A a an interjection of casual response

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COOHAI FIYAN the disposition of an army

COOHAI FIYAN BE NONGGIBURE MUDAN music played while the emperor inspected the troops

COOHAI FIYENTEN the military bureau in Mukden

COOHAI HAFAN a military officer

COOHAI HAFAN I FŪNGNEHEN I KUNGGERI a section concerned with posthumous enfeoffment of military officers

COOHAI HAFAN I TEMGETU credentials of a military officer


COOHAI JŪRGAN Board of War, BH 415

COOHAI JURGAN I KŪNGGE YAMUN war section of the Grand Secretariat

COOHAI MORINGGA FIYENTEN police office; cf. BH 796

COOHAI NASHŪN important military matters

COOHAI NASHŪN I AMBAN Grand Councillor, BH 129

COOHAI NASHUN I BA Council of State, BH 128

COOHAI NIYALMA soldier, warrior

COOHAI TUSANGGA INENGGI favorable days for military undertakings

COOHALAMBI to go to war, to send troops


COOHAN see coogan

COOHIYAN Korea; cf. solho

COOLAMBI see colambi

COOLAN GAHA a red-beaked bird resembling a raven

COOLGON see colgon

COO MAN see coman

COR SEME gushing forth uninterruptedly

CORBOKŪ a device used to hold open the mouth of a horse (or other domestic animal)

CORBOMBI to pry the mouth open (of domestic animals)

CORBOHO TURA a post or stump to which animals are tied while given medicine

CORDOMBI to play (Mongolian instruments such as the Boron and mekeni)

CORHO 1. an iron tube on a helmet for holding a tassel 2. a wooden tube used in the brewing of liquor

CORHON another name for the woodpecker; cf. fiyorhon

CORO the day after tomorrow

CORODAI one name for the phoenix; cf. garudai

CORON a four-holed wooden flute

CORON GOCIKA the belly has fallen (of horses and cattle)

CORON TATAN a small, temporary, wooden, tent-shaped structure

COS the sound of ricocheting or rebounding

COSHO an attached iron nail or hook for hanging or attaching objects

COTHO eggshell

COTOLI see codoli

CU 1. interjection used to set a dog on someone or thing 2. get out!

CŪ CA the sound of whispering or murmuring

CU NIRU a fire arrow

CUBA a woman's sleeveless court garment decorated with dragon patterns

CUBA SIJIGIYAN a woman's court garment--a cape decorated with dragon patterns

CUBUMBI to be squeezed into a narrow space; cf. cibumbi

CUBUME TEMBI to sit tightly together

CUCU CACA the sound of whispering or talking in a low voice

CUDŪ one ten billionth

CUIKEN golden plover

CUIKENGGE MAHATUN a hat worn by astrologers in ancient times

CUK CAK SEME bitterly, viciously (of fighting)

CUKCAMBI to protrude


CUKCUHUN protruding forward

CUKCUREMBI to face forward, to protrude

CUKU a kind of gelatinous dessert eaten out of a bowl

CUKULEMBI to stir up, to incite, to set a dog on prey

CŪKUMBI to become tired, to be spent

CUKŪLŪ 1. nearsighted 2. a horse that goes about hanging his head

CUKUMBI to hang down (the head), to look down, to bow down, to lie prostrate

CUKŪRŠEMBI to bow down profoundly

CUKŪŠAMBI to rush about blindly

CULAŠUN MOO a kind of cedar with bamboolike leaves

CULGAMBI 1. to inspect troops, to hold an inspection 2. to hold an assembly

CULGAN 1. inspection of troops (especially by the emperor) 2. an assembly, a league

CULGAN ACAMBI 1. to inspect troops 2. to hold an assembly

CULIN CECIKE one name for the oriole; cf. gūlin cecike

CULUK SEME coming and going all the time, suddenly coming and going

CUMCUMBI to squat holding one's arms about the knees

CUMCURAMBI 1. to pass quickly in front of a superior with the body bowed 2. to dart away, to disappear (of animals frightened by the approach of an enemy)

CUN CUN I gradually, by degrees

CUNCEO a fine silk

CŪNG ŠEME directly, straight

CUNG YANG INENGGI the ninth day of the ninth month--a festival

CUNGGAI spotted kingfisher (Ceryle lugubris); cf. conggai

CUNGGUR NIYEHE Chinese little grebe (Podiceps ruficollis)


CUNGGŪŠAMBI to butt, to heat the head on something, to shove

CŪNU GASHA black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)

CUR CAR SEME the sound of firecrackers and rockets

CUR SEME 1. the sound of a rocket flying 2. slipping, sneaking

CUR SEME GENEHE slipped out

CURBI GASHA turquoise kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis)

CURGIMBI to chatter, to make lots of noise

CURGIN chattering, noise, commotion

CURGINDUMBI to make a commotion (of a group), to prattle, to prate

CURHŪ the young of the pike

CURHŪMBI to go a stretch (of road)

CURHŪN length, stage (of a trip)

CURUN a measure of length equal to thirty Chinese feet

CUS SEME see cur seme

CUSE 1. bamboo 2. silk 3. a cook

CUSE MOO bamboo

CŪSE MOO I ARSUN bamboo shoots

CUSE MOO I ITU bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracica)

CŪSE MOO I UNDEHEN a bamboo stave used for whipping

CŪŠE ŠINGGERI a small catlike animal that eats bamboo roots

CUSEINGGE HOOŠAN paper made of bamboo fiber

CUSENGGE NICUHE a pearl-like product growing on bamboo

CUŠERI made of bamboo, pertaining to bamboo, bamboolike

CŪSERI CECIKE a small gray-bodied bird with red feet

CŪSERI DŪINGGE HOOŠAN a paper made from bamboo

CŪSERI HOOŠAN a white paper made from bamboo

CŪSERI TORO ILHA a red, five-petaled flower with bamboolike leaves

CŪŠILE crystal

CŪWAN boat, ship

CŪWAN FEKŪMBI to board a boat (in a battle)

CUWANGNANBI to seize by force, to pillage, to rob

CŪN MOO Chinese cedar (Cedrela sinensis)

CŪN ŠA a flowered light silk used for making summer clothing

CY 1. a five-holed flute 2. a Chinese foot measure 3. a bamboo rod used for flogging

CYLEBUMBI caus./pass. of cylembi

CYLEMBI to flog with a bamboo rod

CYMING an imperial order of posthumous enfeoffment

CYŠE 1. pool, pond 2. garden; cf. cise

DA 1. root, stock, base, foundation, source 2. leader, chief 3. a measure--five Chinese feet, two cubits 4. trunk of a tree 5. a measure for fish

DA AN I as usual, as always, as before

DA ARAMBI to lay a foundation

DA BEYE BAHAMBI to recuperate

DA DUBE stock and branches, beginning and end

DA FUJURI curriculum vitae

DA FUTA the main rope attached to a net used for trapping; cf. dangda l i

DA GIN DZ a wife of wife's elder brother

DA GIO elder brother of one's wife

DA JIHA model for copper coins

DA JOKSON the starting line for mounted archers

DA MAFA great-great-grandfather

DA MAMA great-great-grandmother

DA MURU in broad outline, in general

DA SARGAN the chief wife

DA SEKIYEN MAFA progenitor

DA SUNTO the model for the dry measure sunto

DA ŠUŠU birthplace, place, or origin

DA ŠU father's younger brother

DA TOLOMBI to count the hits at archery

DA UJUI USIHA the name of the brightest star in the constellation abkai ujui usiha

DA UŠE a line from the reins that passes through the bit of a bridle

DABABUMBI 1. caus. of dabambi 2. to go too far, to overstep, to go across 3. to waste, to squander 3. to boast, to exaggerate


DABAGAN a mountain pass

DABAKU wedges of wood on both sides of a gate that allow wheeled vehicles to enter

DABALA 1. (sentence particle) only, merely 2. (postposition) besides

DABALI 1. excessively, exceeding, too 2. (postposition) beyond, across, through

DABALI DULEKE passed beyond

DABALI FEKUHE jumped across

DABALI FIYELEMBI to jump across (equestrian trick)

DABALI UŠE a strap on the wagon-saddle that is attached to the shaft of the cart

DABALI WESIKE rose beyond

DABALIKAN somewhat excessive

DABAMBI to cross, to surpass, to go beyond, to climb over

DABAHA NIMEKU consumption

DABARA OLORO crossing and fording

DABANAMBI to surpass, to cross over, to go to cross

DABARGAN a bag carried on the body-used like a pocket

DABAŠAKŪ 1. presumptuous, extravagant 2. a person who tries to live beyond his means or station

DABAŠAMBI to act presumptuously

DABATALA excessively, presumptuously

DABCI having one's eyes askew, suffering exotropia

DABCIKŪ a double-edged sword

DABCILAKŪ a small hunting knife, dagger

DABCILAMBI to go askew, to run crooked

DABDALI headstrong, unruly, agitated

DABDURI quick-tempered, excitable

DABDURŠAMBI to flare up, to go into a rage

DABGIBUMBI caus. of dabgimbi

DABGIMBI to weed, to pull weeds with the hands

DABGIYAMBI see dabkimbi

DABKAMBI to haunt, to torment, to

bring harm to (of ghosts)

DABKIMBI 1. to repair with glue or plaster 2. to whip on (a horse)

DABKŪRI double, having layers, storied (building)

DABKŪRI DALAN a doubled dike or dam

DABKŪRI DORGI HOTON the Forbidden City

DABKŪRI DUKA a double gate

DABKŪRI KOTOLI a double sail

DABKŪRI LEOSE a storied building

DABKŪRI OMOLO great-grandchild

DABKŪRI TAILI a double blossom


DABSI upper arm

DABSIMBI to incline, to wane

DABSULABŪMBI caus. of dabsulambi

DABSULAMBI to preserve in brine, to salt, to pickle


DABSUN BE GIYARIRE YAMUN department of salt control; cf. BH 835B


BAICARA FALGANGGA office of the salt examiner; cf. BH 835A



DABSUN I BAITA BE BAICARA HAFAN controller of salt affairs; cf. BH 369, 369A

DABSU I CIFUN salt tax

DABSUN I KŪWARAN salt factory

DABSUN I URSE salt smugglers


HAFAN Salt Controller, BH 835

DABSUN JUWERE BEIDESI Sub-Assistant Salt Controller, BH 835A

DABSUN JUWERE ILHICI Deputy Assistant Salt Controller, BH 835A


DABSUN JUWERE UHECI Assistant Salt Controller, BH 835A

DABSUN TUCIRE BA an area where salt is produced, a salt mine

DABSUN TUYEKU YONGGAN ammonium chloride

DABTA a gluepot

DABTABUMBI caus. of dabtambi

DABTAMBI 1. to do repeatedly, to do over a long period of time 2. to pile up (v.i.) 3. to repeat over and over in order to instill, to din into 4. to beat metal thin

DABTARA FOLHO a hammer for beating metal

DABTAN again, repeatedly--see dahūn dabtan i

DABUBUMBI caus. of dabumbi

DABUKŪ fire lighter, small stove, burner

DABUMBI 1. caus. of dambi 2. to light (a fire or lamp) 3. to figure in with, to take into account, to include, to consider 4. to be injured

DABUME including, comprising

DABŪRAKŪ not included, not taken into account

DACAKŪ a wide hair ornament worn in the chignon of Sibe women

DACI 1. from the beginning, once upon a time, formerly, hitherto 2. by itself, by nature

DACI DUBEDE ISITALA from beginning to end

DACILABUMBI caus. of dacilambi

DACILAMBI to inquire, to seek information, to find out

DACILANJIMBI to come to inquire

DACUKAN rather sharp

DACUN sharp, shrewd, decisive, resolute

DACUN JEYENGGE AMBA JANGKŪ a very sharp large sword

DACUN SUKDUN spirit, high morale (especially of troops)


DADAGE interjection of affection used when patting an old person or a child on the back

DADARAMBI to open (the mouth), to open wide, to expand

DAIARI a trap for weasels and marmots

DADE 1. originally, at first, in the beginning 2. (postposition) in addition to

DADU MOO gangplank

DADUN 1. lame 2. without hands or feet

DAFAHA chum salmon(Oncorhynchus keta)

DAFUN an arrow wound

DAFUN ENE the arrow wound is too shallow (not deep enough to kill)

DAFUN SAIN the arrow wound is deep (deep enough to kill)

DAGILABUMBI caus. of dagilambi

DAGILAMBI to prepare, to get ready, to set out wine or food

DAHABUMBI 1. caus. of dahambi 2. to subdue, to subjugate 3. to recommend a person possessing a special talent or merit for a high post, without the official examination 4. to paint, to decorate with

DAHABURE AFAHA receipt, bill, list of merchandise

DAHABURE AFAHARI a note containing an order of the emperor inserted into a memorial to the throne


grade on the official examination

DAHACAMBI 1. to follow together 2. to receive, to meet 3. to obey

DAHALABUMBI caus. of dahalambi

DAHALAMBI 1. to follow, to pursue, to run down 2. to bring a countersuit against

DAHALANJIMBI to come following

DAHALASI follower, servant

DAHALI 1. the second, the next 2. in playing with the gacuha, the second bone thrown

DAHALI SONJOST number two in the imperial examination, BH 629C

DAHALJI a manservant under a life contract

DAHALTU orderly, manservant

DAHAMBI (perfect participle daha) 1. to follow 2. to submit, to surrender 3. to obey

DAHAME (postposition) because, since

DAHAN a horse from two to five years old

DAHANCAMBI to follow together, to obey together

DAHANDUHAI 1. before long, in a while, shortly, subsequently 2. one after another, in succession

DAHANDUMBI/DAHANUMBI to follow after one another

DAHANJIMBI to come following, to come to surrender

DAHARALAME following, attending

DAHASHŪN 1. obedient 2. posthumous title for the wife of an official of the seventh order

DAHASI a granary attendant

DAHASU obedient, docile

DAHATA a leather bag affixed inside a quiver to hold arrowheads

DAHIBUMBI caus. of dahimbi

DAHIMBI to repeat, to do again

DAHIME again, same as dahin, dahūme

DAHIN again

DAHIN DAHIN repeatedly, again and again

DAHŪ a fur coat worn with the fur outside

DAHŪBUMBI caus. of dahūmbi

DAHŪLAMBI to wear a dahū

DAHŪMBI 1. to repeat, to do again 2. to repair a torn mat

DAHŪME again

DAHŪN again, repeatedly

DAHŪN DABTAN I repeatedly

DAHŪN DAHŪN I repeatedly, time after time

DAI JOO clerk of the Court Chancery

DAI MEI tortoise shell

DAI ENG the hoopoe; cf. indahūn,. cecike

DAI TUNG DOOHAN I TUWAME KADALARA HAFAN I YAMUN the office of the grain transport inspector at Ta-t'ung bridge

DAIBIHAN 1. frame, casement 2. border or edging on quivers and bags

DAICILAMBI to run at an angle, to run askew

DAIC1NG the Manchu dynasty

DAIDAN DOHOLON a type of sour-tasting wild vegetable with willowlike leaves

DAIFAHA a fence made of reeds and willow branches

DAIFAN a high official in ancient times

DAIFASA plural of daifan

DAIFU medical doctor

DAIFU I DORO medicine (the study)

DAIFULAMBI see daifurambi

DAIFURABUMBI caus. of daifurambi

DAIFURAMBI to treat, to practice medicine

DAIFURARA BITHE a medicine book

DAIFUSA plural of daifu

DAIHAN a fish weir

DAILABUMBI caus./pass. of dailambi

DAILAMBI 1. to make war against, to undertake a punitive expedition against 2. to be mad, to be possessed


DAILAN a military campaign, a punitive expedition

DAILANABUMBI caus. of dailanambi

DAILANAMBI to go to make war against, to go to make a punitive expedition against

DAILANDUMBI/DAILANUMBI to make war against one another

DAILANJIMBI to come on a punitive expedition against

DAIN 1. troops, army 2. war, battle

DAIN COOHA troops, army

DAIN I HAHA a warrior, soldier

DAIPUN a mythical great bird, the roc

DAISELABUMBI caus. of daiselambi

DAISELAMBI to substitute for someone, to take over a post temporarily

DAIŠAMBI to act like a madman, to rave, to rage

DAKDA DAKDA in great leaps

DAKDA DIKDI the same as dakda dakda

DAKDAHŪN 1. curled upward, suspended upward 2. too short (of clothes that have curled upward)

DAKDARI suddenly, unexpectedly, first

DAKDARŠAMBI 1. to jump (up on) 2. to act in an aggressive manner

DAKSA a misdeed

DAKSIN see daksa

DAKŪ see uhe dakū

DAKŪLA the skin on the belly of a fish or animal

DALABUMBI caus. of dalambi

DALACI foreman, leader

DALAMBI 1. to be leader, to be at the head to measure in cubits

DALAN 1. withers 2. dam, dike

DALANGGA dam, dike, pertaining to a dam or dike

DALBA side

DALBAI BOO side wings of a house

DALBAI MOO running hoards on the outside of the railing of a ship

DALBAKI on the side, located at the side(s)

DALBARAME along the side

DALBASHŪN on the side, lying on its side

DALBASHŪN DEDUMBI to lie on the side

DALBU dart, pin, peg

DALDA secluded, hidden spot

DALDABUMBI caus. of daldambi

DALDAHAN 1. a leather cover for a football (mumuhu) 2. a flat piece of bone used as a falcon's perch

DALDAKU 1. a screen, a veil 2. a curtain hung over the entrance of houses when the emperor passed

DALDAMBI to hide from view, to screen, to cover

DALDANGGA a protective wall erected in back of a door

DALDASHŪN covered, hidden

DALGAN piece, lump, fragment

DALGAN BOIHON clod of earth

DALGAN DALGAN I piece by piece, in pieces

DALGANAMBI to form a lump, to form pieces


DALHAN see dalgan

DALHI repetitious, annoying, tedious

DALHIDAMBI to be repetitious, to be tedious

DALHIHANAMBI to become crumbly, to harden (of fat)

DALHŪDAMBI to prattle on and on

DALHUKAN rather sticky, bothersome, annoying

DALHUN 1. sticky 2. annoying, bothersome, too talkative


DALHŪWAN a sticky pole used for catching birds

DALIBUMBI 1. caus. of dalimbi 2. to cover over

DALIBUN 1. shelter, refuge 2. obstacle

DALIKŪ screen, covering, a protective screen by a doorway, a protective covering, a shelter

DALIKŪ UCE a storm door

DALIMBI 1. to block off, to obstruct, to screen off, to seal, to cover up, to conceal, to protect 2. to force an animal hack into a battue 3. to drive (a wagon)

DALIN shore, riverbank, limit

DALIN AKŪ limitless

DALIRAME along the shore, along a riverbank

DALITUNGGA MAHATŪN a hat worn by military officials in ancient times

DALIYAN 1. a kind of folding pouch worn over the girdle, a satchel 2. a wrestler's garment woven from coarse heavy fiber

DALJAKŪ unconnected with, unrelated

DALJI relation, bearing, connection

DALJI AKŪ unconnected, unrelated; cf. daljakū

DALJINGGA related to, concerned with

DALUKAN bothersome, annoying

DALUMBI to adhere tightly--as hark to a tree or hair to the skin of a scalded slaughtered animal

DAMBAGU tobacco

DAMBAGU GOCIKŪ a pipe (for smoking)

DAMBAGU GOCIMBI to smoke (tobacco)

DAMBAGU OMIMBI same as dambagu gocimbi

DAMBAGU TEBUMBI to put tobacco (in a pipe)

DAMBI 1. to burn (v.i.) 2. to blow (of the wind), to rain, to snow 3. to take care of, to care about 4. to mind someone else's business, to interfere S. to operate, to work (v.i.) 6. to help

DAMBUMBI 1. caus. of dambi 2. to add, to apply (medicine)

DAMDAN a trillion

DAMIN eagle, vulture

DAMJALABUMBI caus. of damjalambi

DAMJALAMBI 1. to carry on a pole 2. to pierce through with an arrow

DAMJAN a carrying pole, a carrying-pole load

DAMJAN SEBSEHE an insect resembling a grasshopper with a fat body and long wings

DAMJAN SELE a window or door latch

DAMJATALA clear through, clean through (of an arrow)

DAMNAMBI to sift, to strain

DAMTULABUMBI caus. of damtulambi




DAMTUN an article for pawning, a hostage

DAMTUN WERIMBI to leave behind as a hostage

DAMU only, but

DAN a snare for wild fowl, wolves, and foxes

DAN DABURAKŪ without noticing someone,

to pay no attention (to other people)

DAN BI AMBA KUMUN musical compositions played while foreign dignitaries and emissaries ascended the steps to the throne room

DAN MU sandalwood; see cakūran

DANAHŪN CECIKE one name for the hoopoe; cf. indahūn. cecike

DANAMBI to go to take care of, to go to aid

DANARA HAFAN First Captain BH 752C

DANCALANBI for a bride to visit her parents' home for the first time after marriage

DANCAN the wife's family

DANCAN I BOO the wife's family

DANCARAMBI see dancalambi

DANG only, just


DANGDAKA stretched out, with legs extended

DANGDALI a dragnet used for catching fish

DANGDALILANBI to use a dangdali in fishing

DANGGA elder, belonging to the older generation

DANGGASA plural of dangga

DANGGI at least, a little bit

DANGGIRI a small brass gong hung from a crook--used by Buddhist monks

DANGKAN a hereditary house slave

DANGNABUMBI caus. of dangnambi

DANGNAHAN the soles of shoes and boots

DANGNAMBI 1. to substitute, to replace 2. to oppose, to pit against

DANGNACI OJORAKŪ irreplaceable

DANGNIYABUMBI caus. of dangniyambi

DANGNIYAMBI to kick a football (mumuhu)

DANGPULI a pawnshop

DANGSAHA an open-topped birchbark basket

DANGSE records, document, register, archive, the census register

DANGSE ASARARA KUNGGERI archives office of the Board of Works

DANGŠE BAITAI BOO office of documentary affairs


DANGSE BARGIYARA TINGGIN archives office, records office

DANGSE CI HŪWAKIYAMBI to expunge from the banner roll

DANGŠE EFULERE BA section for the disposal of records

DANGSE EJERE HAFAN Archivist, BH 412A, 413A

DANGSE EJERE TINGGIN Record Office, BH 202 etc.

DANGSE FAKSALAMBI to remove from the family register, to expunge from the census register

DANGSE JAFAŠAKŪ Registrar, BH 220, etc.

DANGSE JAFAŠARA HAFAN Registrar, BH 220, etc.

DANGSE JAFAŠARA KUNGGERI registry section of the Office of the Gendarmerie


DANGŠIBUMBI caus. of dangsimbi

DANGSIMBI to reprove, to censure

DANGAN blade of grass, chaff, thread ends

DANIYALABUMBI caus. of daniyalambi

DANIYALABUHA WAI I BA a curve or recess offering protection

DANIYALAMBI to seek cover from, to go to for protection

DANIYAMBI see daniyalambi

DANIYAN cover, refuge, safe place, protection

DANJIMBI to come to take care of, to come to aid

DANOSG'A ILHA Achyranthes aspera

DANUMBI to care for one another, to aid one another

DAR SEME shivering

DAR SEME ŠURGEMBI to shake from cold or fright

DARA waist, lower back

DARA COOHA reserves (troops), relief troops

DARA GOLOMBI to have an ache in the lower back

DARABUBŪMBI caus. of darabumbi

DARABUMBI to invite to drink, to offer a toast, to serve (wine)

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