A a an interjection of casual response

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KARJAMBI see garjambi

KARKA CECIKE common snipe (Cappella gallinago)

KARKAKŪ "scraper"--a musical instrument made in the shape of a tiger with a corrugated back over which a bar can be run to produce a grating sound; cf. ioi

KARKALA see karkalan

KARKALAN wild peach (the inner bark of which is used for attaching arrowheads to the shaft)

KARKAMBI to scrape with a wooden or bamboo stick

KARKAN CECIKE see karka cecike

KARKIMBI see kargimbi

KARMABUMBI caus. of karmambi

KARMACUN protection

KARMAKŪ protector

KARMAMBI to protect, to take care of

KARMAN the same as karmacun

KARMANDUMBI/KARMANUMBI to protect together, to protect one another

KARMANGGA First Class Transport Station (on the Grand Canal), BH 834

KARMANI a written charm

KARMARAMBI see karmambi

KARMASI protector, patron

KARMATAMBI to protect continually

KARMATANGGA protective

KARMATU MAHATUN a hat worn in ancient times by the officers of the imperial bodyguard

KARU 1. retribution, recompense, reward, revenge 2. gratitude

KARU BUMBI to repay, to recompense

KARU GAIMBI to exact revenge

KARU TEMGETU receipt for a document issued by the authorities

KARULABUMBI caus. of karulambi

KARULAMBI 1. to repay, to recompense 2. to requite, to get revenge

KARULAN 1. recompense 2. karma

KARUN outpost sentry, border guard

KARUN COOHA troops on sentry duty

KARUN I BA an outpost, sentry post

KARUN I CUWAN patrol boat

KARUN I NIYALMA sentry, border guard

KARUN SABUMBI to see the first signs of smallpox

KARUN SINDAMBI to place a sentry

KARUŠAMBI to persist in repaying

KAS KIS swift, agile

KAS SEME 1. (onom.) sound of a grazing arrow 2. swift

KASARI see kabari

KASKAN haughtiness, arrogance

KASKANAMBI to become arrogant or conceited

KATA FATA in a rush, in a flurry, concerned, anxious

KATA KITI (onom.) 1. the sound of shoes treading on a hard surface 2. squeaking, scraping

KATABUMBI caus. of katambi

KATAHA FADU the name of a bird whose call sounds like kataha fadu

KATAK (onom.) the sound of a lock clicking shut

KATAK KITIK (onom.) the sound of an object falling from a high place

KATAMBI to dry

KATAHA YALI dried meat

KATANG SEME very hard, solid

KATANGGA SORO jujubes dried in the sun

KATAR FATAR 1. affable, warm 2. with all one's might, to the best of one's ability

KATAR SEME dried out, dried up

KATARABUMBI caus. of katarambi


KATI brocade embroidered in silk

KATI JONGDON grass linen with brocade embroidery work on it

KATUN 1. effort, exertion 2. queen, princess

KATUNJAMBI to force oneself to do something, to struggle to do something, to exert effort to do something

KATUR KITUR (onom.) the sound of eating hard brittle things (like ice)

KATUR SEME brittly, crunching

KATURI crab, crayfish

KE 1. interjection of surprise 2. a quarter of an hour; cf. kemu

KEB KAB SEME affectionate, warm, affable, sincere

KEB SEME 1. warm, affable 2. exhausted 3. falling, dropping

KEBISU see keibisu

KEBSE a little bit too much

KEBSE EKIYEHE diminished a little too much

KEBSIMBI 1. to slap the legs against leather saddle skirts 2. to click or snap loudly

KEBSISU see keibisu

KEBSU see keibisu

KECEMBI see hecembi

KECER SEME in large quantity (of very small objects)

KECER SEME ADAMBI to fit many small pieces together

KECU fierce, cruel

KECUDEMBI to be fierce, to act fiercely

KEDEREBUMBI caus. of kederembi

KEDEREMBI to patrol, to watch, to make the rounds

KEDEREME BAICARA HAFAN an official who patrols the examination hall, proctor

KEDEREŠEMBI see kederšembi

KEDERŠMBI to hurt with harsh words, to attack verbally

KEFUCEN brittle, fragile

KEIBIRI ILHA an exotic flower--when growing very close together they resemble a brightly colored carpet

KEIBISU carpet, rug

KEIFU the name of an arrow used for shooting tigers, bears, and buck deer

KEIFULEMBI to pierce, to go through (arrows)

KEIKE partial, unfair, prejudiced

KEIKEDEMBI to act in an unfair or prejudiced manner

KEIKELJEMBI to lean to one side, to act partially

KEIKEMBI see keikedembi

KEIKUHEN a kestrel

KEILEN a crocodilelike reptile

KEIRE a dark brown horse with a black tail and mane

KEIŠEMBI 1. to implore, to beg 2. to heal, to dry up (of a sore on a horse)

KEJINE a while, a long time, a lot

KEK SEMBI to be pleased, to be gratified, to be refreshed

KEKDE KAKDA not level, bumpy (of a place where one is walking)

KEKE elder sister of husband or wife-sister-in-law

KEKE KAKA (onom.) stuttering, stammering

KEKEREMBI to belch; cf. jo banjimbi, johombi

KEKERI TATAMBI to act conceited

KEKI KAKA (onom.) laughing, cackling

KEKSEBUKU a good-luck scepter, a scepter made in a fantastic shape

KEKSEBUMBI caus. of keksembi

KEKSEMBI see kek sembi

KEKSEN joy, gratification

KEKSENGGE GOHON a hook for hanging curtains made in the shape of a good-luck scepter

KEKTE KAKTA uneven, rough (surface)

KEKU the uvula; cf. ilmaha

KEKU UMIYAHA a type of multicolored caterpillar that appears in large groups on trees

KEKUHE Asiatic cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

KEKUTU a variety of cuckoo

KELENG KALANG slack, loose, lax

KELENG KALANG UMESI SULA limp, tired out (of horses and cows)

KELER KALAR 1. undone, unraveled (of seams) 2. careless, negligent, absent-minded 3. lax, loose


KELER KALAR SEME AŠŠAMBI to be loose (undone) and move

KELERI slack, loose

KELERI KALARI loose, lax, slack

KELFIMBI (-ke) 1. to lean, to tilt 2. to be about to set (the sun), to be past the zenith

KELFIŠEMBI 1. to lean to one side (of a ship in a storm) 2. to waver, to be irresolute, to be in doubt 3. to run (of wild animals)

KELFIŠEME FEKSIMBI to run (of wild animals)

KELFIYEDEMBI see kelfišembi

KELFIYEMBI see kelfimbi

KELFIYEŠEMBI see kelfišembi

KELI men who have married sisters--brothers-in-law

KELMEMBI see kemnembi

KELTEHE golden carp; cf. onggošon

KELTERHEN a type of swallow--it has a short beak, black body, speckled breast, and loud cry

KEMIN marrow

KEMKI KAMKI shameless, forward, obtrusive

KEMKIMBI to chase and bite (of dogs, geese, etc.)

KEMNEBUMBI caus. of kemnembi

KEMNEKU a measuring device

KEMNEMBI 1. to measure, to weigh 2. to moderate, to use with measure, to use temperately, to be frugal

KEMNEME BODORO BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN Department of Weights and leasures, BH 460A

KEMNERE OLHOŠORO NAMUN the name of a silver depsitory of the Board of Works

KEMNEN measure, measuring

KEMNEN AKŪ without measure, intemperate

KEMŠU one name for the Chinese button quail; cf. niyo mušu

KEMU a quarter of an hour; cf. ke

KEMU I TAMPIN a water clock

KEMU TAMPIN TUWARA HAFAN Keeper of Clepsydra, BH 23I

KEMUHEN norm, scale

KEMUN 1. measure, dimension, model, ruler, rule, regulation 2. a marker beyond which one is not allowed to step when competing in archery 3. a point beyond which one is not allowed to go

KEMUN AKŪ without measure, without rule

KEMUN DURUN dimension, scale, model, standard

KEMUN I JIHA a model coin--a model from which other copper coins were made

KEMUN I SUJE silk used for offerings

KEMUN KOOLI measure, rule, regulation

KEMUN MIYALIN measure, dimension

KEMUN TON reckoning, measuring

KEMUN YANGSE manners, deportment

KEMUNGGE 1. having measure, frugal 2. simple

KEMUNI 1. often 2. still, yet

KEKUNI JAFAŠAMBI to practice constantly (what one has learned)

KEKUNI UNDE not yet, still not

KEMURI COKO one name for the chicken; cf. ikiri coko

KEN 1. mad, crazy 2. willing

KENDELE NISIHA a small fish resembling the chum salmon

KENDERHEN the long hair under the neck of a camel

KENDERHEN NIONGNIYAHA one name for the wild goose; cf. jurgangga gasha

KENDERHEN NIYEHE the tufted duck (Sythya fuligula)

KENEHUNJEBUMBI caus./pass. of kenehunjembi

KENEHUNJECUKE doubtful, suspicious

KENEHUNJEMBI to doubt, to suspect

KENEHUNJEN doubt, suspicion

KENG (onom.) the sound of coughing

KENG KANG (onom.) the sound of many people coughing or clearing their throats

KENG KENG (onom.) the sound of kowtowing

KENG SEME see kek sembi

KENGCEMBI to break, to collapse (of soft things)

KENGGEHUN 1. emaciated 2. empty, vacant


KENGGERI 1. diaphragm 2. the front section of a slaughtered animal 3. the clavicle of a bird

KENGGIN walrus

KENGKEMBI 1. to dry out, to be dried up 2. to be famished, to be very hungry and thirsty

KENGKEŠEMBI to crave, to desire greatly

KENGSE resolute, determined

KENGSE LASHA decisive, resolute

KENGSEJEMBI to become worn (of ropes and fine objects)

KENGSELEBUMBI caus. of kengselembi

KENGSELEMBI to decide, to determine

KENGSIMBI 1. to call (of the cuckoo) 2. to cough, to hack, to clear the throat

KENGTEHUN 1. stooped, hunched 2. towering above the herd

KENGTEHUN AMBA larger than the rest

of the herd

KENJE small in stature, stunted

KENŠEMBI see kengkešembi

KEO KEO SEME fervent

KER (onom.) the sound of a belch

KERCIBUMBI caus. of kercimbi

KERCIMBI to cut up or dissect a slaughtered animal, to butcher

KERCIHE YALI chunks of meat from a butchered animal

KEREMU rampart, walled enclosure or city, wall made of mud and bricks, citadel

KEREMU DE AKTALAME straddling a rampart

KERKENEMBI to become severely pockmarked

KERKERI a pockmarked person; cf. mass

KERKIMBI 1. to bark incessantly, to yap 2. to scrape a winnowing fan with a bamboo stick during the 'snake song'

KERKIN KARKAN uneven, rough, bumpy

KERME a sea fish resembling the tubehe

KERMEYEN NIMAHA a sea fish similar to the heihule

KERSEN the skin and flesh between the breast and front legs on sheep and wild animals

KERSU the flesh from the breast of a sheep

KERU a young crow--the same as holon gaha.

KERULEMBI to impose a reparation or compensation as a punishment

KERUN reparation, compensation

KES as if cut off with a knife, sharp, sheer

KES SEME sharp, sheer, cut off

KES SEME LAKCAHA severed smoothly, broke sharply

KES SERE BA a precipitous place that looks like it has been cut off with a knife, a sheer drop

KESE MASA 1. in dire need 2. crude, unkempt, careless

KESEMBUREO idler, sluggard, scoundrel

KESEMBURU see kesembureo

KESER SEME (onom.) the sound of chewing hard things

KESI kind act (from above), favor, grace, kindness, graciousness

KESI BE SELGIYERE FULEHUN BE ISIBURE TEMGETUN the name of an insignia of the imperial escort

KESI BE TUWAKIYARA GURUN BE DALIRE GUNG Prince of the Blood of the fifth degree, BH 20

KESI BE TUWAKIYARA GŪRUN DE AISILARA GUNG Prince of the Blood of the sixth degree, BH 21

KESI BE TUWAKIYARA JANGGIN Noble of the Imperial lineage by Imperial Favor, BH 27A

KESI BELE I CALU a granary of the Board of Finance in Peking

KESI DE HENGKILEMBI to kowtow as an act of thanksgiving for the emperor's favor

KESI ISIBUMBI to bestow favor

KESI MENGGUN I NAMUN a treasury located in every banner for rewarding the troops

KESI SIMEHE his grace has permeated (everywhere)

KESI ŠANGNAHAN I KUNGGERI office of rewards and besowals in the Board of Rites

KESI YALI meat used as offerings


KESIKE FATHA a wild herb whose leaves resemble cat's paws

KESINGGE blessed with good fortune, blessed, favored

KESINGGE HAFAN a hereditary rank of the ninth grade, BE 944

KESIRI MASIRI 1. coarse, unkempt, careless, worthless 2. in dire need

KESITU blessed, favored

KETE KATA 1. (onom.) the sound of horse's hoofs striking stone 2. snacks (dried fruits and biscuits) eaten by children

KETEK KATAK (onom.) the sound of cart wheels on a rough surface

KETERI 1. lip 2. vulva

KI 1. breath, vapor 2. anger 3. banner

KI FULHAMBI to dissipate one's anger

KI KŪ (onom.) the sound of sniggering or giggling

KI PAI HAFAN police commissioner

KI YANG JODON a type of coarse grass linen produced in Chi-yang in Hunan

KIB SEME (onom.) the sound of hitting something with the fist

KICAN one hundred sheets of paper

KICEBE diligent, assiduous

KICEBUMBI caus. of kicembi

KICEMBI to strive, to exert oneself, to be diligent, to apply oneself, to concentrate on, to be intent on, to study

KICEN 1. diligence, exertion, striving 2. task, undertaking, lesson 3. virya, one of the six pāramitā

KICENDUMBI/KICENUMBI to strive together

KIDUBUMBI caus./pass. of kidumbi

KIDULAMBI see kiyangdulambi

KIDUMBI (-ha) to think about, to long for, to miss

KIDUN longing

KIDUN CECIKE the Hopei crow-tit (Suthora webbiana)

KIFUR (onom.) the sound of crunching or gnashing

KIFUR SEME crunching, grinding (of sounds)

KIJIMI 1. trepang, sea slug 2. an oath used toward children

KIK KIK SEME anxious, troubled, confused

KIKI KAKA (onom.) the sound of many people laughing

KIKŪR (onom.) the sound made by cart wheels, the sound of teeth gnashing

KIKŪR SEME 1. the same as kikūr 2. heavy, thick (of cloth)

KILA ILHA the name of a white wild flower

KILAHŪN seagull, gull, birds of the genus Larus

KILAKCI a very small cooking pot

KILANG KALANGGA (onom.) the sound of ringing or tingling

KILHANA bramble-bush (Bidens bipinnata)

KILIN a unicorn, chilin

KILTAN banner, pennant

KILTANGGA bearing a banner or pennant

KILTARI signal flag

KILUK a black-spotted horse

KIMA Szechuan hemp (Sida ziliaefolia)

KIMA SUSE mortar mixed with hemp fibers

KIMCIBUMBI caus. of kimcimbi

KIMCIKŪ 1. checker, examiner 2. thorough, exact, careful

KIMCIMBI to examine, to check, to investigate, to look into carefully, to do carefully


KIMCIME BAICARA BA an office of the Grand Secretariat

KIMCIME BAICARA BOO inspection office of the Printing Office and Bookbindery

KIMCIN examination, checking

KIMCINDUMBI/KINCINUMBI to examine together

KIMCISI Commissary of the Seal or Correspondence Secretary, BH 826

KIMU see kimun

KIMULEBUMBI caus. of kimulembi

KIMULEMBI to harbor enmity, to harbor a grudge, to get revenge

KIMUN enmity, grudge, feud, revenge

KIMUN BAITA a matter of enmity, feud, a matter for revenge

KIMUN BATA enemy, bitter foe

KIMUN BE KARULAMBI to get revenge

KIMUN JAFAMBI to harbor a grudge

KIMUNDUMBI to get revenge on one another, to have a grudge against one another

KIMUNGGE 1. having a grudge, harboring enmity 2. a personal enemy

KIN the seven-stringed lute

KIN ŠE lute and harp

KINA ILHA garden balsam (Impatiens balsamina)

KINAMU ILHA henna (Lawsonia inermis)

KING 1. (onom.) the sound of a heavy object falling 2. a musical stone 3. land measure equal to one hundred mu

KINGGIR SEME clinking, clattering

KINGGIRI one name for the hill myna

KINGGIRI SEME (onom.) the sound of breaking into many small pieces

KINGGUHE one name for the myna

KINGKEN musical stone

KINGKIRI SEME crashing loudly

KINTALA see kitala

KINUMBI to loathe, to despise

KIONGGUHE myna of South China (Acridotheres cristatellus)

KIONGGUN firm, unshakable


KIOR SEME (onom.) the sound of a bird taking off suddenly

KIRAGA attentive, observant

KIRFU sturgeon

KIRHO lettuce

KIRIBA 1. a patient person 2. patient, long-suffering

KIRIBUMBI caus. of kirimbi

KIRICA female demon (Buddhist)

KIRICUN patience, forbearance

KIRIJY demons

KIRIKŪ endurer, sufferer

KIRIMBI 1. to endure, to tolerate, to suffer 2. to lie still (of animals who sense a nearby danger)

KIRSA corsac, fox of the steppes (Vulpes corsac)

KIRSA CABI the white breast and belly pelt of the corsac

KIRU a small banner (worn on the back by soldiers)

KIRUDA red signal flag

KIRULAMBI see karulambi

KIRUMBI to seek out a mare (of a stallion)

KIRUSI battle banner

KISARI a sterile mare

KIŠAN fresh, new, neat, bright

KIŠIMIŠI small green seedless grape

KITALA 1. the stock of a writing brush 2. quill

KITARI a type of wild pig with white hair on its neck and legs

KITIR SEME fast (galloping)

KITUHAN the seven-stringed lute

KITUHAN I KUYERHEN knots on the cords of a lute

KITUHAN I MURIKŪ the pegs of a lute

KITUHAN I SUJAKŪ the base of a lute

KITUHANGGA pertaining to the sevenstringed lute

KIYA honeycomb, cell

KIYAB KIB SEME sprightly, nimbly, smartly

KIYAB SEME 1. quickly 2. snug fitting, just right 3. concentrated 4. tight

KIYAB SEME GENE go quickly

KIYAB SEME JIO come quickly

KIYADAMBI to inlay (pearls or jewels)

KIYAFUR KIFUR (onom.) 1. the sound of chewing hard objects 2. the sound of something smashing

KIYAK (onom.) the sound of dried wood breaking

KIYAK KIK (onom.) the sound of a large tree splitting

KIYAK SEME the same as kiyak

KIYAKIYABUMBI caus. of kiyakiyambi

KIYAKIYAMBI 1. to sigh 2. to click the tongue with admiration, to praise, to admire

KIYAKIYAME FERGUWEMBI to click the tongue in amazement, to sigh from admiring something

KIYAKŪ river perch

KIYAKŪHA a hawk of mixed breed--considered useless for falconry

KIYAKŪNG (onom.) the sound made by a heavily loaded wagon, with a rumbling sound

KIYAKŪNG KIKŪNG the same as kiyakūng

KIYAAKŪNG SEME GUWEMBI to make a rumbling sound (of a heavy wagon)

KIYALABUMBI caus. of kiyalambi

KIYALAMBI to bind (books)

KIYALARA DOBTOLORO FALGA bookbindery in the Printing Office and Bookbindery; cf. BH 94

KIYALANG (onom.) 1. the sound of a single bell 2. the sound of metal colliding with another object

KIYALANG SEMBI to ring, to clang

KIYALMABUMBI caus. of kiyalmambi

KIYALMAGAN an inlaid ornament

KIYALMAMBI to inlay pearls, jewels, or coral in gold or silver

KIYAMBI to inlay (jewels or pearls in gold or silver)

KIYAMNAMBI to inlay--the same as kiyalmambi

KIYAMNAN MAHATUN an ancient-style hat adorned with golden cicadas and sable tails

KIYAN 1. a paper measure equaling twenty-five sheets, a quire 2. anything folded or bound together

KIYANGDU powerful, forceful

KIYANGDUKAN rather powerful, rather forceful

KIYANGDULABUMBI caus./pass. of kiyangdulambi

KIYANGDULAMBI to use force, to take by force

KIYANGKIYAN powerful, excelling

KIYANGKIYAŠABUMBI caus./pass. of kiyangkiyašambi

KIYANGKIYAŠAMBI to offer powerful resistance

KIYANGKIYATU MAHATUN a style of hat worn by heroes in ancient times

KIYAR (onom.) the sound made by a wild hawk

KIYAR KIR (onom.) the cry of alarm made by birds of prey and martens

KIYAR SEME shrieking fiercely (to keep someone from advancing)

KIYARIBUMBI caus. of kiyarimbi

KIYARIMBI 1. to chop firewood 2. to decimate, to slaughter 3. to cackle (after laying and egg)

KIYARIME WAHA totally decimated

KIYARKIYA SEME worn out, weary

KIYAS (onom.) the sound of something brittle breaking

KIYATA young sea bream

KIYATAR SEME rumbling, roaring

KIYATAR SEME INJEMBI to laugh uproariously

KIYATUBUMBI caus. of kiyatumbi

KIYATUMBI to be famished, to suffer hunger

KIYATUR KITUR (onom.) the sound of clods being crushed under wagon wheels

KIYEI NAN HIYANG a type of incense

KIYOB SEME (onom.) the sound of arrows striking a target

KIYOKAN a small pointed knife used by an arrow maker

KIYOKIYON the name of an edible wild plant with hollow stems


KIYOLORJOMBI to put on airs, to behave in an affected manner

KIYOO 1. sedan chair, litter 2. bridge

KIYOO CAMBI to throw a bridge (across a stream)

KIYOO DOOMBI to cross a bridge

KIYOO NIONGNIYAHA a small blackheaded wild goose

KIYOO SEJEN sedan chair

KIYOO TUKIYEMBI to carry a sedan chair

KIYOOKA kindling

KIYOOKAN see kiyooka

KIYOR SEME (onom.) cackling

KO 1. ditch, sewer 2. (onom.) sound of gagging

KO KA (onom.) sound made when something gets caught in the throat,

the sound of gagging

KO SANGGA sewer, ditch

KO MOO a species of oak

KOB SEME 1. right on the mark, right on target 2. wholly, totally 3. without more ado, forthwith

KOB SEME GAMAHA took it away forthwith

KOB SEME GENEHE went without any ado

KOB SEME TEHE sat down without any ado

KOBCIHIYADAMBI to put on airs, to strut about

KOBCIHIYAN dandy, poser, pretentious person

KOBCIMBI to become detached, to fall off, to peel off

KOBDOLOMBI to keep in a kobdon

KOBDON a container for arrows or tools

KOBI 1. concave place, depression 2. the depressions on both sides of the nose

KOBKOLOMBI to remove (paper that has been stuck to some surface)

KOBSOHON 1. long-nosed 2. something floating on the surface of water

KOBSOHON SABUMBI to see something floating on water

KOBSOLJOMBI to brag about small things, to be a petty braggart

KOBSOLJOME ARBUŠAMBI to behave like a petty braggart

KOBTO respect, awe

KOBTOLOMBI to treat respectfully

KOBTON respect, reverence

KOBTONGGO respectful, deferential

KOCO angle or corner in a house

KOCO WAI angular, curved, crooked

KODO the third stomach of sheep and cows that is eaten filled with blood

KOFON SUJE a type of porous silk material

KOFOR SEME rotten or soft on the inside (of food)

KOFORI 1. bubble, pore, hollow, porous 2. the name of a fruit similar to the pomelo

KOFORI EFEN a type of very porous pastry

KOFORI ILHA a very fragrant exotic white flower that blooms toward the end of spring

KOFORINAMBI to become hollow, to become porous

KOHODOMBI to cry (of pheasants in the autumn)

KOHONG KOHONG (onom.) the sound of repeated coughing

KOIKA 1. scalp 2. short plants growing thickly together that resemble human hair 3. bricks made of clay and plant roots

KOIKA FU a wall built of adobe brick

KOIKA HOTON a mud wall

KOIKALAMBI to scratch the scalp, to hurt the scalp

KOIKAŠABUMBI caus. of koikašambi

KOIKAŠAMBI to scuffle, to fight, to get in trouble

KOIKOHON floating high on the surface

KOIKOLJOMBI to behave in a reckless or peculiar fashion

KOIKON short fine feathers that appear on the tails of fowl--their appearance on a hen indicates the hen is no longer willing to sit on eggs

KOIKON DEKDEHEBI 'tail feathers have appeared'--said of person who has become fed up or obstinate

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