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What is the actual length of the ant in centimeters (cm) from the back legs to the tip of the antenna?

A. 2.5 cm B. 5 cm

C. 2 cm D. 2.25 cm

20. Thirty miles per hour is the same rate as which of the following?

A. 1 mile per minute

B. ½ mile per minute

C. 2 miles per minute

D. 3 miles per second
21. Daniel ran eight miles at the speed of six miles per hour. How long did it take her to run that distance?

A. 2 hours B. 1¼ hours

C. ¾ of a hour D. 1⅓ hours
22. Serena can type about 45 words per minute. If she typed at this rate for 30 minutes without stopping, about how many words will he type?

A. 75 words B. 1350 words

C. 2700 words D. 4500 words
23. A landscaper estimates that landscaping a new park will take 1 person 72 hours. If 3 people work on the job and they each work 8- hour days how many days are needed to complete the job?

A. 3 days B. 8 days

C. 9 days D. 24 days
24. What is the area of the triangle shown below?

A. 70 in2

B. 140 in2

C. 80 in2

D. 160 in2

25. Use the figure below for question 25.

In the figure above, the radius of the inscribed circle is 8 inches (in.). What is the perimeter of square ABCD?

A. 24 in. B. 32 in.

C. 64 in. D. 256 in.
26. A rectangular pool 100 feet by 25 feet is on a rectangular lot 50 feet by 250 feet. The rest of the lot is grass. Approximately how many square feet of the lot is grass?

A. 2,500 ft2 B. 12,500 ft2

C. 10,000 ft2 D. 3,750 ft2

27. What is the volume of the shoebox shown below in cubic inches (in)?

A. 1260 in3 B. 630 in3

C. 56 in3 D. 28 in3
28. What is the area, in the square centimeters, of a trapezoid QRST shown below?

{A= ½h (b1 + b2)}

A. 160 cm2

B. 70 cm2

C. 56 cm2

12 cm
D. 320 cm2

29. One inch cubes are stacked as shown in the drawing below. What is the total surface area?

A. 36 in2 B. 30 in2

C. 24 in2 D. 18 in2
30. In the figure shown below, all the corners form right angles. What is the area of the figure in square units?

A. 340 B. 376

C. 400 D. 384
31. What is the area of the shaded region in the figure shown below?

A. 9 cm2 B. 12 cm2

C. 18 cm2 D. 36 cm2

32. Two right triangles were removed from a rectangle as shown in the figure below. The rectangle had a length of 20 and a width of 10. Find the area of the remaining part of the rectangle, in square units.

A. 168 B. 184

C. 192 D. 200
33. In the figure below, every angle is a right angle.

What is the area, in square units, of the figure?

A. 96 B. 108
C. 120 D. 144
34. The short stairway shown below is made of solid concrete. The height and width of each step is 6 inches (in). The length is 15 inches.

A. 540 in3

B. 1080 in3

C. 1520 in3

D. 1620 in3

35. What is the area of the shaded figure below?

= 1 square centimeter (cm²)

A. 6 cm2 B. 7 cm2

C. 11 cm2 D. 12 cm2

36. Juliana has two similar rectangular boxes. The dimensions of box 1 are triple those of box 2. How many times greater is the volume of box 1 than the volume of box 2?

A. 3 B. 6

C. 9 D. 27
37. Alex is painting the rectangular tool chest with the dimensions of 8 in x 12 in x 20 in. If Alex paints only the outside of the tool chest, what is the total surface area, in square inches (in2), he will paint?

A. 80 in2 B. 496 in2

C. 992 in2 D. 1920 in2
38. The figure at the right is a rectangular prism which is made up of 2 inch cubes.

What is the volume, in cubic

inches, of the rectangular

A. 12 in3

B. 24 in3

C. 48 in3

D. 96 in3

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