A a an interjection of casual response

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SAKŪRA a three-legged wooden support for hanging a pot over a fire

SALA MOO a large Indian tree--Shorea robusta

SALABA pineapple

SALABUMBI caus. of salambi

SALAMBI to distribute, to pass out

SALAMBUMBI see salabumbi

SALANAMBI to go to distribute

SALANDUMBI/SALANUMBI to distribute together

SALANJIMBI to come to distribute

SALGABUHANGGE that which was ordained by heaven, that which was preordained

SALGABUMBI to be fixed by fate, to be preordained, to be ordained by heaven

SALGABUHA ABKAI BANIN nature, inborn quality

SALGABUHA BABI it is fixed by fate

SALGABUN fate, decree of heaven, providence


SALGATU HOOHAN one of the names of the heron; cf. hoohan

SALHŪ 1. a piece of iron fastened to the end of the plow, the plowshare 2. the wooden frame of a comb on a loom

SALHŪMA pheasant of the north

SALIBUMBI 1. caus. of salimbi 2. to set the price, to estimate a price 3. to discount 4. to reduce the number of strokes in flogging, to commute


SALIGAN 1. autonomy, independence, sense of responsibility 2. estimate, calculation 3. in small quantity, meagerly, judiciously 4. control over the senses

SALIGAN AKŪ lacking a sense of responsibility, lacking initiative

SALIGAN I BA estate of a noble in ancient times

SALIGAN I BUMBI to give in small quantity, to give scarcely any

SALIMBAHARAKŪ not able to undertake responsibility, unable to show initiative

SALIMBI 1. to be worth, to be valued at 2. to undertake, to take the responsibility oneself, to do by oneself, to monopolize 3. to inherit

SALIRAKŪ you're welcome (response to being thanked for a favor or gift)

SALINGGA assertive (person), prone to usurp authority, self-reliant

SALIYAHAN just enough, just barely enough

SALIYAN the same as saliyahan

SALJA a fork in a road

SALJA JUGŪN a forking road

SALMANDARA salamander

SALU beard, whiskers

SALU FUSIMBI to shave (one's whiskers)

SALUNGGA bearded

SAMA see saman

SAHADAMBI to perform shamanistic rites

SAMADI meditation

SAMADI BOO meditation room

SAMADI DE TOKTOMBI to remain fixed in meditation, to meditate

SAMADI HŪWA monastery, meditation hall

SAMADI TEMBI to sit in meditation, to meditate

SAMADI TERE BOO hall of meditation (in a monastery)

SAMAN shaman

SAMAN CECIKE North China crested lark (Galerida cristata); cf. wenderhen

SAMAN HEHE shamaness

SAMANGGA NIYALMA shaman, one who practices shamanism

SAMARA a large wooden bowl

SAMARABUMBI caus. of samarambi

SAMARAMBI to mix tea or soup by repeatedly ladling out a quantity with a spoon and pouring it back

SAMARAN the name of an ancient sacrificial vessel

SAMAŠAMBI to perform a shamanistic rite

SAMBARŠAMBI see sambiršambi

SAMBI (1) to know, to understand

SAMBI (2) (-ngka) 1. to stretch, to extend 2. to milk 3. to be distant, to be far away

SAMBIRŠAMBI to stretch, to stick out, to extend

SAMDAMBI to perform a shamanistic rite; cf. samadambi, samašambi

SAMDAME TARIMBI to plant another type of seed between the furrows of a field

SAMNA mole or birthmark on the face or body

SAMINA one ten-sextillion

SAMPA shrimp, prawn

SAMSIBUMBI caus. of samsimbi

SAMSIMBI to disperse, to scatter, to adjourn

SAMSU a type of fine blue linen

SAMSULABUMBI caus. of samsulambi

SAMSULAMBI to engrave designs on metal

SAMURI one sextillion

SANAT senate (from French)

SANCA Jew's ear, wood-ear, the edible fungus Auricularia auricula-judge

SANCIHA 1. nose ring or hook for cows and camels 2. an iron wire fastening_device on a bird trap

SANDAHŪN distant from, separated from

SANDALABUMBI 1. caus. of sandalambi 2. to lie in between, to be separated from, to be distant from

SANDALABUHA SIDEN the interval in between

SANDALAMBI 1. to have the legs spread apart (when sitting or standing) 2. to be apart, to have a space in between

SANDARŠAMBI to walk with the legs spread

SANDUMBI/SANUMBI to know one another, to know together

SANGGA hole, opening

SANGGA TŪMBI to knock a hole in

SANGGATA having holes or openings

SANGGATANAMBI to form holes or openings

SANGGATANGGA having holes, riddled with holes

SANGGUHE one name for the myna

SANGGUJI jellyfish

SANGGŪ right, just right, just as one wished

SANGGŪŠABUMBI caus./pass. of sanggūšambi

SANGGŪŠAMBI to be pleased, to have matters turn out according to one's wishes

SANGKA (perfect participle of sambi [2]) distant, distantly related

SANGKA AHŪN DEO great-grandfather's brother

SANGKANGGA JALAHI JUI son of a second or third cousin

SANGKANGGE very distant

SANGSARABUMBI caus. of sangsarambi

SANGSARAMBI (-ka) to fall into disrepair, to fall into ruins

SANGSE 1. a finger wringer (a type of torture instrument) 2. manacles


SANGSELABUMBI caus. of sangselambi

SANGSELAMBI 1. to press the fingers (as a punishment) 2. to manacle

SANIYABUMBI caus. of saniyambi

SANIYAMBI 1. to stretch out, to extend, to stretch 2. to give an extension, to extend a deadline

SANIYAN extension, stretching out

SANIYANGGA extensive

SANIYASHŪN somewhat extended

SAR SAR (onom.) the sound of grasshoppers flying

SAR SAR SEME (onom.) 1. the sound of insects chirping 2. the sound of leaves falling 3. the sound of washing rice 4. without delay

SAR SEME 1. pouring out (tears) 2. without delay, quickly 3. (onom.) the sound of washing

SAR SIR (onom.) the sound of leaves falling

SAR SIR SEME 1. (onom.) the sound of washing rice 2. without delay

SARA 1. umbrella, parasol 2. general term for the seven iron pieces fixed to a quiver and bow case

SARA BELHERE BA the imperial umbrella chamber where the ceremonial parasols and umbrellas were kept

SARABUMBI caus. of sarambi

SARACA mountain barberry

SARACI magistrate; cf. hiyan i saraci

SARAHŪN loosely woven, elastic

SARAMBI 1. to open (out), to unfold, to expand, to rub smooth 2. to fan, to winnow

SARASU knowledge

SARAŠAMBI to go on an excursion, to go strolling, to go on an outing, to take pleasure in viewing scenery

SARAŠAN excursion, outing, pleasure in viewing scenery

SARAŠANJIMBI to come on an excursion

SARATAI KEIRE a sorrel with a white crescent-shaped spot on the forehead

SARBA a shuttle used for weaving nets; cf. sarfu

SARBACAN 1. visor on a helmet 2. a veil attached to the brim of a woman's summer hat

SARBAHŪN 1. lying spread-eagled on the back 2. sparse, scraggly

SARBAŠAMBI 1. to rock back and forth, to writhe, to struggle 2. to become agitated when some matter cannot be settled

SARBATALA writhing, struggling

SARCA GUWEJIHE the third stomach of ruminants

SARCAN see sarca

SARFU a shuttle used in net weaving

SARGA NIMAHA Siberian salmon

SARGAJI CECIKE one name for the tit-mouse; cf. jirha cecike

SARGAMBI see sarašambi

SARGAN wife, woman, female


SARGAN GAIMBI to get married (of men)

SARGAN JUI girl, daughter

SARGAN JUI BUMBI to give a daughter in marriage

SARGAN JUSE girls, daughters

SARGANJI NIMAHA the name of a river fish with a long mouth--white fish

SARGAŠAMBI the same as sarašambi

SARGATA plural of sargan

SARGIYA groin, pubic region, crotch

SARGIYAKAN rather sparse, rather wide-meshed

SARGIYALAKŪ ASU a wide-meshed fish net thrown by hand

SARGIYAN sparse, wide-meshed

SARHŪ a rack or shelf for dishes

SARHŪN MOO the name of a tree with sparse fine branches that grew on the grave of Confucius

SARILABUMBI caus. of sarilambi

SARILAMBI to feast, to hold a banquet

SARIN 1. feast, banquet 2. skin from the hind section of a horse, mule, or donkey from which boots are made


SARIN BE DAGILARA YAMUN Court of Banqueting, BH 376B, 934

SARIN DAGILAMBI to hold a banquet, to throw a feast

SARIN GŪLHA boots made from the skin from the hind part of a quadruped

SARINGGIYAMBI to pour hot and cold tea together

SARKI see sarkiyan

SARKI SALIBURAKŪ to do upon one's own initiative, not to take others into account (in handling some matter)

SARKIYABUMBI caus. of sarkiyambi

SARKIYAMBI 1. to copy, to make a clean copy 2. to thin (out), to sort out, to strip off


SARKIYAME ARAMBI to copy over, to make a clean copy of

SARKIYAME ARARA BA office for copying

SARKIYAME ARARA FALGANGGA office where examination papers were recopied before being read by the examiners

SARKIYAME ARARA HAFAN an official charged with copying examination papers


SARKIYAN copy, clean copy

SARKIYAN SALIBURAKŪ the same as sarki saliburakū

SARKIYANGGA BITHE copies of imperial edicts kept in the archives of the six ministries

SARKIYANUMBI 1. to thin out together 2, to copy together

SARKŪ don't know, doesn't know--contraction of sara akū.

SARLA a gray-colored horse

SARNI BOIHON yellow earth, ochre

SARPA grasshopper

SARPAHŪN dragonfly

SARSEN DOLI the overripe meat in a melon that has a rough, sandlike texture

SARŠAMBI see sarašambi

SARTA MORO large wooden or pottery bowl

SARTABUMBI 1. caus. of sartambi 2. to put at ease, to comfort, to calm (someone) down 3. to take up (a person's time), to procrastinate, to postpone, to put off

SARTABUN 1. postponement, delay 2. comfort

SARTACUN delay, postponement

SARTAMBI 1. to delay, to postpone, to put off 2. to act at one's leisure, to be free and easy, to idle

SARTASHŪN slow, delayed, postponed

SARU see abka saru

SASA together

SASAMBI 1. to shuffle (mah-jongg tiles or cards) 2. to grow up (of children)

SASARI together

SASE a pastry eaten in summer--made from buckwheat flour, honey, and sesame

SASUKŪ mah-jongg tiles, cards

SASULIN CECIKE one name for theoriole; cf. gūlin cecike

SASUMBI the same as sasambi

SASURI mah-jongg tiles

SATA pine needles

SATANGGA COKO hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia)

SATI male of the large black bear; cf. nasin

SAYA a very small cooking pot; cf.


SE 1. year (of age), age 2. raw silk, unprocessed silk 3. the juncture of the stem and root on the ginseng plant 4. horse's teeth 5. plural suffix

SE ASIGAN young, youthful

SE BAHA aged

SE BARU OMBI to become old

SE BE BODOME according to age

SE CIKSIN mature, grown-up

SE DE GOCIMBUMBI to grow decrepit

SE DE OMBI to age, to get old

SE ELEN TELEN AKŪ of almost the same age

SE I BARU OMBI the same as se bar:: ombi

SE I ONGGOLO SAKDAKABI became old before his time

SE JEKE became old, old (of horses)

SE KOMSO young

SE MULAN BAHA became old


SE SELAHA content, pleased, happy

SE SIRGE raw silk, unprocessed silk

SE TUCIKE is above age, superannuated

SEB SAB dripping, in scattered drops

SEB SAB AGAMBI to rain in scattered drops

SEBCELEMBI to taste, to try (food)

SEBDEMBI (-ke) to rust


SEBDENEMBI (-ke) the same as sebdembi


SEBDERI BA shady place, shade

SEBDERI EYE an ice hole used for cold storage

SEBDERIBUMBI to rest in the shade

SEBDERILEBUMBI caus. of sebderilembi

SEBDERILEMBI to take advantage of the shade, to rest in the shade

SEBE the plural suffix se and the accusative particle be

SEBE SABA AGAMBI to rain in scattered drops

SEBEDERI see seberi

SEBERI a horse or mule with white hoofs


SEBIMBI to recover, to come around, to feel refreshed after being tired; cf. sebkimbi

SEBJELEBUMBI caus. of sebjelembi

SEBJELEMBI to rejoice, to be glad


SEBJEN joy, gladness

SEBJENGGE joyful, glad

SEBJENGGE BAIBULA one name for the paradise flycatcher; cf. baibula

SEBJENGGE ILHA the name of an exotic purple flower that blooms for long periods without withering

SEBJENGGE YENGGUHE another name for the 'phoenix parrot'--garudangga yengguhe

SEBKE SAKA just, just now

SEBKELEMBI to eat at intervals, to eat between meals

SEBKEMBI to spring (of tigers, wildcats, and leopards)

SEBKEN the same as sebke saka

SEBKESAKA the same as sebke saka

SEBKIMBI to recover, to be refreshed after being fatigued, to regain one's strength

SEBSEHE grasshopper

SEBSEHENEMBI to become infested, to have locusts


SEBSIBUMBI caus. of sebsimbi

SEBSIHIYEN affable, pleasant

SEBSIMBI to shake someone who has passed out

SEBSINGGE affable, pleasant, friendly

SEBTEMBI see sektembi

SECEN part in the hair

SECIBUMBI caus. of secimbi

SECIMBI 1. to cut off, to cut away 2. to make furrows in a field

SECINDUMBI/SECINUMBI 1. to cut off together 2. to make furrows together

SECIREMBI to stab wildly, to cut at

SECU a type of sturgeon

SEDEHENGGE one who has been killed-- an oath

SEDEHERI clever, bright child

SEDEMBI to kill

SEDU bean meal

SEDZ dice

SEFERE 1. a handful, a bundle 2. twenty strips of meat tied together 3. a unit of measure--a pint

SEFERE YALI meat tied together in strips

SEFEREMBI to take a handful, to grab with the hand

SEFEREŠEMBI to keep on taking handsful, to keep on grabbing

SEFERŠEMBI see seferešembi

SEFU teacher, master

SEFUSE plural of sefu

SEHEHUN standing on end, erect, verti-


SEHEHUN ILIHABI is standing erect

(of someone's hair when he is


SEHEHURI 1. towering high (of many

mountain peaks) 2. straight, erect

(of sitting and standing)

SEHEHURI DEN high and towering (of

many peaks)

SEHEHURI HADA towering cliffs, pre-

cipitous peaks

SEHEHURI ILICAHABI standing tall (of a group of able-bodied men)

SEHERCEMBI to roll up the sleeves and get ready to fight

SEHEREMBI 1. to arch the eyebrows in anger 2. to bristle (of the beard) 3. to be enraged to the point of violence

SEHERI towering, precipitous

SEHERI HADA sheer, precipitous, peak

SEHERI SAHARI 1. uneven (of mountain peaks) 2. uneven or flickering in the distance

SEHERI SAHARI SABUMBI to see one or two things flickering in the distance

SEHERI SEHERI see seheri sahari

SEHEREMBI to be agitated to the point of action

SEHIYEN see sesheri

SEHUJI one-tenth to the twentieth power

SEHULEMBI to step forth, to step to the front

SEHULEME ILIMBI to stand in front (of the ranks)

SEI se plus the genitive particle i

SEIBENI formerly, once, in the past

SEIBENI FONDE in the past, formerly

SEILEBUMBI caus. of seilembi

SEILEMBI to boil meat that has been cut up

SEIRE 1. hipbone 2. spine (of animals)

SEJECI wagoner, person in charge of official vehicles, wagonmaker

SEJEN wagon, cart, vehicle

SEJEN BAŠAMBI to drive a vehicle

SEJEN BOŠOMBI the same as sejen bašambi

SEJEN CI EBUMBI to get off a vehicle

SEJEN DE TAFAMBI to get on a vehicle

SEJEN DE TEMBI to ride in a vehicle

SEJEN I DOBTON canopy over a sedan chair

SEJEN I FAKSI wagonmaker, cartwright

SEJEN JAFAMBI to drive a vehicle

SEJEN KIYOO I FIYENTEN Carriage Section, BH 118

SEJEN TOHORO ENGGEMU saddle for attaching a cart

SEJESI driver, wagoner



SEJULEN wild garlic; cf. suduli

SEK SEME suddenly, with a start (of awaking)

SEKE sable (Martes zibellina)

SEKEJEMBI to get worn thin, to become tattered

SEKEMBI to take the bait (of fish)

SEKIMBI see sekiyembi

SEKIYEBUMBI caus. of sekiyembi

SEKIYEKU a straw hat, a rain hat made of reeds or leaves

SEKIYEMBI to let drip, to let drip dry, to filter, to strain through

SEKIYEN spring (of water), source, origin

SEKJI straw, straw bed (especially the one used by women during childbirth)

SEKJINGGE not rich but can still manage

SEKSE SAKSA 1. untalented, of little ability 2. uneven, jagged, of unequal height

SEKSE SAKSA TEKSIN AKŪ jagged and uneven

SEKSEHE 1. the back of the head 2. front part of the head of a horse

SEKSEHUN 1. withered, pining, emaciated, haggard 2. frozen from the cold (the face)

SEKSELIBUHA see seksen lifabuha

SEKSEN see seksen i yali

SEKSEN BANJIHABI literally: 'meat frozen in a pitfall has been formed'--used to describe a lucky find or good opportunity

SEKSEN I YALI meat of an animal that has fallen into a hole and subsequently frozen solid

SEKSEN LIFABUHA slipped into a pitfall

SEKSEREMBI (-ke/he) to stand on end (of hair)

SEKSERI firm, fixed (of an arrow)

SEKSERŠEMBI see sengseršembi

SEKSU a basket lined with paper treated with oil used for carrying liquids

SEKTEBUMBI caus. of sektembi

SEKTEFUN cushion, pad used for sitting

SEKTEFUN I JIBSIGAN a pad of skin or felt spread under a cushion or sitting pad

SEKTEMBI to spread, to make (a bed), to spread out, to cover

SEKTERE MOO boards covering the deck of a ship

SEKTU 1. clever, agile, alert, sharp, quick (of intelligence) 2. light (of sleep)

SEKTUKEN rather clever, rather agile

SEKTUSI talented and superior, refined

SELABUMBI caus. of selambi

SELACUKA happy, content, pleased

SELAMBI to be content, to be pleased, to be happy

SELBETE Artemisia lactiflora


SELBI NOHO JAHŪDAI a galley ship

SELBIBUMBI caus. of selbimbi

SELBIMBI 1. to row 2. to tread water

SELBIN GORO with wide steps (of trotting horses)

SELE iron

SELE FAKSI blacksmith, ironworker

SELE FUTA iron cable

SELE GARMA an arrow with an iron head surrounded by four barbs-- used for hunting pheasants and rabbits

SELE I HOSORI iron shavings or splinters

SELE I SIRGE iron wire


SELEI HOLBOKŪ iron clamp, iron fastener

SELEI ILHANGGA MOO veined ironwood

SELEI JUŠURU an iron self-defense weapon in the shape of a measuring stick

SELEI MALA an iron hammer

SELEI TAIMIN an iron poker


SELEKJE an imaginary animal that supposedly resembles a bear, has an elephantlike trunk, a lion's head, and a cow's tail

SELEKTEN red water found under piles of earth and grass, rusty water

SELEME a dagger carried at the belt, somewhat larger than a dabcilakū

SELENGGE MOO 'iron tree'--a tree with black trunk and leaves, and a light purple flower that blooms for months without withering

SELFEN a slit in clothing

SELGIYEBUKŪ an interpreter in ancient times

SELGIYEBUMBI caus. of selgiyembi

SELGIYEMBI to promulgate, to announce, to issue, to disseminate, to circulate, to inform, to advertise (for)

SELGIYERE HESE imperial edict, imperial decree

SELGIYEN order, command, announcement, promulgation, advertisement

SELGIYESI promulgator, announcer, herald

SELHE the pendulous fold of skin under a cow's neck, dewlap

SELHEN a cangue

SELHEN ETUBUMBI to have the cangue put on, to cause to wear the cangue

SELMIN 1. mechanism, spring 2. a trap for animals by which an animal steps on a trip cord and gets shot by a crossbow mechanism

SELMIYEN see selmin

SEMBI (1) to say, to call, to mean

SERE ANGGALA instead of, not only (but also)

SEMBI (2) (-ngke) to melt, to dissolve, to run (of colors)

SEMBUMBI caus. of sembi (2)

SEMECEN see semejen

SEMEHUKEN rather coarse, rather coarsely woven, rather loose

SEMEHUN coarse, coarsely woven, loose, sparse

SEMEHUN BOSO coarsely woven summer cloth

SEMEJEN the fat covering the intestines and inner organs

SEMEMBI to melt, to soak through, to saturate

SEMEO the imperfect converb seme plus the interrogative particle o: used to form rhetorical questions

SEMERHEN a curtain or mat hung over a wooden frame, cover for a sedan chair, a small tent used for sleeping

SEMERHEN I YABUMBI to act in earnest, to act with sincerity

SEMEYEN see semehun

SEMIBUMBI caus. of semimbi

SEMIKU the end of a thread that has been tapered to pass through the eye of a needle more easily

SEMIMBI to thread (a needle)

SEMIYEKU see semiku

SEMKELE see sengkule

SEMKEN bracelet

SEMKIMBI to mistrust, to suspect

SEMNIO the name of a constellation

SEMNIO TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner depicting the constellation semnio

SEMSU the fat covering of intestines; cf. semejen

SEMSU NIMENGGI the same as semsu

SEN eye of a needle, small hole (as in the ears for earrings), any small opening

SENDE GENEHE formed a hole, formed a breach

SENCE mushroom

SENCE JINGGERI a nail made in the shape of a mushroom (with a large, wide head)

SENCEHE 1. the chin 2. a wooden or bamboo hook in the nose of a cow or camel; cf. sanciha 3. a bamboo hook that is part of a bird trap

SENCEHE SIBSIHŪN the chin is narrow

SENCEHELEKU a part of the bridle that hangs under the chin of a horse

SENCETU one name for the bamboo partridge; cf. cuse moo i itu

SENCI see senji

SENCIHE see sencehe

SENCIKU leather catches on boots through which the laces are threaded

SENDEHEN a board on which offerings to deities are placed

SENDEJEMBI to break (of a levee), to form a breach, to get washed out, to form a hole, to form a notch or gap (in a blade)


SENDELEBUMBI caus. of sendelembi

SENDELEMBI to make a breach (in a levee)

SENDEMBI see sendejembi

SENEMBI to be saturated, to expand (of a wet spot), to leak (of a brush too saturated with ink)

SENGGE 1. elder, old 2. (Chinese) hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)

SENGGE ŠUFATU a head covering used by old men in ancient times

SENGGEDA calamus

SENGGELE 1. rooster's comb 2. gill (of a fish) 3. reed (of a musical instrument) 4. spring of a lock 5. the opening of a bow case

SENGGELE ILHA cockscomb (Celosia cristata)

SENGGELENGGE having a comb (like a rooster)

SENGGELENGGE COKO one name for the gray partridge; cf. itu

SENGGELENGGE GASHA the name of a black-headed bird with a brown beak and a comb on the top of the head

SENGGETE 1. plural of sengge: old men 2. Xanthium japonica

SENGGI blood

SENGGI BILJAKA there was a blood bath

SENGGI DUHA blood sausage


SENGGI JUGŪN blood vessel

SENGGI JUN artery, blood vessel

SENGGI KAKSIMBI to cough up blood

SENGGI SOSOMBI to have bloody diarrhea

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