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96 Ismail El Fangary St, Nasr City, Cairo
Mobile 0122 – 7332530

0114 – 5922300

0122 – 2491212
Home phone (202) 20808402
E-mail shaimaaserag@hotmail.com

Dr. Shaimaa Serag


Seeking an excellent challenging Senior position with a governmental or a multi-national organization in which I can utilize my capabilities as well as academic and professional experience where I can present meaningful contribution to the needs, productivity and growth of the firm, while at the same time, encouraging self-growth, acquiring and perfecting both professional and personal new skills.

Personal Data
Full name: Shaimaa Serag Eldin Anwar Emara

  • Marital status: married

  • Nationality: Egyptian

  • Date of Birth: April 13, 1977

Personal Strengths:

  • Reliable, responsible, dependable, well organized with interpersonal skills and extensive industry related experience

  • Innovative and creative and has the ability to adapt to new cultures and working environments.

  • Possess communication, presentation, analytical and leadership skills.


  • 2014:

Ph. D degree in Economics, Thesis entitled “Agro-industrial Clusters and achieving Food Exports Competitiveness”, June 2014, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Economics Section, Cairo University.

  • 2009 - 2010:

Preliminary courses required for getting the Ph.D. Degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science-Cairo University, Very Good Degree.

  • 2009:

Masters Degree in Economics, Thesis entitled "The role of Institutional Framework of Egyptian Construction and Building Materials Sector in Effective Implementation of Trade in Services Agreement", July 2009, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University.

  • 2003 - 2004:

Post graduated studies in the field of economics from faculty of economics and political sciences – Cairo University.

  • 2002 – 2003:

Finished the Prerequisite Course of Mathematical Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences.

  • 1995 – 1999:

  • Faculty: B.A of Economics and Political Sciences.

  • University: Cairo

  • Section: Economics

  • Minor: Statistics

  • Year of graduation: 1999

  • Graduation essay: Privatization in Egypt and its effect on the Egyptian stock market.

Present Job: Feb 2011 – present
Senior Economist at the Technical office of the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade

  • Responsible of coordination between the Egyptian Federation for industries and the industrial development authority to accomplish the Egyptian industrial investment map overall Egyptian Governorates according to availability of resources.

  • Working on development an index to measure the competitiveness of Egyptian Governorates in achieving development of SMME’s and enhancing productivity.

  • Dealing with obstacles of Egyptian industries especially those which depending on child labor and suggesting tools to prevent these actions that prevent naturally child development.

  • Submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the Republic based on my PhD thesis. In order to expanding in the establishment of agro-industrial clusters in Egypt compared with number of similar countries.

  • Based on the proposal which presented to the Presidency of the Republic concerning my PhD thesis, I worked on a proposal for establishing an integrated city for the production of natural silk and presented to the Cabinet as a suggestion from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

  • Presented a proposal for restructuring the institutional framework of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in Egypt and developing it.

  • Participated in planning and facilitating trainings /workshops related to several issues such as competitiveness of Egyptian industrial exports, Gender equality and child protection and development.

  • Preparing studies concerning industrial and trade issues Such as:

  • Studies on the Egyptian Exports sectors (Food industries- Agricultural products- Building materials- Contracting- Real-estate- mineral industries) as a part of the Export Strategy 2014 – 2018.

  • Cinema industry in Egypt.

  • Export Subsidy program in Egypt comparing with other countries.

  • Taxes on Industrial and Commercial Sectors among current and progressive suggestions rates.

  • Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) as a national Project.

  • How to penetrate the African Countries markets?

  • Facilitating Business Environment, Required Procedures to start the industrial activity in coordination “The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI)” and “The Industrial Development Authority (IDA)”: The status quo and the proposed development.

  • The unified Egyptian Industrial Law: The Old Legislations and Proposed Development.

  • Development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in Egypt.

  • Sharing in putting strategies to develop the Egyptian authorities of Trade and industry.

  • Analyzing and Following up the World Economic and trade indicators.

  • Analyzing and Following up the Egyptian Economic indicators, trade indicators and the Public Budget figures.

  • Suggesting recommendations to H.E the minister to solve problems facing the Egyptian trade, industry and economic sectors.

  • Suggested solutions to solve export impediments by coordination with responsible ministries and affiliated entities.

Part time Job: Sep 2015 - present
Economic Lecturer at the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport
Providing academic courses:

  • Feasibility studies for industrial projects.

  • Micro Economics

  • Capital markets and financial institutions

  • Small and Medium enterprises.

  • Trade liberalization and Arab Integration

  • Managerial economics.

  • Macro Economics.

  • Economic development.

  • Economic Issues.

December 2004 – Jan 2011
Economic expert at the Office of the Minister of Trade and Industry & Senior Technical Assistant to the first assistant to the minister.
Work Experience (Full Time)

  • Shared in preparing Industry, Exports and Internal Trade Strategies 2010-2013.

  • Monitoring and Following up with different affiliated sectors the implementation of Industry, Exports and Internal Trade Strategies.

  • Sharing in preparing reports and presentations about updating the World and Egyptian trade and industry indicators.

  • Following up market surveillance to different hot issues and crises related to the most important goods like cement, steel.

  • Following up bilateral and multilateral trade agreements negotiations between Egypt and other countries, EU and WTO.

  • Supervising establishing the Unit's database and creating soft and hard copies filling system.

  • Supervising the administrative office's work such as filing system, time schedule, contacts and In /out mails.

  • Sharing in preparing meetings' files to H.E the minister (for both internal and external meetings).

  • Gained first hand experience in issuing new legislations related to Egyptian trade and industry like competition law, consumer law and ministerial decrees organizing internal markets, Energy pricing and export duties decrees for cement, steel, etc.

  • Contacting different affiliated sectors and unaffiliated entities to get required data for different purposes like preparing presentations, reports and speeches.

  • Sending and receiving correspondences from governmental and international entities.

November 2000 – November 2004
Economic researcher at the Office of the Minister of Foreign Trade
Work Experience (Full Time)

  • Participated in issuing the Egyptian Export Strategy 2001 – 2002 (second edition).

  • Suggested solutions to solve export impediments by coordination with responsible ministries and affiliated entities.

  • Participated in creating proposal and presentation to get fund for export councils which presented to TEP- A project (Trade Enhancing project – EU) to raise it's capabilities.

  • Participated in set up the Egyptian Cotton Logo Unit which Following up the registration Egyptian Cotton Logo

  • Participated in preparing The Direct sales program in West Africa.

  • Prepared many of reports about trade.

  • Participated in set up the Export Obstacles Unit and collected the export Egyptian Obstacles according to sectors of exporting councils.

  • Participated in issuing the Egyptian Export Strategy 2000 – 2001 (first edition).

  • Prepared Memos to the minister about different trade topics and export impediments.

Training Courses and participations

  • Participated at the “Industrial Policy Formulation and Management in Africa”, United Nations, African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), Dakar, Senegal, 8-12 August 2011.

  • Nominated by the Economic section at the American Embassy and got the acceptance to attend “The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)” in the field of, “ US Foreign Trade Policy”, United States of America (USA), 9th – 31st July 2011.

  • Part time Consultant at Orascom Construction Industries (OCI)” through preparing paper entitled “Construction Industry Overview 2010-2011” which presented by the CEO of OCI to the Egyptian minister of finance in order to support the Egyptian construction sector after the 25th Jan revolution, March 2011.

  • Participated as a member of Egyptian Delegate and one of the Organizers at the African WTO Trade Ministerial Meeting, Cairo, 27th -29th October 2009.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Exam Preparation Course at Regional Information Technology Institute (RITI), Cairo – EGYPT, 30th July – 14th September 2008.

  • Trade Information Analysis course at Foreign Trade Training Centre, 13th January – 24th January 2008.

  • Feasibility study course at the American university in Egypt, 27th November 2007 – 2nd January 2008

  • Econometrics course at the American university in Egypt, 24th June – 25th July 2007.

  • Participated at the Free trade and globalization committee for ESCWA countries at Beirut – Lebanon as Egypt representative and the Head of the committee 24-26 April 2007.

  • Regional Integration course at the Arab Planning Institute – Kuwait March 2006.

  • Attended the African WTO Trade Ministerial Meeting, Cairo, October 2005

  • Training course about Technical report writing and international Commercial Diplomacy– USAID 2004.

  • Training course about Trade map at the ITC -USAID 2003.

  • Participated at Workshop on "effects WTO agreements on developing countries economies, what is the next of Cancun 2003?" sponsored by ministry of foreign trade, WTO and International trade Center Dec 2003.

Published papers:

  • The way to support the Arab competitiveness exports of food industry”, (2015) paper presented to the 23rd Conference of Agricultural Economists: "Agricultural economic integration of the Arab", published at the Egyptian Association magazine of Agricultural Economics, the Egyptian Association of Agricultural Economics, Egypt.

  • The role of trade policies in achieving Arab’s food security Case Studies: Egypt - Tunisia - Saudi Arabia”, (2015) paper presented to the 23rd Conference of Agricultural Economists: "Agricultural economic integration of the Arab", published at the Egyptian Association magazine of Agricultural Economics, the Egyptian Association of Agricultural Economics, Egypt.

  • Achieving competitiveness according to industrial policy application on export competitiveness of agro- food industries and development of agro-industrial clusters”, (2014), paper published at the economic section magazine, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt.

  • Agro industrial clusters and its role in supporting competitiveness of agro food industrial commodities - application on Egypt” (2014), paper published at Elnahda magazine, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt.

  • Proposed alternatives to finance the Egyptian public universities: Mechanisms of cooperation with the private sector and civil society”, (2012), paper presented to a workshop: "Reform of Higher Education in Egypt, Financing Higher Education in Egypt: Paths strategy after the January revolution", Partners in development (PID), Egypt.

  • The importance of training labor market: Applied on training employment in the Egyptian construction and building sector “, (2012), paper presented to the 41st Annual Conference of the Demographic Center "The role of population policies in support development”, 19-20 December, Egypt.

  • Mechanisms of cooperation between the public and private sectors in financing higher education: International experiences and the proposed application in Egypt”, (2011), paper presented to the National Egyptian Planning Institute, the First Scientific Conference of young researchers entitled "future policy development in Egypt after the January 25 revolution", 4-5th December 2011, Egypt.

Volunteer work

  • Writing economic awareness articles at Elahram Elmasaai newspaper.

  • Writing weekly economic awareness articles at “Sada Elbalad site” http://www.elbalad.news/ and “Masr Elbalad site” http://masrelbalad.com

  • Worked with the top level of economic and political players in Egypt through the Economic and Women Committee at the National Democratic Party (NDP).

  • Gained the first hand experience in dealing with the most prominent economic figures in Egypt who participate in the forums of Egypt’s “economic kitchen” – as the Committee is commonly described by:

      • Participating in preparing bills and draft laws dealing with economic issues to be presented to the People’s Assembly (e.g. Draft Law for Banks, Draft Law for Egyptian – EU Partnership, Draft Law for Competition).

      • Preparing working papers about the most pressing economic problems.

      • Preparing working papers about problems which face women in Egypt like women poverty and how to apply family' courts.

      • Experience in editing and preparing studies about the most important economic issues.

Computer Skills

  • E-views program

  • SPSS program

  • MS Office

  • Excellent research skills on the internet.

Language Skills

  • Arabic mother Tongue

  • Excellent in spoken and written English


  • Reading

  • Listening to music

  • General Fitness


  • Furnished upon request.

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