39th Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies 2016

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39th Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies 2016

Friday 29th July- Tues 2 Aug

Battle Abbey School, Battle
1066 in European context

Julie Barrau (Cambridge) Bible and Conquest

Stephen Baxter (Oxford) Cross channel landholding

Sir Chris Clark (Cambridge) A modern historian’s view of 1066

Laura Cleaver (Dublin) Battle Abbey Chronicle

Brian Golding (Southampton) The Entente Cordiale in 1904 and the Battle Abbey Stone

Chris Lewis (London) [Allen Brown Memorial Lecture] England in Europe

Simon Keynes (Cambridge) Harold, Waltham and Lotharingian canons

Brigitte Meijns (Leuven) Religious relations England, Normandy, France

Thomas O’Donnell (Fordham, USA) Literary portrayals of the Conqueror

Mark Philpott (Oxford) Coronation matters

Alheydis Plassmann (Bonn) Germany, England and Normandy c. 1066

Roy Porter and Jeremy Ashbee (English Heritage) Public History and the Norman Conquest

Elisabeth Ridel (Caen/CNRS) Ships, Old Norse and the North Sea

Chris Whittick (East Sussex Archives) The man who enabled Eleanor Searle to do Battle

Ann Williams (London) Edmund and 1016

Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize winner

40th Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies 2017

Thursday 20th – Monday 24th July

Paris (France)

Locally organised by Mathieu Arnoux and Dominique Barthélemy

Nicholas Vincent will deliver the Allen Brown Memorial Lecture

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