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Make Telugu compulsory in schools: TANA

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Make Telugu compulsory in schools: TANA

Special Correspondent

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The teaching of Telugu should be made compulsory in all schools in Andhra Pradesh, Telugu Association of North America (TANA) president Thotakura Babu Rajendhra Prasad, has said.

Speaking to reporters after inaugurating the office of a real estate firm here on Thursday Mr Prasad said that it was most unfortunate that the language was not being taught to students of several schools. He said TANA was trying to promote and preserve Telugu language in different ways. It had earmarked $1,00,000 for promoting Telugu language in the United States of America. The association wanted to preserve different folk art forms of Andhra Pradesh that were disappearing gradually. Telugu scholars and artists would be taken to the US to perform in the next TANA conference to be held at Dallas, Texas, on July 4, 5 and 6 in 2013, he said.

TANA had started an NRI Students Cell to help Telugu boys and girls studying in the United States. It was also giving scholarships to bright Telugu students who did not have the means for studies in the US, he said. He also warned students to check carefully the history of the educational institution that they were applying to.The NRI Students Cell of TANA would also help those interested in cross checking the precedents of any educational institution.

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