8A/37, Anand Nagar B, Patiala (Pb.) India, Phone: +91-9779584271

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Mahesh Seelvi
8A/37, Anand Nagar – B, Patiala (Pb.) – India, Phone: +91-9779584271.

Email: maheshseelvi@gmail.com, skype: Mahesh.seelvi


Well qualified and result oriented Banking professional with over 30 years of successful experience in positions of increasing responsibilities and duties. Top performer with track record of consistently meeting or exceeding sales goals and customer expectations. Skilled at educating customers on banking products and recommending best options that meet their short and long term needs. Team player with polished communication skills: verbal, written, interpersonal, presentations and rapport building.

Key responsibilities:

Customer service relations Sales management marketing financial services

Account organization banking products relationship building

& services

New business dev. Branch management Account management
Work experience:

A member of “super 100 officers of the bank” team, retired as a senior manager from State Bank of Patiala. He has worked successfully in various competencies for 33 years and played instrumental roll with branch always meeting every target each year.


Post graduation in Public Administration.

P.G. diploma in publicity, public relations and advertising

P.G. diploma in journalism


Copy writing course from American Writers & Artists Inc.

A direct response copywriter:
A full time freelance writer – A direct response copywriter, trained by American Writers & artists Inc.

Exceptional leader with talent selling design, quality, service and value for price. Adept at B2B/B2C sales and negotiations with decision makers. Ability to build new territories and expand opportunities within existing client base. Outstanding relationship building and presentation skills.

Adept at writing Promotional letters (both short and long) for B2B/B2C, financial and health markets , Direct mail packages, online lending pages, online video sales letters, case studies, white papers and production of commercials, industrial films, documentaries.

Samples at my website: http://www.filmNvoice.com

You business is like a garden, where small seedlings, tended with care and diligence, can grow, to be vibrant thriving source of abundance. I pledge to help you, nurture and grow your business, by writing result oriented copy, using the direct response techniques to captivate prospects.

I would love the opportunity to work with your marketing department and write benefit based sales letters. I will use my writing skills to help you demonstrate, to your prospects, the quality and value of your products and services.

I would love the opportunity to show you, the quality of writing I can do, for your business, by writing a spec assignment for you.
I will use my marketing skills to help you demonstrate to your prospects the quality and value of your products and services.

Additional skills

Voice actor/voice talent:

Authoritative voice, that is at once warm, real, friendly and strong. A smooth blend of professional touch, authentic, conversational and deep.

Voice samples at http://www.filmNvoice.com

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit

Services: Radio commercials, television commercials, Public service announcements, Film promos, Corporate films (Industrial), Documentaries, E-learning projects, Audio books, Jingles, Training lectures, trailers, education and training, film dubbing, internet, medical, telephony, meditation, inspiration and exercise, IVRs

  • Can go to any studio

  • Broadcast quality studio available. Can record and deliver audio file via email/ftp

  • TAT- 24 hours.

Experience: A former Newsreader/translator of All India Radio.

A regular broadcaster for All India Radio since 1980.

Voiced National and International projects. Recently completed an e- learning project of USA through Prime Voices. My clients include from

India, USA, UK, Canada, Bahrein, Bahmas and Abu Dhabi.

Author :

Have four literary books to his credit.

  1. Mard Vara (Men’s year)

  2. Khoobsurat patnian (Beautiful wives)

  3. Badkismat Hain vo nar (those unlucky men) (A national award winner work)

  4. Hum Ganwar Hoon (I am stupid)

  5. Bada lutaf tha jab… (under publication)


Translated more than 10 lac worlds so far.

-“Kagar ki aag” a novel by Himanshu Joshi translated into Punjabi

-“Mujhe Yaad Hai” a novel by Vimal Mitra translated into Punjabi

-“Dhartian de geet” a travelogue by Brijinder Singh translated into Hindi

-“Sirian” a play by Daya Prakash Sinha translated into Hindi

-Many other stories and essays for daily and periodical press

-Translated a lot of documents (circulars, memos, loan documents) for State Bank of Patiala in Hindi and Punjabi.

Have 15 years experience in translation. Punjabi and Hindi are his native languages.


Developed stories for films

  1. “Club 16”, feature in Hindi

  2. “Hens”, feature in Hindi and English

  3. “Gagan damama bajeo”, feature in Punjabi

  4. “Surrender” short film on national integration

  5. “Kite” short film on national integration

  6. “Ostracised”, feature in Hindi (in Hand)

Response is awaited from two bollywood producers for club-16 and Hens.

Film Maker:

Produced 3 Tele-serials,

“Halla Gulla” for ATN, “Apke liye” for NEPC, “Thumke te Thumka” for DD

5 Corporate films

4 Documentaries

And more than 40 commercials

Production house “Maiden Eye” is registered with Doordarshan and AIR and is a member of IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association).


Writes satirical poems (in lighter vein) which can be listened at:


Successfully edited a bi-monthly magazine “Soch” in Punjabi consecutively for 4 years. Remained a member of editorial team of “Apka Apna” a quarterly house magazine of State Bank of Patiala.

Proud member of:

Indian Film Directors’ Association, Mumbai

Film Writers Association, Mumbai

North Zone Film and Television Association, Chandigarh

Author’s Guild of India, New Delhi

American Writers & Artists Inc., USA

Thanks and regards.

(Mahesh seelvi)

Phone: +91-9779584271

E-mail: maheshseelvi@gmail.com

Website: www.filmNvoice.com

Blog: www.copywritermahesh.wordpress.com

Skype: Mahesh.seelvi

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