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Infosys Technologies Ltd. provides consulting and IT services to clients globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology-driven business transformation initiatives.

With over 46,000 employees worldwide, Infosys use a low-risk Global Delivery Model (GDM) to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability.

The company works with large global corporations and new generation technology organizations to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment

Infosys has sound fundamentals, a proven history, robust infrastructure and is lead by a team of visionary executives. The company has widely recognized management practices and is well known for being committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and information transparency


Corporate slogan/

Punch line

Powered by intellect and driven by values.



To be a globally respected corporation that provides

best-of-breed business solutions leveraging technology

delivered by best-in-class people.



To achieve objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards clients, employees, vendors andsociety at large.



C-Life : Customer Delight, Leadership by Example, Integrity and Transparency, Fairness &Pursuit of Excellence



Corporate headquarters: Bangalore
US headquarters: Fremont, CA
Worldwide offices :Atlanta, Bangalore, Beijing, Bellevue, Berkeley Heights, Bhubaneswar, Brussels, Charlotte, Chennai, Detroit, Frankfurt, Fremont, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Lake Forest, Lisle, London, Mangalore, Mauritius, Melbourne, Milano, Mohali, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi, Paris, Phoenix, Plano, Pune, Quincy, Reston, Shanghai, Sharjah, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Sydney, Thiruvananthapuram, Tokyo, Toronto, Utrecht, Zurich.


Main officers

Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor: N R Narayana Murthy

Managing Director, President and CEO:Nandan M Nilekani


No. of employees



Key milestones

Year of Incorporation: 1981

Became a public limited company in India : 1992

ISO 9001/TickIT Certification: 1993

Listed on NASDAQ: 1999

Attained SEI-CMM Level 5:1999

Crossed $ billion in revenues: 2004


Stock exchange listings:


India : National Stock Exchange (INFY.NS), Mumbai Stock Exchange (INFY.BO) & Bangalore Stock Exchange


Financial Performance Indicators

(ending 31st March 2005)

Revenues: $ 1592 million

Net Income after taxes : $419 million

Earnings per ADS : $1.57(diluted)

Total assets : $ 1454 million

Indian GAAP

Total Income :Rs. 6859 crore

Net profit after taxes: Rs. 1859 crore

Earning per share (Rs. 5): Rs. 69.26 (diluted)

Total assets: Rs. 5241 crore



Outsourced Application and Infrastructure Services

Custom Application Development, Application Maintenance, Application Re-engineering, Infrastructure Management, Independent Testing and Validation

Enterprise Services

Packaged Applications, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

Systems Integration, Strategic Technology and Architecture, Consulting Enterprise, Content Management, Identity Management Migration and Re-hosting, Enterprise Information Portal Enterprise Mobility, Business continuity and Platform Services.

Product R & D Services

Product Design and Development, Product Sustenance, Testing and Automation, Offshore Product Development Center , Additional Product Services, Product Consulting & Professional Services

Consulting Services

Corporate Performance Management, Balance Scorecard



Finacle, the universal modular banking solution empowers banks to transform their businesses leveraging agile new generation technologies.



Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking and Capital Markets, Communication Services, Discrete Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, High Technology, Insurance, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods, Transportation Services & Utilities.


Major clients

Cisco systems, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Airbus, Boeing, Schlumberger



Progeonoffers solutions to global clients by leveraging process,domain and people management expertise. Risk for clients is managed through a scalable, cost-effective and predictable delivery platform.



Looks out for highly motivated, enthusiastic, talented, learnable self-driven individuals who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel.

Infosys participates in campus selection programs and also conducts a number of off-campus initiatives throughout the year at various locations. Infosys also hires experienced professionals from the industry to various mid-level and senior positions

Challenging and exciting client engagements and an organizational culture that emphasizes learning drives every Infoscion to excel in their individual capacities and as a team player.


Organizational culture

The spirit of innovation, continuous personal and professional development and excellence is most evident in how the company builds and manages physical, technology, or people infrastructure or in financial, marketing, and quality practices.

Initiatives such as the Infosys Leadership Institute are meant for ongoing management development and personal improvement. A host of technology advancement and other ongoing training programs meet the different learning needs of employees in specific areas of technology, management, leadership, cultural and communication skills, and other soft skills.


Life at Infosys

Employees can pursue their interests in areas as varied as arts, culture, or sports. Apart from, "Art Gallery " dedicated to displaying the works of Infoscions; there are daily quiz competitions and regular music meetings that keep the place abuzz with creativity.
Inculcom hosts cultural programs for Infoscions. Inculcom has sub groups like the IQ Circle (Quizzes), Shruthi (the classical music club), Dramatix (the drama club), and Vakchaturya (forum for self development).

InSync , an internal communication program focusses on keeping the Infoscion abreast of latest corporate and business developments.

Toastmasters Club provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to develop communication and leadership skills.



Business 2.0, the leading business trends and technologies magazine, has ranked Infosys at No. 8 on its prestigious B2 100 list of the world’s fastest growing technology companies

Wired Magazine has ranked Infosys Technologies at No. 9 on its ‘Wired 40’ list for 2005.

Infosys has won “India ’s Best Managed Company Award” based on a study conducted by Business Today and A.T. Kearney. Infosys was placed ahead of 13 finalists.


Other information

The Global Delivery Model, pioneered by Infosys refers to the philosophy of breaking pieces of work into logical components, and distributing these components geo-locationally for the best global talent to utilize them for maximum value and innovation.

Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Infosys Technologies Ltd was formed in 1996 with the objective of fulfilling the social responsibility of the company by supporting the underprivileged.
The Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) practice works with an objective to manage and deliver IT services to mission critical IT infrastructure of Fortune 500 companies.

The Independent Validation solutions (IVS) practice aims at providing Software Validation Services to clients to deliver reliable, high performance & user friendly applications to their customers on time and in a cost effective manner.

Catalytic IT is the Infosys approach to create a flexible IT environment that acts as a catalyst to make clients’ business competitive. This is an evolutionary and self-funding IT transformation journey. It brings together Infosys’ IP assets, solutions and service offerings enabling you to unlock the business value of your technology investments


Contact address

HRD – Recruitment
Infosys Technologies
No. 44, Electronics City
Bangalore - 560 100
Fax: +91 80 2852 0851








Test Method:-
The test Paper consists of 2 sections:
1 Quantitative test:  Duration: 30 Questions40 minutes

It had 6 questions had 5 internal questions (6*5=30)

  • Puzzles-2,

  • Data Interpretation

  • Data Sufficiency

  • Non verbal

  • Syllogism.

2 VERBAL TEST: Duration: 40 questions in 30mins.

  • Two big passages are given. Fives marks for each passages

  • Correction of phrases in sentences

  • Two articles are given.

  • Fill in the Blanks

  • 3 or 4 lines paragraphs are given and corresponding conclusion for that paragraphs should be selected from the given options.

  • A sentence is given by using different prepositions we have to select the right one.

  • Rest 5 r different types.

Technical + HR Interview:
In the Technical cum HR Interview, It will be very cool, First of all We have to be very cool, please be cheerful through out the Interview. The HR may ask you the questions like:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • Family Background.

  • Project Details

  • Achievements.

  • Hobbies.

  • Paper Presentations.

  • Simple Puzzles.

One thing we have to remember that the HR will see the Spontaneity in you and she/ He will observes your face feelings and the way of your attitude towards the Questions. In some cases you may face stress Interview, there, just test the Patience only.

Be cool and give clear and brief responses to the HR, the chances of getting JOB in Infosys is more and more once you clear the written test.


In the Test there are questions totally aptitude 30 questions 45 minutes time. Next round English it has 40 questions 30 minutes. In the aptitude

1. Running race problem

2. Non-verbal analogies

3. Data suffiency

4. Bar charts

5. Dresses, colors and fruits problem

6. Syllogism
English Paper: It is little tough just be thorough with the Grammar.
In my panel two experienced women was there

HR : ya! anand take your seat.

ME : thank you madam.

HR : Give your resume.

ME : I gave my Résumé, they asked about my hometown [Cuddalore]

HR : Tell me some interesting features about Cuddalore

ME : I told some interesting places in cuddalore,

HR : Tell me about your college life

ME :I told them, what was the role I did in my college
HR : They asked about my hostel life?

ME : I told them about my “best outgoing hostel student award” [because I mentioned in my resume]

HR : one of my interviewer said that she never saw such an award like mentioned above.

ME :Then puzzle




HR : Consider all x as wolf and there was a fence .You should draw one square and one rectangle so that each wolf should be in one box.

ME : I tried to some extend, but can’t.

HR : what is your area of interest?

ME : data communication and networking

HR : what is the current security system we using?

ME : I told about cryptography

HR : what is the latest technology using in mobile communication?

ME : I told ‘CDMA’ and 3g networks

HR : you organized any symposium?

ME : I told my college symposium ‘trendz05’

HR : you attended previous any interviews?

ME : I told satyam attended

HR : u cleared group discussion?

ME : yes

HR : which topic they gave?

ME : dress coat should be banned or not

HR : nice we will discuss.

ME : we discussed lot.

HR : they asked “your opinion”

ME : I explained my ideas and views

HR : why you are choosing software? Why you are not choosing

Electronics jobs? (because I am ECE stream)

ME : I told” I am having logical and analytical ability and time management”

I explained all things

HR : ok, anand you have any questions?

ME : what is my career growth in your company?

HR : it is fully based on your performance. ok thank u anand.

I was waiting outside for 15 minutes. They told go and attend

Second round

There only one person is there. I entered in to the room.

HR : please take your seat.

ME : I told thank you

HR : anand what is your hobbies

ME : playing cricket, listening music

HR : you talk half minute about cricket

ME : I explained.

HR : why nowadays India loosing the matches give some reason?

ME : I told some reasons. he satisfied.

HR : what is your strength?

ME : I told quick learner

HR : Give one small incident about quick learner

ME : I explained my college incident

HR : What you know about infosys?

ME : already I know company profile so I explained very well.

HR : why should I hire you?

ME : I am having analytical ability and logical skills; I am a quick learner,

Whatever giving assignment I will do my best and effective role in a team sir
HR : ok anand we will contact your mail within 4 weeks.

ME :thank you, sir

1) There was a question like      they are 2 races 100m race n 200 meter race the participants are P,Q,R,S,T,U,V some conditions like(I don’t remember exact conditions of P,Q....but they are like this)
P is better than T in 100 mts race n less than some U in 200 mts race

R neither occupies lat position nor the first position

S is better than some U in 200 mts and less than T in 100 mts race

P have 4 members above it in 100 mts race and 4 members below it in 200 mts race according to this data some questions are given
a) How many are there below Q in 100 mts race?(options are given some 6,5,4,none of these) Ans 6

b) How many are there below Q in 200 mts race?(options are given 6,5,3,none of these)

c) How many members have same position in both 100 mts n 200mt race? Ans S,R

d) Which occupies first position in 200 mts race?(data not sufficient)

e) Which occupies last position in some 100 mts or 200mt race?

2) This a odd one out question it also contains 5 questions each question has some 5 figures in which 4 are related and 1 is different

they gave some figures like direction figures it is clock wise direction a am linear line with some direction like that(they are confusing but easy)

3) There are 6  members seated round a conference table A,B,C,D,E,F they wear different color t shirts of white, black, blue, yellow, red, green and they have ordered for pastries, burgers, sandwich, patters, vineala, pizzas, some drink all in same order and some conditions are given
persons in white and black does not eat pizzas pastries, patters and some other condition i don’t remember it but conditions are like this

A is neither in white t-shirt nor is not on immediate left who ordered for burger

the person between E and F has ordered for sandwich and is not to the person wearing white T-shirt

D has ordered for burger and the man opposite to him has ordered for sandwich

The person who ordered for burger wears green t-shirt and is not to the ridgt of some one like this and some 5 questions are give.
This question takes time but will get the answer

4) a) A)all docks are socks

B) All rocks are socks

C) Some docks are socks

D) Some rocks are socks

E) All rocks are docks like this conditions are given and 3 combination options are given asked for which is correct

Like a) ABD b) ACB c) AEB d) ABE

5 questions are given in this group its easy choose the answers by looking at the options

5) Some graph is given and some condition and some questions
English was same(30 minutes)
2 comprehensive passages

Correction of sentences

It was easy but prepare for it too takes time
I was selected for the interview...out of 791 they select some 158 for interview
There are 2 rounds in the interview some of them are said to leave after first round and some have both the rounds
First round is HR only(i was asked by a lady n man above some 40-45 and they are cool)

1) They gave some topic and asked to choose me 1 topic and speak abt it

Joining the organization for money or improving skills?

Importance of marriage

Musharruf the bluff master

some Kiran singh

and one more

I have selected the first one

2) They asked about my self family background

3) They asked me to read some thing aloud which is a question abt our project ......explain our project to a 5th standard student

4) He gave me 2 puzzles(i explained them but was not correct)

5) Do u have any questions
I was selected for the second round also(she was also kool)

Download 339.5 Kb.

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