A a an interjection of casual response

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MILAN water in which rice has been rinsed

MILARABUMBI caus. of milarambi

MILARAMBI (-ka) 1. to open wide 2. to shun, to dodge, to stay far away from

MILARCAMBI see milarambi

MILATA wide open, agape

MILTAHŪN bare, vacant

MIMBE accusative of hi: me

MIMI a type of large fly

MIMIMBI to close (the mouth)

MIMSORO a jujubelike exotic fruit

MINCI ablative of hi: from me, than me

MINDE dative of bi: to me, for me

MINDZ a brush

MINGGA see minggan

MINGGACI thousandth

MINGGADA chiliarch

MINGGAHA the name of an exotic fruit that grows on a vine, has up to two hundred seeds in a pod, and tastes like a chestnut

MINGGAN one thousand

MINGGAN TUMEN ten million

MINGGANGGERI one thousand times

MINGGARI one thousand square li

MINGGATA one thousand each

MINGGATU chiliarch, lieutenant, BH 752E, 796, etc.

MINGMIYAHA a small green bug found on the mulberry

MINI genitive of bi: my, of me

MINI BEYE myself


MIODORI MIODORI walking with difficulty (because of a sore back)

MIOMIOHON see miyoomiyoohūn

MIORI see miyori

MIOSIHODOMBI to act or speak in a false and heretical way

MIOSIHON evil, false, heretical, heterodox

MIOSIHON TACIN heretical teaching, heretical doctrine

MIOSIHŪN the same as miosihon


MIOSIRI MIOSIRILAMBI to smile, to have a smile on the face


MIOŠOROMBI (-ko) to become crooked or bent, to become askew

MISAN tub, vat

MISE slack, loose (of a bow with a loose string)

MISEN a jar with a wide mouth

MISHA see mishan

MISHABUMBI caus. of mishambi

MISHABURE DALANGGA a dam through which the current is regulated

MISHALABUMBI caus. of mishalambi

MISHALAKŪ vessel for holding the inked string used by carpenters for marking straight lines

MISHALAKŪ HŪRKA snare for catching wild animals

MISHALAMBI to mark a straight line with an inked string

MISHAMBI to shun, to avoid, to dodge

MISHAN an inked string used for marking straight lines by a carpenter

MISJAN mason

MISU HŪSIHA Schizandra chinensis

MISUIJAN see misjan

MISUN a thick sauce, jam, fermented bean paste

MISUN BOCO the color of fermented bean paste--brown

MISUN I KŪRDAKŪ a wooden stirring stick for bean paste

MISURU brown

MIŠUN one hundred trillion

MITA an iron ornament on the end of a crupper

MITA JAFU a piece of red felt that hangs under the horse's tail and is attached to a crupper

MITA UŠE a leather thong used to attach the mita jafu

MITABUMBI caus. of mitambi

MITALJAMBI see midaljambi

MITAMBI to spring back (of a bow when the string is removed)

MITAN 1. sweet rice porridge 2. see mita

MITANDUMBI to spring back together

MIYAHA see mihan

MIYAHŪ musk deer (Moschus moschiferus)


MIYAHŪTU the muntjac of South China

MIYALIBUMBI caus. of miyalimbi

MIYALIDA the man who measures grain in a granary

MIYALIKŪ 1. measurer, measure 2. powder measure (for guns)

MIYALIMBI to measure

MIYALIN a measure

MIYAMIBUMBI caus. of miyamimbi

MIYAMIGA see miyamigan

MIYAMIGAN 1. ornament, jewelry 2. makeup

MIYAMIHAN see miyamigan

MIYAMIKŪ see miyamišakū

MIYAMIMBI 1. to adorn, to decorate 2. to make up, to dress up

MIYAMIŠAKŪ one fond of making up, one fond of dressing up

MIYAMIŠAMBI to adorn oneself, to decorate, to dress up

MIYAMIYAHAN see miyamigan

MIYAN CEO a fine cotton fabric; cf. miceo


MIYAN GIN gluten

MIYANG (onom.) the sound of a child's crying

MIYANG MING (onom.) 1. the sound of many children crying 2. the sound made by the young of deer, roe, and sheep

MIYANGGIN wheat gluten

MIYANTS HŪLHA Burmese bandits

MIYAR MIR (onom.) the sound of children crying

MIYAR MIYAR (onom.) 1. the sound made by a baby crying 2. the sound made by young deer, roe, and sheep

MIYARGA see miyarha

MIYARHA clitoris

MIYARIMBI to bleat, to baa

MIYARSEME 1. bleating 2. nagging

MIYASI MIYASI see miyasihi miyasihi

MIYASIDAMBI to walk unsteadily, to fly unsteadily (of an arrow)

MIYASIHI MIYASIHI unsteady, staggering

MIYASIHIDAMBI to walk unsteadily

MIYASIHITAMBI see miyasihidambi

MIYASIRILAMBI to pucker the mouth as if ready to cry

MIYASITAMBI see miyasidambi

MIYEGU crust

MIYEGU EFEN a kind of pastry made of glutinous millet

MIYEGU WECEMBI to offer miyegu pastry

MIYEHU see miyegu

MIYEHUDEMBI to jump about, to hop around (of wild animals)

MIYEHUNEMBI 1. to form a crust 2. to become decrepit

MIYEHUSU bean-curd skin

MIYEKUDEMBI see miyehudembi

MIYOO temple, shrine

MIYOOCALABUMBI caus. of miyoocalambi

MIYOOCALAMBI to fire a musket


MIYOOCAN musket, flintlock

MIYOOCAN I COOHA musketeers, musket troops

MIYOOMIYOOHŪN bent outward, protruding (lips)

MIYORI a second (of time)

MIYOSIRILAMBI see miosirilambi

MIYOŠORI see miosiri

MIYOŠOROBUMBI caus. of miyošorombi

MIYOŠOROMBI see miošorombi

MO one ten-trillionth

MO LI ILHA jasmine

MO SEME right in the face, right to one's face

MO SEME BASUMBI to make fun of someone to his face

MOBIN HOOŠAN a type of writing paper made from bamboo

MOBSEHE a small insect that attacks the roots of grain

MOCIKO askance, crooked, askew; cf. waiku

MOCIN a fine smooth cotton, usually dark brown or black

MOCIN SAMSU a fine smooth brown or black cotton cloth

MOCINJI see mojihiyan

MOCO incompetent, unskillful, stupid, blunt, tactless

MOCO SIMHUN the index finger

MOCODOMBI to act in an incompetent, stupid, or tactless manner

MOCOKON rather incompetent, rather stupid


MODO slow-witted, dull, lacking agility, clumsy, careless

MODO GASHA one name for the cuckoo; cf. kekuhe

MODOKON rather dull, rather clumsy

MOHOBUMBI caus./pass. of mohombi

MOHOBUME FONJIMBI to question thoroughly

MOHOLO a hornless castrated bovine

MOHOMBI 1. to be exhausted, to be depleted 2. to be at a loss for words 3. to be in dire need

MOHON exhaustion, depletion, end, finish, need

MOHORI SOHORI rudely, impolitely, shabbily

MOHOTO hairless (a horse's tail); cf. mokto

MOJIHIYAN Tibetan black bear (Euractos thibetanus)

MOKCOMBI to break off, to break in two

MOKO the name of a constellation


picting the constellation moko

MOKSO asunder, in two, in the center

MOKSO GENEHE went asunder, broke in two

MOKSOLOMBI to break in two, to cleave

MOKTO 1. docked off, bobbed 2. violent 3. bare, bald (of an animal's tail)

MOKTO ŠOŠONGGO MAHALA an ancient-style hat similar to the mahatu but without a fringe

MOLHO the large intestine of the wild pig

MOLHŪRI a hornless bovine; cf. moholo

MOLI ILHA jasmine; cf. meli

MOLO maple tree

MOLODOMBI to glue back together

MOLOJIN the name of the peacock in Buddhist scriptures

MOLORI MOO Rhododendron metternichii

MOMOHORI sitting together silently, sitting still (of a group), sitting erect

MOMOKON silent because of shyness, retiring

MOMOROMBI to sit silently (of a group), to sit erect, to keep to one's seat

MOMORŠOMBI to sit firmly on a horse (when practicing archery)

MONCON knob on a cap shaped like a chrysanthemum

MONGGO Mongolia, Mongolian

MONGGO AISIN HERGENGGE LOHO a sword with a Mongolian inscription in gold letters

MONGGO BITHEI BA Mongolian Copying Office, BH 138


MONGGO BUDA a broth made of meat and rice

MONGGO BUREN a long horn used by Mongolian lamas

MONGGO CIBIN the Mongolian swallow

MONGGO COOHA Mongolian troops

MONGGO DASHŪWAN DUBE the second jalan of the Mongols

MONGGO GŪSA 1. a Mongolian banner 2. Lieutenant-General of a Mongolian banner

MONGGO HERGEN the Mongolian written language, Mongolian writing or letters

MONGGO JEBELE DUBE the first jalan of the Mongols

MONGGO JURGAN another name for the Tulergi gold be dasara jurgan--Court of Colonial Affairs, BH 491

MONGGO SEDO the name of a wild plant with edible stalks--the same as fulgiyan selbete

MONGGO TALA the Mongolian plateau, Mongolia

MONGGO YORO an arrow with a square birch-wood head with holes in it used for shooting rabbits on rocky terrain

MONGGOCON a bottle with a narrow mouth and long neck

MONGGOCUN see monggocon

MONGGOLIBUMBI caus. of monggolimbi

MONGGOLIKŪ 1. ornamental neckband worn by women 2. dog collar

MONGGOLIMBI to wear on the neck

MONGGON neck, throat

MONGGON FAITAMBI to cut the throat

MONGGON HUSIKŪ 1. a protective piece of armor for the neck 2. a collar around the neck

MONGGON SOYOMBI to draw in the neck

MONGGOROBUMBI caus. of monggorombi

MONGGOROKŪ a bordered collar fixed to a jacket

MONGGOROKŪ HUSIKŪ neckpiece, neck-scarf

MONGGOROKŪ SIJIGIYAN a gown with collar and cuffs trimmed in brocade

MONGGOROKŪ ULHI WAHAN collar and cuffs trimmed in brocade

MONGGOROMBI 1. to act in a Mongolian manner 2. to speak Mongolian, to use Mongolian 3. to kick the shuttlecock

MONGGOROME in the Mongolian manner

MONGGOROME TEMBI to sit in the Mongolian manner--i.e., with one foot under the buttocks

MONGGOSO plural of monggo

MONGGOŠUN crucian (carp)

MONGGŪ see monggo

MONGNIOHON gasping for breath

MONIO monkey, ape; cf. bonio

MONIOCILAMBI to behave like a monkey

MONJIBUMBI caus. of monjimbi

MONJIMBI (-he) to rub, to knead, to massage

MONJIRAMBI 1. to rub with the hand, to knead 2. to wring the hands (from frustration, etc.), to be in an agitated state

MONJIRŠAMBI 1. to rub vigorously, to knead vigorously 2. to sit rocking back and forth in anger 3. at wrestling, to keep pressing an opponent down

MONJIŠAMBI to massage

MOO 1. tree 2. wood 3. stick, pole 4. a bamboo stick used for beating

MOO GARMA an arrow with a four-sided wooden head with a barb sticking out from each side--used for shooting pheasants and rabbits


MOO I BERI a wooden bow used for preparing cotton

MOO I CALU I KUNGGERI office of wood storehouses in the

Board of Works

MOO I FUKTALA mistletoe

MOO I HASI persimmon

MOO I HOTON a wooden wall

MOO I JUN lumber, wood (as opposed to the other parts of a tree)

MOO I KEMUN set square, used for measuring wood

MOO I NORAN a pile of wood


MOO LUJEN the name of a six-horse imperial coach with a roof consisting of four pieces of wood

MOO MORIN a wooden horse used by children at play

MOO SACIMBI to chop wood, to cut firewood


MOO SIKA I KEIBISU a carpet made of palm fiber

MOO ŠU ILHA Magnolia liliflora

MOO USIHA the planet Jupiter

MOO YAHA charcoal

MOOI CALU wood warehouse of the Board of Works

M00I FAKSI carpenter

MOOI HASI BOCO persimmon-colored

MOOI KEMNEKU set square used for measuring lumber

MOODASI a person in charge of planting and caring for trees, a forester

MOOSITUN a type of ancient sacrificial vessel

MOOYEN ILHA Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)

MORHO toothed bur clover (Medicago hispida), alfalfa

MORICI a person who watches horses at official establishments

MORILABUMBI caus. of morilambi

MORILAMBI to ride a horse, to go by horse

MORILARA WEHE stones placed on both sides of the main gate of a house

MORIN 1. horse 2. the seventh of the earth's branches

MORIN BARGIYAMBI to rein in a horse, to round up horses

MORIN BIYA the fifth month

MORIN DELERI ETEHE UCUN a piece of music played during the greeting of a general

MORIN GAJIMBI to lead one's horse to the target (in mounted archery)

MORIN HŪWAITAMBI 'to tie up the horse'--euphemism for going to the toilet

MORIN JURCEMBI to join battle on horseback

MORIN I BAITA horse affairs

MORIN I BAITAI KUNGGERI office of horse affairs in the Board of War

MORIN I JALIN WECEMBI to make an offering to the horse god

MORIN I TORON branding iron for horses

MORIN JALMIN polygonum


MORIN SILMEN a female kite

MORIN SINDAMBI to give the horse his head

MORIN TORHO wild ginger (Asarum sieboldi)

MORIN TURGEN the same as morin torho

MORIN WEIHE a sore in children's mouths

MORINGGA 1. pertaining to the horse, mounted 2. horseman, rider

MORINGGA ANIYA the year of the horse

MORINGGA COOHA cavalry, mounted troops

MORINGGA FAIDAN the mounted imperial escort

MORINGGA HŪLHA mounted bandit

MORINGGA UKSIN armor for a horse

MORO 1. bowl 2. a dry quart

MORO HIYASE a dry quart

MOROI DOBTON covering for a bowl

MOROHON big and round (of eyes)

MOROHON NEIMBI to open up wide (the eyes)

MOROHON TUWAMBI to look at with wide open eyes

MOROMBI to open wide (the eyes)

MOSELABUMBI caus./pass. of moselambi

MOSELAKŪ a large millstone

MOSELAKŪ I LIFAN WEHE stone trough for a stone roller

MOSELAMBI 1. to mill, to grind 2. to sit with the feet tucked under the body

MOSELAME with the feet tucked under the body

MOSELAME TEMBI to sit with the feet tucked under the body

MOSIKE the name of a small monkeylike animal of Tonkin that is very adept at catching rats

MOŠUSE an exotic purple fruit resembling the walnut

MOTON HOOŠAN a type of strong paper made from hemp

MOTORO a type of sour, astringent quince (Cydonia japonica)

MOTORO GAHA a type of crow that nests in forests

MOYACI ILHA an exotic red flower of South China that blooms in spring and autumn--it resembles hibiscus

MOYO 1. dull 2. chicken-pox

MOYORO an exotic fruit resembling the

quince but somewhat larger

MU a mu --about one-sixth of an acre

MUCE see mucen

MUCEJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

MUCEN a cooking pot, caldron

MUCENGGE 1. pertaining to a cooking pot 2. a measure equaling 6 pecks and 4 quarts

MUCESI a cook

MUCESI I KUNGGERI an office in charge of preparing sacrificial animals

MUCIHA 1. bamboo or rush splints for making baskets and mats 2. the center part of a grass or rush mat

MUCIHA FUTA a bamboo rope used for hauling boats

MUCIHA I HOSERI a container woven from thin bamboo or reed splints

MUCIHA MAHATUN an ancient-style hat made from bamboo splints

MUCIHIYAN a tripod vessel

MUCITU MAHATUN an ancient-style hat made of bamboo splints and decorated with lacquer on the outside

MUCITUN a sacrificial vessel of anti-quity woven from bamboo

MUCU grape

MUCU BOCOI HAKSANGGA EFEN crisp grape-colored cake

MUCU BOCOI JIYOO BING the same as mucu bocoi haksangga efen

MUCU HALU I SACIMA cake made of flour, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sugar, and grapes

MUCUNGGAI GASHA one of the names of the spotted kingfisher; cf. cunggai

MUDACI ILHA corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

MUDAKIYAMBI to walk on a sinuous path, to turn (corners)

MUDALI see mudari

MUDALIMBI 1. to turn (a corner) 2. to go the long way around, to make a detour 3. to be sinuous, winding

MUDALIME via a detour, in a round-about way

MUDALIN a round section cut out in a garment

MUDAMBI to return

MUDAN 1. curve, bend, curved, bent 2. detour, roundabout way 3. sound, tone, melody, rhyme 4. expression, tone of voice, implication Š. out of the way, remote 6. time, as in one time, two times, etc. 7. peony 8. see mudan efen

MUDAN ARAMBI to knead to and fro (dough)

MUDAN BAHA started to sweat--after the crisis in an illness

MUDAN DARI every time

MUDAN DE ACABUMBI to form characters according to the phonetic principle

MUDAN EFEN a deep-fried twisted pastry made from millet, rice, and buckwheat flour

MUDAN GAIME YABUMBI to go by a roundabout way


MUDAN I ACABUMBI to match in sound--i.e., to form new characters by compounding a phonetic and semantic element

MUDAN I BA a remote place

MUDAN MUDAN every time

MUDAN MUDAN DE at various times, periodically

MUDAN TEBUMBI to set a trap for someone

MUDAN WAI a remote place in the mountains, a precipitous and inaccessible place

MUDAN YOHO a remote area

MUDANDARI see mudan dari

MUDANGGA 1. curved, bent 2. having sound or tone

MUDANGGA DALAN a dike that follows the curves of a river

MUDANGGA FESIN I HAKSAN BOCOI SUJE SARA a yellow silk umbrella with a crooked handle used as an insignia by the imperial concubines

MUDANGGA JUGŪN a crooked road

MUDANGGA NAHAN a crooked oven-bed

MUDARI there and right back

MUDUMBI to file, to file smooth

MUDUN 1. a file for working wood, horn, or bone 2. spur off the foot of a mountain

MUDUN FUTA a snare for catching the lynx

MUDURI 1. dragon 2. the fifth of the earth's branches

MUDURI BIYA the third month

MUDURI DUKA the name of the ceremonial arch behind the second door of the Examination Hall

MUDURI DUKAI DALANGGA a dam with a sluice

MUDURI GARUDAI SUWAYAN SUJE SUN DALIKŪ a large fan made of yellow satin embroidered with phoenixes and dragons

MUDURI GARUDAI TUMIN LAMUN SUJE KIRU a dark blue satin banner embroidered with phoenixes and dragons

MUDURI MUYAME TASHA MURAME crying like a dragon and growling like a tiger


MUDURI SOORIN DE WESIMBI to ascend the Dragon Throne

MUDURI UJUNGGE GIRDAN the 'dragon-headed pennant'--the name of an insignia of the escort

MUDURIKŪ tile figures of dragons on both ends of the ridge of the roofs of palaces

MUDURINGGA pertaining to the dragon

MUDURINGGA ANIYA the year of the dragon

MUDURINGGA DOYONGGO gold brocade with inwoven walking dragons

MUDURINGGA FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy

MUDURINGGA GIYANCIHIYAN HOOŠAN letter paper with a dragon design

MUDURINGGA HIYAN MOO Dryobalanops camphora

MUFI ILHA flower of the tree Magnolia kobus

MUFUYEN 1. blunt, rounded, having rounded edges and corners 2. dull-witted

MUFUYEN MODO 1. blunt and dull 2. dull and slow-witted

MUGŪN see mukūn

MUHADUMBI see muhantumbi

MUHALIYABUMBI caus. of muhaliyambi

MUHALIYAMBI to pile up, to stack up

MUHALIYAN 1. ball, sphere, bead, round projectile 2. pile, stack

MUHAN a male tiger or panther

MUHAN SEBSEHE walking stick (insect)

MUHAN TASHA a male tiger

MUHAN YARHA a male panther

MUHANTUMBI to copulate, to breed (of cows, tigers, and cats)

MUHARI an exotic fruit about the size of a crossbow projectile with a taste like that of the chestnut

MUHARŠAMBI to get some foreign matter in the eye

MUHAŠAN bull, steer

MUHELIYEKEN rather round


MUHELIYEN JAN a round whistling arrow--an arrow with three holes in the head that was used for shooting deer and roe

MUHELIYEN MOO a wooden ball on the end of a stick

MUHELIYEN MUHUN the round earthen altar at the Temple of Heaven

MUHEREN 1. wheel 2. ring, earring 3. a metal ring used as a paper-weight 4. the end of an axle

MUHERI ILHA Kerria japonica--a member of the rose family

MUHEŠEMBI to carry mud in the beak (of swallows)

MUHI 1. a sable (or other animal's) tail attached to the front of a fur jacket below the lapel 2. a curved board on the back of a wagon to which the ropes that hold the load are fastened 3. wooden ring to which the ropes of a swing are attached

MUHIYAN ILHA banksia (Rosa banksiae)

MUHU a high ridge or mound

MUHUN a mound on which funerary offerings to the nobility were made in ancient times

MUHURU the female of the sea-fish aims

MUHŪLU a yellow dragonlike creature without horns

MUHŪLU BUCIN a bucin without horns

MUHŪRI rounded off, leveled off

MUJAKŪ extremely, truly

MUJAN carpenter

MUJANGGA truly, indeed, actually, true, real, correct

MUJANGGAO is it true that . . . ? can it be that . . .?

MUJANGGO the same as mujanggao

MUJI barley (Hordeum vulgare)

MUJILEN mind, intention, heart

MUJILEN AKŪMBUMBI to exhaust all efforts, to do one's best

MUJILEN BAHABUKŪ an official title used at the beginning of the dynasty ranking just below ashan i amban

MUJILEN BAIBUMBI to be upset, to have one's plans upset

MUJILEN DE TEBUMBI to be concerned about, to keep in mind

MUJILEN EFUJEMBI to be distressed, to grieve

MUJILEN FARFABUMBI to be confused in one's mind

MUJILEN FAYABUMBI to go to a lot of trouble

MUJILEN FEREKE fainted, lost consciousness

MUJILEN FERIMBI to exert all effort, to strive

MUJILEN GIRKUMBI to concentrate one's efforts

MUJILEN GŪNIN thoughts, intentions

MUJILEN GŪWALIYAMBI to have a change of heart, to alter one's intentions

MIJILEN HUNGKEREHE repented, was remorseful

MUJILEN ICAKŪ ill-pleasing

MUJILEN ISHELIYEN narrow-minded, petty

MUJILEN JANCUHŪN willing, content, pleased

MUJILEN JUWENDERAKŪ steadfast, loyal

MUJILEN NIYAMAN feeling, sincerity

MUJILEN SESULAMBI to be startled

MUJILEN SINDAMBI to put the mind at

ease, not to worry

MUJILEN SIDARAMBI to be calm or tranquil in grief or difficulty

MUJILEN SITHŪMBI to concentrate one's efforts on

MUJILEN SUILAMBI to be troubled, to be upset

MUJILEN TENG SEME JAFAMBI to make a strong resolution, to have a strong intention

MUJILEN USAMBI to grieve, to be sad

MUJILEN USATALA OH0 fell into grief or despair

MUJILENGGE 1. having purpose or aim 2. spirited, stout-hearted

MUJIMBI to moan (during an illness), to cry, to roar

MUJIN ambition, aim, will

MUJIN BE UJIMBI to nurture an ambition, to follow the goal that one's parents have set

MUJIN BE WESIHULERE TANGGIN name of the third hall of the east gallery of the Imperial Academy of Learning

MUJIN DE ACABUMBI to attain one's ambitions

MUJINGGA strong-willed, ambitious

MUJUHU carp; cf. hardakū

MUJUKU see mujuhu

MUK MAK SEME obstinate, stubborn

MUKCUHUN having a deformed hip that protrudes forward

MUKDAN MOO Codium mucronatum

MUKDEHEN root or branch of a desiccated tree, a desiccated tree


MUKDEHURI an exotic sweet fruit somewhat larger than a jujube that grows in Fukien

MUKDEMBI (-ke/he) 1. to rise, to go upward 2. to flourish 3. to soar upward 4. to increase

MUKDEMBUMBI caus. of mukdembi

MUKDEN 1. rising, ascent, flourishing, prosperous 2. Mukden

MUKDEN I BOIGON I JURGAN the board of Finance in Mukden

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