A a an interjection of casual response

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FILA a plate

FILAINGGE pertaining to plates

FILAN a wood used in the manufacture of bows

FILEBUMBI caus. of filembi

FILEKU a pan for burning charcoal, a brazier, stove

FILEKU I TUBI a grate cover for a brazier

FILEMBI to warm oneself by a fire

FILFIN barren, vacant, empty

FILI 1. solid, filled 2. resolute, persevering

FILI FEISE a type of very hard brick

FILI FEISEI KŪWARAN a factory for making a very hard variety of brick

FILI FIKTU AKŪ without a solid reason

FILIKAN rather solid

FILINGGA MOO red sandalwood; cf. cakūran; dan mu

FILITAHŪN see filtahūn

FILTAHŪN empty (place), unoccupied, vacant

FIMEBUMBI caus. of fimembi

FIMEMBI 1. to put forth, to bring near, to present 2. to sew together, to sew a seam 3. to test, to try 4. to occur

FIMERAKŪ cannot happen

FINA ring at the end of the crupper

FING SEME firmly, resolutely, faithfully

FINGGE resolute, serene

FINGKABUMBI to have colic, to get abdominal pains

FINTAHA bag, satchel

FINTAMBI 1. to ache 2. to shy (of wild animals), to be frightened (wild animals)

FINTEMBI see fintambi

FIO SEME directly, plainly

FIOHA pullet, young tender chicken

FIOR SEME slurping, eating noisily

FIOSE see fiyoose

FIOTA fart

FIOTAMBI to fart; cf. fiyotombi

FIR FIR SEME see fir fiyar seme

FIR FIYAR SEME elegantly, gracefully

FIR SEME quietly, calmly, imposingly, fluently

FIR SEME ARAMBI to write fluently

FIRFIN FIYARFIN with tears flowing

FIRGEMBI (-ke) to leak out, to be revealed

FIRGEMBUMBI caus. of firgembi

FIRUBUMBI caus. of firumbi

FIRUMBI 1. to curse 2. to implore, to pray

FISA the back

FISA WAŠAKŪ back scratcher

FISAI NIKEKU a back rest, a back support

FISAI ŠURDEN a twirl of the sword over the back when performing a sword dance

FISEKU the upturned eaves at the corners of Chinese buildings

FISEKU BORO an ancient-style summer hat with a wide brim

FISEKULEMBI to shield with the hand

FISEKULEME TUWAMBI to look shielding the eyes with the hand

FIŠEMBI (-ke) 1. to project, to jut out 2. to fork, to branch 3. to spurt

FISEKE FASILAN a forked branch

FISEME AGAMBI to rain in torrents

FISEMBUMBI 1. caus. of fisembi 2. to relate 3. to leave a wide margin when sewing

FISEMBUHE JUGŪN a suspended roadway built in mountainous areas

FIŠEN relation, offspring, progeny

FISENGGE projecting, jutting out

FISENGGE SIHIN the upward projecting eaves of a Chinese building; cf.fiseku

FISHA the nut of the tree Torreya nucifera, torreya nut; cf. fei da

FIŠHACI an exotic fruit resembling the fisha

FISIHE panicled millet (Panicum miliaceum)

FISIHIBUMBI caus. of fisihimbi

FISIHIMBI to shake, to scatter

FISIKAN somewhat thick, somewhat dense, of rather good quality (meat)

FISIKŪ slow, negligent, sluggish

FIŠIN 1. thick, dense 2. good quality


FISIN BOSO finely woven linen

FISIN CECE finely woven silk crepe

FIŠIN HALFIYAN SESE GILTASIKŪ silk with thick gold thread woven into it

FISIN HOOŠAN a coarse paper produced in Peking

FISIN MŪHELIYEN SESE GILTASIKŪ silk with thick round gold threads woven into it

FISITUN a ritual vessel for offering millet

FIŠUR SEME sluggishly, slowly

FITA fast, tight, taut

FITHEBUMBI 1. caus. of fithembi 2. to set off (firecrackers)

FITHEJEMBI to explode (of firecrackers), to crackle


FITHEMBI 1. to snap, to spring, to pluck, to flip 2. to explode, to go off 3. to play (a stringed instrument)

FITHEME ACANAMBI to correspond exactly

FITHEN a spark that flies out from a fire


FITHENGGE YAHA charcoal that bursts while it is being burned

FITŪHAN a round stringed instrument resembling a Chinese zither

FIYA birch

FIYAB SEME shying (of livestock)

FIYABKŪ thrush, a bird of the genus Turdus

FIYACUMBI to cry out from pain, to groan, to moan

FIYADA 1. jawbone 2. term of abuse used toward persons of no ability

FIYAFIKŪ see fiyabkū

FIYAGAMBI to harden, to dry up, to form a crust, to heal (of a sore)

FIYAGAN see fiyahan

FIYAGANJABUMBI caus. of fiyaganjambi

FIYAGANJAMBI to exchange with one another, to make a compromise

FIYAHAN 1. callus, hard skin 2. the sole of the foot 3. agate, jade, tortoise shell, and other such precious objects

FIYAHANAMBI to harden, to form a callus

FIYAJŪMBI 1. to be anxious about something beforehand 2. to be turbulent (of clouds before a storm breaks)

FIYAK FIK SEME suddenly, with sudden movements, without deliberation

FIYAK SEME suddenly, with a start

FIYAKIYAMBI to be hot from the sun

FIYAKIYAME HALHŪN hot from being exposed to the sun

FIYAKIYAN burning hot, the sun's heat

FIYAKIYAN I DALIKŪ a shelter from the sun

FIYAKSA Manchurian yew (Taxus cuspidate)

FIYAKŪBUMBI caus. of fiyakūmbi

FIYAKŪMBI 1. to heat, to dry by a fire, to dry in the sun 2. to bake

FIYAKŪNGGA TUBI a bamboo implement used for drying things by a fire

FIYALANGGI a loose talker

FIYALAR SEME loosely, wildly (of speech)

FIYALHŪ evasive, fond of shirking work

FIYAN 1. color, complexion 2. appearance 3. light (of a lamp) 4. rouge, makeup S. colored, bright

FIYAN ILHA colored flowers used to decorate bowls of vegetables or fruit

FIYAN NEMEBUMBI to have a nice appearance

FIYAN TŪWABŪMBI to show off one's military prowess before a battle

FIYAN TŪWARA JEBELE a quiver used during a demonstration of prowess before a battle

FIYANA a frame used for carrying things on the back


FIYANARAMBI 1. to pretend, to feign 2. to iron, to press 3. to act in an artificial, put-on manner

FIYANCIHIYAN abstemious, not fond of eating

FIYANGGA 1. colored, polychrome, motley, multicolored 2. decorated, fresh, good looking

FIYANGGA FAIDAN cortege of the imperial concubines of the sixth and seventh rank

FIYANGGA LAKIYAN decorative hangings made of colored cloth or paper

FIYANGGA ORDO a pavilion-shaped object made of colored silk that was placed on a high table and used at the presentation of imperial awards and rescripts

FIYANGGA TŪHEBŪKŪ colored hangings at the top of drapes or curtains, valance

FIYANGGA ULHŪMA a brightly colored pheasant

FIYANGGŪ youngest, least, smallest

FIYANGGŪ SIMHUN the little finger

FIYANGGŪ SIRGE the thinnest string on a stringed instrument

FIYANGGŪŠAMBI to behave like a spoiled child

FIYANGTAHŪN large and strong, ablebodied

FIYANGTAHŪRI large and robust

FIYANGTANAMBI to become large and strong

FIYANJI 1. support, assurance, guarantee 2. rear guard, the rear

FIYANJI COOHA the rear guard, reserves

FIYANJI ERTUN support and trust

FIYANJILAMBI to protect, to shield, to serve as the rear guard

FIYANTORO ILHA a pink flower resembling the peach blossom

FIYAR FIR SEME right away, quickly

FIYAR SEME right away, immediately

FIYARATALA in great quantity, very much, very many

FIYARINGGIYABUMBI caus. of fiyaringgiyambi

FIYARINGGIYAMBI to dry in the sun, to bleach in the sun

FIYARTŪN scar, blemish, spot

FIYARTUN GIYALU crack in a bone or horn

FIYARTUNAMBI to form a scar

FIYARU maggot, larva

FIYARŪNAMBI to get maggots

FIYARUNAHANGGE maggoty--used as a term of abuse

FIYARŪNARANGGE see fiyarunahangge

FIYARUNARU see fiyarunahangge

FIYASAMBI to dry out (firewood)

FIYASHA the wall of a house


FIYATAR SEME foolishly, absurdly

FIYATARAKŪ a bush resembling the wild grape, the wood of which is used to make wild animal calls

FIYE kudzu vine (Pueraria thunbergiana)

FIYEGU MOO a tree that has been scratched by tigers to the point of bleeding sap

FIYEHŪ MAMA the goddess of mountain roads

FIYELEBŪKU a saddle used for practicing equestrian tricks

FIYELEKU 1. a steep slope, a cliff 2. brazier, a small stove; cf. fileku

FIYELEKŪ HADA a steep cliff

FIYELEMBI 1. to do equestrian tricks 2. to fly in circles, to hover (of falcons) 3. to warm oneself by the fire

FIYELEN 1. chapter, section of a book 2. amaranth (Amarantus mangostanus) 3. yellow-beaked young birds

FIYELENGGU capercaillie; cf. horki

FIYELEŠU a shrub of the pokeweed family (Phytolacca acinosa)

FIYELFE a level area between high mountains or on the shore of a river

FIYEN 1. powder 2. the feathers on the arrow shaft

FIYEN AKŪ without direction, unstable

FIYEN FIYAN complexion, makeup

FIYEN I IJUKU powder puff

FIYENE frame for carrying a saddle

FIYENGGU a thick spot on a bear's belly

FIYENGSERI an exotic yellow fruit with a white, powdery interior

FIYENTEHE 1. petal, clove (of garlic), a section, a slice, a strand 2. one row of feathers on an arrow 3. one of the parts of a cloven hoof

FIYENTEHEJEMBI to crack, to fissure

FIYENTEMBI 1. to section 2. to spread rumors

FIYENTEN section of an official organization

FIYENTEN I AISILAKU the name of an official of the Court of Judicature and Revision

FIYENTEN I ICIHIYAKŪ the name of an official of the Court of Judicature and Revision

FIYEOLEHE a type of sea fish with large scales

FIYEREMBI see fiyentehejembi

FIYEREN fissure, fault (in the earth)

FIYERENEMBI to form a crack or fissure

FIYEREREN see fiyeren

FIYO fart; cf. fiyoo; fiota

FIYOHA see fioha

FIYOHOMBI to toss the gacuha, using the thumb as a catapult

FIYOKOCOMBI to rear (of a horse), to kick (of horses and mules)

FIYOKOROMBI to talk foolishly, to act foolishly

FIYOLOR SEME untruthfully

FIYOO 1. dustpan 2. winnowing fan 3. a dancing mask made from willow branches and painted with animal figures 4. see fiyo

FIYOOKOROMBI see fiyokorombi

FIYOOSE a gourd dipper, a ladle

FIYOOTAMBI see fiyotombi

FIYOOTOMBI see fiyotombi

FIYOR SEME see fior seme

FIYORHON woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)

FIYORHŪN see fiyorhon

FIYOTOKŪ black beetle

FIYOTOMBI 1. to fart 2. to brag

FIYOTOHO GIŠUN bragging, boasting

FO a small net attached to a pole-used to fish things out of ice floes


FO ULEBUMBI to feed a child pre-chewed food

FODO 1. a willow branch used at shamanistic ceremonies 2. a pole hung with a quantity of various colored paper money that is placed beside a grave

FODO WECEMBI to offer sacrifice in the presence of an erected willow


FODOBA a type of small bird

FODOHO willow


FODOHO INGGARI the fuzz or down from a willow tree

FODOMBI (-ko) to pant, to gasp for breath

FODOR FOSOK ŠEME raging, violently angry

EODOR SEME seething, furious

FODOROMBI (-ko) 1. to pant, to gasp 2. to go against the grain, to bristle

FOHODOMBI to anger, to incite

FOHOLOKON rather short


FOIFOBUMBI caus. of foifombi

FOIFOKŪ sharpener, strop for sharpening knives

FOIFOMBI to sharpen

FOIHORI careless, light, superficial

FOIHORILAMBI to do carelessly, to neglect, to treat indifferently

FOJI a skin covering for boots and shoes (worn in cold weather)

FOKJIHIYADAMBI to act in a coarse or boorish manner

FOKJIHIYAN boorish, cbarse

FOKTO jacket made of grass linen

FOLGO see folho

FOLHO a small iron hammer

FOLKOLOMBI to leave a space, to make an interval, to make a pause

FOLKOLOME here and there, interspersed, at intervals

FOLOBUMBI caus. of folombi

FOLOMBI to carve, to engrave, to print


FOLOHO HITHA engraved metal decoration on a horse's bridle

FOLORO FAKSI engraver, carver, printer

FOLON a carved inscription

FOMBI (-ha) to chap

FOMCI see fomoci

FOMILAMBI to tuck the clothing in

FOMOCI stockings, socks

FOMON one name for the wren; cf. darha cecike

FOMOROMBI to get tangled up

FOMPI chapped

FON time, season

FONDO through, thorough, completely

FONDO GEHUN transparent, translucent

FONDO TUCIKE went through and came out the other side

FONDOJOMBI to be broken or torn through

FONDOLOBUMBI caus. of fondolombi

FONDOLOMBI to penetrate, to go through

FONDOMBI see fondolombi

FONGKO a small brass drum

FONGSOMBI to become black from smoke

FONGSON soot, dirt

FONGSONGGI 1. soot, dirt 2. a turbotlike fish found in the Sunggari River

FONIYO female roe deer

FONJIBUMBI caus. of fonjimbi


FONJIN question, questioning

FONJINAMBI to go to ask

FONJINDUMBI/FONJINUMBI to ask (of a group)

FONJINGGIMBI to send to ask

FONJINJIMBI to come to ask

FONJISI 1. questioner, interrogator 2. Law Secretary, BH 826

FONTOHO 1. small hole in an object 2. a type of bottomless vessel

FONTOMBI see fondolombi

FOR (onom.) 1. the sound of slurping 2. the sound of a loom 3. the sound of neighing

FOR FOR (onom.) the same as for

FORFOI orangutan

FORGON 1. season, the course of the year 2. fate

FORGON I YARGIYAN TON the official calendar

FORGORI ILHA Rosa indica

FORGOŠOBUMBI caus. of forgoombi

FORGOŠOMBI 1. to revolve, to rotate 2. to transfer, to change

FORGOŠOME FIYELEMBI to turn in the saddle while trick riding

FORGOŠOME NIYAMNIYAMBI to suddenly reverse direction while shooting from horseback

FORIBUMBI caus./pass. of forimbi

FORIKŪ a wooden clapper

FORIMBI to strike, to knock

FORINGGA HŪSUN a man who goes about at night striking the hours on a gong or clapper

FORINGGIYAMBI to test an arrow shaft by turning it between the fingers

FORIŠAMBI to strike hard

FORITU a stick with small bells attached to it--used by Buddhist monks

FORJIN a small knot or excrescence on a tree

FORJIN MOO a tree with very hard wood that grows on riverbanks

FORKO spinning wheel

FORKO I SABKA SELE pivot on a spinning wheel

FOROBUMBI 1. caus. of forombi 2. to pray, to chant incantations

FOROBUN rotation, chanting of incantations

FOROHON CECIKE one name for the hoopoe;

cf. indahūn cecike

FOROMBI 1. to spin 2. to turn, to turn around, to face, to turn toward

FOROMIMBI see foringgiyambi

FORON 1. swirl, curl, whirl 2. rotation (of an arrow between the fingers)

FORON SAIN the rotation of the arrow shaft is right, i.e., it is straight

FORONOMBI to turn (in that direction)

FORONTU curly, having curly hair

FORONTU KARA a black horse with curly hair on the belly

FORONTU MORIN a horse with curly hair on the breast

FORTOHON having a turned-up nose (of animals)

FOSKIYAMBI see fosokiyambi

FOSOBA reflection, ray

FOSOBUMBI caus./pass. of fosombi

FOSOK (onom.) the sound of a wild beast leaping from cover

FOSOKIYAMBI to get upset because of impatience

FOSOLHON warm (of the sun)

FOSOMBI 1. (-ko) to shine, to light up 2. to splash, to splatter

FOSOMIKŪ TOHON a button for securing the hem while one is riding

FOSOMIMBI to tuck in the hem

FOSON sunlight, sun's rays, the glow of a fire

FOSONGGI see fongsonggi

FOSONJIMBI to come shining, to shine in here

FOSONOMBI to go shining, to shine in there

FOSOPI illuminated

FOSOR SEME many, in great quantity (of wild animals)

FOSOROMBI (-ko) to shrink

FOŠOR SEME seething (used to describe anger), foaming

FOŠOR ŠEME OBONGGI DEKDEHE produced white foam

FOTOR SEME 1. bubbling (of water), foaming 2. furiously

FOTOR SEME FUYEMBI to boil furiously

FOYO 1. ula grass--a soft grass used as padding in shoes 2. cloth woven from horsehair

FOYO ORHO ula grass

FOYODOMBI to divine

FOYODON divination

FOYONOMBI to become matted (of hair)

FOYORI an exotic plumlike fruit


FOYORO ORHO see foyo orho

FU 1. an outside wall 2. prefecture 3. residence, mansion

FU I AISILARA HAFAN Sub-Prefect of the Metropolitan Prefecture, BH 793

FU I ALIHA HAFAN Prefect of the Metropolitan Prefectures, BH 793

FU I ILHI HAFAN ViceGovernor of Peking, BH 793

FU I SARACI Prefect, BH 848

FU FA SEME panting, feverish

FU GŪWARA eared owl (Asio otus)

FU NIMAHA back carp

FUBIHŪN CECIKE the Korean hoopoe

FUBISE an exotic fruit from Tonkin

FUBUMBI caus. of fumbi

FUCEBUMBI caus. of fucembi

FUCEMBI to get angry, to get mad

FUCENDUMBI/FUCENUMBI to get angry (of a groups

FUCENG see fu i ilhi hafan


FUCIHI DORO the way of Buddha, Buddhism

FUCIHI DZUŠI Buddhist patriarch

FUCIHI ERHUWEKŪ niche for a Buddha image

FUCIHI HUWEJEKŪ the brightly ornamented background of a Buddha image

FUCIHI I NOMUN Buddhist sutra

FUCIHI IKTAN scriptures and valuables kept inside a Buddha image

FUCIHI MIYOO Buddhist temple

FUCIHINGGE pertaining to Buddha, Buddhist

FUCIHINGGE MAHALA a liturgical hat surmounted with the images of the five Dhyani-Buddhas that is worn by monks during services

FUCIHIYALABUMBI caus. of fucihiyalambi

FUCIHIYALAMBI to singe (off)


FUCIHIYAŠAMBI to heat in a flame

FUCU FACA (onom.) whispering

FUDAMBI to vomit

FUDANGGA with the hair going the wrong way, bristly, unkempt

FUDARAMBI (-ka) 1. to go against, to rebel 2. to be bristly, to be unkempt (of hair) 3. to oppose, to resist

FUDARAN opposition, rebellion

FUDASI recalcitrant, rebellious, obstinate

FUDASI GŪWARA a type of owl

FUDASI HALAI recalcitrant and perverse

FUDASIHULAMBI to go mad, to lose one's mind

FUDASIHŪN rebellious, disloyal, recalcitrant, obstinate

FUDEBUMBI caus. of fudembi

FUDEHUN see fundehun

FUDEJEMBI to develop a flaw, to crack,

to rip

FUDELEBUMBI caus. of fudelembi

FUDELEMBI to rip out a seam, to tear apart, to take apart

FUDEMBI 1. to see off, to accompany 2. to accompany a trousseau 3. to give a gift on departure

FUDEHE JAKA dowry, trousseau

FUDENEMBI to go to see off

FUDENJIMBI to come to see off

FUDEŠEBUMBI caus. of fudešembi

FUDEŠEMBI to dance in order to drive away evil spirits (to cure an illness)--specifically to dance in honor of the tiger god

FUDEŠERE SAMAN a shaman who dances in honor of the tiger god

FUDZ master, respectful term for teachers and elders

FUFA (onom.) the sound of panting

FŪFEN 1. one thousandth 2. a tenth of an inch

FUFUBUMBI caus. of fufumbi

FUFUMBI (-ha) to saw

FUFUN a saw

FUFUTAMBI to torment oneself, to slave away (at a job)

FUGU see fuhu

FUHALI completely, totally, really, actually

FUHAŠABUMBI caus. of fuhašambi

FUHAŠAMBI 1. to exchange, to barter 2. to read carefully, to study

FUHAŠAME KIMCEMBI to study, to devote oneself to the study of

FUHEN the mold on the surface of fermenting substances

FUHEŠEBUMBI caus. of fuhešembi

FUHEŠEKU ORHO tumbleweed

FUHEŠEMBI to roll, to roll over, to somersault, to tumble

FUHEŠEME INJEMBI to double up with laughter

FUHIYEMBI to get angry, to get mad

FUHŪ wart

FUHU BANJIMBI a wart appears

FUHUN the appearance of anger or rage, enraged, angry

FUIFUBUMBI caus. of fuifumbi

FUIFUKŪ kettle, pot for boiling liquids

FUIFUMBI to boil, to stew, to boil down (as salt)

FUJIN wife of a feudal lord, wife of a beile, lady

FUJISA plural of fujin

FUJIYANG Colonel, Regimental Commander, BH 752

FUJULAMBI see fujurulambi

FUJŪN gracious, refined

FUJURAKŪ indecorous, dishonorable, dishonest, tactless, unrefined

FUJURI 1. foundation, basis, origin 2. hereditary

FŪRJŪRI AMBAN a hereditary dignitary

FUJURI BOO a family in which men frequently followed official careers, a gentry family

FUJURI NIRU hereditary banner chief

FUJURULABUMBI caus. of fujurulambi

FUJURULAMBI to probe deeply, to get to the bottom of something, to make inquiries, to investigate

FUJURULAME FONJIMBI to make inquiries, to get to the bottom of something

FUJURUN prose poem, a fu

FUJURUNGGA fine, elegant

FUJURUNGGA YANGSANGGA alluring, elegant and noble

FUKA 1. bubble, blister, pustule 2. circle, a circle in the Manchu writing system 3. enceinte in front of a city gate, bastion on a city wall 4. wild-animal cage

FUKANAMBI to bubble, to form bubbles

FUKCIHIYAN see fukjihiyan

FUKCIN see fukjin

FUKDEJEMBI to open up again (a wound)

FUKDEREMBI to have a relapse (of illness), to reopen (of a wound)

FUKIYAMBI see fuyakiyambi


FUKJIHIYAN common, ordinary, despicable

FUKJIN beginning, origin, foundation

FUKJIN ILIBUMBI to lay a foundation

FUKJINGGA original, ancient, primitive

FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy--seal characters

FUKJINGGA HERGEN I KŪREN an office in Peking charged with developing a pseudo 'seal script' for Manchu

FUKJINGGA MAHATŪN a style of hat worn in ancient times

FUKJIŠAMBI to be restrained, to hold back

FUKSUHU large excrescence on a tree

FUKTALA bracken fern (Pteridum aquilinum)

FULABURU dark blue or black with a slightly reddish tinge, blue flecked with red or pink

FŪLABURU GASHA Chinese blue and white flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomelana )

FULACAN a bag for storing flint

FULAHŪKAN light pink

FULAHŪN 1. pink, reddish 2. the fourth of the heaven's stems 3. naked, bare, impoverished, barren

FULAHŪN YADAMBI to be impoverished

FULAHŪRI deep red, fire red

FULAHŪRI KAMTUN a deep red head

scarf used during the Han dynasty

FULAKCAN pouch for carrying a flint

FULAN a light-colored horse with a dark mane and tail

FULANA Prunus humilis; cf. ulana

FULANA ILHA crab-apple blossom

FULARAMBI (-ka) to become red, to blush

FULARGAN a rust-colored swallow

FULARI of a red shade

FULARI CECIKE the same as fulgiyan sišargan

FULARI ILHA an exotic red flower that blooms in autumn

FULARILAMBI to flash red, to lighten

FULARJAMBI to have a red appearance

FULARŠAMBI see fularjambi

FULATA red-eyed, having red circles about the eyes

FULATA NISIHA a type of small, redeyed fish

FULCA an exotic sweet purple fruit, about the size of a man's finger

FULCENGGE ILHA rainbow pink (Dianthus chinensis)

FULCIN cheekbone, cheek

FULCU an exotic fruit resembling the wild grape

FULCUHUN ŠULHE a type of pear (Pyrus betulaefolia)

FULCUN a large exotic red fruit shaped like a man's finger

FULDUN grove, thicket, clump

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