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a) Stop talking to those angry men, you are just coming in the way

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a) Stop talking to those angry men, you are just coming in the way

b) Stop talking to those angry men, you are just making it worse

c) Stop talking to those angry men, you are just adding to the noise

d) Stop talking to those angry men, you are just talking too much

37) ‘Sudhir’s work is behind schedule – I think he bit more than he could chew’ is the same as________

a) Sudhir has taken too much of work

b) Sudhir takes very long breaks

c) Sudhir does not know how to do the work

d) Sudhir is a lazy person

38) There are many__________ to our rules, and I do not think that’s fair.

a) Examples

b) Exceptions

c) Instances

d) Provisions

Exercise 7:

Choose the correct / most appropriate word/s to fill in the gap in the sentences given below.

39) I didn’t set _________ to do this but I’m pleased with the result.

a) In

b) Out

c) On

d) Down

40) This looks too heavy,______________ pick it up?

a) Can I

b) May I

c) Need I

d) Would I

41) I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were_________ who haven’t.

a) little

b) a little

c) few

d) a few

42) Pope John Paul II ___________ more than 90 countries.

a) Has visited

b) Was visited

c) Visits

d) Has been visiting

43) I _____________ Carl since I ______________ a little child.

a) Have known, have been

b) Have known, was

c) knew, have been

d) Knew, was

44) I wonder if _____________ will show up at the meeting?

a) Someone

b) Anyone

c) One

d) Everyone

45) Have you given up______________.

a) To smoke

b) Smoke

c) Some smoking

d) Smoking

Exam Paper:
(1-5) Simple question on puzzle test
Six books are Sanskrit , Biology ,English ,Economics ,Physics, Chemistry and these books are having pages in no 405 ,387 , 502, 368, 417,320 but not in a order
1) Book which is second from bottom is chemistry and is having 417 pages

2) English is neither in top nor in the bottom

3) Economics is having 387 pages which is second from top

4) Book which is having 502 is fourth from the bottom


Questions on diagrams odd man out very just looking at them u will find easily the odd man

(11-15) question on family relations also from puzzles test in RS AGARWAL

A, B, C, D, E, F are members of a family there are two pairs in this six members

D is brother of  F

B is mother of D

C is lady and is neither heavy nor light in the family

Grand father is heaviest in the family

Some questions are

1) Relation between  e and f

2) How many male members are there in the family

3) Find the option which is a pair from the following

4) What is the relation between c and d

Data interpretation question: Population in year 92-93 is adults 54 lakhs, non adults 14 lakhs for every year 2% of non adult’s converts into adults

Birth rate %    non adult’s mortality %                 adults mortality %

93-94                      17                                                 7                                                      14

94-95                       19                                               6                                                       13

95-96                     18                                                   8                                                      12

1. Population at the end of the year 95-96 is

2. Population of adults in the year 94-95 is

3. Population percent increase in the year 93-94
(21-25) Data Sufficiency

1 For saying x is a whole number

a) X^3+1=0

b) X^4-1=0

A) only one is sufficient  B) only two is sufficient

C) Either of the one is enough D) both are required

E) Both are not sufficient

2. In an election there are A,B,C participants find the individual votes of each other

a) A has got 1500 more than B

b) C has got half more than what a has got

similar to this very easy questions just verify the RS AGARWAL not more than 1/2 hr that is enough to answer this data sufficiency questions
(26-30) Logical connectivity

I will give u an idea about this

A all rank students are awarded with a  prize

B. Gopal is hard working

C. Ramu has got the prize

D. Ramu got the first rank

E. Gopal is typical fellow

a) CDA b) ADB c)EDA ans is       a





Reasoning test: 30 Q’s in 45 mins

All similar questions from Agarwal’s reasoning book. Can’t remember the exact questions. So giving u only types. All questions are very easy
(1-4): 5 Books are arranged one by one. There page numbers are 205, 512, 316, and some clues r given. We have to answer 4 questions based on that paragraph.
(5): Data suffiency question.

Find the value of X?

a) X3+1 b) X4+1=0

Answer for this question is a, because we wil get imaginary values for second choice.

(6-10): Find the ODD figure out questions
6) Answer is C, because it is moving in anti clock wise direction. All are moving clockwise directions in above figure

Like this another four easy questions came

Ques (11-15): A similar problem from agarwal reasoning. Just change Elder/younger are given instead of lighter/heavier in below question.
1.      A, B, C,D, E and F r 6members in a family in which there two married couples.

2.      D is brother of F Both D and F r lighter than B.

3.      C is a lady, is neither heaviest nor the lightest in the family.

4.      E is lighter than C.

5.      The grand father in the family is heaviest.
11) How is E related to F?

a) Grand mother b) Brother c) Father d)Data inadequate e)none of these Answer is C
12) Which of the following is a pair of married couples?

a) AB b) BC c) AD d) BE e) None of these Answer is D
13) How many males are there in the family?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d)data inadequate e)None of these Answer is D
14) Who is the second place, if all the family members weights are arranged in descending order?

a) A b)C c ) D d ) Data inadequate e)None of these Answer is B
15) How is C related to D?

a) Grand mother b)Cousin c)Sister d)Mother e)None of these

Answer is A
Ques (16-20): One data interpretation question
Ques (21-22): Sum of all salaries of A, B and C are 6000. A is 1230 more than B and 1000 more than C. Two questions based on this

The rest r based on blood relations and questions similar to puzzle test topic in Agarwaal’s reasoning book.

VERBAL TEST: 40 questions in 30mins. Little bit tough.

Questions (1-10): Two big passages are given. Fives marks for each passages.

Questions (11-16): Correction of phrases in sentences

3 or 4 lines will be given. In that a phrase wil be underlined. We answer the correct from the given choices.
Questions (16-17): Two articles are given.
Questions (18-23): Fill in the blanks
Questions (24-29): 3 or 4 lines paragraphs r given and corresponding conclusion for that paragraphs should b selected from the given options.
Ques(30-35):A sentence r given by using different prepositions. We have to select the right one.
Rest 5 is different types.

It takes lot of time .B thorough in English. Every given choices differ with minute mistakes. Difficult to select choices.


1-5 Questions
 1) There is a wooden rectangular box of length ,breadth, height of 7cm,6,5 cms when it is divided into three parts and painted with red, violet and green color of l, b, h of 1cm*1*1cm
  1) how many are o faced?
  A)70   b)62   c) 76 d) none of these

2) How many are 1 faced?

3) How many are 2 faced?

4) How many are 3 faced

The question follows in that way
6-11 Figures Problem:

Try to solve as many as possible from verbal and non verbal reasoning (R.S.Agarwaal)

Here, you need to find the continuation fig from the given options .keep track of the time especially.

Data sufficiency
a)if 1&2 are required to answer
b)if either is insufficient
c)any of the statement is sufficient
d) either is required (sorry folks I don’t remember the exact order,,...that really important)
 11)is X>y?
 a)when=(p-1)(p^2-p+1)  and y=(p-1)(p^2+p+1)
 b)IF X>=7
and rest of the questions follows in that way.

16-20 Data interpretation
 Time is not at all sufficient for this section to solve the listed questions
so better solve them at the last, Here two graphs are given   one is sales   and the other one is cost of a company for 3 products A,B,C I can’t draw you ,but I will explain you:
 1) What is the profit of the company in 93-94 from product B?
   a) 77%  b) 32%  c) 44%   d) none of these
 ( I don’t remember the exact values ,but want to tell you ,how the way is)

21-25 puzzle test solving
There are 6 persons named prasad ,etc

1) They are staying in 6flats in a 3 Storeyed building
2) one person who is teacher doesn’t own a fridge
3)the person who is having three children owns a volts fridge
4)people who stay in top floor need to have 4 or more children
  and conditions goes like these.......
21) who is the teacher?
   a) Prasad b).........
22) who is having kelvinator fridge?

26-30  This section consists of logical reduction
  (also called Syllogism) u can get these questions from verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal. Refer to that)


Questions are:

1-5 Cuboids but typical cut in different type each having different color so it is very tuff

Figure reasoning basically strength to x figure which r rotating.
11-15 Data sufficiency

Problems: One Statement two conclusion find which is best

Data interpretation very tough     two different figure 1 cost 2 sales question related to it
25-30 just all people are girls, all girls are boys just like this
21-25) 6 men living in flat, Find who is at 1 2 3 4 5 6flat different condition

Total no. of children English paper 2 paragraph very long 0ne

Fine world in place underlined

Find correct sentences

Use of tenses


English is not so easy


First of all a very important thing to tell you that please leave studying puzzles, the pattern has been entirely changed Start your preparation with RS Agrawaal and try to complete it. I was not at all prepared for the changed pattern; even before half an hour of my exam i was mugging the puzzles.
Firstly we were given a form to fill in half an hour. Please fill it in proper handwriting, it count a lot. After filling the form we were given a blank sheet for rough work.. Mind it rough work is as imp as your answer sheet After seeing the paper I was shocked.. Then I started doing it with patience.. My friends HARDWORK counts a lot along with the blessing. I cleared the written exam
Paper Pattern:-
Questions 1-5
A 5x6x7 cube is given with their boundaries painted with diff color. If the cube is divided into small cubes of dim 1x1x1 cm
1- How many cubes have red color painted side?

2- How many cubes have red and violet color painted sides?

3- No of cubes which are unpainted?

4- Cubes with three sides painted with yellow, violet and red?

5 Only one painted side of red color? (Just practice this ques by yourself consider any color in any side and solve it)
Q6-10 figure based ques from RS Agrawaal

Five figures were given and the sixth was asked some questions were on
Data sufficiency : 5 questions were based on::

their are 6 persons M Tendulkar, Mr Sharma, Mr Dravid they live in a three floored building 2 in one floor some conditions were give

who stay in which floor?

From RS agrawal
5 Questions on Data Interpretation
2 Graphs were given one cost based and one sales based three companies are there A,B,C questions like which company gives profit, which is in loss

And like that….
English Paper:-
It was easy, I thing English Paper helped me to clear the written

2 easy RC were their, direct answers........it covered 10 questions

10 questions were on correct the sentences 10 ques were on english usage

5 ques were on synonyms no negative marking

My Interview: There were my self Sir and 1 Madam.
Me-sir may i come in

He- yes

She- so Aditya you are an Instrumentation engineer
Me- yes madam.

She- so why does u want to join IT?
Me- what ever I could remember at that moment I spoke

He- so Aditya do u read any magazines or novels?
Me- no sir iam an extrovert kind of a person so I don’t read often but I do read newspaper

She- ok, then tell me abt previous 2 weeks International News
Me- told it

He- ok Aditya tell me some thing about Shahshi Tharoor?
Me- for a moment!!!!!!!!! After that I remembered and told him

He- ok Aditya tell me some thing about United Nations
Me- again!!!!!!Told him all that I knew (and it was all wrong!!!)

He- laughed!!!!
She- ok Aditya tell me one criteria that’s important to u while choosing a company

Me- Madam me the culture of the company should be amicable
She- what does culture means to you?

Me- I didn’t expected this question so I said-madam it means the common language that the people have she- so does that matters to u as in infosys we have 80% people speaking south Indian so hw wil u cope up wit that?

Me- now I thought it was all over! But still I gave hr a creative answer-madam, if the people Iam working with doesn’t understand my ideas because of language difference so it wil b difficult for both of us and also madam the biggest advantage we Indians have is that we know at least 2 languages and English is one of them so i cn communicate with them in English also. She-good!!!!

2nd HR:- 1 sir was there;
He- Hello aditya tell me for how long u have been waiting?

Me- Sir for over 2 hrs.
He- ok so what u did in that time?

Me- Sir, I just talked to my friends and listen t their interview experience
He-k so aditya u got 80% in 10th and 68 in it is. so hw can I expect u to complete a work efficiently?

me-sir in that case i wil give my 120% and make sure that i get at least 95% out of it.

He-k so do u have anything to ask?

me-yes sir in hw many days wil i b getting to know my result?
he-within 3 weeks

me-thank you.


Questions:.1:  A cuboid of dimension 6*5*7cm is painted with red on  two opposite  faces,,,green  on other two opposite  faces n  see other  color on other two faces n finally its is cut into small cubes of 1*1*1 size........
a) Find how many 3faced small cubes with some color....
b)Two side painted cubes...
c)One side painted
d)No side painted
e)some other question, .....Iam just giving an Idea about the question.a bit tough

Q) 2 : Find next picture from the series.....VISUAL LOGIC...5 diff sub question each of different series....

Q) 3 : DATA SUFFICIENCY. One question will be asked n below that two statements will be given u should answer whether the given question can be asked with only 1st statement or with only second statement or using both or can't b answered with neither of the question.

Q) 4 : DATA INTERPRETATION ,, Two line graphs are given comparing the sales n costs of three different products of a company n questions based on these graphs.

Q) 5 : This a logical puzzles,,6diff people

Sharma, Ajar, Johar, Prasad, Tendulkar, Dravid are living in 6diff flats of a 3-storyed apartment.....some 9conditions are given married,,unmaried,,no:of children, their profession and 5 diff questions are asked based on these like to find who stays in top floor,,no of children of some guys n their profession etc.....

Q) 6 : On LOGICAL DEDUCTION .....this one is the easy of all....like...All cats r dogs,, All dogs are pigs n find the conclusion....like this 5different ques r given...

So guys in LOGICAL mainly you have to b very quick since there is only 30min n most of them r time consuming....no negative marking so don't leave any question also u should workout all questions on rough sheet.......


Simple section but u should b very quick also they give more importance to your verbal than your logical section....
30min 40que... two very lengthy Reading Comprehensions about one n half page each,,,,, finally each passage having 5direct questions.....very time taking ....so practice to read newspaper fastly......
question on finding correct sentence,,,sentence completion etc very easy....tenses n preposition type....
I did grammatical question first n went to passages where i could complete only one....so manage your time well.


1. Question is asking like tell about yourself.

2. Tell the condition of country for economic political and social reference.

3. If you be the prime minister then what would you do for reform the condition of the country.

4. Some technical question (my branch is EE)

5. Some puzzles like ABCD +  D= ABCD(all are b/w 1 to 9)

6. ARRANGE SIX 8's it make 100.

7. Prove ABC =EFG (all are b/w 1 to 9)

8. Tell about your city KANPUR.

10. Tell about your role model.

11. If your role model is standing in front of you what is your first question.

12. Some more question i am not remember.

Then second round one person panel.

1. Tell how you spend the time b/w 1st & 2nd round interview.

2. Anything you want to tell about yourself.

3. Any question about infosys.

Analytical section:
1. A girl has a phone which has digits from 1-9(none repeated) as number and it is divisible by 9.if the last no is removed it is divisible by 8 and if another no divisible by 7 and  so on.

i) What is the first number?

ans  3
ii) What could be the fifth no?

ans 5 (as there is no 0 it should b 5)

and 3 more questions of this type.
This is was the puzzle which i found in one of the previous infosys papers.
These questions where from RS agarwal non verbal reasoning.4 figures will be given and u will be asked to find out one of the missing figuers.Mind u this was the most tough part which i faced in the exam u need to have lot of practice to answer these questions.

These questions are from data sufficiency very easy to answer u just need to have grip on simple equations, ratios etc. one of these questions was also a puzzle from the previous papers.
is n.>p?

Stmt I n=n+....

Stmt II 1/n=m+n/p
Sorry i don’t remember the exact equations but they were of this type.

Can we find the age of ram?

Statement I if 4 years back he was twice the age of his sister
Data Interpretation questions
1. a bar graph was given with sales of some item in few years and a table was given which consisted of sales as percentage of production like 80% in 1990, 75% in 1991 etc.and then he gave a sentence which said that the production capacity  was 1500000 and by 1994 it was increased by 10% and 20% in the next year.
2. question from this section were asked as what is production in 1995, ratio of sales to production in some year to the other.this section was also a bit time consuming but was can be done.

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