A change of Attitude

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English 021 Section 0221
Out-of-Class Paragraph #2
Argument Paragraph from Reading
Read Grant Berry’s essay “A Change of Attitude” Sentence Skills with Readings, and answer the Reading Comprehension questions on a Scantron AND a separate piece of paper.
The following paragraph is based on the essay “A Change of Attitude” by Grant Berry from Sentence Skills with Readings.
Was Grant Berry’s father a positive role model to him? Why or why not
Your paragraph should contain the following elements:

  • A creative title that tells your reader about your paragraph

  • A topic sentence with supporting ideas. Please underline the topic sentence. You can rewrite the title as a statement and add your opinion and supporting ideas.

  • At least 2 supporting ideas to support your topic sentence

  • Specific and relevant textual evidence

  • Quotes and Paraphrases from the essay. You must have at least one quote as a detail to back your point. Don't forget the MLA parenthetical and the Works Cited page..

  • Transitions between ideas, especially supporting ideas.

  • A clear paragraph plan based on the outline sheet.

  • A summary sentence that effectively concludes your paragraph


  • have in that order to the final paragraph. Staple the “packet”.

3/27: Paragraph 1 due

Download 9.19 Kb.

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