke) to fill, to stuff

FIHEME LABDU abundantly full

FIHENEMBI to go to fill

FIHENJIMBI to come to fill

FIHETE foolish, silly

FIHETEMBI to weep, to sob

FIHIN BIYA the second month of winter

FIJIREMBI to scrape along the ground (arrows and birds)

FIJIRHI one name for the wildcat; cf. ujirhi

FIJIRI hemp seeds

FIK FIK SEME see fik seme

FIR SEME in profusion, thickly, heavily, closely

FIK SEME BANJIMBI to grow thickly

FIK SEME JALUKABI packed in tightly

FIKA Chinese olive (Canarium album)

FIKA DENGJAN a lantern made in the

shape of a Chinese olive

FIKA JAHŪDAI a boat pointed at both ends

FIKA JINGGERI a nail pointed at both ends

FIKA NIMEKU a swelling of the abdomen from constipation

FIKA ŠORO a bamboo basket narrow at both ends

FIKA TUNGKEN a drum narrow at both ends and bulging in the middle

FIKACI an olive-shaped, exotic fruit with a seven-layered skin

FIKANAMBI to have a bulging belly

FIKATALA extremely far (a road)

FIKŠEMBI to be in profusion; cf. fik seme

FIKTAN FIKTŪ discordant, cracked

FIKTE dim, obscure, foolish

FIKTEMBI to be dim, to feel giddy

FIKTU 1. crack, fissure 2. dissension, discord, grudge 3. pretext

FIKTU BAIMBI to seek a pretext, to seek dissension

FILA a plate

FILAINGGE pertaining to plates

FILAN a wood used in the manufacture of bows

FILEBUMBI caus. of filembi

FILEKU a pan for burning charcoal, a brazier, stove

FILEKU I TUBI a grate cover for a brazier

FILEMBI to warm oneself by a fire

FILFIN barren, vacant, empty

FILI 1. solid, filled 2. resolute, persevering

FILI FEISE a type of very hard brick

FILI FEISEI KŪWARAN a factory for making a very hard variety of brick

FILI FIKTU AKŪ without a solid reason

FILIKAN rather solid

FILINGGA MOO red sandalwood; cf. cakūran; dan mu

FILITAHŪN see filtahūn

FILTAHŪN empty (place), unoccupied, vacant

FIMEBUMBI caus. of fimembi

FIMEMBI 1. to put forth, to bring near, to present 2. to sew together, to sew a seam 3. to test, to try 4. to occur

FIMERAKŪ cannot happen

FINA ring at the end of the crupper

FING SEME firmly, resolutely, faithfully

FINGGE resolute, serene

FINGKABUMBI to have colic, to get abdominal pains

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