360buy Awards & Accomplishments

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360buy Awards & Accomplishments

  • In May 2010, 360buy Group was named one of the “Top10 Growing & Innovative e-Commerce Companies in China” at the 4th APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum hosted by the Ministry of Commerce

Small business Business Networks and Advocacy Groups

  • In the case of Independent business alliances, promoting the value of locally-owned, independent business (not necessarily small) through public education campaigns is integral to their work.

Amazon.com Sales and use taxes

  • Small business advocates at the American Independent Business Alliance note that while proclaiming support for reform, Amazon has lobbied to apply sales tax collection duties to all businesses with $150,000 or more in annual sales. Since all major proposals include an exemption of at least $500,000 or $1 million, AMIBA says this impedes passage of tax reform.

LIO - Features

  • LIO was developed by the company RisingTide Systems and is integrated into storage appliances of a number of vendors (Buffalo, Netgear, QNAP, Synology, etc.). RisingTide Systems is a member of the Open Source Business Alliance und with LIO, provides the block level storage component for the "Open Source" reference stack.

HP Enterprise Services - Partners

  • HP Enterprise Services has established two levels of business alliances relationships: Agility Alliances and Technology Alliances.

Sierra Entertainment - 2000s

  • At the end of June 2000, a strategic business alliance between Vivendi, Seagram, and Canal+ was announced, and Vivendi Universal, a leading global media and communications company, was formed after the merger with Seagram (the parent company of Universal Studios)

Amazon tax - Background

  • States] Resource compiled by American Independent Business Alliance via distribution centers and wholly owned subsidiaries.

Amazon tax - California

  • Responding to Amazon, Nancy Skinner said, This is really about e-fairness. It's really to be fair and show our California Businesses that we're not hanging them out to dry.. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, the corporation has operations in at least seven California cities and should be forced to collect sales tax regardless of its threats.

High definition optical disc format war - Deciding factors

  • The format war's resolution in favor of Blu-ray was primarily decided by two factors: shifting business alliances, including decisions by major film studios and retail distributors, and Sony's decision to include a Blu-ray player in the PlayStation 3 video game console.

Sustainability organizations - Business

  • * 'Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) '

Tesco - 1919 to 2000

  • In 1997, Tesco and Esso (part of Exxonmobil) formed a business alliance that included several petrol filling stations on lease from Esso, with Tesco operating the attached stores under their Express format. In turn Esso operates the forecourts and sells their fuel via the Tesco store. 200 Tesco/Esso sites now exist across the UK.

New urbanism - Disney's Celebration, Florida

  • Celebration's Downtown has become one of the area's most popular tourist destinations making the community a showcase for New Urbanism as a prime example of the creation of a sense of place.Celebration Business Alliance, Sept 2010

Revenue sharing

  • In business, revenue sharing refers to the sharing of Profit (accounting)|profits and losses among different groups. One form shares between the general partner(s) and limited partners in a limited partnership. Another form shares with a company's employees, and another between companies in a business alliance.

VirtualBox - History

  • VirtualBox was initially offered by the innotek GmbH under a proprietary software license, making one version of the product available at no cost for personal or evaluation use, subject to the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL). In January 2007, based on counsel by Open Source Business Alliance|LiSoG, innotek GmbH released VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE) as free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

Enterprise relationship management - Tools and methodologies

  • Why do we need an enterprise relationship management framework? Simply put, because relationships are becoming more and more prevalent and more integral to an organization's success. Although establishing inter-enterprise links is far from a new science, Klambach and Roussel (1999) affirm that nearly 60% of business alliances do not deliver anticipated benefits while Lovallo Kahneman (2003) and Selden Colvin (2003) estimate MA ( Mergers Acquisitions) failures range between 70% and 80%.

Pikes Peak International Raceway - International Speedway Corporation

  • A new opposition group, Commerce City Citizens and Business Alliance, endorsed anti-raceway candidates which won local elections, and in May 1997 ISC executive Wesley Harris said the 1,300-acre parcel the company was considering near Denver International Airport was not compatible with its needs

JD.com - Awards Accomplishments

  • * In May 2010, 360buy Group was named one of the “Top10 Growing Innovative e-Commerce Companies in China” at the 4th APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum hosted by the Ministry of Commerce

DPCI - History

  • DPCI largely works with advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, universities and educational institutions, and media companies. The company implements a variety of technologies from companies such as Microsoft, Day Software, Adobe Systems Inc., MarkLogic, XMPie, Entermedia Software and Typefi. Business alliances include Acquia and Vjoon[ http://acquia.com/partners/showcase/dpci DPCI partner page on Acquia website] Retrieved 2011-08-29


  • recognition of skill standards for IT engineers in Asia. This collaboration is expected to help increase cross-border utilization of IT human resources and stimulate business alliances across the region. Since April 2006, the common FE examination has been

List of acquisitions by Juniper Networks

  • The acquisition date listed is the official announcement date of the Business alliance|agreement between Juniper Networks and the subject of the acquisition

Electronic Data Systems - Partners

  • EDS established a number of Business alliances[ http://www.eds.com/services/alliances/ Alliances], EDS Website with other companies through its global alliance program. The company has three types of alliances: Agility Alliances, Solution Alliances and Technology Alliances.

Keep Austin Weird

  • 'Keep Austin Weird' is the slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin, Texas. The slogan was inspired by comments made by Red Wassenich in 2000 while giving a pledge to an Austin radio station. He later began printing bumper stickers, and now operates the website keepaustinweird.com and published Keep Austin Weird: A Guide to the Odd Side of Town.

Keep Austin Weird

  • The Austin Independent Business Alliance is among at least 75 local groups affiliated with the American Independent Business Alliance, a national non-profit that supports and connects pro-local community-based organizations.

AIM alliance

  • The 'AIM alliance' was an Business alliance|alliance formed on October 2, 1991, between Apple Inc

SAS Group - History

  • The airline was founded on 1 August 1946 when Det Danske Luftfartsselskab|Det Danske Luftfartselskab A/S, Aerotransport|AB Aerotransport, and Det Norske Luftfartsselskap|Det Norske Luftfartselskap AS (the flag carriers of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) formed a business alliance|partnership to handle intercontinental traffic to Scandinavia

Diversification (marketing strategy) - The different types of diversification strategies

  • The strategies of diversification can include internal development of new products or markets, acquisition of a firm, Business alliance|alliance with a complementary company, license|licensing of new technologies, and distributing or importing a Product lining|products line manufactured by another firm

Local purchasing - Rationale for local purchasing

  • While leading advocates of local independent business such as the American Independent Business Alliance say the term should apply only to locally-owned independent businesses, some campaigns run by governments and Chambers of Commerce consider local to be merely a geographic consideration.[http://www.amiba.net/about_ibas What is a Local Independent Business] by American Independent Business Alliance Additionally, many corporations have manipulated the term in ways critics call local-washing.[http://www.newrules.org/retail/article/corporate-coopt-local The Corporate Co-opt of Local] article by Stacy Mitchell

Buy Nothing Day - Criticism

  • Other campaigns, such as Shift Your Shopping, attempt to redirect spending away from corporate chains and online giants toward locally owned, community-based businesses as a means to combat consumerism. Even some independent business advocates, such as the American Independent Business Alliance, recognize Black Friday frenzy does little for independent businesses and instead encourage people to consider giving gifts but not necessarily things.

Business partner - Differentiation

  • This is a wider definition than a business alliance.

Competition regulator

  • Competition regulators may also regulate certain aspects of mergers and acquisitions and business alliances and regulate or prohibit cartels and monopoly|monopolies. Other government agencies may have responsibilities in relation to aspects of competition law which affect company (law)|companies (e.g. the registrar of companies).

Formula retail

  • NGOs like the New Rules Project and New Economics Foundation provide research and tools for pro-independent business education and policy while the American Independent Business Alliance provides direct assistance for community-level organizing.

Kent, Ohio - Economy

  • Through the Kent Regional Business Alliance, the city also supports two business incubators.

Localism (politics) - Localist activism

  • [http://www.amiba.net/home/benefits-local-business The Benefits of Doing Business Locally] an essay by Jeff Milchen, American Independent Business Alliance co-founder, covers many arguments for local business ownership and patronage.

People smuggling - Smuggling operations

  • Smugglers form temporary business alliances, and the organization of smugglers can best be understood and described as ad hoc task forces, in which activities are specialized and controlled by individuals that deal with each other on a one-to-one basis

East London Tech City - Community organisations

  • A number of not-for-profit organisations have created a sense of community in the area including Independent Shoreditch,[http://www.inshoreditch.co.uk Independent Shoreditch] a business alliance, and Digital Shoreditch, which organises monthly meet-ups plus an annual festival of the same name, as well as for-profit organisations like Silicon Roundabout,[http://www.siliconroundabout.org Silicon Roundabout] which is a conduit for office space in the area.

Dave Gorman - America Unchained

  • America Unchained also is the name of an annual campaign spearheaded by the American Independent Business Alliance since 2004 to promote the economic, cultural, and democratic importance of independent locally-owned businesses. A documentary film of the adventure was also made and was aired on the British TV channel More4 on 5 February 2008 and released on DVD on 11 February. In 2007, it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Austin Film Festival.

Tokyo Broadcasting System - History of TBS

  • *After over a month and a half of worries over a possible hostile takeover, Rakuten withdraw its bid for TBS on December 1 and plans to form a business alliance with the broadcast company.

Chain store

  • NGOs like the New Rules Project and New Economics Foundation provide research and tools for pro-independent business education and policy while the American Independent Business Alliance provides direct assistance for community-level organizing.

Mook Animation

  • Mook Animation formed a business alliance with DLE (company)|DLE in 2006 and was known as 'Mook DLE'; however they ended their partnership in 2008


  • A 'marketing co-operation' or 'marketing cooperation' is a business alliance|partnership of at least two companies on the value chain level of marketing with the objective to tap the full potential of a Market (economics)|market by bundling specific Core competency|competences or resources. Other terms for marketing co-operation are 'marketing alliance', 'marketing partnership', 'co-marketing', and 'cross-marketing'.

History of Germany - Hanseatic League

  • The Hanseatic League was a business alliance of trading cities and their guilds that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe

Jesse O. Sanderson High School - Clubs

  • Some of the national organizations Sanderson offers are International Thespian Society, FIST Club (Friends Intent on Stopping Tormenting) Academy of Finance, Air Force ROTC, Business Alliance, DECA, FCCLA, Technology Student Association (TSA), Photography Club, Spartan Productions, Japanese Culture Club, Future Teachers of America, National Art Honor Society, Gay/Straight Alliance, National Honor Society, Young Republicans, Young Democrats.

John Poindexter - Defense contractor work

  • From 1993 to 1996, Poindexter served as a consultant to Elkins Group. Elkins was a business alliance with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which has developed the Elkins Interactive Training Network (EITN), a satellite based training delivery system. Poindexter was the chairman of the Maritime Advisory Committee and a member of Elkins' board of directors. He also provided advice on strategic planning.

Univention Corporate Server

  • Univention is a member of the Open Source Business Alliance and supports the creation of the Open Source Business Alliance open source software stacks.

Man Group - Corporate responsibility

  • In the 1990s, Man was a founding member of the East London Partnership, which became the East London Business Alliance (ELBA).


  • See also military alliance, treaty, contract, coalition (disambiguation) and business alliance.

History of the Jews in Spain - Conversos

  • These formed business alliances with their relatives remaining in Spain, so that a large portion of the shipping and importing industry of that country fell into the hands of the conversos and their Jewish relatives elsewhere

History of Nepal - Rana rule

  • The Rana dynasty developed into a powerful family clan and are still very influential in the country today. The family formed a close alliance with the Shah dynasty via marriage and business alliances.

Kenwood Corporation - Communications Equipment

  • Invested 20.0 billion yen and formed a strategic business alliance with Victor Company of Japan, Limited.

David Korten - Career and main body of work

  • Korten is co-founder and board chair of the Positive Futures Network, which publishes the quarterly YES! Magazine. He is also a founding board member, emeritus, of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a former associate of the International Forum on Globalization,[http://www.ifg.org/ International Forum on Globalization] and a member of the Club of Rome.

Iron triangle (US politics) - Central assumption

  • Apparent bureaucratic dysfunction may be attributable to the Business alliance|alliances formed between the agency and its constituency. The official goals of an agency may appear to be thwarted or ignored altogether at the expense of the citizenry it is designed to serve.

Hellenic Bank - Group Milestones

  • *1997: The Limassol International Business Centre acquires the ISO 9002 international certificate of service quality - the only centre of its kind in Cyprus to do so. Hellenic Bank (Investments) Ltd forms a business alliance with Merrill Lynch International.

Mac NC - History

  • Maybe he is trying to deflect interest from what we are really doing.[http://www.theapplecollection.com/design/macreleased/MacNC.html Apple Prototype] While at Oracle, Ellison had overseen the development of a business alliance that produced a number of Network Computer-branded devices from companies such as Sun and IBM

Mark Roosevelt - Before Antioch College

  • Following his bid for office, he served as CEO of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives, Managing Director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, and as a Professor of Politics and head of the Gordon Public Policy Center at Brandeis University.

Legal issues of cannabis - Advertising

  • The Cannabis Business Alliance, one advocacy group that fought against the full ad ban, was disappointed by the outcome

Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company - History

  • * 2000 - agreement to form a comprehensive business alliance with Sompo Japan Insurance and Aflac.

Circle K Sunkus - History

  • Sunkus and Circle K Japan formed an equity and business alliance in October 1998.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma - History

  • Nippon Tar Industries was established in 1921, becoming Mitsubishi Chemical Industries, Ltd. in 1952. This company established a business alliance with Tokyo Tanabe Pharmaceuticals Co. in 1981, and changed its name to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation following the 1984 merger with Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Ursula Burns - Community activities

  • Burns has served on numerous professional and community boards, including Exxon Mobil Corporation,[http://news.exxonmobil.com/press-release/ursula-m-burns-elected-exxonmobil-board Exxonmobil.com] American Express, Boston Scientific, FIRST, National Association of Manufacturers, University of Rochester, the MIT Corporation, the Rochester Business Alliance, and the RUMP Group

Big C - Merger with Groupe Casino

  • After 1997 Asian Financial Crisis|the Asian financial crisis of 1997, Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited decided to form a business alliance with France-based Groupe Casino, known for its Géant stores

Boystown, Chicago

  • The Northalsted Merchants Association is centered on the North Halsted Street strip between West Belmont Avenue and West Irving Park Road on Halsted.[http://www.northalsted.com/pages/the_alliance/7.php About the Northalsted Business Alliance]

Tiny house - Current movement

  • This increase in popularity of tiny houses, and particularly the rapid increase in the number of both amateur and professional builders, has led to concerns regarding safety among tiny house professionals. In 2013, a Tiny House Business Alliance was formed to address ethical and safety issues. Additionally, various professionals hold workshops nationwide to teach tiny house enthusiasts to build their own homes safely.

Open Source Business Alliance

  • The 'Open Source Business Alliance' is a Germany|German Nonprofit organization|non-profit business development organization with a focus on Linux kernel-based solution stacks composed of free and open-source software.

Open Source Business Alliance - History

  • In 2011, LiSoG was merged with the 'Linux-Verband (LIVE)' association, and the new organization was named Open Source Business Alliance.[http://www.computerwoche.de/software/software-infrastruktur/2499789/ article about LIVE/LiSoG merger in COMPUTERWOCHE ]

Richard Holbrooke - Other activities

  • He was the Founding Chairman of the American Academy in Berlin; President and CEO of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, the business alliance against HIV/AIDS, until his appointment as a special envoy by President Barack Obama;Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: [http://gbcimpact.org/itcs_node/0/0/news/1288 GBC President and CEO Richard Holbrooke Heading to State Department]

Pierre Wertheimer - Parfums Chanel

  • Cognizant of the Wertheimer’s proven expertise in commerce, their familiarity with the American marketplace, and resources of capital, Chanel felt a business alliance with them would be fortuitous

Macquarie Bank - Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • * East London Business Alliance (ELBA)

California Proposition 87 (2006) - Arguments against

  • Other opponents included Larry McCarthy, President of the California Taxpayers Association (Cal-Tax), Daniel Cunningham, President of the California Small Business Alliance, Marian Bergeson, Former President of the California School Board Association, Kevin R

Virtual box - History

  • In January 2007, based on counsel by Open Source Business Alliance|LiSoG, innotek GmbH released VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE) as free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

Hal Roach - Success as a comedy producer

  • This proposed business alliance with Mussolini caused MGM to intervene and force Roach to pay his way out of the venture

Free Imperial City of Cologne - Early modern period

  • The League was a business alliance of trading cities and their guilds that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe

National Music Publishers Association - History

  • NMPA is a member of the International Intellectual Property Alliance, a business alliance which amongst others publishes the Special 301 Report, a controversial list of countries that the coalition of copyright holders feel do not do enough to combat copyright infringements.

Doug Ducey - 2014 campaign for Governor of Arizona

  • Ducey has also been endorsed by several organizations including Arizona Right to Life, Concerned Women for America and the Small Business Alliance.

Asian Institute of Management - AIM Gov. Jose B. Fernandez Jr. Center for Banking and Finance

  • To promote the forging of beneficial business alliances in the region.

Anne Arundel Community College

  • The college was named Community College of the Year by National Business Alliance in 2000

F-Zero GX

  • , the Arcade game|arcade counterpart of GX, uses the Triforce arcade system board conceived from a business alliance between Nintendo, Namco and Sega

F-Zero GX - Arcade counterpart

  • It is the second game by Sega to use Triforce, which was conceived from a business alliance between them, Nintendo and Namco

King Kong Entertainment - History

  • On November 2011, King Kong Entertainment signed a strategic business alliance with DSP Media, helping their singers get work on TV series or movies.[http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/k-pop/karas-agency-dsp-media-join-hands-with-kingkong-entertainment/ KARA’s agency DSP Media joins forces with Kingkong Entertainment]

George Allen (U.S. politician) - Tenure

  • The Act launched the National Nanotechnology Program, to establish goals, priorities, and metrics for evaluation of federal nanotechnology research and development, investment in federal nanotech research and development programs, and provide for interagency coordination of federal nanotechnology activities.[http://www.nsti.org/press/PRshow.html?id=4496 “The Nanobusiness Alliance: nanoTox Appoints Gov

Brand alliances

  • 'Brand alliances' is a branding strategy used in a business alliance. Brand alliances are divided into three types.

CP ALL - Subsidiaries

  • 'Thai Smart Card Company Limited' (TSC) (with business alliances) offers product and service payment through Smart Purse electronic cash cards

Team Lufthansa

  • 'Team Lufthansa' was an Business alliance|alliance of regional airlines mainly in Germany, who flew niche routes on behalf of Lufthansa. It was founded in 1996 and existed until 2004, when Lufthansa reorganized its regional network as Lufthansa Regional.

Davis Applied Technology College - History

  • With a $2.2 million gift from the Roy and Elizabeth Simmons Family Foundation and other donations, DATC opened an entrepreneurship center on the school’s main campus in 2006. The . facility houses the Davis Business Alliance, a small business development office, the Davis Chamber of Commerce, Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE), Utah Bid Development Solutions (UBiDS), and Grow Utah Ventures.

Characters of the Mass Effect universe - Aria T'Loak

  • Though angered by the loss of her men, Aria grudgingly continues a business alliance with the Illusive Man.

Fernvale, Queensland - Community groups

  • Community and social groups in Fernvale include the Lions Clubs International|Lions Club of Fernvale, Fernvale Women’s Group, Fernvale Social Club (conducted by Ipswich Community Aid Inc.), Fernvale Action Group, Somerset Region Business Alliance (Chamber of Commerce), Fernvale Girl Guides and Fernvale Youth Inc.

Lazard Capital Markets

  • Lazard Capital Markets focuses its activities on equity research, sales and trading; fixed-income and convertible bond sales and trading; and securities underwriting. The firm maintains a business alliance agreement with Lazard that provides for the continuation of certain historical business relationships including origination of transactions.

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