5145 Honors American Literature

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5145 Honors American Literature - Mrs. Lehman

Welcome to your Edgenuity Honors English class. My name is Mrs. Lehman, and I am responsible for grading your work and assisting you through this course. Below you will find important information relating to your course. It is very important that you email me at any time this year if you have a problem, question, or concern. Your communication with me is very important! I wish you much success in all of your classes this year.

Mrs. Lehman – Cyber teacher of record for cyber English courses including:

  • English 9 and 10 and Honors English 9 and 10

  • English 11 and Honors English 11/American Literature

  • Speech Parts I and II

  • Modern Humanities/GP and Honors British Literature/GP

  • AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition

  • Creative Writing Parts I and II

  • Gothic Literature

  • Introduction to Social Media

  • Strategies for Academic Success

  • Reading Strategies and Credit Recovery English

  • IB Program Courses

My workstation is on the 2nd floor in the cyber room across from the library.

Please contact me through Edgenuity email or regular email at lehmanal@svsd.net. Phone: 724-452-6041 ext. 1024.

Your Edgenuity course consists of several key components that factor into your grade.

  • Summer Work: Prior to beginning coursework in the fall, students will be assigned a summer work journaling assignment. This assignment will be due on a scheduled day at the beginning of the 1st nine weeks. The summer reading assignment is posted on my teacher website listed under the Cyber Service link. You may also stop by the cyber teacher workroom to pick up a hard copy of this assignment.

  • Starting the Course

You are responsible for beginning work in this course the day that the semester begins. If you are not “on track” when the progress reports are due, you will be given your actual grade and the comment of “incomplete assignments” on your progress report. Failure to start coursework when required may result in a lower grade, an “incomplete” (which can affect National Honor Society status) or the filing of a truancy report.

  • Assignments:

Assignments will be read and graded. Please answer all parts of the question. If a green checkmark is given for completion and no comment is listed in the teacher comment section, your score will be recorded as a 100%.

Assignments are initially scored by the Edgenuity program. Please let me know if you find a problem with the scoring or if you need something reset. Your failure to answer all of the short answer assignment questions will result in an automatic “0” grade for that assignment. Answers such as “I don’t know” or “I don’t feel like answering this” are not acceptable for credit.

  • Quizzes:

Quizzes will be scored by the Edgenuity program. Please let me know if you find a problem with the scoring or if you need something reset.

  • Tests:

Tests will be scored by the Edgenuity program. Please let me know if you find a problem with the scoring or if you need something reset.

  • Collaboration Corner will be utilized throughout this year-long course. You will be notified via the Edgenuity email when a prompt is posted and when it will be due. Please be sure to check your emails daily! The Collaboration Corner assignments will be included in the “Additional” column in Edgenuity.

  • Graduation Project Research Paper: You will also receive email attachments of sample assignments to help you with your research paper, so be sure to check your Edgenuity email daily. The research paper grades will be entered in Classroll.com during the second semester.

  • Honors American Literature students will also read the novel 1984 during the 1st nine weeks. This is listed in Edgenuity as Honors American Literature 1st Nine Weeks Part 1B as a separate class.

  • Cumulative Exams: They will be weighted as 10% of your final course grade - All grades will go into Classroll.com at the end of the nine weeks.

EDGENUITY provides you with a course calendar which you should use to help stay on track in order to finish by your target date. Please utilize the suggested timeframes in this calendar. To be successful in the class, you must put in the required hours for working. If you do not log adequate work time, you will be referred for truancy.

How does the Grading System in Edgenuity work?

Overall Grade: This is the grade you have acquired thus far in the course based on all activities and assessments you have completed.

Actual Grade: Represents the overall grade in relation to the percentage of coursework completed vs. the percentage of coursework that should have been completed. This grade is lower than the Overall Grade if you are behind in the course and will be the same as the Overall Grade if you are on-time or ahead of schedule in the coursework.

Relative Grade: Represents the grade you would receive if you stopped working in that course today and completed no more activities or assessments.

If you ever have a question or concern, please be sure to contact me via email or make a visit to the cyber workroom. Communication is the key to success in any online course, and I will help in any way I can as long as you communicate your needs to me.

I look forward to a productive and successful semester! Good luck!

Graded Assignments for 5000 Level Honors American Literature:


  • Objective questions (Multiple Choice, True or False etc.) will be graded initially by Edgenuity

  • ALL QUESTIONS (subjective and objective) will be reviewed by teacher

  • Student should use complete sentences and punctuation when answering

  • Subjective questions will be graded by teacher (must be an honest attempt made) and objective questions will be graded for accuracy

  • Grades will be calculated by the % correct and completed

  • Is part of student Assignment grade

  • Re-takes allowed by teacher approval only


  • Posted by teacher

  • Graded by teacher

  • Is part of student Additional grade, if applicable



  • Will be graded initially by Edgenuity

  • Will be re-graded by Cyber teacher

  • Will be graded following prompt Rubric

  • Student should complete the Prewriting, Rough Draft, and Final Draft

  • Revisions of Final Drafts are available upon student request and teacher approval

  • Essay scores make up your Essay grade


  • Graded by Edgenuity

  • Grade is % correct

  • Honors level = 0 retakes, no enotes






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