A complaint about the School Canteen By Kitty Wai (5A)

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A Complaint about the School Canteen

By Kitty Wai (5A)
Dear principal,
I am writing to complain about the environment and the service of the school canteen. There are many problems that I can’t accept.
First of all, about the environment, there is lots of rubbish on the floor. I think it is because there are not enough rubbish bins. I suggest the school should place more rubbish bins in the canteen. Four to five are enough. The school ought to remind students to put rubbish into the rubbish bins. I also think that the wall is dirty and in poor condition. It is necessary for the school to find someone to do the paintwork again. The school environment is bad. It will affect the learning efficiency of students.

The next point I want to complain about is the service. The service makes me very disappointed. First, the varieties of food and drinks are too few. Many students and teachers said that they didn’t want to eat the same food every day. I suggest the canteen offer more varieties of food, not just snacks or sandwiches. If the canteen can offer hot food, it will be much better, because students don’t want to eat cold food in winter or at lunchtime. Second, the food is unhealthy. Potato chips, chocolate and coke contain much fat and a lot of calories. It is necessary for the canteen to offer healthy food and drinks, eg.: water, milk, etc. Lastly, there are not enough shop assistants. Whenever I want to buy food there, I need to wait for a long time. This makes me feel dull. I suggest the school employ two more workers to run the canteen.

I hope the school authority will improve these problems as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

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