A a an interjection of casual response

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HŪDUNGGA speedy, swift

HŪFAN company, partnership, troupe

HŪFUBUMBI 1. caus. of hūfumbi 2. to run aground

HŪFUMBI to run aground

HŪFUN gruel used to feed domestic animals

HŪFUN ULEBUMBI to prepare gruel for feeding to livestock

HŪHA 1. a knot of cotton at the end of a whip 2. a cotton rope

HŪHŪBA a long gown without slits at the side

HŪHŪCAN see huhucu

HŪHŪLI one name for the scops owl; cf. hūšahū

HŪI 1. red felt edging on the lower part of a saddle blanket 2. an exclamation--now, then 3. meeting, assembly, association

HŪI HAI SEME dizzy, unsteady


HŪI HŪWA ILHA a type of fragrant orchid

HŪI KUI a title bestowed on those who placed between sixth and thirteenth on the imperial examination, BH 629C

HŪI SEME 1. dizzy 2. surging; cf. hūwai seme

HŪI ŠORO a matted basket used for pressing oil

HŪI TAI frivolous, dawdling

HŪI YUWAN those who placed second to fifth in the imperial examination, BH 629C

HŪIFAN see hoifan

HŪISE Moslem; cf. hoise

HŪJACI constable, policeman

HŪJACI BE KADALARA BA office of the Controller of the Police Bureau, BH 8I

HŪJACI BE KADALARA FIYENTEN police division of the office of the Banner General of Mukden

HŪJIBUMBI caus. of hūjimbi

HŪJIMBI to rouse a recumbent tiger by shouting

HŪJIME DAMBI to sough (of the wind), to blow so as to set the leaves of trees in motion

HŪJIRI alkaline, alkali, soda

HŪJIRI BA an alkaline place

HŪJU a Central Asiatic pearl

HŪK SEME unaware (of fatigue)

HŪKCUMBI to surprise, to catch unaware

HŪKJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

HŪKTAMBI 1. to be hot and moist, to be steaming 2. to ferment

HŪKTAMBUMBI caus. of hūktambi

HŪLABUMBI caus. of hūlambi

HŪLAMBI 1. to shout, to call 2. to read aloud 3. to crow

HŪLARA HAFAN Herald, Ceremonial Usher, BH 79, 382B, 391

HŪLAN chimney, smoke hole

HŪLANABUMBI caus. of hūlanambi

HŪLANAMBI to go to call, to go to read

HŪLANDUMBI/HŪLANUMBI to call together, to read together

HŪLANGGA COKO one name for the chicken; cf. coko

HŪLANGGA GASHA see hūlangga coko

HŪLANJIMBI to come to call, to come to read

HŪLAŠABUMBI caus. of hūlašambi

HŪLAŠAMBI to exchange, to barter, to trade, to exchange places with

HŪLAŠANDUMBI to exchange with one another

HŪLDURAMBI see gūldurambi

HŪLGA see hūlha

HŪLGI see hūlhi

HŪLGICAN NIYEHE one name for the wild

duck known as yargican niyehe

HŪLHA 1. bandit, robber, thief 2. rebel 3. secret, on the sly

HŪLHA BE JAFARA TINGGIN Bureau of Police Affairs, BH 795A-D

HŪLHA HOLO robbers and thieves, bandits

HŪLHAI FEYE den of bandits

HŪLHABUMBI caus./pass. of hūlhambi

HŪLHAMBI 1. to rob, to steal 2. to act secretly, to act furtively, to act on the sly

HŪLHANAMBI to go to steal

HŪLHANDUMBI/HŪLHANUMBI to steal (of a group)

HŪLHANJIMBI to come to steal

HŪLHATU swindler, thief

HŪLHI muddleheaded, confused, mixed up, blurred

HŪLHI LAMPA primeval chaos

HŪLHIBUN deception, delusion

HŪLHIDAMBI to act in a confused manner, to be in a daze

HŪLHIKAN somewhat confused

HŪLHIMBUMBI 1. to be led astray, to be deluded, to be deceived 2. to lead astray, to delude

HŪLHITŪ a muddleheaded person

HŪLURI MALARI careless, lax, hasty

HŪMAN talent, capability

HŪMARABUMBI caus. of hūmarambi

HŪMARAMBI (-ka) to have a dirty face, to be soiled

HŪMBI to plait, to braid

HŪMBUR SEME in great quantity, profusely, frequently

HŪMSU see humsun

HŪNAMBI to form a paste, to form a mess, to become all tangled up

HŪNCIHIN relative, of the same clan or family

HŪNCUN the name of a Manchu tribe

HŪNG HIYONG (onom.) 1. the sound of the tide 2. the sound of running horses

HŪNG I POO a European cannon

HŪNG SEME (onom.) the sound of a fire

HŪNGKO the front part of a ship, the bow

HŪNGNIYOOLAMBI to rain while the sun is shining

HŪNGSI 1. pebble 2. Chinese little grebe (Poliocephalus rufficollis)

HŪNGSIBUMBI caus. of hūngsimbi

HŪNGSIMBI 1. to fling, to hurl, to hurl to the ground, to throw away, to discard 2. to talk nonsense, to talk wildly

HŪNGSITU GASHA the same as kuringge gasha

HŪNOOLAMBI to cause an uproar

HŪNTA hemp

HŪNTAHAN cup, mug, glass

HŪNTAHAN I TOKTON rack for cups used at offerings

HŪNTAHAN TAILI I CARGILAKŪ cup and plate rocket--a type of fireworks

HŪR HAR SEME shying (of horses)

HŪR HŪR SEME flaming, blazing

HŪR SEME blazing, flaming

HŪR SEHE became a bit tipsy

HŪRFU orangutan

HŪRGA see hūrha

HŪRGA ŠOGI watercress

HŪRGADAMBI see hūrhadambi

HŪRGIBUMBI caus./pass. of hūrgimbi

HŪRGIKŪ whirlpool, vortex, eddy

HŪRGIMBI to spin, to turn around

HŪRGIME DAMBI to blow in whirls

HŪRGIME YABUMBI to go for a stroll

HŪRHA a large fishing net; cf. hūrhan

HŪRHADAMBI to catch fish in a large net

HŪRHAN a large fishing net

HŪRHAN I WEIHE protruding teeth

HŪRI pine nut

HŪRI BAHIYA pinecone

HŪRI FAHA pine nut

HŪRI FAHA I ŠOBIN baked cake with pine nuts

HŪRKA a horsehair snare used to catch small birds

HŪRU a mouth harp made of cow's horn and bamboo

HŪRUDAMBI to play the mouth harp

HŪSE beard

HŪSETAI bearded


HŪSHŪRI COKO a chicken with curly feathers


HŪSIBUMBI 1. caus. of hūsimbi 2. to be beset by (illness)

HŪSIHA MOO wild walnut

HŪSIHAN woman's skirt

HŪSIKŪ see monggon hūsikū

HŪSIMBI to wrap, to wrap up, to envelope

HŪSIME entirely, completely, whole

HŪSIME ŠUFATU a linen hat worn in ancient times

HŪSINGGA SIJIGIYAN a broad-sleeved habit worn by Buddhist and Taoist monks

HŪSIRI MOO a type of oak (Quercus dentata)

HŪSITUN footšbinding, especially the type worn by men

HŪSUBURE HAFAN see hūsun Pure hafan

HŪSUN 1. strength, power, might 2. laborer, worker

HŪSUN BUMBI to expend effort, to be diligent

HŪSUN BURE HAFAN a diligent official

HŪSUN ETUHUN powerful, healthy


section concerned with laborers and artisans in the Board of Works

HŪSUN HAMIRAKŪ not within one's power

HŪSUN I DURIMBI to carry away by force

HŪSUN I EBSIHE with all one's might

HŪSUN I HOJIHON a son-in-law who lives in the house of his wife's parents

HŪSUN TUCIMBI to perform labor, to render service

HŪSUN YABUMBI to work, to do physical labor

HŪSUNGGE powerful, mighty

HŪSUNGGE BOO a powerful rich family

HŪSURI earwax; cf. hosori

HŪSUTULEBUMBI caus. of hūsutulembi

HŪSUTULEMBI to do with power, to use strength, to strain

HŪŠA kudzu-vine (Pueraria Thunbergiana)--a plant used for making a type of coarse linen

HŪŠA SIREN a vine with three-pronged leaves that grows on pine and cypress trees

HŪŠAHŪ scops owl (Otus scops)


HŪTHŪMBI see kūthūmbi

HŪTHŪRI see kūthūri

HŪTUNG alley, lane

HŪTURI good luck, good fortune

HŪTURI BAIMBI to pray for good fortune

HŪTURI FENGŠEN AIŠIMBI to bestow good fortune and prosperity

HŪTURI FENGŠEN JALAFUN good fortune, prosperity (many sons), and long life

HŪTURI IMIYAMBI good fortune arrives in abundance

HŪTURI ISIBUMBI to bring good fortune

HŪTURI ISIMBI good fortune arrives

HŪTURI NURE wine offered by the emperor at state sacrifices

HŪTURINGGA possessing good fortune, fortunate

HŪWA 1. courtyard, yard, garden 2. in two, asunder, apart

HŪWA HŪWA SEME in two, asunder


HŪWACIHIYAN ENGGEMU a saddle with a horn-shaped saddle horn

HŪWAFIHIYA 1. a wooden tool in the shape of a halved bamboo used for smoothing arrow shafts 2. a pastry of flour, honey, and sesame made in the shape of the tool described above

HŪWAFIHIYABUMBI caus. of hūwafihiyambi

HŪWAFIHIYAMBI to shave an arrow shaft smooth

HŪWAI MUKENGGE KIRU a blue banner of the imperial escort depicting waves on a green background

HŪWAI SEME 1. surging, in great quantity (of water), billowing 2. boundless, limitless

HŪWAI TOLON a bonfire lit to announce some important event to the people

HŪWAIDANAMBI to dry up, to wither

HŪWAISE pagoda tree, the Chinese yellowšberry (Sophora japonica); cf. hohonggo moo

HŪWAITABUMBI caus. of hūwaitambi

HŪWAITAKŪ something that is tied on; cf. tobgiya hūwaitakū, hefeli hūwaitakū

HŪWAITAMBI to tie, to tie up

HŪWAJALAMBI to sign a contract or agreement

HŪWAJAMBI to break (v.1.), to tear, to crack

HŪWAJAN painter, artist

HŪWAJIYOO MOO Szechuan pepper tree (Zanthoxylum piperitum)

HŪWAKIYABUMBI caus. of hūwakiyambi

HŪWAKIYAMBI 1. to peel, to peel off 2. to take away, to revoke, to abrogate

HŪWAKŠAHALABUMBI caus. of hūwakšahalambi

HŪWAKŠAHALAMBI to erect a wooden railing or fence

HŪWAKŠAHAN stave in a wooden railing or fence

HŪWAKŠAN a small stave used in card playing to show whose turn it is

HŪWAKŠIHA see hūwakšaha

HŪWALA IHAN an isabella cow

HŪWALABUMBI caus. of hūwalambi

HŪWALAMA USIHA wild walnut

HŪWALAMBI 1. to break up, to cut up, to split 2. to rip up 3. to cut (the hair) 4. to gouge out 5. to play the finger game

HŪWALAR (onom.) the sound of wading in water, the sound of splashing

HŪWALAR HILIR (onom.) the sound of fishnets in water

HŪWALAR SEME (onom.) the sound of flowing water, the sound of splashing

HŪWALIYAMBI to harmonize, to unite, to reconcile, to conciliate

HŪWALIYAMBUMBI caus. of hūwaliyambi

HŪWALIYAN see hūwaliyasun

HŪWALIYANDUMBI to harmonize with one another

HŪWALIYAPI in full concord

HŪWALIYASUN 1. harmony, concord, union 2. harmonious, in concord, united 3. gentle

HŪWALIYASUN EDUN a gentle wind

HŪWALIYASUN NECIN harmony and peace

HŪWALIYASUN TOB the Yung-cheng reign period, 1723-1735

HŪWALIYASUN TUGI KUMUN BE HALANJAME DERIBURE MUDAN a piece of music played during the offering of wine at the end of the plowing ceremony

HŪWAMIYAMBI to peel, to shell

HŪWANG BE Phellodendron amurense--a kind of oak whose bark is used in Chinese medicine

HŪWANG DOO the ecliptic

HŪWANG GUIFEI Imperial Concubine of the First Rank, BH 6

HŪWANG LI see hūwangli

HŪWANG TAIDZ the Heir Apparent, BH 12

HŪWANG TAIDZ I FEI concubine of the Heir Apparent

HŪWANGDAN yellow lead ore

HŪWANGDANA yellow-breasted bunting (Embereza aureola)

HŪWANGDI emperor

HŪWANGGA on good terms with, in concord

HŪWANGGAR SEME surging and roaring

HŪWANGGAR SEME AGAMBI to rain copiously

HŪWANGGAR HŪWALAR roaring and splashing

HŪWANGGIYAMBI to prevent, to stand in the way

HŪWANGGIYARAKŪ there is no harm, it does not stand in the way, it makes no difference

HŪWANGGIYAN a quiver worn on the back


HŪWANGLI calendar, almanac

HŪWANGSE orpiment

HŪWANTA a bald mountain

HŪWANTA SEBSEHE a yellow locustlike insect with small wings

HŪWANTAHŪN bald (of mountains)

HŪWANTANAMBI to become bald

HŪWAR (onom.) the sound of a thing being dragged on the ground

HŪWAR HIR 1. (onom.) the sound of clothing rubbing together 2. profuse (of tears)

HŪWAR HIR SEME see hūwar hir

HŪWAR SEME see hūwar hir

HŪWARA 1. file 2. eel; cf. horo

HŪWARABUMBI caus. of hūwarambi

HŪWARADAMBI to file, to plane

HŪWARAKA a window shutter made of Willow twigs


HŪWASA HISA (onom.) the sound of stepping on dry leaves

HŪWASAR 1. (onom.) the sound made by desiccated plants in the wind 2. coarse, rough

HŪWASAR SEME coarse, rough

HŪWAŠABUKŪ a kind of local school in ancient times

HŪWAŠABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of hūwašambi 2. to raise, to bring up, to nourish, to bring to maturity or fruition, to accomplish

HŪWAŠABURE COOHA a young man brought up at state expense who was destined for military service; as such, exempt from the corvee

HŪWAŠADA abbot, Buddhist superior

HŪWAŠAMBI 1. to grow up, to mature, to develop 2. to raise, to bring up

HŪWAŠAN a Buddhist monk

HŪWAŠAN BE KADALARA FIYENTEN section on monastic affairs

HŪWAŠAN DOOSE I KUNGGERI office of Buddhist and Taoist affairs in the Board of Rites

HŪWAŠASA plural of hūwašan

HŪWAYAMBI to sign a contract or agreement

HŪYA 1. a sea snail 2. cup made from a sea-snail's shell 3. a half-grown roe deer

HŪYA EFEN a wheat cake made in the form of a sea snail

HŪYAMBI to cry (of eagles, falcons, etc.)

HŪYAN rheumatism in the shoulder

HŪYANAMBI to form a crust of dirt on the face

HŪYASUN foot fetters (for hawks and falcons)

HŪYUKŪ ŠORO a basket that is lowered into a soy vat to press out the clear soy sauce

HŪYUŠEMBI to exchange temporarily

HŪYUŠEME BOJILAMBI to remit (money)

I 1. he, she 2. the genitive particle 3. an interjection used to get the attention of subordinates

I CI an interjection of regret

I I 1. (onom.) the sound of sobbing 2. an interjection of derision

IBADAN mountain elm, the wood of which was used for making spears

IBAGAN 1. monster, apparition, phantom 2. a madman

IBAGAN DAILAHA went stark raving mad

IBAGAN GAILAKA see ibagan dailaha

IBAGAN HIYABUN 1. the spadix of reeds 2. the seed-bearing part of a reed

IBAGAN I HALMARI the pod of the honey locust tree, used as soap

IBAGAŠŠA the plural of ibagan

IBAGAŠAMBI to act strangely while possessed by a spirit or phantom, to act like one possessed

IBAHAN see ibagan

IBAHAŠAMBI see ibagašambi

IBAKABUMBI caus. of ibakambi

IBAKAMBI to shorten

IBAKCI a thorny bush resembling the wild grape that bears an inedible fruit

IBAŠEN MUKE water from melting snow

IBEBUMBI 1. caus. of ibembi 2. to offer, to present

IBEBUME WESIMBURE KUNGGERI an office in the Grand Secretariat in charge of petitions and memorials

IBEDEMBI to advance gradually

IBEDEN gradual advance

IBEHEN the end of a bow

IBELEMBI to advance slowly

IBEMBI 1. to advance, to go forward 2. to give an increase of feed to

IBENEMBI to go forward, to advance

IBENJIMBI to come forward

IBENUMBI to advance together

IBERELEMBI to advance

IBERI the back part of a helmet

IBEŠEMBI to advance gradually

IBETE rotten tree, rotten wood

IBGE see ibehen

IBIRI see iberi

IBIYABURU loathsome creature!

IBIYACUKA loathsome, disgusting

IBIYACUN 1. loathing, disgust 2.disgusting person

IBIYADA the same as ibiyacuka

IBIYAHA well-developed ears of grain

IBIYAHA JAFAMBI to select good ears of grain to lay aside for use as seed

IBIYAHALAMBI to select choice ears of grain for seed

IBIYAMBI to loathe, to detest

IBIYON detestable, hateful

IBKABUMBI caus. of ibkambi

IBKAMBI (-ka/ha) to shorten, to diminish

IBKAŠAMBI to advance step by step

IBTE an outgrowth on a tree that has begun to rot; cf. ibete

IBTENEMBI to rot, to decay (of trees)

IBTENEHE OFORO a nose that has turned red because of drinking

IBURŠAMBI to crawl, to creep

ICA a type of long white ocean fish with no fins--called the 'noodle fish' in Chinese

ICABUMBI see acabumbi

ICAKŪ unpleasant, unfitting, uncomfortable, uneasy, not feeling well

ICAKŪLIYAN rather unpleasant

ICAKŪŠAMBI to find unpleasant, to find odious, to dislike

ICAMBI 1. to neigh 2. see acambi 3. see isambi

ICANGGA 1. suitable, fitting, proper 2. good tasting 3. comfortable

ICE 1. new 2. the first ten days of

the month 3. beginning, at the beginning, the first day of a lunar month 4. fresh

ICE BIYA new moon

ICE CAI bud tea

ICE CALU a granary near Mukden

ICE HAFAN new (inexperienced) official

ICE HOJIHON bridegroom

ICE ILHANGGA SUJE new-style flowered silk

ICE NIMAHA fresh fish

ICE TUŠAN new incumbent

ICEBUMBI caus. of icembi

ICEBURAKŪ uncontaminated

ICEBUN contamination, smearing

ICEKEN rather new

ICEMBI 1. to dye 2. to bleach 3. to contaminate

ICEMLEBUMBI caus. of icemlembi

ICEMLEMBI 1. to make new, to renew 2. to do anew, to do over

ICEREME during the first ten days of the month; cf. ice

ICI 1. right (as opposed to left) 2. direction, dimension 3. in accordance with, along with, after, according to, facing, on the side of, toward

ICI ACABUMBI to conform to

ICI ACABUME GISUREMBI to speak in conformity

ICI ACABUME WEILEMBI to act in conformity

ICI AKŪ see icakū

ICI BAHARAKŪ not following a definite course of action, not setting a goal

ICI ERGI the right-hand side

ICI ERGI FIYENTEN second department of a governmental organ

ICI KANI AKŪ at variance, disagreeing

ICIHI spot, blemish, flaw

ICIHI AKŪ spotless, without blemish

ICIHI DASIHI spot, blemish

ICIHIYABUMBI caus. of icihiyambi

ICIHIYAMBI 1. to arrange, to manage, to take care of 2. to put in order, to tidy up 3. to get oneself ready, to grooom 4. to prepare a corpse for burial

ICIHIYARA ETUKŪ shroud, clothing for the dead

ICIHIYARA HAFAN Departmental Director, H 290


ICIHIYANJAMBI to put in order carefully, to order reasonably

ICIHIYASI Departmental Police-master and Jail Warden, BH 851A

ICIKŪŠAMBI see icakūšambi

ICINGGA 1. having direction, purposeful 2. experienced, competent, skilled

ICINGGA AKU inexperienced, incompetent, unskilled

ICIŠAMBI to aim at, to strive for, to incline to

ICITAI right-handed (especially at archery)

ICU a fur coat or jacket without an outer covering

ICUHIYAN see acuhiyan

IDARAMBI to gasp for breath, to feel pain while breathing

IDARŠAMBI to have a pain in the chest or belly

IDU a turn at duty, shift, turn

IDU ALIBUMBI to pass on one's duty to the next shift

IDU ARAMBI to take one's turn

IDU DOSIMBI to go on duty, to take up one's turn

IDU FEKUMBI to skip one's turn

IDU GAIMBI the same as idu arambi

IDU I BOO a guardroom

IDU ILIBUMBI to pass on one's turn to another

IDUKAN rather coarse

IDUMBI to glue feathers onto an arrow shaft

IDUN coarse, rough, uneven

IDURABUMBI caus. of idurambi

IDURAMBI to do duty in turn, to serve in turn

IDURAME KEDEREMBI to patrol at fixed intervals

IFIBŪMBI caus. of ifimbi

IFIMBI to sew

IFIN sewing, needlework

IGAN see ihan

IGEHE the stem of fruits and melons

IGEN the two ends of a bow

IGEN ŠUKUMBI to attach the ends of a bow

IGERI USIHA the herd boy--the star Altair

IHACI cowhide

IHAN 1. bovine, cow, ox, bull 2. the second of the earth's branches

IHAN BIYA the twelfth month

IHAN BULA the honey locust tree

IHAN BUREN a signal horn made of brass

IHAN HONIN I ADUN I BAITA BE KADALAME ICIHIYARA UHERI DA superintendent of livestock in the Board of Rites

IHAN MORIN I CIFUN BE KADALARA YAMUN office in charge of taxes on horses and cows in the Mukden Board of Revenue

IHAN MUŠU a type of small yellow quail

IHAN NIMAHA sea cow--a type of scaleless fish about a yard long that bears some resemblance to a cow

IHAN TUWA bonfire

IHAN UNCEHEN a scaleless fish somewhat larger than a perch with a round tail and sharp stickers on its back

IHAN YAKSARGAN reed warbler (Phragomaticola aedon)

IHANGGA pertaining to the cow

IHANGGA ANIYA the year of the cow

IHAŠI rhinoceros

IHASINGGA KIRU a banner embroidered with the image of a rhinoceros

IHIDA the bits of meat left over after an animal has been butchered

II see i i

IJA gadfly

IJA CECIKE great titmouse (Parus parus)

IJA NIYEHE little grebe (Podiceps ruficollis)

IJARI ILHA banana shrub (Magnolia fuscata)

IJARLAMBI to smile

IJARŠAMBI 1. to smile cheerfully 2. to polish

IJASHA MAHALA a hat topped with a chrysanthemum-shaped ornament--used by high officials

IJIBUMBI caus. of ifimbi


IJIFUN NIRU an arrow with a shaft shaped like the back of a comb

IJIFUN NIYEHE mandarin duck (Aix galericulata)

IJILABUMBI caus. of ijilambi

IJILAMBI to become accustomed to one another (livestock)

IJIMBI (-ha) 1. to comb 2. to put the vertical threads on a loom 3. to put in proper order, to regulate

IJIMBI WEKJIMBI to straighten out something tangled, to put in order

IJIRE WEKJIN basic principle

IJIN 1. warp 2. taut, tight

IJIN WEKJIN 1. warp and woof 2. order and rule

IJISHŪN obedient, submissive, docile, filial

IJISHŪN DAŠŠAN the Shun-chih reign title, I644-I662

IJISHŪN HEHE posthumous title given to the main wife of an official of the fifth rank

IJU stunted, undersized

IJUBUMBI caus. of ijumbi

IJUMBI (-ha) to smear, to spread

IJUME DARIME GISUREMBI to speak sarcastically, to intimate something bad about a person

IJURABUMBI caus./pass. of ijurambi


IJURŠAMBI to rub vigorously

IKDAKI the white hair on the sides of a roe's tail

IKENGGE 1. original 2. chief, great, large

IKIRI 1. pair, twins 2. in pairs, in succession, one after another 3. along the way, on the road

IKIRI AFAHA a book in which records of official money transactions were kept that was divided into two parts, one of which was given to the payee as a receipt and the other kept by the government

IKIRI COKO one name for the chicken; see coko

IKIRI JUNGKEN a set of sixteen bronze bells hung in pairs, each producing a different tone

IKIRI KINGKEN a set of sixteen L-shaped stones hung in pairs, each producing a different tone

IKIRI MULU a ridgepole that extends through two different buildings

IKIRILAME forming a pair

IKTABUMBI caus. of iktambi

IKTAMBI (-ka) to accumulate, to pile up, to collect, to gather

IKTAMBUMBI caus. of iktambi

IKTAN 1. accumulation, piling up 2. in Buddhist writings skandha

IKTANGGA implicit, hidden

IKŪBUMBI caus. of ikūmbi

IKŪMBI to shrink, to contract

IKUN contraction, shrinking

IKŪRSUN marrow of the spine

IKŪRŠAMBI to crawl (like a snake or worm), to creep along

IKŪRULAMBI to get up, to stand up (of horses)

ILACI third

ILACI DE OCI in the third place

ILACI JALAN I OMOLO great-great-grandchild

ILADALA unstable, inconstant

ILADAMBI 1. to jump forward with the legs crossed (a kind of game) 2. to be unstable, to be inconstant, to act irresolutely

ILADAME FAITAMBI in cutting out clothes, to cut down the dimensions so that one part is smaller

ILAFIBUMBI caus. of ilafimbi

ILAFIMBI to turn back, to curl back

ILAGI vapor from dew

ILAHA the green bark of the willow

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