A a an interjection of casual response

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ULHŪMA ALGAN a large net for catching pheasants

ULHŪMA KŪTHŪRI the name of a plant the fine stems of which are used to make baskets and bird traps

ULHŪMA UNCEHENGGE ŠUN DALIKŪ a parasol of the imperial escort decorated with pheasant's tail feathers

ULHŪMANGGA decorated with pheasant designs

ULHŪRI GŪWARA one name for the eared owl

ULI 1. bowstring 2. fruit of the flowering cherry (Prunus sinensis)

ULI ACABUMBI to attach a bowstring

ULI ILGIN thong of tawed leather

ULI MOO the flowering cherry

ULIBUMBI caus. of ulimbi

ULIKŪ a hole used for stringing (like the hole in a cash)

ULIMBI 1. to run a string or rope through a hole, to string (cash) 2. to make an offering to a deity

ULIN goods, property, possessions, wealth

ULIN BAYAN riches, wealth

ULIN DE DOSIMBI to be covetous

ULIN DOSIMBI to get rich

ULIN FUSEMBUMBI to become rich

ULIN GIDAMBI to offer riches (silk, cows, horses, etc.) to a deity and after kowtowing, to sell them and offer the money

ULIN I DA Treasurer, Inspector, BH 77, 298, 384A, etc.

ULIN I NIYALMA Inspector, Treasury Ove seer, BH 77, 298, 384A, etc.

ULIN MADAMBI to get rich

ULIN NADAN riches, goods, possessions

ULIN SIMBI to bribe

ULINTUMBI to bribe

ULIYEN a container made from birchbark

ULKIDUN one name for the partridge; cf. jukidun

ULKU GIRANGGI collarbone, clavicle

ULKUME breast strap of a harness

ULME needle

ULME HŪLHATU dragonfly

ULME I SEN eye of a needle

ULME JIBCI cushion for needles (especially of nuts and seeds)

ULU 1. empty, unfertilized (of eggs) 2. white-spotted (horse)

ULU UMGAN unfertilized egg

ULU WALA unclear, muddled (of speech)

ULUKEN rather empty

ULUMBI to collapse, to fall down

ULUME roach

ULUME BUTARA SE SIRGE ASU a small-meshed net made of silk used for catching roach in a swift current

ULUN GIDAMBI in summer, to hunt wild animals that are lying in high grass to escape insects, to go on the sum-

mer hunt

ULUNCU sorrel

ULUNEMBI to wither on the stalk (grain)

ULURI 1. Chinese gooseberry, carambola (Averrhoa carambola) 2. a type of soft jujube

ULUSU entire, whole

ULUSUN olive (tree)

UMAI (not) at all, totally, entirely

UMAI SARKŪ totally ignorant, doesn't know at all

UMAINAMBI see below

UMAINACI OJORAKŪ there is no way out, there is no other choice, unavoidable, inevitable

UMAINAHAKŪ there was no way to avoid it, nothing happened

UMAINAME MUTERAKŪ there is nothing that can be done (about it)

UMAISERAKŪ say (said) nothing

UMAN 1. gums 2. the inner side of a hoof

UMAN DABAMBI to have a sore hoof (of camels)

UMAN ŠINDAMBI to thaw out frozen ground by building a fire on it

UMBUCI CUMBUCI see umburi cumburi

UMBUMBI (-ha) to bury, to inter

UMBURI CUMBURI uneven, of uneven height (plants)

UME verb used for negating imperatives (stands before the imperfect participle)

UMEHEN the bone of the upper part of the front leg of animals, humerus

UMERLEMBI to become fat without conceiving (sows)

UMESI very, to a high degree

UMESI TEKI let it be so

UMESIHUN see umusihun

UMESILEBUMBI caus. of umesilembi

UMESILEMBI to be in a high degree, to do to a high degree

UMGA see umgan

UMGAN 1. marrow 2. egg; cf. umhan

UMGAN BANJIMBI to lay eggs

UMGAN GIRANGGI thighbone, femur

UMGAN ŠUGI the innermost marrow

UMHAN 1. egg 2. see umgan

UMHAN DURUN cake (made with eggs)

UMHAN HAKSANGGA EFEN baked cakes made from wheat flour, eggs, and sugar

UMHANAMBI to lay eggs, to form eggs

UMHANGGA TUBIHE 'egg fruit'--a plant that grows wild, blooms in the second month, and has mature fruit in the eighth

UMIYAHA insect, bug, worm; cf. imiyaha

UMIYAHA AŠŠAMBI one of the divisions of the solar year that occurs on the fifth or sixth of March

UMIYAHALAMBI to plait with colored thread

UMIYAHANAMBI to get worms (of fruit).

UMIYAHANGGA FUKJINGGA HERGEN the name of a style of Chinese calligraphy

UMIYELEBUMBI caus. of umiyelembi

UMIYELEMBI to tie (a belt), to gird oneself

UMIYESU ILHA the name of an exotic red bloom with supple stems

UMIYESULEMBI to put on a girth, girdle, or sash

UMIYESUN girdle, girth, belt, sash

UMPU hawthorn (Crataegus cuneata)

UMPU DEBSE hawthorn jelly

UMPU ERHE a small black frog with a red belly that lives in very cold springs

UMRIHA membrane

UMUDU orphan

UMUHUN the upper surface of the foot, the instep

UMUHUN BE FEHUME MURIMBI in wrestling, to throw one's opponent by stepping on his instep

UMUHUN TUHEKE to be paralyzed by fear

UMURI a string for pulling the mouth of a bag closed, drawstring

UMURSU see emursu

UMUSIHUN see umušuhun

UMUŠUHUN on the stomach, prone, prostrate

UN a place for pigs to sleep

UNA Chinese boxthorn (Lycium chinense)

UNAGAN see unahan

UNAHAN colt, foal

UNAHAN SUMBI to foal, to have a colt

UNCABUMBI caus. of uncambi

UNCAMBI to sell

UNCANAMBI to go to sell

UNCANJIMBI to come to sell

UNCANUMBI to sell together

UNCEHEN tail, tail end, tail (in Manchu writing)

UNCEHEN BOŠORO AGA a sudden short shower


UNCEHEN GOLMIN BUHŪ Pere David's deer, milu (Elaphurus davidianus)

UNCEHEN HETEMBI to surround suddenly and attack the rear of an enemy army

UNCEHEN I DA the base of the tail

UNCEHEN ŠOLONGGO ALHACAN NIYEHE the name of a speckled duck with a pointed tail



UNDA YALI flesh or meat on both sides of the backbone

UNDAN spring snow that has frozen on the surface for which snowshoes are required

UNDANAMBI to freeze on the surface (of spring snow)

UNDARAMBI (-ka) to creep, to spread, to get worse (of an illness)

UNDAŠAMBI to hunt on the frozen spring snow

UNDE not yet (particle used after the imperfect participle)

UNDECI underling, bailiff (who administered floggings)

UNDEHELEMBI to beat with a bamboo rod

UNDEHEN 1. rod, staff, board, plank 2. wooden printing block

UNDEHEN FALAN 1. floor board 2. a low legless wooden frame on which the throne sat

UNDEHEN ŠUSIHE boards and bamboo strips used for writing

UNDEO not yet?

UNDU vertical, upright

UNDURAKŪ satin with a design of large standing dragons without smaller horizontal dragon designs interspersed

UNDURAMBI see undarambi

UNDURI on (the way), along (the road)

UNDUSTAN Hindustan

UNDUSTAN SUJE a type of red Indian silk with golden designs on it that was brought as tribute from Hami

UNENGGI 1. truly, really, honestly 2. true, honest, genuine

UNENGGI HEHE title of a wife of an official of the second rank

UNENGGI YALANGGI true and genuine

UNENGGILEMBI 1. to deem true, to treat as genuine 2. to be true, to be genuine

UNENGGINGGE that which is true, genuine

UNESI objects handed down for several generations in a family, heirloom

UNG (onom.) the sound of a bell

UNG ANG (onom.) sound made by deer and cattle

UNG WANG (onom.) a nasal sound

UNGGA elder generation, elders

UNGGA DANGGA elders, the older generation

UNGGALA 1. flash vent of a musket, hole, cavity 2. cavity of the ear, hole in a tree

UNGGALA I ULENGGU the part of a musket that holds the powder, flash vent

UNGGALAMBI to respect (one's elders), treat as an elder

UNGGALANGGA MOO a wooden clapper

UNGGAN see ungga

UNGGANUMBI to treat as an elder, to respect (as an elder)

UNGGAŠAMBI to revere (one's elders)

UNGGATA plural of ungga

UNGGE a type of very fine, small wild onion

UNGGIBUMBI caus. of unggimbi

UNGGILAKŪ the covering of a pig's kidney


UNGGIMBI to send, to dispatch, to send off

UNGGIN the hole in a spade, hammer, or axhead used for attaching the handle

UNGGIDUMBI to send together, to dispatch together

UNGGU 1. first, original 2. the first player at the gacuha game

UNGGU GING the first watch (of the night)

UNGGU MAFA great-grandfather (paternal)

UNGGU MAMA great-grandmother (paternal)

UNGKAN frozen snow on the top of grass

UNGKEBUMBI caus. of ungkembi

UNGKEMBI 1. to turn over, to tip over to turn one's cup upside down to show that one has drained it completely

UNGKEN ILHA the name of a flower that resembles an overturned cup

UNGKESHŪN tipped over, awry

UNI NIMAHA a spotted white seafish that reaches a length of four spans

UNIKA a young locust

UNIYEHE one name for the duck

UNIYELE the yellow hair that grows at the base of a deer's tail

UNIYEN female of certain animals, a milk cow

UNIYEN HONIN a female sheep--ewe

UNIYEN IHASI a female rhinoceros

UNIYERI strings of raw silk

UNTUHUKEN empty, vacant


UNTUHULEBUMBI caus. of untuhulembi

UNTUHULEMBI 1. to be empty 2. to be idle

UNTUHUN 1. empty, vacant 2. hollow 3. idle 4. vain S. emptiness, space

UNTUHUN ACILAMBI in wrestling, to grasp an opponent by the shoulders and fling him from side to side


UNTUHUN DE in the air, in midair, in space

UNTUHUN FIYELEMBI to leap through the air and mount a horse from behind


trick riding, to do a somersault on the horse

UNTUHUN JERGI a sinecure

UNTUHURI in vain

UNTUHURILAMBI to act in vain

UNTUN a small drum used by female shamans during rites in the home

UNTUŠEMBI to beat a small drum (of female shamans)

UNUBUMBI 1. caus. of unumbi 2. to put the blame on someone else

UNUCUN a child born after the death of his father

UNUJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

UNUMBI to carry (on the back), to bear, to shoulder

UNUN a load (that can be carried on the back), burden

UNUN FIYANA a frame used for carrying things on the back

UNUN USE a strap used for carrying a gun on the back

UNURTU opossum

UPI JAHŪDAI a warship with black painted sides

URA buttocks


URA FULCIN the cheeks of the buttocks

URA TEBUMBI to pursue an animal from the rear (after its escape route has been cut off)

URA TŪMBI to whip (the buttocks)

URAHILABUMBI caus. of urahilambi

URAHILAMBI to make inquiries, to seek information

URAMBI (-ka) 1. to echo, to peal 2. to be bloodshot, to be bruised (with blood extravasated under the skin)

URAN echo, resonance, peal

URANDAMBI to reverberate, to re-echo, peal

URANGGA MOO Chinese parasol tree (Firmiana simplex)

URDEBUMBI caus. of urdembi

URDEMBI to race a horse; cf. uruldembi

UREBUKŪ 1. a home school 2. driller, reviewer

UREBUMBI 1. caus. of urembi 2. to cure (silk floss) 3. to practice, to review, to drill, to rehearse

UREMBI 1. to be sad 2. to get ripe, to be ripe, to be done (of food) 3. to be acquainted with, to be familiar with

UREHE BANJIHA alike by nature

UREHE USIN a ripe field

URESHŪN familiar, acquainted with

URGALABUMBI caus. of urgalambi

URGALAMBI to lasso (a horse)

URGAN a lasso (either a rope or a noose on the end of a pole)

URGE a paper figure of a person used by shamans against baneful spirits

URGE FAITAMBI to cut out a paper figure; cf. urge

URGEDEMBI to turn one's back on, to be ungrateful for

URGEN length, extension

URGEŠEN a one-year-old deer

URGETU a wooden funerary figure

URGUMBI see urhumbi

URGUN 1. joy, felicity, happiness 2. auspicious sign, good portent 3. congratulations

URGUN ARAMBI to congratulate, to wish well

URGUN I BAITA joyous event, pregnancy

URGUN I DORO congratulations

URGUN I DOROI HENGKILEMBI to congratulate (by kowtowing)

URGUN I SARIN wedding feast

URGUN SEBJEN joy and pleasure

URGUN ŠANGGAHA DENGJAN lanterns used at court to celebrate New Year's

URGUNGGA blessed, fortunate


URGUNGGE ABKA Tusita heaven


URGUNJEBUMBI caus. of urgunjembi

URGUNJEMBI to rejoice, to be glad


URGUNTU joyful, happy

URGURI see urhuri

URGUTU see urhutu

URGŪMBI see urhūmbi

URHU tilting, one-sided, prejudiced, partial

URHU AKŪ impartial, unprejudiced

URHU HAIHŪ leaning to one side (of walking), staggering

URHU HARŠAKŪ partial to one side

URHUBUMBI caus. of urhumbi

URHUMBI to lean to one side, to be lopsided, to be partial, to be prejudiced to one side

URHUN a unit of measure equaling half a (Chinese) inch

URHURI HAIHARI leaning to one side, staggering, poking along, weaving, fluttering to and fro

URHUŠEMBI to tilt toward one side, to stagger, to incline greatly to one side, to be very partial

URHUTU leaning to one side, having one leg shorter than the other

URHŪMBI to shy (of livestock)

URHŪN shyness (of livestock)

URHŪTU easily frightened (of horses and other livestock)

URI 1. a round straw container used

for storing grain 2. see urui

URIHA membrane, inner bark of trees, the skin on walnuts and hazelnuts; cf. umriha

URILEMBI to get so fat that motion becomes difficult (pheasants), to be packed full (of rat's nests)

URIMBI (-he) to collapse (of a mountain), to die (of the emperor)

URKA CECIKE common snipe, the same as karka cecike

URKI a horizontal support for a sail on a small boat

URKILAMBI 1. to make a big noise deliberately, to cause a commotion 2. to follow the lead of one horse in shying or urinating

URKIN big noise, commotion, tumult, the sound made by horses before they stampede

URKINGGA the same as urkingge

URKINGGE noisy, tumultuous, mighty

URKINGGE TEIŠUN a kind of brass out of which gongs were made

URKUJI often, continuously, steadily, uninterruptedly

URKULJI the same as urkuji

URLEMBI the same as urilembi

URLU MORIN a black horse with white spots

URSAN new shoots that sprout from old roots, new branches that appear on a tree that has been cut away

URSAN SINDAMBI to leave a sentence half finished, to pause in speaking

URSAN SURSAN sprouts, new shoots

URSANAMBI to sprout from old roots or an old stock

URSE 1. people, men, persons (plural of niyalma) 2. others, other people

URSEINGGE somebody else's

URSU layer, level, -fold

URSUNGGA consisting of layers

URSUNGGA HOSERI five or ten boxes, one smaller than the next, placed one in another

URSUNGGA HŪNTAHAN cups, one smaller than the next, placed one in another

URSUNGGA POLORI baskets, one smaller than the next, placed one in another

URU right, correct

URU WAKA right and wrong

URUBUMBI caus. of urumbi

URUI 1. just, only 2. steadily, consistently, always

URULDEBUMBI caus. of uruldembi

URULDEMBI to race a horse, to test a horse for speed

URULEMBI 1. to deem right, to consider correct 2. the same as urilembi

URUMBI (-he/ke, -re/ndere) to get hungry, to be hungry

URUN 1. daughter-in-law 2. wife

URUN GAIJAMBI to get married (of a man)

URUN HENGKILEMBI to get engaged

URUNAKŪ certainly, surely, for sure, necessarily, must, under any circumstances

URUNEMBI to go about hungry

URUSA plural of urun

URUŠAMBI to fulfill the duties of a daughter-in-law

URUŠEMBI to deem right, to consider correct

USA exclamation used to get someone's attention

USABUMBI caus. of usambi

USACUKA 1. regrettable, deplorable, too bad 2. pitiful, sad

USACUMBI (-ka) to be grieved or distressed

USACUN sorrow, grief, sadness

USACUNGGA sorrowful, afflicted

USAMBI (-ka) to be without hope, to be disappointed in

USAMBUMBI caus. of usambi

USANDUMBI/USANUMBI to be without hope together, to give up hope together

USARI CECIKE one name for the goat-sucker, the same as simari cecike

USATA the white portion of a fish's stomach

USE seed, egg (of an insect)

USE FAHA grain

USE FAHA CIFUN grain tax

USE WALIYAMBI to lay eggs (of insects)

USEI HITHEN a large box for holding seed

USEBUMBI caus. of usembi

USEKU a seeder, an implement for planting seed

USELEMBI see usembi

USEMBI to plant, to seed

USEN see juwen usen

USENE ILHA the name of a species of ranunculus

USENEMBI to go to plant seeds, to go to plant

USENGGE seedlike, grainlike

USENUMBI to seed together, to plant together

USERCI a sour pomegranatelike fruit

USEREMBI see usuršembi

USERI pomegranate; cf. šilio

USERI CUSE MOO a bamboolike plant that forms red seed pods

USHABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of ushambi 2. to be blamed or rejected (by spirits or demons)

USHACUN anger, resentment

USHAMBI to be angry at, to resent, to

be disappointed

USHANDUMBI/USHANUMBI to be angry together, to resent together

USHATAMBI to sulk, to pout

USHE semen

USI UMIYAHA intestinal worm

USIHA 1. star 2. acorn 3. front sight of a gun

USIHA BE ALIHA HAFAN court astronomer in ancient times

USIHA GERI GARI stars are dim (at dawn when they begin to disappear from sight)

USIHA KEMUN sight of a cannon

USIHA MOO sweet (edible) chestnut

USIHA ORON constellation

USIHA ORON BE CINCILARA KARAN the observatory in Peking

USIHA TUWARA HAFAN astronomer of the Peking observatory

USIHA YOO scrofula

USIHANGGA clairvoyant, prophet, sensitive (in a psychic way)

USIHANGGA GURGU sensitive animals-- tigers and wolves

USIHANGGA MAITU a staff of the imperial escort topped by a carved wooden star

USIHIBUMBI caus. of usihimbi

USIHIKEN rather wet

USIHIMBI to moisten, to dampen, to wet, to get wet or soaked

USIHIN wet, damp

USIHIYEBUMBI caus. of usihiyembi

USIHIYEMBI to drink (gruel or other such liquids)

USILEMBI to release (the bowstring)

USIMA thick padded cotton armor

USIMANGGA 1. skilled astrologer 2. under favorable astrological signs

USIN field (for cultivation)

USIN BOŠOKŪ a type of gray grass-hopper

USIN BUTA cultivated field

USIN DEHEN border of a field

USIN I FIYENTEN an office of the Board of Finance in charge of agricultural affairs

USIN I HAFAN the name of an official of antiquity who was in charge of cultivation and animal husbandry

USIN I HAHA tenant farmer

USIN I JALIN ABALAMBI to hunt animals detrimental to crops in summer

USIN I NARHŪN CESE register of land boundaries, land-register

USIN I UJAN boundary of a field

USIN WECEMBI to make offerings of cakes and small paper flags when crops were threatened by insects or drought

USIN YALU fields (collectively)

USINGGA alone, forlorn, orphaned

USISI farmer, cultivator of the land

USITAMBI see ušatambi

USITEN HAILAN mountain elm

USNIKA a fleshy outgrowth on the head of the Buddha

USUCILEMBI to be fussy, to be bothersome

USUKAN rather fussy

USUMBI to go downstream, to go with the current

USUN fussy, bothersome, overly talkative

USURŠEBUMBI caus. of usuršembi

USURŠECUKE 1. hateful, unpleasant 2. unsavory, not good to eat

USURŠEMBI to detest, to find unpleasant

UŠABUMBI caus./pass. of ušambi

UŠABUN implication (in a crime or plot)

UŠAKŪ hard to control, hard to rein in (of horses)

UŠAMBI 1. to pull, to drag, to haul 2. to scratch 3. to implicate, to hold back, to burden with

UŠAN FA AN confused, entangled, muddled, without conclusion

UŠARKI hawthorn (Crataegus pinnatifida)

UŠARKI MOO hawthorn

UŠATABUMBI caus. of ušatambi

UŠATAMBI 1. to pull with force, to yank at 2. to vex, to plague, to afflict, to distress

UŠE cord, band, belt, thong, strap, tape

UŠE ŠABAN a strong cord with four knots tied in it that is attached to the bottom of boots or shoes to prevent slipping

UŠE TATAKŪ SELE a small iron fastener on a quiver strap

UŠE UMIYAHA tapeworm

UŠEBUMBI caus. of ušembi

UŠEMBI to stitch the soles of cloth shoes

UŠENGGE tough, stringy

UŠIHA acorn

UTA cake made from milk, sugar, and oil

UTA BELE a cake consisting of rice fried with oil and sugar

UTALA so many (much) as this

UTAN one name for the pelican; cf. kūtan

UTBALA ILHA (from Sanskrit utpala) a red lotuslike bloom

UTHAI then, thereupon, at once, and then, immediately

UTTU thus, like this, so

UTTU AKŪ OCI otherwise

UTTU DABALA only like this

UTTU OCI if it is like this, if so

UTTU OTOLO even like this

UTTU SEME although it is thus, nevertheless

UTTU TUTTU SEME now like this now like that

UTTUMBARA ILHA (from Sanskrit udumbara) a white lotuslike flower

UTTUSI in this direction, over here

UTTUSI OSO so it's like this!

UTU one name for the tiger; cf. tasha

UTULIMBI to pay attention, to notice, to be conscious of

UTUN WEIJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

UTUNG see urangga moo

UTURI the end of a battue line

UTURI ACAMBI to join both ends of the battue line to form a circle

UTURI FEKSIMBI to run from both ends of the battue line to form a circle

UYA a male Indian antelope

UYAKAN rather thin, rather diluted

UYALJAMBI to move winding like a snake, to slither

UYAN 1. thin, diluted, weak, feeble 2. the meeting point of the two halves of a canoe 3. keel

UYAN BUDA gruel, rice broth

UYAN I ALIGAN keel retainer

UYAN LALA rice gruel eaten on the eighth da of the twelfth month

UYAN MATAN ŠATAN thin sugar cakes

UYAŠAMBI to chew the cud

UYAŠAN loath (fish)

UYAŠAN DEKDEMBI the same as uyašanambi

UYAŠANAMBI to have a pain in the ligaments of the hand or feet

UYAŠANGGA JAHŪDAI the name of a small, long boat used on the Yangtze that was thought to resemble the loath

UYE the name of a white sea fish

UYEBUMBI taus. of uyembi

UYEMBI 1. to soften 2. to knead 3. to cure, to tan (leather) 4. to break in (a horse)

UYERE FAKSI a tanner

UYERE ŠU saltpeter used in the curing of leather

UYU 1. the name of a sea fish 2. turquoise

UYUCI ninth

UYULEMBI 1. to punish an offense by a fine of nine head of cattle (a Mongolian punishment) 2. to climb to a high place on the ninth day of the ninth month

UYUN nine

UYUN BIYA the ninth month

UYUN DABKŪRI the imperial palace

UYUN EYEN the nine philosophical schools

UYUN GARUDAI MUDANGGA FESIN I SUWAYAN SUJE SARA a yellow parasol of the imperial escort with a crooked handle and nine phoenixes depicted on the cover

UYUN GARUDANGGA TUMIN LAMUN SUJE SARA a blue parasol of the imperial escort with nine phoenixes depicted on it

UYUN HENGKIN nine kowtows (three genuflections with three kowtows per genuflection)

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