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TEXTBOOK – Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience

TEACHER – Mrs. Jennifer MacDonald Jennifer.macdonald@smyrna.k12.de.us

302-653-8581 ext 3221

English III is a survey course of American literature. This course focuses on further expounding reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will develop literary analysis techniques as they examine both fictional and non-fictional American literature and understand cultural and historical significance.
Students will write a variety of multi-paragraph and single paragraph forms including literary analysis, creative compositions, daily prompts, formal and informal essays, and a research paper. Throughout the course, students learn grammar, research techniques and citations, and work through SAT preparation from Kaplan. In addition, Accelerated Reader is used to strengthen reading comprehension skills as independent work. Also, all eleventh grade students will take the state mandated Smarter Balanced test in the spring.


Students will need to have the following items:

  • A three-ring binder with 5 dividers

  • Please have an English ONLY binder.


As a result of this class, the student will:

  1. Study a variety of genres within American Literature.

  2. Improve reading comprehension through the study of vocabulary.

  3. Develop analytical skills through the examination of American Literature.

  4. Enhance questioning and academic curiosity.

  5. Hone essay-writing skills.

  6. Improve understanding of grammatical and sentence formation.

  7. Improve oral communication skills.

  8. Strengthen and boost research techniques.


The course focus is improving skills and furthering academic growth as the students prepare for post-graduation education. Literature is reviewed at a constant pace, and the selections studied are notable American authors. Assessments take on various forms including objective (multiple-choice), short answer, essay, projects, oral reports, and informal methods. Essays are assigned regularly to assess the students’ ability to formulate a well-developed message. This class is structured and aligned with the Common Core Standards and activities and assignments are designed to meet specific criteria set by the state, and ultimately prepare students for their future.

(Tentative: Subject to Change)

  1. Vocabulary

    1. Literature Based

    2. Kaplan Advantage SAT Based-50 words per marking period

  1. Writing

    1. Argumentative

    2. Expository

    3. Research-Literary Criticism

    4. Narrative

    5. Timed Writing (practice for SAT/Smarter Balanced)

  1. Reading

    1. Pearson Hall Literature Book

    2. Novels: Their Eyes Were Watching God; The Great Gatsby

  1. Major Units

    1. American Literature short stories (Beginnings 1800s-present)

    2. The Crucible-play

    3. Their Eyes Were Watching God-novel

    4. Research Paper

    5. Grammar Study

    6. SAT Preparation-Kaplan Advantage

    7. Teacher Selected Texts

    8. Nonfiction Texts

    9. The Great Gatsby-novel

E. Classroom Policies and Procedures

1. No cell phones allowed unless I give permission for educational reasons.

  • You are NOT allowed to charge your phone in my classroom.

  • No other electronics permitted.

2. If you are gone with a hall pass for more than 10 minutes, you’re considered AWOL=office referral.

3. Late Policy: For every 3 tardies, you will receive 1 absence.

For every 6th late and beyond, you will receive an office referral as per school policy.

4. Arrive to class on time and begin warm-up, and remain in seats until the dismissal bell rings. Do not stand by the door!
5. Please ask for a hall pass (bathroom, counseling, wellness etc.) at appropriate times. Do not walk to the podium while I am teaching waiting for me to sign your planner.
6. Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated.

  • Respect yourself by giving your best effort each class.

  • Respect other students by.

  • Respect classroom property.

    1. NO food.

    2. Drinks with a sealable lid only.

    3. Maintaining school property-desks, books, and computers.

Consequences for breaking classroom rule:
Step one: Verbal warning
Step two: Last warning/Move seat/Call home/Teacher-student conference
Step three: Office Referral

* I reserve the right to skip steps in the consequence chain based on the severity of the offense.
F. Absences

  1. Students are responsible for receiving and completing work missed during an excused absence.

  • Students should request the work the day they return from an absence.

  • The time allowed to complete make-up work will equal the time missed, and will begin the day of the student’s return to school.

G. Classwork and Homework
  1. Classwork is done in class and handed in at the end of the period.
  2. Homework is due at the beginning of each period.

H. Late Work Policy:
Late work will be accepted, but with a penalty. Late class work/homework will receive a 5 point deduction for each day that it is late. Projects and writing assignments will receive 10 point reductions per day late. Work is considered late if it is not present at the time it is collected. This means that if the work is in a locker or at home when collected, it will be marked late and receive a deduction.

I. Extra-Credit

  1. Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity for extra credit points.

  2. Extra credit cannot be made-up after its due date.

Grading Policy


This foundation of emphasis is constructed in order to minimize gross variations in grading systems. When trying to unify the curriculum across the school, slight differences occur. The goal is to minimize the differences and standardize the curriculum so that every student will receive an equitable education and an impartial grade.

Our goal in education is to allow all individuals to achieve as much as they can, and our grading system is geared to accomplish as much growth as possible.


Grading Scale:

A: 93%-100%

B: 85%-92%
C: 76%-84%
D: 70%-75%
F: Below 70%


The curriculum has been divided into the following two categories:

  • Assignments: 35%

    • Homework, Classwork, Participation, etc.

  • Assessments: 65%

    • Quizzes, Tests, Projects, Essays, AR, etc.

  • *Parents and guardians are able to access a student’s grades through Home Access Center

Academic Dishonesty Policy:

If it is discovered that a student has cheated, either through copying answers or supplying answers to be copied, he or she will receive a zero on the assignment, will not be given an opportunity to redo the assignment and may receive an office referral. This also applies to plagiarizing essay content from the internet, books and other sources. All work, especially essays, should be the student's own.

If a student has checked out a copy of the text book, then he or she is responsible for maintaining that textbook. Lost or damaged textbooks will be replaced at the cost of the student. The cost to replace the textbook is $90.00.
Novels: $20.00 to replace if not returned. This includes: Their Eyes Were Watching God & The Great Gatsby


The English Department has a policy of NO EXEMPTIONS. Along those same lines, students are required to take their exam during the period scheduled as mandated by the administration. Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared to take their examinations. The midterm exam and final exam are intended to simulate the types of exams given at colleges and universities. It is the belief of the English department that all students will benefit from this practice.

I have read the syllabus.

I understand all information contained in the syllabus.
Student name (printed):_______________________________________________________

Student name (signature):_____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name (printed):________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name (signature):______________________________________________

Parent/Guardian phone number(s):______________________________________________


Parent/Guardian email(s) :_____________________________________________________

This is your signed contract (students). I hold you accountable for your work and set high expectations in all my classes.
-Mrs. MacDonald

Sign and return on:______________________________

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