A a an interjection of casual response

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TEKSIN 1. even, equal, straight (not curved), of equal length or height 2. the tamarisk, see suhai moo

TEKSIN JAN a whistling arrow with a bone arrowhead that has a flat point

TEKSIN NIRU an arrow with an arrow-head that has a flat point

TEKSIN YORO an arrow with a bone head that has a flat point

TEKSINGGA in a rank, in a row, in an orderly arrangement

TEKU 1. a seat, a place to sit, a perch, a place where one can settle 2. measure word for a banquet

TEKU UNDEHEN seat in a rowboat

TELAMBI to give way, to collapse suddenly (of the hind leg of livestock)

TELEBUMBI caus./pass. of telembi

TELEJEMBI to be raised, to be embossed

TELEJEME JODOMBI to weave with an embossed or raised design

TELEJEN 1. embossment, raised design, a protuberance 2. a courtyard with walls

TELEMBI to stretch taut, to truss

TELEME WAMBI to kill by trussing

TELEN trussing

TELERI a woman's satin ceremonial garment decorated with a design of standing dragons

TELGIN belt (for trousers)

TELGIYEN see telgin

TELIMBI see teliyembi

TELIYEBUMBI caus./pass. of teliyembi

TELIYEKU a steamer--usually made in tiers from bamboo

TELIYEMBI to steam

TELŠEMBI see delišembi

TEMBI 1. to sit 2. to reside, to live 3. to occupy (a post)

TEHE MUKE standing water, stagnant water

TEHE UIHE BERI a bow made with ibex horn

TEHEI MONJIRŠAMBI to move back and forth while sitting

TERE BA place of residence

TEMCIKU a sampan


TEMEN 1. camel 2. see temun

TEMEN CECIKE bittern, birds of the genus Botaurus

TEMEN GURGU wild camel

TEMEN SELE the peg that holds the two parts of fire tongs together

TEMENE ULME a needle with three edges that is used for sewing leather and other thick or dense materials

TEMENEMBI to get insects or worms (grain or leaves), to become insect-infested

TEMERI camel-colored, tan, brown

TEMGETU 1. sign, signal, mark, brand, badge, stamp, emblem 2. (personal) seal, a seal used by low ranking provincial officials and clerks, BH 984 3. evidence, proof, verification 4. certificate, receipt, written verification 5. license, permit, manifest

TEMGETU ARAMBI to sign one's signature, to affix one's seal

TEMGETU BITHE license, certificate, receipt, contract, manifest

TEMGETU BITHE ICIHIYARA BA office of the certificate in the Imperial Academy of Learning

TEMGETU EJEHE DANGSE a book in which the receipt of documents already acted on by the emperor was recorded

TEMGETU ETUKU a jacket with the emblem of a military unit on it

TEMGETU MAHALA a hat with the emblem of a military unit on it

TEMGETU NIRU a signal arrow (used by a commander)

TEMGETU ŠUSIHE a written order given to a subordinate by a superior

TEMGETU TUNA ŠANGGIYaKŪ signal fire, beacon

TEMGETU WEHE monument, memorial tablet

TEMGETULEBUMBI caus./pass. of temgetulembi

TEMGETULEMBI 1. to signal, to make a sign 2. to confer a mark of distinction on

TEMGETUN pennon, pennant


TEMGETUNGGE 1. exhibiting a sign, mark or emblem 2. distinguished, outstanding

TEMIMBI to treat with consideration, to treat indulgently, to consider another's reputation out of affection

TEMNEMBI see temenembi

TEMPIN a flower vase

TEMŠEBUMBI caus. of temšembi

TEMŠEKU opponent, competitor

TEMŠEMBI to compete, to vie, to contend, to quarrel

TEMŠEN contention, strife

TEMŠENDUMBI/TEMŠENUMBI to vie with one another, to quarrel with one another

TEMUHEN a rod around which pictures or scrolls of calligraphy are wrapped, a spool

TEMUN axle

TEMUN I SIBIYA a peg on the axle to keep the wheels from slipping

TEMURTU KARA an iron-colored horse

TEN 1. foundation, base 2. extreme point, highest point, peak, extreme end 3. litter, sedan chair (carried by men, camel, horse, or mule) 4. small horizontal dragons woven into dragon satin 5. exalted, lofty, noble

TEN GAIMBI to speak factually, to require the facts

TEN I ŠANYAN USIHA the planet Venus

TEN I TONDO TANGGIN the name of a hall in the examination compound

TEN I WECEN the suburban sacrifice--made to heaven at the winter solstice and to earth at the summer solstice

TENAKŪ see tengneku

TENEMBI 1. to go to sit 2. to go to reside

TENG SEME hard, firm, fast, solid, resolute

TENG TANG SEME 1. equally matched 2. straightforward

TENGGELJEKU marshy ground (which vibrates when one stands on it)

TENGGELJEMBI to vibrate, to shake (of earth that is dry on top but still wet underneath)

TENGGERI a three-stringed lute

TENGGIN lake, inland sea

TENGKI TANGKI stumbling along; cf. tungki tangki

TENGKIBUMBI caus./pass. of tengkimbi

TENGKICUKE solid, real, certain

TENGKIMBI to throw down

TENGKIME clearly, really, solidly

TENGKIME SAMBI to know clearly

TENGNEBUMBI to make equal, to equalize

TENGNEKU a sedan chair carried by two men that was used for traveling in mountains

TENGNEMBI 1. to weigh, to balance 2.to jump from one horse to another

TENGPAI 1. a rattan shield 2. a soldier outfitted with a rattan shield

TENGSE 1. rattan 2. vine

TENGSE I SIRGE 1. creepers of a vine, branches of a vine 2. strands of rattan

TENGTEMBI to step on stones (in a stream)

TENGTEME YABUMBI to go across a stream by stepping on stones

TENI just, then and only then, not until, for the first time

TENI JUSE mere children, small children

TENIKEN just, for the first time, only then

TENIKEN JUSE small children

TENJIMBI 1. to come to sit 2. to come to reside 3. to come to occupy a post

TENJU 1. the imperative of tenjimbi 2. keel of a ship

TENTEKE like that, that kind, such a, the one in question

TENTEKENGGE one like that, such a one as that

TENUMBI to sit together

TEO TO mendicant monk

TEODEBUMBI caus. of teodembi

TEODEMBI to trade, to exchange, to barter, to transfer

TEODENJEMBI 1. to trade with one another 2. to move, to transfer

TEODENJEME BOŠORO NIRU a banner captain transferred from one company to another

TER SEME in good order, even, splendidly arrayed (of an army or hunting party)

TER TAR SEME the same as ter seme

TERBUN billion

TERE 1. that 2. he, she, it 3. (post-position) a certain

TERE ANGGALA moreover, all the more

TERE DADE the same as tare anggala

TERE ONGGOLO before that, before-hand

TEREI AMALA after that, subsequently

TEREI BAILI DE thanks to him, due to him

TEREI DADE moreover, in addition

TERECI 1. after that, then 2. than that, from that, than him

TEREINGGE his, hers, its

TERENI thereby, thus, with that

TERESE plural of tare; cf. tese

TERGECI driver, coachman

TERGIMBI to insert an arrowshaft snugly into the iron base of the arrowhead

TERIN TARIN staggering

TERKEN see erken terken

TERKI see terkin

TERKIMBI to jump high, to jump over, to jump across

TERKIN 1. steps, staircase 2. steps (and terrace) before a palace building or before a yamen

TERKIN I JERGI steps, staircase

TERKIN I JERGI WESIMBI to ascend steps, to ascend step by step

TERSE LORIN a mule purportedly born from a cow

TERSE see tese

TERTEN TARTAN shivering, trembling (from an illness)

TERU 1. base of the colon, rectum 2. pivot pin on a spindle

TERU YOO hemorrhoids

TES (onom.) the sound of rope, thread, or a leather thong breaking under stress

TESE plural of tere: those, they


TESEREMBI see deserembi

TESU original, local

TESU BA local area, indigenous place, native place

TESU BA I COOHA indigenous troops, native troops

TESU BA I EJELETU local chief, local ruler

TESU BA I IRGEN local people, native people

TESU BA I JAKA local products

TESU BA I NIYALMA local person

TESU BA I NIYALMAI USIN native owned land

TESU BACI TUCIRE JAKA products produced locally

TESUBUMBI caus. of tesumbi

TESUMBI to be enough, to suffice

TESUN sufficient, satisfactory

TETE TATA unsettled, unstable, flighty

TETEKEN rather unsettled, unstable

TETELE up till now

TETEN frivolous, unstable

TETENDERE (after conditional converb) since, provided that, assuming that, in case that

TETUN 1. tool, implement 2. vessel, container, dishes 3. coffin

TETUN AGŪRA implements, tools, vessels


and smelting

TETUN DOOLAMBI to divide the things brought by a new daughter-in-law among the relatives

TETUN JAKA I CALU storehouse for household implements in the imperial household

TETUN ŠUŠEMBI the same as tetun doolambi

TETUŠEMBI 1. to use as a tool 2. to employ a person in a position for which he is fitted

TEYEBUMBI caus. of teyembi

TEYEHUN 1. relaxation, rest, leisure 2. at ease

TEYEMBI to be at ease, to relax, to rest

TEYEMBUMBI see teyebumbi

TEYEN rest, pause, relaxation

TEYEN AKŪ without rest, ceaselessly

TEYENDERAKŪ without resting, without pausing

TEYENDUMBI/TEYENUMBI to rest together, to relax together

TEYENEMBI to go to rest, to go to relax

TEYENJIMBI to come to rest, to come to relax

TIDU see fideme kadalara amban

TILDARGAN one name for the kestrel; cf. baldargan.

TILHŪTAN one name for the pelican; cf. kūtan

TIMU topic, theme

TING 1. pavilion 2. office, bureau; cf. tinggin

TINGDZ pavilion; cf. tingse

TINGGIN 1. office, bureau, section 2. hall

TINGGIN I KUNGGERI BOO a section of the yamen of the Provincial Commander-in-Chief

TINGGU CECIKE a small black bird with white spots on the back and wings

TINGGURI CECIKE one name for the goat-sucker; cf. simari cecike

TINGSE pavilion

TITANG Superintendent of Military Posts, BH 435


TIYAN JU TANG MIYOO a Catholic or Orthodox church

TIYELIN a short, sharp-pointed arrow used for bird hunting

TIYOO cicada; see biyangsikū

TO 1. a span, the distance between the outstretched thumb and the middle finger 2. a grain measure made from willow branches that equals five dry quarts 3. the last bead on rosaries and strings of cash 4. alligator

TO GI ostrich

TOB straight, upright, serious, right, just

TOB DULIMBA the very middle, right in the middle

TOB SEMBI to be serious, to be earnest

TOB SEME just, exactly, is just so

TOB SERE NIYALMa a serious, upright man

TOB TAB honest, forthright

TOBCILAMBI to knot, to knit together, to plait; cf. gokjimbi

TOBCONGGO MOO a miraculous tree that grew on the grave of Chou Kung--the colors of the leaves corresponded to the different seasons, green in spring, red in summer, white in autumn, and black in winter


TOBGIYA DaLIKŪ knee guard, protective covering for the knee


TOBGIYA MURIMBI to fell an opponent in wrestling by twisting the knee

TOBGIYALAMBI to press together with the knees

TOBO a simple hut made from willow branches or other like material

TOBOO see tobo

TOBTELEMBI to cut off the knees--a punishment of antiquity

TOBTOKO a horse spotted like a panther

TOBTOKO YANGGALI a speckled water wagtail

TODAI see todo

TODO bustard

TODOLO omen, portent

TODOLOMBI to be a good omen, to portend well

TOFOHOCI fifteenth

TOFOHON fifteen

TOFOHONGGERI fifteen times

TOFOHOTO fifteen each

TOFOROME around the fifteenth of the month

TOGIYA a piece of a broken wooden object

TOHIN a pointed peg stuck in the crossboard on the back of a wagon to which ropes holding down the load were attached

TOHIŠAMBI to beg obtrusively

TOHO a half-grown moose

TOHOBUMBI caus. of tohombi

TOHOLI see toholiyo

TOHOLIYO small flat cakes made in the shape of cash


TOHOLON HOOŠAN paper pasted to a very thin sheet of tin, tinfoil

TOHOLON MUKE quicksilver

TOHOMA a leather covering that hangs down on both sides of the saddle for

the protection of the rider's legs

TOHOMA I DALDAKŪ a leather border on the tohoma at the place where the stirrups rub against it

TOHOMBI 1. to weave rope from bamboo or reed splints 2. to attach the rope to a net 3. to saddle (a horse) 4. to hitch up (a wagon)

TOHOME see tohoma

TOHOMIMBI to button, to button up

TOHON a (Chinese-style) button

TOHON I FESIN eye for a Chinese-style button

TOHON I SENCIKU loop for a button

TOHORO wagon wheel

TOHORO DUHA the small intestine of a pig

TOHOROKŪ a stone roller used for leveling cultivated earth

TOHOROMBI (-ko) to calm down, to set one's mind at ease

TOHOROMBUMBI 1. caus. of tohorombi 2. to calm down, to put at ease 3. to pacify, to comfort

TOILOKOŠOMBI to gaze around indecisively

TOITON 1. one name for the cuckoo; cf. kekuhe 2. a crafty personp-so-called because, like the cuckoo, he is hard to catch

TOITONGGO crafty, wily

TOJIN peafowl, peacock; cf. kundujin

TOJIN FUNGGAHA KIRU a light blue banner of the imperial escort with the figures of peacock feathers embroidered on it

TOJIN FUNGGAHA SARACAN a tiered parasol with figures of peacock feathers embroidered on it

TOJIN GASHA see tojin

TOJIN I FUNGGALA peacock feather

TOJIN I FUNGGALA HADAMBI to stick a peacock feather in a hat

TOJIN KIRU a banner of the imperial escort embroidered with a figure of a peacock

TOJINGGA ŠUN DALIKŪ a large round fan of the imperial escort made of silk in the form of peacock tail feathers

TOK (onom.) the sound of striking a hollow wooden object

TOK TOK (onom.) the sound of repeatedly striking a hollow wooden object

TOKAI the flat side of a gacuha; cf. taba

TOKDON constellation

TOKDONGGO pertaining to a constellation

TOKOBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of tokombi 2. to have a sharp pain in the belly

TOKOMBI to stab, to stick

TOKOŠOKŪ an implement for pricking or stabbing

TOKOŠOMBI to prick, to stab continually

TOKSIBUMBI caus. of toksimbi

TOKSIKŪ 1. a small hammer 2. a hollow wooden fish beaten by Buddhist monks

TOKSIMBI to knock, to strike, to beat

TOKSIN a wooden percussion instrument made in the shape of a square peck measure

TOKSITU a 'wooden fish'--a hollow wooden fish that is struck rhythmically during Buddhist ceremonies

TOKSO village

TOKSO BE KADALARA BA office of village administration in the Board of Finance in Mukden

TOKSO TULI village

TOKSOI BOŠOKŪ village chief, one in charge in a village

TOKSOROME toward the village, to the village

TOKSOROME GENEMBI to go to the village

TOKTO see tokton

TOKTOBA ILHA balloonflower (Platycodon grandiflorum)

TOKTOBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of toktombi 2. to fix, to solidify, to make sure 3. to inlay 4. to pacify, to put down (a revolt), to bring under control

TOKTOBURE GISUN oral agreement

TOKTOFI (perfect converb of toktombi) certainly, surely, without fail

TOKTOHON determination, certainty, fixedness

TOKTOHON AKŪ uncertain, without certainty, undependable

TOKTOMBI to fix, to settle, to determine, to decide

TOKTOHO GISUN phrase, proverb

TOKTOHO KOOLI an established rule

TOKTON resolution, determination

TOKTONOMBI 1. to go to fix 2. to get backed up (of water)

TOKTOSI broker, middleman, agent

TOLBOTU a gray horse with circular markings on its side

TOLDOHON hilt (of a sword)

TOLGIMBI (-ka) to dream

TOLGIMBUMBI 1. caus. of tolgimbi 2. to appear in a dream

TOLGIN dream

TOLGIŠAMBI to dream about crazy things, to have wild dreams

TOLHIMBI see tolgimbi

TOLHOLOMBI to cover with birchbark

TOLHON birchbark

TOLHON I FICAKŪ a deer lure (a type of whistle) made of birchbark

TOLHON WEIHU a birchbark canoe

TOLI 1. a small mirror used by shamans 2. a belt for holding up the trousers used by children

TOLOBUMBI caus. of tolombi

TOLOMBI 1. to count 2. to light a torch

TOLON torch

TOLON TOLOMBI to light a torch

TOLTOHON see toldohon

TOMBI see toombi

TOME (postposition) every, each

TOMGIYAMBI see tuwamgiyambi

TOMHIYAN see tuwancihiyan

TOMIKA CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. jirha cecike

TOMILABUMBI caus./pass. of tomilambi

TOMILAMBI to dispatch, to delegate, to assign, to appoint, to give a commission to

TOMILAME SONJOMBI to select by roll call

TOMILAME TUCIBUMBI to send out on a commission, to assign

TOMILANDUMBI to dispatch together

TOMOBUMBI caus. of tomombi

TOMOHONGGO constant, persevering, determined

TOMOMBI 1. to nest 2. to rest, to stand still

TOMON 1. nesting, resting 2. grave

TOMON I BA a burial vault


TOMONJIMBI 1. to come to nest 2. to come to rest

TOMOO frame used for weaving nets

TOMORHAN hood for a falcon

TOMORHON clear, lucid

TOMORO a rather large bowl

TOMOROHON see tomorhon

TOMORON a bronze sacrificial vessel used for holding soups

TOMORTAI right in the bull's-eye, right on the mark

TOMOTU LORIN offspring of a donkey and a cow

TOMSOBUMBI caus. of tomsombi

TOMSOMBI 1. to pick up (something dropped), to collect, to gather up, to recover 2. to collect the remains of a cremated corpse on the third or fifth day after the cremation

TOMSOME YALUMBI to remount after a horse has reared

TON 1. number 2. counting, reckoning 3. fate 4. one of the twenty-four divisions of the solar year

TON ARAMBI to fill out the number, to make up the number, to meet a quota, to fulfill a duty

TON I KEMUN a weight

TON I SUCUNGGA INENGGI the first day of one of the twenty solar divisions of the year

TONDO straight, upright, loyal, fair, public

TONDO AKDUN loyalty and trust

TONDO AMBAN 1. a loyal subject 2. a loyal minister

TONDOI HŪDAŠAMBI to do business fairly

TONDOKON 1. rather straight 2. rather loyal, upright

TONDOKON NIYALMA an upright man

TONDOLOMBI to go straight

TONDONGGE upright, honest, loyal

TONG SEME hard, tough

TONG TONG (onom.) the sound of a shaman's drum

TONGGA limited, rare, few

TONGGALU ILHA the common day lily--a plant that deer like to eat

TONGGIME clearly and in detail, in toto

TONGGIME ALAMBI to relate clearly and in detail

TONGGO thread, string

TONGGO BOSO calico, chintz

TONGGO MIDAHA a long thin cricket

TONGGO SUJE satin woven from yarn

TONGGO SURI silk woven from yarn

TONGGO TABUMBI to hang yarn

TONGGOLIBUMBI caus. of tonggolimbi

TONGGOLIKŪ somersault

TONGGOLIMBI to turn a somersault


TONGKI dot, point

TONGKI FUKA dots and circles (of the Manchu alphabet)

TONGKI FUKA AKŪ HERGEN the old Manchu script (before 1641) that lacked dots and circles

TONGKI GIDAMBI to place dots

TONGKIMBI 1. to make a dot, to write a dot 2. to box on the ear

TONGKIN a gong used when opening and closing the city gates

TONGKIŠAKŪ a type of small cymbal

TONGKIŠAMBI 1. to beat a small cymbal 2. to give repeated blows to the head, to box the ears repeatedly

TONGSIMBI 1. to chirp, to cry (of the cuckoo) 2. to recite incantations

TONGSIRAMBI to tell a story

TONIKŪ chessboard

TONIO go, encirclement chess


TONJIMBI to chase fish in a certain direction by beating the water

TONJU see tono jinggeri

TONO 1. knob, barb, round head 2. barbs on a garma arrow 3. knob on the top of a tent

TONO JINGGERI knoblike decorations on the top of palace buildings and on city gates

TONTU a fabulous goatlike beast with only one horn that is said to attack the unjust party to a quarrel

TONTU MAHATUN an ancient-style hat

TOO a hand drum

TOOBUMBI caus./pass. of toombi

TOODABUMBI caus. of toodambi

TOODAMBI to return (a debt or loan), to repay, to recompense

TOODANJIMBI to bring back, to return to the owner

TOODZ pad, support

TOOHAN small metal ornaments attached to both sides of the belt

TOOHANJAMBI to vacillate, to be hesitant, to be slow in deciding

TOOKABUMBI 1. caus. of tookambi 2. to postpone, to delay, to waste (someone's time) 3. to drive away, to banish (sadness, melancholy) 4. to miss, to neglect 5. to leave a place

TOOKAMBI to procrastinate, to delay, to postpone, to waste (time)

TOOKAN AKŪ 1. without procrastination 2. unrestrained

TOOKANJAMBI to procrastinate, to drag out, to delay, to be delayed

TOOMBI to scold, to rail at, to abuse, to curse

TOOME see tome

TOONUMBI to quarrel, to abuse one another

TOOSE 1. weight (for a balance) 2. power, authority, right 3. spindle

TOOSE AKŪ lacking authority, without power

TOOSELAMBI 1. to weight on a balance 2. to wind on a spindle 3. to exercise authority, to exercise one's power 4. to ponder, to discuss

TOOSENGGE powerful, mighty

TOR SEME winding, whirling, spinning


TORGIKŪ TUNGKEN a drum, narrow at the top and bottom, which is beaten on horseback

TORGIMBI 1. to spin, to circle 2. to write a circle of the Manchu script, to make a circle

TORHIKŪ MAHALA a hat with a straight fur-trimmed brim

TORHO CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. jirha cecike

TORHO MOO a long pole at both ends of a dragnet used for fishing in a river

TORHOMBI to turn, to circle, to revolve, to rotate, to spin

TORHOME in a circle, around

TORHON one name for the woodpecker; cf. fiyorhon

TORHONOMBI to form circles, to form rings

TORIBUMBI to wander, to roam, to have no fixed abode

TORIBUHANGGE 'wanderer, one without a fixed home' a bad name applied to women who have had more than one husband, or a slave who has served more than one master

TORIMBI to wander, to roam

TORO peach

TORO EFEN peach cake--a symbol of longevity

TORO MOO peach tree

TOROCI the name of a sour peachlike fruit from Anhui that is eaten salted

TOROMBI (-ko) to calm down, to settle down, to put one's mind at ease

TOROMBUMBI 1. caus. of torombi 2. to put at ease, to comfort, to console

TORON 1. flying dust, a dust storm 2. footprint, trail 3. trace (evidence of a former illness)

TOS SEME (onom.) the sound made by an arrow or other like implement piercing some object cleanly

TOS SEME TUCIKE came right through (an arrow)

TOSE see toose

TOSI white spot on the forehead of an animal

TOSINGGA having a white spot on the forehead

TOSOBUMBI caus. of tosombi

TOSOMBI 1. to guard against, to prepare for in advance 2. to intercept, to cut off, to ambush on the way, to lie in wait for

TOTAN one name for the pelican; cf. kūtan

TOTOROMBI to be mischievous, to fool around


TOYON BAHA hit the target, aim was accurate

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