A a an interjection of casual response

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in the statutes

TUWARA NIYALMA a fortuneteller

TUWAMCIN circumspect, prudent

TUWAMEHANGGA nice to look at, attractive

TUWAMGIYABUMBI caus. of tuwamgiyambi

TUWAMGIYAMBI to straighten out, to correct (an error), to correct (something one has said)

TUWAMGIYATAMBI to correct, to make straight

TUWANABUMBI caus. of tuwanambi

TUWANAMBI to go and look, to go to visit

TUWANCIHIYABUMBI caus. of tuwancihiyambi

TUWANCIHIYABUN cultivation, rectification

TUWANCIHIYAKŪ 1. corrector 2. supervisor of instruction in the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction 3. rudder, helm

TUWANCIHIYAKŪ BE GIDARA MOO a piece of wood holding the rudder on the stern of a ship

TUWANCIHIYAMBI to straighten, to put in order, to correct, to rectify, to guide a horse

TUWANCIHIYARA YAMUN a subsection of the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction

TUWANCIHIYARA YAMUN DE BAITALAMBI to be promoted to the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction from the Hanlin Academy

TUWANCIHIYAN correction, ordering, putting into order

TUWANCIHIYAN DAILAN a punitive war, a just war against an unrighteous enemy

TUWANCIHIYANGGA rectifying, cultivating

TUWANGGIBUMBI caus. of tuwanggimbi

TUWANGGIMBI to send to look, to send to examine


TUWANGGIYAMBI to inspect, to look over

TUWANJIMBI to come to look, to come to visit

TUWANUMBI to look together, to observe together

TUWARAN Taoist temple

TUWAŠABUMBI caus. of tuwašambi

TUWAŠAMBI 1. to watch, to guard 2.to keep close watch on, to supervise, to take care of, to watch over

TUWAŠARA HAFAN an honorary title of the eighth degree


TUWAŠATABUMBI caus. of tuwašatambi

TUWAŠATAMBI 1. to take care of, to supervise, to look after 2. to look at, to gaze upon

TUWELEBUMBI caus. of tuwelembi

TUWELEMBI to buy at one place and sell in another, to deal in, to trade in, to peddle

TUWELESI peddler, small tradesman

TUWERI winter

TUWERI BE BODORO HAFAN Astronomer for the Winter, BH 229

TUWERI DOSIMBI 1. winter comes 2. one of the twenty-four divisions of the solar year, falling on November seventh or eighth

TUWERI HETUMBI to pass the winter, to spend the winter

TUWERI TEN the winter solstice

TUWERI WECEN the winter ancestral sacrifice

TUWERIKTEN the winter sacrifice to the ancestors

TUWERIMU ILHA the name of a fragrant red flower with long thorny stems and a yellow center

TUWETURI CECIKE another name for the turi cecike

TUYABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of tuyambi

TUYAMBI 1. to bend, to curve, to bow, to make crooked 2. to bend backward (in wrestling)

TUYEBUMBI caus./pass. of tuyembi

TUYEKTE the name of a sour red fruit

TUYEKU drill for making holes in metal

TUYEKU YONGGAN impure ammonia salts

TUYEMBI 1. to drill, to bore, to pierce 2. to make a concentrated attack against one point

TUYEMBUBUMBI caus. of tuyembumbi

TUYEMBUMBI 1. to appear, to be revealed, to be exposed 2. to have one's poverty or difficult circumstances become known at large

TŪBUMBI caus. of tūmbi

TŪKU 1. a wooden mallet 2. a pestle for pounding grain

TŪMBI to hit, to beat, to pound; cf. dumbi

TŪME EFEN a type of steamed millet cake

TSAI FUNG tailor

TSAI ŠEN ENDURI the god of wealth

TSAIDZ festoon of colored thread or paper

TSAIFUNG see tsai Jung

TSANDZAN advisor, consultant

TSANG 1. granary 2. cabin on a boat

TSANJENG councillor to a provincial treasurer, see aliha ha fan

TSANJIYANG Lieutenant Colonel; cf. adaha kadalara da

TSOO BA DALAN dam made of grass

TSU vinegar

TSUI CECIKE kingfisher; cf. ulgiyan cecike

TSUI GASHA see ulgiyari

TSUI ILGA an ornament made of king-fisher feathers

TSUN a Chinese inch; cf. jurhun

U 1. thorn 2. (onom.) noise made by ghosts and demons 3. elder; cf.ungga

U DA elders, the senior generation

U DZO coroner

U SEME wailing, howling

U TUNG MOO Chinese parasol tree (Firmiana simplex)

U U (onom.) the sound of weeping

UBA 1. here, this place 2. this (thing)

UBA ADARAME what is this all about? what is going on here?

UBACI hence, from here

UBADE at this place, here

UBADE AINAMBI what is wrong here?

UBAINGGE that which belongs here, one who is from here


UBALIYAMBI (-ka) 1. to turn over (v.i.) 2. to be inside out 3. to change, to have a change of heart, to turn against, to revolt

UBALIYAME ETUMBI to wear wrong side out

UBALIYAME FAHAMBI to overturn (at wrestling)

UBALIYAMBUBUMBI caus. of ubaliyambumbi

UBALIYAMBUMBI 1. caus. of ubaliyambi 2. to translate 3. to turn over

UBAMBI (-ka) to go bad, to get moldy, to decompose

UBAŠABUMBI caus. of ubašambi

UBAŠAKŪ 1. inconstant, fickle, change-able 2. a type of deep-fried turn-over

UBAŠAMBI 1. to turn over, to turn up (soil) 2. to revolt

UBAŠATAMBI 1. to turn over and over 2. to be devious, to be fickle

UBIHIYA YALI the meat from the cavities of the shoulder bone of an animal

UBISE gallnuts

UBIYABUMBI caus./pass. of ubiyambi

UBIYABURU monster, horrid creature

UBIYACUKA detestable, hateful, disgusting

UBIYACUN disgust, abomination, loathing

UBIYADA detestable, hateful, execrable

UBIYAMBI to detest, to loathe

UBIYOO a type of edible seaweed, agaragar

UBU 1. portion, share, part, responsibility 2. times, -fold

UBU AKŪ hopeless

UBU BANJIBUMBI to apportion duties

UBU GOIBUMBI to divide into portions

UBU SIBIYA portions and shares, shares

UBUI UBU many times more, manifold

UBUNGGE pertaining to portions or shares

UCA tail bone

UCALAMBI to dry meat in the open air

UCALAHA YALI meat dried in the air

UCARABUMBI caus./pass. of ucarambi

UCARABUN the same as ucaran

UCARAMBI to meet, to encounter

UCARAN meeting, encounter

UCE door

UCE BE COBALAME NEIMBI to force a door open

UCIKA 1. waterproof case for a bow 2. the front fin of a fish; cf. fethe

UCIKALAMBI to put a bow in a case

UCILEN Central Asiatic hazel

UCUBUMBI caus. of ucumbi

UCUBUN mixing

UCUDAMBI to keep on mixing, to mix steadily

UCULEBUMBI caus. of uculembi

UCULEMBI 1. to sing 2. to mix

UCULEME HŪLAMBI 'to sing and shout'--said of troops after a victorious battle when one person sings a line and is then joined by

all the troops in chorus

UCULEN 1. song 2. tz'u (-g )--a genre of Chinese poetry 3. see ucilen

UCULENJIMBI to come to sing

UCULESI a singer, a boy singer

UCUMBI to mix, to mix together, to blend

UCUN song, ballad

UCURI 1. time, opportunity 2. see ere ucuri

UCURI NASHŪN opportunity, chance

UDA see uta

UDABUMBI caus. of udambi

UDALA bridle bit

UDAMB I to buy

UDAME ICIHIYARA BA purchasing section of the Board of Banqueting

UDANABUMBI caus. of udanambi

UDANAMBI to go to buy

UDANJIMBI to come to buy

UDANUMBI to buy together, for each one to buy

UDELEMBI to take a midday rest

UDEN rest at midday (especially on a journey)

UDU 1. how many? how much? 2. several 3. although

UDU GORO how far?

UDU JUWAN several tens

UDU URSU several layers

UDUCI what . . . -th? si uduci de bi? 'what rank are you (among your brothers)?' bi jakūci de bi 'I am the eighth.'

UDUDU several, a number of, many


UDUNGGERI how many times

UDURSU several layers

UDUTE how many each

UDUWEN male Tibetan black bear (Euarctos thibetanus); cf. jaira

UFA flour, meal

UFA CAI tea with flour mixed in it

UFA I DA wheat from which the flour has been removed

UFA I ŠUGI gluten of wheat

UFABUMBI caus. of ufambi

UFAMBI to mill flour

UFARABUMBI caus. of ufarambi

UFARACUN loss, failure, error

UFARAKI a slight error

UFARAMBI 1. to err, to make a mistake about something, to fail, to miss, to lose (interest) 2. to perish, to die

UFARAN lack, loss

UFARŠAMBI see ufarambi

UFIBUMBI caus. of ufimbi

UFIHI see ufuhi

UFIMBI to sew; cf. ifimbi

UFIRE TABURE SAIN gifted in sewing

UFUHI part, share, portion

UFUHU lung

UFUHU EFEN small deep-fried pastries made of honey, egg, and flour

UFUHU WEHE a very porous stone found in streams that can be used for dressing sable hides, pumice

UFUHUNEMBI 1. to form a soft, porous core 2. to form a red, porous appearance on the face

UGINGGE COKO one name for the chicken; cf. ikiri coko

UGUNG centipede

UHALA testicles

UHE 1. community, mutuality, generality, unity 2. common, mutual, general, united, uniform, of one kind

UHE DAKŪ common assent, mutual agreement

UHE HOWALIYAN mutual harmony

UHEI united, together, mutual, cooperative

UHEI SARACI subprefect

UHELEMBI 1. to act together, to be together, to act cooperatively 2. to unite, to make general

UHELENJIMBI to come to unite

UHEN younger brother's wife

UHEREME altogether, in toto

UHERI 1. altogether, jointly, in common, in general, taken as a whole 2. chief, main, head 3. general, outline, summary

UHERI BE BAICARA YAMUN the Censorate, BH 206

UHERI BE BAICARA YAMUN I EJEKU (Official of the Censorate Chancery, BH 211

UHERI DA director, superintendent, commandant, controller-general, etc., BH 87A, 97E, 570, etc.

UHERI DA YAMUN office of the director, etc.

UHERI DANGSE ASARARA KUNGGERI the central chancery of the Board of War

UHERI DANGSE BOO archives at the western and eastern imperial tombs

UHERI IKTAMBURE CALU the name of a granary in the city of Mergen in Heilungkiang

UHERI KADALARA AMBAN Governor-General, BH 820

UHERI KADALARA DA Brigade General, BH 751

UHERI KOOLI the assembled statutes of a dynasty

UHERI KOOLI BITHEI KUREN office charged with compilation of the uheri kooli bithe

UHERI KUNGGERI central chancellery

UHERI SARACI a subprefect

UHERI TUKIYEN general name, general designation

UHERI TUSANGGA CALU the name of granaries of the Board of Finance in Mukden and Canton

UHERI TUWAME SIMNERE HAFAN examination proctor

UHERI TUWARA AMBAN Superintendent of the Imperial Equipage Department

UHERILEMBI to unite, to compile, to put together, to do in a general way

UHERILEME EJEHE BITHE the general dynastic geographical gazetteer

UHERILEME EJEHE BITHEI KUREN office charged with the compilation of the above work

UHERITAI altogether, as a whole

UHESU learned, highly educated

UHETE plural of uhen

UHETUN harmony

UHUBUMBI caus. of uhumbi

UHUKEDEMBI to be weak, to be soft

UHUKELIYAN rather weak, soft

UHUKEN 1. soft, weak 2. gentle

UHUKEN TUWABUNGGA HOOŠAN white announcement paper

UHUMBI to wrap, to roll, to roll up

UHUME father's younger brother's wife

UHUMETE plural of uhume

UHUN bundle, package

UHUN BUHELIYEN a bundle made of grass or reeds

UHUN I HŪSUN packer, bundler--a man who puts rice into bundles at a granary

UHUNGGE HOOŠAN wrapping paper

UHUTU a scroll

UHŪBUMBI caus. of uhūmbi

UHŪKŪ a knife used for gouging or scooping--especially the knife used for making holes in bone and horn arrowheads

UHŪLJA wild sheep, argali, Darwin's sheep (Ovis ammon)

UHŪLJI see uhūlja

UHŪMA NIRU the name of an arrow with a head curved on the end like a crescent moon--used for hunting

UHŪMBI to gouge, to scoop out

UHŪYAN a hole that has been gouged out

UI NIMAHA flying fish

UIHE horn; cf. weihe

UIHE HADAMBI to nail on the horn facing of a bow

UIHENGGE horned, having horns

UIHERIN rhinoceros

UIHETON a fabulous piglike beast with one horn on its nose that can walk ten thousand miles in one day and can understand the language of the barbarians

UIHETONGGE KIRU a banner of the imperial escort depicting the figure of a horn

UILE see weile

UILEBUMBI caus. of uilembi

UILEMBI to serve, to wait on, to attend

UILEN service, attendance

UJAN 1. boundary of a field 2. the end point, the end, extremity

UJAN I BOO a building built near the side wings of a large house

UJAN ŠALA odds and ends, patches, remnants, trifles

UJAN YALU paths between cultivated fields

UJEKEN rather heavy

UJELEBUMBI caus./pass. of ujelembi

UJELEMBI 1. to be heavy 2. to act respectfully, to treat respectfully 3. to be serious, to act in a serious manner 4. to act generously 5. to value highly

UJEN 1. heavy 2. serious 3. valuable 4. worthy of respect

UJEN BE ETERE MORIN a horse that can carry heavy loads

UJEN COOHA the Chinese troops of the eight banners

UJEN COOHAI CŪSA a banner general of the Chinese troops

UJEN JINGJI heavy and firm

UJIBUMBI caus./pass. of ujimbi

UJIBURE TACIHIYAN I MUDAN a piece of music played during the wine-drinking ceremony of the Metropolitan Prefecture

UJIMA livestock, domestic animal

UJIMA ERIKU a broom made from old wild broomstraw

UJIMA I HORIGAN a corral for live-stock

UJIMBI (-he) 1. to raise, to nurture, to nourish 2. to give birth to

UJIHE ANA foster father

UJIHE EME foster mother

UJIHE ENIYE the same as ujihe eme

UJIHE JUI foster son

UJIRE EME nurse, wet nurse

UJIRE HAFAN an official title of the Chou dynasty

UJIRE KŪWARAN a shelter or asylum for the destitute

UJIME see ujima

UJIN 1. child of a household slave 2. colt of a family horse

UJIN DAHAN colt born of a family mare

UJINAMBI to go to raise, to go to nourish

UJINDUNBI/UJINUMBI to raise together, to nurture together

UJINGGA NIONGNIYAHA one name for the goose; cf. niongniyaha

UJINGGA NIYEHE one name for the duck

UJIRHI manul, cat of the steppes (Felis manul)

UJU 1. head 2. first 3. the first month of one of the four seasons 4. a large bead at the beginning of a rosary 5. beginning


UJU DE ACAMJAFI BAHAMBI to make it on the first try

UJU DE TEBUMBI to seat in the place of honor

UJU ETERAKŪ without being able to lift the head

UJU GIDAMBI to bow the head

UJU FUSIMBI to get a haircut

UJU JAI first and second

UJU JERGI first class, first rank

UJU JERGI HIYA attendant of the first class

UJU JERGI UNENGGI HEHE the wife of an official of the first rank

UJU LIYELIYEMBI 'the head is dizzy'--to be dizzy

UJU NIMEMBI the head aches, to have a headache

UJU SENCEHE the chin of edible animals

UJU TENGKIBUMBI to let the head hang

UJU TUWANCIHIYAKŪ a rudder at the bow of a boat used for turning the boat around

UJUCI first, from the beginning

UJUDE at the beginning, first

UJUI MUDAN the first time

UJUI UJU first of all, paramount

UJULABUMBI caus. of ujulambi

UJULAMBI to head, to head up, to be in charge, to be head

UJULAHA AMBAN chief minister

UJUNGGA first, leading

UJUNGGA DANGGA leader, headman

UJUNGGA JUI first son

UJUNGGE the first one

UKACAMBI to steal away, to sneak off, to run away together

UKADA a mound with grass growing on it

UKADAMBI to run away

UKAMBI (-ha/ka, -ra/ndara) to flee, to run away, to desert

UKAMBUMBI 1. caus. of ukambi 2. to bury (a coffin)

UKAN CECIKE the name of a small black-headed bird that resembles the sparrow

UKANDUMBI/UKANUMBI to flee together

UKANJU fugitive

UKANJU BE KADALAME JAFARA BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN section of the Board of Punishments concerned with deserters from the banner troops

UKARALAMBI to be in flight

UKATAN one name for the pelican; cf. kūtan

UKCABUMBI caus. of ukcambi

UKCAMBI to come loose, to fall off, to get free, to escape from, to elude

UKDU see ukdun

UKDUN a hole in the earth in which people live

UKDUN BOO a cave dwelling, hole dwelling

UKECI a type of monkey resembling a black dog without a tail

UKI a female otter; cf. hailun

UKIYAKA CECIKE one name for the common snipe; cf. karka cecike

UKIYEBUMBI caus. of ukiyembi

UKIYEMBI to drink gruel or some other thin substance

UKSA unexpectedly, suddenly

UKSA FAKSA totally unexpected

UKSAJAMBI to come loose, to slacken

UKSALABUMBI caus. of uksalambi

UKSALAMBI 1. to come loose, to come apart, to slacken 2. to leave, to depart from 3. to run away from, to escape from 4. to free oneself from

UKSAN see uksa

UKSEN a small woven belt or band

UKSILEBUMBI caus. of uksilembi

UKSILEMBI to put on armor

UKSILENDUMBI/UKSILENUMBI to put on armor together

UKSIN 1. armor 2. a soldier wearing armor

UKSINGGA wearing armor, armored

UKSUN 1. clan, family, kin 2. members of the imperial family descended from Nurgaci

UKSUN BE KADALARA YAMUN the Imperial Clan Court, BH 56

UKSUN I HERGEN the rank or position of a member of the imperial clan

UKSUN I TACIKŪ imperial clan school

UKSUNGGA consisting of many kin, having many relations

UKSURA 1. branch of a clan 2. a people, a tribe

UKTU plaintive, sad

UKTUN quiet, possessing character, able to hold one's temper

UKU 1. a falcon trap made of a net and cage that contains a live bird bait 2. a fish weir, a cage used for

catching fish, a weel

UKUHU Chinese lantern plant (Physalis alkekengi)

UKUHU YOO the same as ukuhe yoo

UKULEBUMBI caus. of ukulembi

UKULEMBI 1. to turn down the brim (or ear flaps) of a hat 2. to surround

UKUMBI 1. to surround, to form around (someone), to form a circle, to crowd around 2. to form the retinue of an official

UKUHE YOO small pustules on a horse's body

UKUNDUMBI to form a circle together, to form around together

UKUNJIMBI 1. to come to form a circle, to come to surround 2. to come with a retinue to pay homage at court 3. to turn toward 4. to surround

UKUNU a surrounding crowd or retinue

UKURI the name of a fine-scaled sea fish that resembles the yabsa

UKŪDA see ukada

ULA 1. a (large) river 2. relay post

ULA KILAHŪN the Yangtze gull

ULA ŠUŠU provisions taken on a trip by relay posts

ULA YALURE ŠUŠU JETERE post mount and provisions

ULABUMBI caus. of ulambi

ULABUN 1. tradition, what is handed down 2. biography

ULACI postrider, relay rider

ULADAMBI to be lame because of a damaged hoof

ULAHŪN another name for the Yangtze gull

ULAMBI to hand down, to pass on, to hand on, to pass to

ULAME BENERE KUNGGERI transmission office of tie Board of War

ULAME SARKIYAHA BITHE a copy of a document issued by a board for distribution outside

ULAMBUMBI caus. of ulambi

ULAN 1. traditional teaching, something handed down 2. ditch, moat 3. furrow, groove, indentation

ULAN HAT fruit of the flowering cherry

ULAN ULAN I 1. by tradition, in unbroken tradition 2. from mouth to mouth, from hand to hand Prunus humilis--a kind of small,

ULAN YOHORON ditches and canals

ULANA red, sour cherry common in Manchuria and Northern China

ULANAMBI to go to pass on to someone

ULANDUMBI to hand down from one person to another, to pass on from one person to another

ULANDUME JUWERE FALGANGGA freight transfer point on a river or canal

ULANDUSI Superintendent of a Military Post, BH 435

ULANDUSI TINGGIN office of a ulandusi

ULANGGA KIRU a banner of the imperial escort with waves of the Yangtze depicted on it

ULBIMBI to jump from branch to branch (of squirrels, sable, etc.)

ULCEN see ulcin

ULCILEMBI to string (cash)

ULCIN string (of cash)

ULDEFUN a large hoe made of wood

ULDEMBI (-ke) to become light, to dawn

ULDEN light, rays (of the sun)

ULDENGGE shining, lit up

ULDENGGE USIHA a bright star of good foreboding

ULDERHEN one name for the lark; cf. wenderhen

ULE orache, atriplex (a plant)

ULE UMIYAHA a long yellowish insect with narrow wings that is used as fish bait

ULEBUBUMBI caus. of ulebumbi

ULEBUMBI 1. caus. of ulembi 2. to feed, to raise (domestic animals) 3. to dip a writing brush in ink, to saturate a brush with ink

ULEBUSI a man who fed animals destined for sacrifice

ULEJEKU collapse, landslide

ULEJEMBI to collapse, to fall down

ULEMBI to sew (a straight seam)

ULEN irrigation ditch, small ditch between fields

ULENGGU 1. navel 2. large bead at the end of a rosary

ULERI see uluri

ULGA see ulha

ULGABUMBI caus. of ulgambi

ULGAKŪ inkwell, well for ink on an inkstone

ULGAMBI to wet, to dampen, to dip in a liquid

ULGAN pliant, flexible (bows that hold the string well)

ULGIMBI see ulhimbi

ULGITUN see ulhitun

ULGIYACI pigskin

ULGIYADA NISIHA the name of a speckled river fish

ULGIYAN 1. swine, pig 2. the twelfth of the earth's branches

ULGIYAN BIYA the tenth month

ULGIYAN CECIKE kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

ULGIYAN MANGGISU one name for the badger; cf. dorgon

ULGIYAN ORHO 'pig grass'--the name of a plant with fine stems, green

leaves, and many branches

ULGIYAN TUMBI to hunt pigs in winter

ULGIYANGGA pertaining to the twelfth cyclical sign, pertaining to the pig

ULGIYANGGA ANIYA the year of the pig

ULGIYARI CECIKE one name for the king-fisher; cf. ulgiyan cecike

ULGŪ see ulhū

ULHA livestock, domestic animal

ULHA TUWAKIYARA NIYALMA someone hired to watch livestock, herdsman

ULHAI OKTOSI veterinarian

ULHAMBI see ulgambi

ULHI sleeve

ULHI ASU a net with sleevelike appendages for catching fish

ULHIBUKŪ in antiquity, an interpreter for the eastern languages

ULHIBUMBI 1. caus. of ulhimbi 2. to explain to, to make clear to

ULHIBUME SELGIYERE BITHE proclamation, announcement

ULHIBURE FUNGNEHEN a letter of appointment for an official position of the fifth rank and above

ULHIBURE HESE the same as ulhibun

ULHIBUN proclamation

ULHICUKE understandable

ULHICUN understanding, insight, knowledge

ULHICUNGGA possessing understanding or insight

ULHILEMBI to put something in the sleeve

ULHIMBI to understand, to comprehend

ULHINGGE understanding, comprehending

ULHINGGE AKŪ lacking in understanding

ULHINJEMBI to begin to understand

ULHISU quick to grasp, sensitive, keen, clever

ULHITUN a protective sleeve, oversleeve

ULHIYEN gradual


ULHU 1. squirrel, ermine 2. ermine pelt

ULHUN 1. dewlap 2. collar of a jacket, fur collar on a court garment 3. mouth of a scabbard 4. border of a quilt 5. foundation of a battlement of a city wall

ULHŪ reed

ULHŪ I HAŠAHAN a reed basket for grain

ULHŪ I HIDA a curtain of reeds

ULHŪMA pheasant--in particular the ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

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