A a an interjection of casual response

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HIYATAN railing

HIYATARI railing on a street

HIYATU fringe of warp threads left on cloth after it is removed from the loom, thrum

HIYEBELE black-eared kite (Milvus lineatus)

HIYEDZ see hiyese

HIYEKDEN MOO see fiyatarakū

HIYENA hyena

HIYENAKŪ unfit, incompetent, unstable

HIYESE scorpion

HIYO ŠENG student

HIYOB SEME (onom.) the sound of a boneheaded arrow striking

HIYOK SEME (onom.) the sound of sighing

HIYONG SEME (onom.) the sound of an arrow flying through the air

HIYOOŠULABUMBI caus. of hiyoošulambi

HIYOOŠULAMBI to be filial, to act filially


HIYOOŠUNDUMBI see hiyoošuntumbi

HIYOOŠUNGGA filial, a filial person

HIYOOŠUNTUMBI to show one's filial piety through offerings to one's deceased parents and grandparents

HIYOOŠURI GAHA one name for the crow

HIYOR HIYAR (onom.) the sound of a horse neighing

HIYOR HIYAR SEME 1. neighing 2. strongly, obstinately

HIYOR HIYOR SEMBI to be robust

HIYOR SEME (onom.) the sound of the feathers on a flying arrow

HIYOTOHON curved up at both ends, arched

HIYOTOHON DERETU a table with curved ends

HIYOTONGGO SON curved eaves on a house

HIYOTONGGO ULHŪMA a poetic name for the pheasant

HIYOTOROBUMBI caus. of hiyotorombi

HIYOTOROMBI (-ko) to curve up at the ends, to turn up at the ends

HIYOTORŠOMBI to walk erratically due to a lack of strength

HO GI a turkey

HO HA (onom.) the sound of sighing; cf. hiyok seme

HO HOI the sound made by hunters to scare animals out of hiding



HOB SEME 1. shoving, pushing 2. (onom.) the sound of an arrow striking

HOBAI printed calico or chintz

HOBO coffin


HOBOLON elder (tree)

HOBORHO the outer coffin (in ancient times)

HOCIKON beautiful, attractive, talented

HOCIKOSAKA 1. attractive 2. in good health, in good condition

HODAN GASHA the name of a bird that resembles a chicken and cries both day and night--possibly the hoki pheasant

HODE perhaps, maybe, possibly

HODORI the fry of the Siberian salmon

HODZ a gold medallion worn about the neck by women on their court attire

HOFIN a small porcelain vase

HOFIYAN dexterous, talented, capable

HOFUN bubbles or foam on the surface of muddy water

HOGI turkey

HOHAN see hoohan

HOHO 1. pod, peapod 2. earlobe

HOHO EFEN boiled meat pastries made in the shape of a peapod; cf. giyose

HOHOCO ILHA a flower that resembles the flower of the bamboo and produces seeds in a pod

HOHOCU an exotic cherrylike fruit that grows on a vine

HOHODOKŪ a speaking tube

HOHODOMBI to cup the hands and call through them to someone far away

HOHON 1. a barrel for holding liquor 2. hollow tree in which a bear spends the winter

HOHONGGO MOO pagoda tree, Chinese yellow-berry (Sophora japonica)

HOHONGGO MOOI USE the seed of the yellow-berry tree used for making yellow dye

HOHONOMBI 1. to form pods, to hang down in podlike fashion 2. to form icicles

HOHORI the soft cartilage jutting out at the side of the aural cavity

HOHORI JAN a whistling arrow made from a cow's horn

HOI see hūi

HOIDZ see hoist

HOIFALABUMBI caus. of hoifalambi

HOIFALAMBI to dye black with a concoction of the leaves and stems of the wild tea plant wence moo

HOIFAN a dye made from the leaves and stems of the wild tea plant wence


HOIHALAMBI to go on the winter hunt

HOIHAN the area of a battue

HOIHAN SINDAMBI to form a battue formation

HOIHO a tailless chick

HOILABUMBI caus. of hoilambi

HOILACAMBI to look to both sides, to glance to both sides

HOILALAMBI to glance backward

HOILAMBI (-ka) to be dirty, to be soiled

HOILAMBUMBI caus. of hoilambi

HOILANTU a type of monkey indigenous to west China

HOILASHŪN 1. soiled, faded 2. wretched

HOILEMBI to apply lime or mortar

HOISE Moslem, Uighur


HOISE NIRU chief of a Moslem banner

HOISE TACIKŪ a Moslem school

HOJI coriander

HOJIGON see hojihon

HOJIHON son-in-law

HOJIHOSI plural of hojihon

HOJIKO one name for the chicken; cf. coko

HOJIRI ILHA a white or violet aster

HOJO beautiful, attractive, pleasing

HOJO FAHA pupil of the eye

HOJON ILHA corn poppy (Papaver Rhoeas)

HOJU see hojo

HOKCI a wild edible plant with thin stems and pointed leaves

HOKI 1. companion, comrade, partner, accomplice 2. clerk in a store

HOKILAMBI to form a group of friends, to form a clique, to work as partners, to form a partnership

HOKOBUMBI caus. of hokombi

HOKOBURAKŪ without cease

HOKOMBI 1. to part, to take leave from 2. to abandon, to reject 3. to divorce 4. to resign from

HOKOTOI divorced (of a woman)

HOKSOMBI to be depressed, to be melancholy

HOKTON 1. cork 2. float (on a fishing line or net)

HOKTON MOO a cork tree

HOKTOSOMBI to hunt on high ground during a tlood

HOLBOBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of holbombi 2. to be connected with, to get joined

HOLBOHON 1. one person of a pair 2. connection, link

HOLBOKŪ fastener, clamp

HOLBOMBI 1. to connect, to join 2. to pair, to mate, to get married 3. to implicate

HOLBOME ACABUMBI to get married

HOLBON 1. pairing, a pair 2. mate 3. marriage 4. agreement

HOLBON I HITHAN joint, hinge

HOLBONGGO connected, paired

HOLBONGGO FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy

HOLBONGGE HOOŠAN paper produced from two or four layers of bamboo


HOLDON 1. signal fire, beacon 2. falling star, meteor 3. Siberian cedar

HOLDON I KARAN the same as holdon tai

HOLDON MOO Siberian cedar

HOLDON TAI beacon tower

HOLDON TUHEKE a star fell

HOLDON TUWA beacon fire

HOLHOCI Atractylis ovata

HOLHON the lower part of the leg

HOLHON GIRANGGI the bone of the lower part of the leg, the shin, tibia

HOLHON GOCIMBUMBI to pull a muscle in the calf

HOLIMPA a grain resembling maize

HOLIN the inside of the cheek

HOLKON moment, instant

HOLKONDE suddenly, in an instant

HOLO 1. valley 2. ravine, furrow, a tile drain, ditch 3. false, spurious, not genuine 4. aurochs

HOLO CILBURI martingale

HOLO JIBCA a jacket of artificial fur

HOLO KŪDARHAN a cloth crupper

HOLOKON rather false, somewhat spurious

HOLOKON ULUKEN rather false and spurious

HOLON GAHA jackdaw, general name for birds of the genus Corvus

HOLON WEIJUN stork; cf. weijun

HOLOR (onom.) sound of a bell

HOLOR HALAR (onom.) the sound of many bells

HOLTOBUMBI caus./pass. of holtombi

HOLTOMBI to deceive, to lie

HOLTON see holdon

HOLTONUMBI to deceive one another, to lie to one another

HOLTOŠOMBI to deceive often

HOLTU CECIKE the name of a small bird

HOMHOLOMBI to stick in a scabbard, to sheath

HOMHON scabbard, top for a writing brush

HOMIDA CECIKE one name for the goatsucker; cf. indahūn cecike


HOMITU GŪWASIHIYA one name for the egret; cf. gūwasihiya

HOMSO a shuttle

HOMSO MAKTAMBI to pass a shuttle back and forth

HOMSORI BELE rice that has turned red from long storage

HON very, most, too

HONCI sheepskin

HONCUN see huncun

HONDOBA a kind of foxtaillike grass that can be eaten by horses

HONGGOCO small white-bellied fish that have been frozen in the ice of a stream

HONGGOCON willow herb

HONGGOLON NIYEHE the same as honggon niyehe

HONGGON small bell

HONGGON CECIKE a small bird with a bell-like voice

HONGGON NIYEHE a type of wild duck

HONGGONO CECIKE the same as honggon cecike

HONGGONOMBI 1. to form bubbles, to form small bells 2. to crumble, to come apart, to shatter

HONGGONOME GECEHE has frozen into small pieces

HONGGORI a bell-shaped fruit from Szechuan used as a medicine

HONGGORI ILHA the flower of the bead tree

HONGKO 1. end 2. spur of a mountain 3. a place where level land ends 4. head of a pestle 5. the forward part of a boat 6. small footbridge over a mountain stream

HONGKO CECIKE a small, yellow-breasted black bird whose cry resembles that of the swallow

HONGKOLO GALMAN a large yellow mosquitolike insect

HONGKŪ see hongko

HONIKA the young of fish, fry

HONIKI a small bear with short front legs

HONIN 1. sheep 2. the eighth of the earth's branches

HONIN BIYA the sixth month

HONINGGA pertaining to the sheep

HONINGGA ANIYA the year of the sheep

HONO still, yet

HONOKTA see honggoco

HONTOHO 1. half 2. a bannerman with half salary 3. section of an organization

HONTOHO MOO an identification plaque in two pieces that can be fitted together for verification

HONTOHOLOBUMBI caus./pass. of hontoholombi

HONTOHOLOMBI to divide into halves, to halve

HONTOHON see hontoho

HONTOHOTO half each, a half for each person

HOO one ten-thousandth of a Chinese foot

HOO HIO SEME bravely, decisively, powerfully, intrepidly

HOO HOO SEME torrentially

HOO SEME surging, flooding, torrential, mightily

HOO SEME DAMBI to blow violently (of the wind)

HOO SEME YABUMBI to go in an elated manner

HOOCANG ETUKU coat made of feathers

HOOHAN blue heron

HOOHO see hoo hoo seme

HOOŠAN, paper

HOOSAN DAHABUMBI to burn paper on which charms have been written--done by a shaman for a sick person

HOOŠAN HEREMBI to produce paper

HOOŠAN HERGEMBI the same as hoošan herembi

HOOŠAN I PAI paper playing cards

HOOŠAN I TUKU the surface of a paper fan

HOOŠAN JIHA paper money

HOOŠAN SASUKŪ the same as hoošan i pai

HOOŠANG see hūwašan

HOOŠARI MOO paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)

HOPAI a tally used by official post riders for drawing provisions

HOPEN fire basin, small charcoal stove

HOR SEME neighing, whinnying

HORGIKŪ 1. pivot, fulcrum 2. socket, socket of the hip joint 3. a pole with a wheel on top to which swings are attached

HORHO 1. closet, upright chest 2. pen for pigs or sheep 3. cage 4. outer coffin

HORHODOMBI to take shelter, to seek refuge

HORHOTU a large wooden cage for catching tigers and leopards

HORHŪ outer coffin; cf. horho

HORIBUMBI caus./pass. of horimbi

HORIGAN pen, corral

HORILAKŪ ASU a long net cast from two boats into still water

HORIMBI to enclose, to put in a pen, to imprison

HORIN 1. cage 2. see horho

HORKI the Siberian capercaillie (Tettao parvirostris)

HORO eel; cf. hūwara

HOROKI having a senile aspect

HOROLOMBI see horolombi

HOROLOMBI to show severity, to intimidate, to frighten

HORON 1. majesty, authority, awe, power 2. poison, especially that of bees, wasps, hornets, and scorpions

HORON AISILAHA DAIFAN an honorary military title of the third rank second class

HORON AKDUN AISILAHA HAFAN an honorary military titld of the sixth rank second class

HORON AKDUN HAFAN an honorary military title of the sixth rank first class

HORON BE ALGIMBUHA AMBAN honorary military title of the first rank first class

HORON BE BADARAMBUHA AMBAN honorary military title of the first rank second class

HORON BE ILETULEHE DAIFAN honorary military title of the fourth rank first class

HORON BE SELGIYEHE AMBAN honorary military title of the second rank first class

HORON BE SELGIYERE TEMGETUN an insignia of the imperial escort

HORON BE TUCIBUHE DAIFAN honorary military title of the fourth rank second class

HORON BODOHONGGO HAFAN honorary military title of the fifth rank second class

HORON DUBE the tongue of a snake

HORON ERDEMUNGGE HAFAN honorary military title of the fifth rank first class

HORON FAFURINGGA AISILAHA HAFAN honorary military title of the seventh rank second class I

HORON FAFURINGGA HAFAN honorary military title of the seventh rank first class

HORON GIRANGGI small curved bones from the breast of a tiger used as medicine

HORON GUNGGE AMBAN honorary military title of the second rank second class



HORON TOOSE authority, power

HORON TUWANCIHIYANGGA AISILAAHA HAFAN honorary military title of the eighth rank -second class

HORON TUWANCIHIYANGGA HAFAN honorary military title of the eighth rank first class

HORONGGO 1. powerful, terrible, aweinspiring, possessing great authority, majestic, regal 2. poisonous

HORONGGO CECIKE a mythical bird that was supposed to drive off evil influences--its carved image was often attached to the end of a pole

HORONGGO CECIKENGGE MUKŠAN a pole with an image of the horonggo cecike attached to the end

HORONGGO GURGU a fabulous beast with a long tail and two horns

HORONGGO GURGŪNGGE KIRU a banner of the imperial escort with the image of the horonggo gurgu embroidered on it

HORONGGO YANGSANGGA DEYEN I BITHE WEILERE BA Printing Office and Book-bindery at the Throne Hall, BH 94

HORONTU MAHATUN a hat used by the bodyguard of a ruler in ancient times

HOSAN ILHA an exotic flower resembling the osmanthus that blooms monthly throughout the year

HOSE box

HOSERI the same as hose

HOSERI DENGJAN a fireworks box

HOSHORI curly (hair)

HOSHORI INDAHŪN a curly-haired dog

HOSHORILABUMBI caus. of hoshorilambi

HOSHORILAMBI to curl, to crinkle

HOSHORINAMBI to be disheveled, to be unkempt

HOSO HASA (onom.) the sound of shaking paper

HOSORI 1. dandruff, flakes of skin 2. soot 3. earwax 4. crust, filings

HOŠO 1. corner 2. area, region 3. direction 4. edge 5. square

HOŠO BAIMBI to present hoho efen, liquor, cattle, etc. before a wedding

HOŠO MUHELIYEN square and round

HOŠO SAHAMBI the same as hobo baimbi

HOŠO TAKTU a four-cornered observation tower of the examination hall

HOŠOI CIN WANG Prince of the Blood of the first degree, BH I5

HOŠOI DUKA a side door, a corner door

HOŠOI EFU the son-in-law of a hošoi cin wang

HOŠOI FUJIN the wife of a hošoi cin wang

HOŠOI GEGE the daughter of a hošoi cin twana

HOŠOI GUNGJU the Daughter of the Emperor by an Imperial Concubine, BH I4

HOŠOI GUNGJU I HOŠOI EFU the husband of a hošoi gungju

HOŠON 1. quarter, precinct 2. square

HOŠONGGO square, four-sided

HOŠOTOLOBUMBI caus. of hošotolombi

HOŠOTOLOMBI 1. to let a corner protrude 2. to make into a square

HOŠOTONGGO having corners, angular

HOŠOTONGGO ŠUFATU a square-shaped turban

HOŠŠOBUMBI caus./pass. of hoššombi

HOŠŠOMBI to deceive, to entice, to mislead

HOŠŠOME GAMAMBI to abduct, to kidnap

HOTO 1. gourd 2. cranium, baldhead 3. a piece of iron over the shoulder piece of a suit of armor

HOTO CEKEMU flowery Japanese satin

HOTO GUWEJIHE the third stomach of a ruminant


HOTO YOO scald-head--a disease in which parts of the scalp become bald

HOTOCI coconut

HOTOCI MAHATUN an ancient-style hat made of a coconut

HOTOHO see hotohon

HOTOHON turned up, bulging (of the lips)

HOTON walled city, city wall

HOTON FEKUMBI to assault a city wall

HOTON I DA Military Commandant of a Minor Manchu Garrison in the Provinces, BH 746

HOTON MANDAL a small shelter in which Buddhist monks recite the scriptures

HOTOROMBI (-ko) to curve up at one end HU see hū

HUBTU a long cotton padded gown

HUDE the stern of a ship

HUGE JAFAMBI to guide the rudder, to steer

HUFUMBI see hūjumbi

HUHU leaven for making liquor

HUHU I SUWALIYAN a mixture of millet and oat bran

HUHUCU Adenophora--a medicinal herb

HUHUN 1. breast 2. milk

HUHUN I ENIYE wet nurse

HUHUN I TUMIHA teat, nipple

HUHUN JEMBI to suck the breast

HUHUN SIDAKABI milk has filled the breasts

HUHUN SIMIMBI to suck the breast

HUHURI unweaned, suckling

HUHURI JUI a child still not weaned

HUHURI GEBU a baby name

HUIDZ see hoise

HUJENGGE GASHA one name for the owl; cf. yabulan

HUJU 1. trough 2. a hollowed-out piece of wood held together with rings that was used for transporting silver

HUJUBUMBI caus. of hujumbi

HUJUKU bellows

HUJUMBI 1. to operate a bellows 2. to prostrate oneself, to bow deeply, to cower, to crouch

HUJUREBUMBI caus. of hujurembi

HUJUREKU a small mortar for sesame seeds, bean curd, etc.

HUJUREKU CIFUN milling tax

HUJUREMBI to grind, to mill

HUJURI a wind tube used for making fires in the open

HUJURUKŪ see hujuku

HUKSA see hukšen

HUKSIDEMBI to rain violently

HUKSUMBI see hukšumbi

HUKŠEBUMBI caus. of hukšembi

HUKŠEMBI 1. to carry on the head, to wear on the head 2. to pile earth around the roots of a young plant 3. to appreciate, to thank, to be thankful to 4. to swell; cf. hukšumbi

HUKŠEME ŠUFATU a head covering consisting of a flat board with cloth hanging down on both sides

HUKŠEMBUMBI to put a hood on a falcon

HUKŠEN 1. falcon's hood 2. a falcon kept in the house

HUKŠEN GARUDAI an old phoenix

HUKŠENUMBI 1. to carry on the head (of a group) 2. to pile earth around the roots of a young plant (of a group)

HUKŠERI BELE rice that has turned brown from long storage

HUKŠUMBI (-ke) to swell

HUKTAMBI see hūktambi

HUKTU a long cotton padded gown; cf. hubtu

HUKTURI see kukduri

HUKUN dirt, dust, manure

HULE a measure of volume equaling ten lesser pecks, a bushel

HULUN MURAKŪ a whistle used for luring deer

HULUR SEME squeaking

HUMSUHUN craw of a bird

HUMSUN 1. craw of a bird 2. eyelid

HUMSUN I TEILE 'with only the eye-lid'--with little effort

HUMŠE Manchurian wood owl (Strix alucona)

HUMTU hunchbacked

HUMUDU bustard (Otis tarda)

HUNCU sleigh, sled

HUNDU the same as humtu


HUNGKEN see emu hungken jiha

HUNGKEREBUMBI caus. of hungkerembi

HUNGKEREMBI 1. to pour 2. to cast (metal)

HUNGKEREME in profusion, copiously

HUNGKEREME AGAMBI to rain cats and dogs

HUNGKEREME FEKSIMBI to run at breakneck speed

HUNGKIMBI to become soft, to become pulverized (of dry things)

HUNIO water bucket

HURCEMBI to find fault with, to criticize

HUREN 1. the ridge of the nose 2. an arch on the hearth for placing cooking pots 3. a badger trap

HUREN WASE arched tile used on the roofs of temples and palaces

HURENEMBI to arch, to form a vault

HURGEN team and plow--used as a measure of a person's wealth

HURHU see hurku

HURHUI CECIKE one name for the goatsucker; cf. indahūn cecike

HURKU sulphur

HURKUN GŪWARA one name for the eared owl; cf. fu gūwara

HURSE an earthen cooking pot

HURU 1. turtle or tortoise shell 2. the back of a bird 3. the back of the hand 4. a rise, a high place; cf. kuru

HURUGAN tortoise shell

HURUNEMBI see hurenembi

HURUNGGE having a shell

HUTEREMBI (-ke) to wrinkle

HUTHE scab

HUTHENEMBI to form a scab

HUTHUBUMBI caus./pass. of huthumbi

HUTHUMBI to tie up, to bind

HUTU 1. ghost, devil, disembodied spirit 2. an ugly man

HUTU ENDURI ghosts and deities

HUTU GELEKU an exotic fruit that can be made into rosaries

HUTUCEMBI to curve up at the ends

HUTUNGGE 1. devilish, demonic 2. hateful, deceitful

HUTURCEMBI see kuturcembi

HUWACA hole through which an oven-bed is lighted

HUWEJEBUMBI caus. of huwejembi

HUWEJEHEN a screen

HUWEJEHENGGE TOJIN a peacock with its tail feathers spread

HUWEJEMBI 1. to screen off, to cover 2. to set up a screen

HUWEJEN 1. a board covering for the top of an oven-bed 2. a board covering for a cooking pot 3. a weir for catching fish in fast water 4. see huwejehen

HUWEJENGGE DUKA a screen placed by a door

HUWEKI fertile, fruitful, luxuriant

HUWEKIYEBUBUMBI caus. of huwekiyebumbi

HUWEKIYEBUMBI 1. caus. of huwekiyembi 2. to admonish, to guide, to incite zeal

HUWEKIYEBUN encouragement, advice, admonition

HUWEKIYEMBI to be enthusiastic, to do zealously, to expend great effort, to rouse oneself, to be happy

HUWEKIYEN enthusiasm, happy mood, zeal

HUWEKIYENDUMBI/HUWEKIYENUMBI to be enthusiastic together

HUWELEN see heolen

HUWENGGE luxuriant, abundant

HUWENGKIYEMBI to peck out of a shell (of chicks)

HUWENJI a wooden cup or bowl with a handle

HUWERKE a shutter over a window made from wood or matting

HUWESI knife

HUWESIKU see huwešeku

HUWESILEMBI to stab or pierce with a knife

HUWESIŠEMBI to stab repeatedly with a knife

HUWEŠEBUMBI caus. of huwešembi

HUWEŠEKU iron (for pressing clothing)

HUWEŠEMBI to iron, to press (clothing)


HUWEŠEN Buddhist nun

HUWETEN upland buzzard (Buteo hemilasius)

HUWETHI seal (a sea mammal)

HUYE a pit dug close by a riverbank from which a hunter shoots birds of prey that come to take the bait he has put out

HUYE TEMBI to sit in a pit in order to catch quail

HŪ 1. a paste made of boiled rice or other grain, paste 2. the back of the neck 3. one-millionth of a Chinese foot 4. a unit of measure equaling five small pecks

HŪ I DA the base of the back of the neck, the first thoracic vertebra; cf. gen

HŪBA amber

HŪBALABUMBI caus. of hūbalambi

HŪBALAMBI to paste, to mount, to paste paper over a window

HŪBALARA FAKSI a person who mounts paintings and calligraphy

HŪBAN 1. a tablet carried in the hand during audiences in ancient times 2. a jade implement pointed at one end and square at the other--used during important ceremonies in ancient times

HŪBARAK clergy, clerical

HŪBERI a fur neckpiece worn by women in winter

HŪBILABUMBI caus./pass. of hūbilambi

HŪBILANBI to trap, to trick, to snare

HŪBIN trap, snare

HŪBIN DE DOSIKA fell into a trap

HŪBISABUMBI caus. of hūbišambi

HŪBIŠAMBI to trap, to snare

HŪBUMBI caus. of hūmbi

HŪCIN a well

HŪCIN ŠODOMBI to clean out a well

HŪCINGGA pertaining to a well

HŪDA 1. business 2. price, value 3. goods

HŪDA ARAMBI to convert to cash, to sell off

HŪDA MAIMAN business

HŪDA MANGGA expensive

HŪDA TOKTOSI dealer, broker, middleman

HŪDAI BA market, marketplace

HŪDAI JAKA merchandise


HŪDAŠABUMBI caus. of hūdašambi

HŪDAŠAMBI to engage in business, to trade

HŪDAŠARA NIYALMA businessman, merchant

HŪDUKALA fast! hurry!

HŪDUKAN rather fast

HŪDULABUMBI caus. of hūdulambi

HŪDULAMBI to hurry, to hasten

HŪDUN 1. fast, quick 2. boil, carbuncle

HŪDUN FUIFUKŪ a vessel for heating up tea or liquor

HŪDUN HAFŪKA a boil having red lines in it

HŪDUN YOO boil, carbuncle

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