A a an interjection of casual response

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MAISE wheat, grain

MAISEI WEKJI SUSE wheat husk, chaff from wheat

MAISHA see maishan

MAISHAN 1. a decorative clasp on the crupper of beasts of burden 2. Chinese boxthorn (Lycium chinense)

MAISHAN HALU a meal made from the fruit of the Chinese boxthorn

MAISHAN HALU I SACIMA a pastry made from sesame and the fruit of the Chinese boxthorn

MAISIRI a club held in one hand (a type of weapon)

MAITU a pole heavier at one end than the other (a weapon), mace

MAITULAMBI to fight with a pole

MAITUN DA a pealike plant with an edible root that secretes a white juice

MAITUŠABUMBI caus./pass. of maituambi

MAITUŠAMBI to beat with a pole

MAJAN a long arrow with a long narrow head used for fighting

MAJIGE 1. a little, a little bit 2. somewhat, about

MAKA an introductory particle of doubt or questioning: I wonder . . could it really be that . . . .

MAKAMBI to become muddled, to become confused in one's thinking

MAKARAMBI to become weak, to become decrepit

MAKARAME SAKDAKA became old and decrepit

MAKI tassel on a banner, yak-tail pendant on a banner

MAKITU a yak-tail banner

MAKJAHŪN short, dwarflike

MAKJAN short, midget, dwarf

MAKJANAMBI to be short, to be a midget

MAKSIBUMBI caus. of maksimbi

MAKSIKŪ dancer

MAKSIKŪ MOO a horizontal stick on a banner pole from which the banner hangs

MAKSIMBI to dance

MAKSIRE GARUDANGGA KIRU a banner on which a dancing phoenix is embroidered

MAKSIN a dance, dancing

MAKSINAMBI to go to dance

MAKSINJIMBI to come to dance

MAKSISI MAHATUN a hat worn by dancers in ancient times

MAKTABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of maktambi 2. to get lost, to lose one's way, to be abandoned

MAKTACŪKA praiseworthy


MAKTAMBI 1. to throw, to toss 2. to let loose, to release (a hawk) 3. to kick (of horses, cows, etc.) 4. to praise, to extol


MAKTANJIMBI 1. to come to throw 2. to come to praise

MAKTAŠAMBI to throw around, to toss about, to fling

MALA a wooden mallet

MALAHI a striped yellow wild cat


MALANGGŪ ABDAHA EFEN thin sesame cakes used by the Manchus at offerings in the sixth month

MALANGGŪ CAI tea with sesame added

MALANGGŪ HAKSANGGA EFEN baked wheat cakes garnished with sesame seeds

MALANGGŪ IRA FISIHE MAISE TURI sesame, glutinous millet, panicled millet, wheat, and beans--the five grains

MALANGGŪ MISUN sesame paste

MALANGGŪ ŠOBIN baked wheat cakes covered with sesame seeds

MALARI lax, dilatory

MALAŠAMBI to beat to death fish caught under ice

MALFUN CECE transparent cloth that has holes resembling sesame seeds

MALHŪKAN rather a lot, quite a few

MALHŪN 1. economical, frugal 2. seemingly near but really far, long and dull (road) 3. thick at one end

MALHŪN YOKCINGGA modest and (still) good looking

MALHŪNGGA 1. frugal 2. sufficient for use 3. long and boring (road)

MALHŪŠABUMBI caus. of malhūšambi

MALHŪŠAMBI to use frugally

MALHŪŠANDUMBI/MALHŪŠANUMBI to use frugally together

MALJIHA an anklebone die (gacuha) polished on both sides

MALTA beluga, white whale, dolphin

MALTA BERI a bow covered with water buffalo horn

MALTAKŪ a tool for scraping dirt or mud

MALU a bottle (for liquor)

MALUKA see malukan

MALUKAN abundant, in large quantities

MAMA 1. grandmother, female ancestor, old lad- 2. pocks, rash

MAMA ERŠEMBI for pocks to appear, to get smallpox

MAMA TUCIMBI the same as mama eršembi

MAMA YADAHŪN the pocks are few

MAMAN support for a rafter; cf. bangtu

MAMARAMBI see namarambi

MAMARI plural of mama

MAMFIN see mampin

MAMGIYABUMBI caus. of mamgiyambi

MAMGIYAKŪ extravagant person, lavish spender, squanderer

MAMGIYAMBI to be extravagant, to squander, to dissipate

MAMGIYANDUMBI/MAMGIYANUMBI to squander together, to spend lavishly together

MAMPI see mampin

MAMPIBUMBI caus. of mampimbi

MAMPILAMBI to tie a knot

MAMPIMBI to tie a knot, to knot


MAMPINGGA ILHA the name of a light yellow flower--Edgeworthia chrysantha

MAMUGIYA crab apple

MAMUHAN vent, ventilation hole

MAMUHAN FA a skylight

MAMUHAN SANGGA ventilation hole in the wall of a house

MAMUHAN SIHAN bamboo air pipe inserted into grain in storage for ventilation

MAMUHAN TURA a short pillar between the upper and lower beams of the ceiling

MAMUKE one name for the rabbit

MAMUN AKŪ listless, dejected, depressed, without any enthusiasm left

MAMYARI an exotic fruit from Tonkin and South China from a tree that resembles the litchi

MAN I NIYALMA a southern aborigine

MANABUMBI caus./pass. of manambi

MANAGA diapers

MANAMBI 1. to be worn-out, to be tattered, to be old (not new) 2. to be dispersed (troops) 3. to come to an end, to wane, to diminish

MANAHA BIYA last month

MANAHA ŠANIYAHA torn and tattered

MANASHŪN 1. worn-out, old, tattered 2. waning, end, the month's end

MANDA slow, late

MANDAKAN rather slow, a little slow

MANDAL (Buddhist) the mandala

MANDAL BOLGOMIMBI on the day of a religious service, to purify the cult objects with incense and recite a portion of scripture

MANDAL ILHA Datura alba

MANDALAMBI to be slow, to be late

MANDARA (Buddhist) the tree of paradise

MANDARAWA ILHA fig bloom (Ficus carica)

MANDUMBI to mature, to grow up

MANG ORHO Illicium anisatum

MANG ORHO USENEMBI one of the divisions of the solar year falling on June 7th or 8th

MANGGA 1. hard (not soft), difficult 2. expensive 3. expert at, strong in, capable 4. expertly made, well-crafted S. strong, fierce, a strong man

MANGGA ARAMBI to show off one's strength, to intimidate


MANGGA CECE hard silk gauze

MANGGA CECERI a type of hard, strong silk

MANGGA DOOSE a skilled Taoist

MANGGA FILI hard and fast



MANGGA NIYECEN leather patch attached to the inner side of a boot's heel

MANGGA TANGGA tough, too hard to chew

MANGGA TUWABUNGGA HOOŠAN a type of hard, thick poster paper

MANGGABURU a daring fellow

MANGGAI merely, simply

MANGGAI OCI if worst comes to worst, if it is with difficulty, in extreme cases

MANGGAKAN rather hard, difficult, capable, etc.

MANGGALAMBI to be difficult, to be serious (of an illness), to worsen, to act in a hard or vigorous manner

MANGGASA plural of mangga: strong men

MANGGAŠABUMBI caus. of manggašambi

MANGGAŠACUKA difficult, embarrassing

MANGGAŠAMBI to have difficulties, to be shy, to be hesitant (about doing something)

MANGGI after (after the perfect participle or imperative)

MANGGICI if worst comes to worst

MANGGISU badger; cf. Jargon

MANGGIYAN 1. running nose (of horses and cattle) 2. a spirit that descends into a shaman who has invoked the tiger god, causing the shaman to dance

MANGGIYAN WECEKU WASIKA the spirit who causes the shaman to dance has descended

MANGGIYANAMBI to get a running nose (of livestock)

MANGGO same as manggao

MANGKAN sand dune

MANGKAN GŪWARA another name for the elben gūwara

MANGKARA a horse or dog with white hair on the head, eyes, and muzzle

MANGKARA GAHA 1. white-headed Crow 2. same as mahala gaha

MANJIHA came late, came slowly

MANJU Manchu

MANJU BITHE Manchu writing, Manchu text

MANJU DANGSE BOO Record and Registry Office (also in charge of preparing Manchu documents), BH 379

MANJU GŪSA Manchu banner, general of a Manchu banner

MANJU HERGEN Manchu script, Manchu letter (of the alphabet)

MANJU MONGGO BITHE UBALIYAMBURE BOO the Manchu translation Office of the Court of Colonial Affairs

MANJU WESIMBURE BITHEI BA Manchu Copying Office, BH 138

MANJURABUMBI caus. of manjurambi

MANJURAMBI 1. to speak or write Manchu 2. to act like a Manchu, to behave in the Manchu manner

MANJUSA plural of mane

MANJUSAI MUKŪN HALA BE UHERI EJEHE BITHE WEILERE KUREN office concerned with Manchu genealogies

MANJUSIRI Manjusri--the name of a bodhisattva

MANOO agate

MANSUI brightly colored satin with golden cloud and dragon designs

MANSUI UNDURAKŪ the same as mansui

MANTUMBI see mandumbi

MAOBIN HOOŠAN a kind of paper made from bamboo pulp

MAOKALA a kind of hawk

MARABUMBI caus. of marambi

MARAKŪ one who declines or rejects

MARAMBI to decline, to reject, to turn down, to refuse

MARANDUMBI/MARANUMBI to refuse, to decline together

MARATAMBI to decline weakly, to refuse moderately

MARGAN the young of the roe deer

MARHAN see margan

MARI time, occasion (same as jergi and mudan)

MARIBUMBI caus. of marimbi

MARIMBI 1. to return, to go back, to turn around, to about-face 2. to fall off (of pocks)


MARIN turning around, return, return trip

MARMA NISIHA a small red-spotted sea fish

MARU a school of fish; cf. hingge

MARULAMBI to form a school, to school (of fish)

MARUTU CECIKE spice finch (Lonchura punctulata)

MASAKŪ a swing hung from a rafter inside a building

MASAMBI to swing in a masakū

MASAN the sediment of sesame seeds left after the oil has been extracted

MASAN DEHE a fishhook with a bait of sediment

MASE 1. pockmarks 2. a pockmarked person; cf. kerkeri



MASE USIHA I FAHA the edible part of the walnut

MASELAKŪ a snare for catching birds

MASIKAN weighty, robust

MASILABUMBI caus. of masilambi

MASILAMBI to exist in abundance, to strain one's powers, to do forcefully

MASILAME in abundance, plentifully, forcefully, tightly (of tying)

MASIRI an exotic fruit that tastes like the walnut

MAŠA dipper, ladle

MAŠALAKŪ a piece of wood above a window with holes in which the pivots of the casement turn

MAŠAN support, handle

MAŠAN BAHAMBI to obtain support, to get something to hold on to

MAŠANGGA NIYALMA a person who understands how to manage affairs well

MATABUMBI caus. of matambi

MATALAMBI to stamp the earth with the hind hoof

MATAMBI to heat in order to bend (bone, horn, wood, bamboo, etc.)

MATAN a kind of sweet food made from barley, malt candy

MATANGGA caved in (cheeks), sunken and pursed (lips)

MATANGGA WASE a ridge tile

MATARAKŪ a round straw pad that is placed on the head for carrying things

MATUN a watch station on a city wall

MAYA a dipper with a spout

MAYALAMBI to carry on the forearm

MAYAMBI (-ka/ha) to diminish, to subside, to go down (of swelling), to calm down, to be freed from a spell

MAYAMBUMBI 1. caus. of mayambi 2. to

exorcise, to break a spell

MAYAN 1. arm 2. blood from a wounded animal, blood stuck on an arrow

MAYAN SAIN many animals were killed on the battue

ME pulse, vein

ME JAFAMBI to take the pulse

ME TUWAMBI to check the pulse

MEDE news, information, intelligence

MEDEBUMBI to give news, to bring news

MEDEBURE DENGJAN a red lantern that was hoisted as a signal at certain intervals while the emperor was traveling

MEDEGE news, information


MEDEGE NIYEHE the same as medege gasha

MEDEGERI CECIKE 1. one name for the seagull 2. a bird that announces the arrival of guests by crying and flying

MEDEHE news, information

MEDERGU ILHA Rhododendron sinicum


MEDERI DORGON sea otter; cf. lekerhi

MEDERI EIHEN seal; cf. lekerhin

MEDERI GUBCI TAIFIN NECINGGE MUDAN a piece of music played while tea was brought in at great banquets


MEDERI JAKA sea product

MEDERI JAKARAME along the seacoast

MEDERI JUWERE CALU a Peking granary of the Board of Finance

MEDERI KATURI sea crab (of the North China Sea)

MEDERI KILAHŪN seagull; cf. medege gasha

MEDERI KIONGGUHE the sea myna of Fukien

MEDERI MELKEŠEMBI the sea produces a mirage

MEDERI SAMPA sea shrimp, prawn

MEDERI ULHŪMA a black sea bird resembling the pheasant

MEDESI messenger

MEGU mushroom

MEHE a spayed cow


MEHELE the same as mehejen

MEHELE JUI piglet, shote

MEHEN a sow that has not yet farrowed

MEHETE having a short upper lip

MEHUBUMBI caus. of mehumbi

MEHUMBI to bow, to make a bow to, to bow down

MEHUN see mehen

MEI GUI rose

MEI ILHA plum blossom (Prunus mume)

MEI MUKE the name of a sweet beverage

MEI YAHA (fossil) coal

MEIFEHE slope of a hill


MEIFEN BE GIDARALAME TASIHIMBI to press on the neck and kick the leg from the side (in wrestling)

MEIFEN BUKTAKABI got a crick in the neck

MEIFEN DABALI NIYAMNIYAMBI to shoot from under the neck of a horse

MEIFEN I ŠURDEN neck-ring used during sword play

MEIHE 1. snake 2. the sixth of the earth's branches

MEIHE BIYA the fourth month

MEIHE BULUNAMBI the snake is hibernating

MEIHE CECIKE the name of a small bird that has a long neck and a sharp tongue

MEIHE GELEKU Gastrodia, from which oil is extracted

MEIHE GIRANGGI snake bones!--an oath

MEIHE GŪN HALAMBI the snake changes its skin

MEIHE ŠARI the name of a bitter wild vegetable

MEIHE YOO a red eruption on the skin

MEIHEGUWELEKU see meihe geleku


MEIHENGGE pertaining to the snake

MEIHENGGE ANIYA the year of the serpent

MEIHEREBUMBI caus. of meiherembi

MEIHEREMBI to carry on the shoulder, to lift to the shoulder

MEIHEREFI MAKTAMBI to lift to the shoulder and throw down (in wrestling)

MEIHETU mud eel--Apterigia immaculata

MEIHETU HENGKE fiber melon (Luffa cylindrica)

MEIJEBUMBI 1. caus. of meijembi 2. to shatter, to pulverize

MEIJEMBI to shatter, to fragment, to break, to become powder

MEILEBUMBI caus. of meilembi

MEILEMBI to carve up, to dissect (a carcass), to cut off, to cut out

MEIMENI each one, every, severally, the same as mend mend

MEIREN 1. shoulder 2. on a battue, the two banners marching on both sides of the center 3. side-, vice-, sub- 4. the sides of a bow grip 5. the large beads on both ends of a Buddhist rosary

MEIREN ADAME shoulder to shoulder, side by side

MEIREN GIRANGGI shoulder bone

MEIREN I JANGGIN Lieutenant-general, BH 658

MEIRENGGE having shoulders

MEIRETU the shoulder piece of a suit of armor

MEISE the fruit of Prunus mume (Japanese apricot)

MEISILE light yellow amber

MEITEBUMBI caus. of meitembi

MEITEMBI to cut off, to cut in two, to excise

MEJIGE news, information

MEJIGE ALAMBI to report news

MEJIGE BA information point, place where news can be obtained

MEJIGE GAIMBI to collect information, to gather news

MEJIGELEBUMBI caus. of mejigelembi

MEJIGELEMBI to make inquiries, to seek information, to look for news

MEJIN CECIKE a long-tailed bird with a black neck and back whose cry announces good luck

MEKCEREMBI to bend forward, to incline the shoulders forward

MEKCEREFI ILIHABI stands bent forward

MEKCERŠEMBI to bend very far forward

MEKE the side of a Gacuha without a hole

MEKELE in vain, vainly, emptily, merely

MEKENI a mouth harp with a metal tongue

MEKENIMBI to play the mouth harp

MEKENIYEN see mekeni

MEKEREBUMBI caus. of mekerembi

MEKEREMBI to be decrepit, to be disabled, to be beaten to a pulp

MEKTEBUMBI caus. of mektembi

MEKTEMBI to bet, to wager

MEKTEN bet, wager

MEKTEREMBI see mektembi


MELBIKU JAHŪDAI a short, light rowboat


MELBIN MOO a tree similar to the cedar (Cedrela chinensis)

MELE on the lookout

MELEBUMBI 1. caus. of melembi 2. to overlook, to neglect, to omit, to forget

MELEMBI 1. to water (livestock) 2. to sneak away, to hide

MELENDUMBI/MELENUMBI to water together

MELENEMBI to go to water

MELENJIMBI to come to water

MELERHI one name for the manul; cf. ujirhi

MELERJEMBI to sneak off, to shrink away

MELERŠEMBI 1. see memerembi 2. see melerjembi

MELESETEMBI to shrink back, to fear to step forward

MELI jasmine

MELJEBUMBI caus. of meIjembi

MELJEMBI to compete, to compete in, to engage in a contest, to gamble

MELKEN vapor rising from the earth

MELKEŠEMBI to rise (of vapor from the earth,, to form a mirage

MELKEŠERE DENGJAN lanterna magica


MELMEN blood clot

MELMENEMBI to clot, to coagulate

MEMBE accusative form of be: us

MEME wet nurse, see meme eniye

MEME AMA husband of a wet nurse

MEME ENIYE wet nurse

MEMEMA husband of a wet nurse

MEMENIYE wet nurse (of a noble family)

MEMEREKU stubborn, firm

MEMEREMBI 1. to be stubborn, to remain fixed in one's opinions 2. to be greedy for, to covet

MEMEREN stubborn, unyielding

MELERŠEMBI to be obstinate, to insist upon, to be recalcitrant

MEN ŠEN ENDURI the gate god

MENCI ablative of be: from us, than us

MENDE dative of be: to us, for us

MENDEREMBI (-ke) to get one's speech confused (of old people)

MLENDZ doorkeeper

MENE 1. indeed, actually, truly, honestly 2. see menen

MENEHUN stupid, not intelligent

MENEKEN rather invalid, somewhat crippled, rather stupid

MENEN 1. paralyzed, invalid, disabled 2. stupid, silly

MENEREMBI (-ke) 1. to be stupid, to be silly 2. to be numb, to be asleep (of parts of the body) 3. to be paralyzed

MENGDE a window that does not open, a blind window

MENGDELEMBI to be fixed, to be strong

MENGGE hard (of foods), hard to chew

MENGGUN silver

MENGGUN GUILEHE the fruit of the ginkgo

MENGGUN I NAMUN silver depository, treasury, Bullion Vaults, BH 7], 497

MENGGUN INGGALI the name of a small white bird

MENGGUN JALUNGGA NAMUN the name of a silver depository in Tatung, northern Shansi

MENGGUN NISIHA silverfish--a tasty white fish that is taken from frozen water in the winter

MENGGUN UREBUMBI to mine silver ore

MENGLEN vain, futile

MENGSE a curtain, drapery

MENGSEKU curtain made of cloth or felt

hung before a door

MENGSEKU I LAKIYAKŪ rod for hanging a door curtain

MENGSEKU I NAMUN depository of door curtains belonging to the Board of Works

MENI genitive of be: our

MENI MENI each, every, severally


MENJI turnip

MENTEHE missing a tooth, toothless

MENTEHEJEMBI to have missing teeth, to be gap-toothed

MENTU steamed bread (usually round in shape)

MENTUHUDEMBI to behave stupidly, to act in a silly fashion

MENTUHUKEN rather stupid, rather silly

MENTUHUN stupid, silly

MENTUHUREMBI to speak stupidly, to behave stupidly, to act in a silly fashion

MENTUN see mentu

MERE buckwheat

MERE JEMPIN fried cakes made of buckwheat

MERE NIMANGGI snow that has frozen into small beads the size of a grain of buckwheat

MEREN ILHA an exotic white flower that resembles crushed rice

MERGEDEMBI to be an excellent hunter or fisherman, to excel, to be outstanding

MERGEMBI see merhembi

MERGEN 1. a very good hunter or fisherman, an intelligent or wise man 2. outstanding, wise, worthy, skilled, adept

MERGEN CECIKE another name for the shrike; cf. giyahūn

MERGEN HEHE title of honor of the third rank conferred upon the wife of a meritorious official

MERGENGGE MAHATUN a hat worn by worthies and scholars in ancient times

MERGESE the plural of mergen

MERHE a double-edged fine-toothed comb

MERHEBUMBI caus. of merhembi

MERHEMBI to comb with a merhe

MERKIMBI to recollect, to bring to mind

MERKIHE SEME BAHARAKŪ not to be able to recollect

MERKIN recall, memory, consciousness

MERKINGGE alert, conscious

MERPINGGE NIYEHE one name for the common duck

MERSEN small black spots on the face

MERSENEMBI to get small black spots on the face


MERSENGGE ASHA a quail with small spots on the wing

MERSENGGE CUSE MOO spotted bamboo

MERSENGGE DUDU a small spotted purple dove

MERSERI betel nut; cf. binse

MERSETU COKO one name for the turkey; cf. suihetu coko

MEŠEBUMBI caus./pass. of melembi

MEŠEMBI 1. to shove in 2. to copulate, to make sexual connection with (a female)

METEKU a pole for offerings

METEMBI 1. to pay a vow to a god 2. to offer animals in sacrifice to heaven

METU one name for the itu--the partridge; cf. jukidun

MEYE younger sister's husband (in the older language it also meant wife's younger brother)

MEYELEBUMBI caus./pass. of meyelembi

MEYELEMBI to cut into sections

MEYEN 1. section, segment, division, piece, chapter 2. group, squadron, rank (of troops), row

MEYEN I AFAHA a list on which the number of the group who was to have an audience with the emperor was written

MEYEN I AMBAN Commandant of the Forces, BH 865

MEYEN MEYEN I section by section, piece by piece, etc.

MEYENGGE CARGILAKŪ firecrackers that explode in rapid succession

MEYETE plural of meye

MI ORHO see mijiri orho

MIBSEHE a type of insect that attacks the rice plant

MIBSEHENEMBI to become insect infested (rice)

MIBURI one-sextillionth

MICEO a type of fine cotton

MICIHA ARAMBI to make rope for fishing and hunting nets

MICIHIYAN 1. shallow 2. narrow-minded

MICIHIYAN BE FETEMBI to dredge shallows

MICIKA see micihiyan

MICUBUMBI 1. caus. of micumbi 2. to beat someone so that he can't get up

MICUDAMBI to crawl around (of children)

MICUMBI to crawl

MICURŠEMBI to crawl continuously

MIDA see midada

MIDADA the name of a plant whose sweet-tasting roots resemble the roots of the sari sogi

MIDAHA leech

MIDALJAMBI 1. to move back and forth, to move in a zigzag way, to slither (like a snake) 2. to shake the

body so as to make the bells on the belt ring (of shamans)

MIGAN see mihan

MIHACAN the young of the wild pig

MIHADAMBI to jump about, to hop

MIHAN a young pig

MIJIREBUMBI 1. caus. of mijirembi 2.to beat someone until he can't move

MIJIREMBI the same as mijurambi

MIJIRI ORHO Ligusticum

MIJURABUMBI 1. caus. of mijurambi 2. to beat someone until he can't move

MIJURAMBI to make a motion back and forth, to rock back and forth (while sitting), to drag the feet while walking

MIKCAN 1. one name for the musk deer; cf. miyahū 2. musk; cf. jarin

MILA 1. open, wide open 2. be off! be gone! 3. light yellow amber

MILA NEIMBI to open wide

MILACAMBI see milarambi

MILAHŪN wide open, gaping

MILAHŪN MORO bowl with a thick rim and wide opening

MILAMBI to go away, to be off

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