35 Sum/88 Adams, Constance

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Abram the Baker,

Woodburn Pudding, The (Extracts) 33 Win/1987; 34 Aut/1987; 35 Sum/88

Adams, Constance,

Winter's Tale, A., December 1440 23 Sum/1981.

Adams, Peter H

Doddy Dinosaur (Poem) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Ainslie, R.T.,

Memories (Poem) 18 Win/1980

Alexander, Lesley,

Magpied Piper of Newcastle on Tyne, The (Children's Prose) 37 Spr/1989

Allason-Jones, Lindsay,

Accessions (Northumbrian Archaeology) 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Allen, Robert,

Aad Farmer's Advice, The, ti the apprentice herud laddie on buryin' a died yowe (Poem) 16 Sum/1979

Aad Jocker the Shephord (Prose) 6 Spr/1976

Alang the Banks of Tyne (Poem) 17 Aut/1979

April Night (Poem) 19 Spr/1980

Best Time of the Year, The 5 Win/1976

Corbie Crow, The (Poem) 11 Dec./1977

Dialect Spelling and Writing 12 Spr/1978

Erl on the Rates (Poem) 21 Win/1980-81

Fella aa knaa from Scotsgap, A (Northumerick) 44 Sum/1993.

Fella Aa knaa from the Byrness, A (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976

Foggy Ootbye (Poem) 21 Win/1980-81

It Yince Startit snaain' at Clifton (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976

Kieldor Midges, The (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Lad whee kept budges at Barrasford, A (Northumerick) 39 Sum/1990

Little Willie (Poem) 8 Jan/1977.

Lot uv It Aboot, A (Poem) 11 Dec./1977

Me Senses Reel (Poem) 14 Aut/1978

Nivvor Get Catched (Poem) 29 Sum/1984

North-East Wind, The (Poem) 7 Oct/1976

Owld Men's Thowts (Poem) 13 Sum/1978

Poem's A Sang, A (Poem) 12 Spr/1978

She's A Lang Time Comin' (Poem) 31 Aut/1985

Some wappies that bizz aroond Bellingham (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976

Spring In Redesdale (Poem) 19 Spr/1980

Spuggies (Poem) 5 Win/1976

Stottie Cake Toast (Poem) 34 Aut/1987

Them Northumbrian Hills (Poem) 11 Dec./1977

Then An' Noo (Poem) 26 Aut/1982

Theor's a canny aad lad leeves at Ulgham (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976

There wes a young lad from Newcassel (Northumerick) 45 Win/Spr/1994

There yince wes a poet from Flodden (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976; 44 Sum/1993.

They held an exam doon at Mitford (Northumberick) 45 Win/Spr/1994; 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Thore was a young lassie from Sleilidh (Northumerick) 6 Spr/1976

Tom Fool (Poem) 9 April/1977

Tyels Taal or Teyny, or, The Whee's Deid Collum (Poem) 24 Aut/1991

Wild Neet (Poem) 30 Spring/1985

Anderson, Alistair,

Butter Clout, The (William Vickers) (Traditional Music) 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Traditional Music 3 Sum/1975

Traditional Music 2 Spr/1975

Traditional Music 8 Jan/1977.

Traditional Music 23 Sum/1981.

Anderson, Bob,

Ginger Tom, The (an ode with a twist in the "tale") (Poem) 43 Win/1992


Aa knaad an aad angler of Creukham (Northumerick) 5 Win/1976

Another small piper of Berwick (Northumerick) 5 Win/1976

Athletic small-piper from Boulmer, An (Northumerick) 5 Win/1976

Bellringers, The 37 Spr/1989

Bonny Brick Laddy, The (Poem) 22 Spr/1981

Border Reiver's Prayer (Poem) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Canny Shields (Poem) 26 Aut/1982

Dialect Rhyme, A, 23 Sum/1981.

Far-off Fields (Poem) 42 Sum/1992

Hawway Ti The Bale! (Poem) 6 Spr/1976

Hills, The (Poem) 3 Sum/1975

Lament of the Border Widow 3 Sum/1975

Maa Bairn (Poem) 2 Spr/1975

Penny Ferry (?RB), 12 Spr/1978

Small-piper hopelessly malnwick A (Northumerick) 5 Win/1976

Seaside (Poem) 28 Winter/1983

Skip, Skip (Poem) 2 Spr/1975

Way Down Beside the Swanee River or, Crocodile tears in Downing Street (J.R.B?) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Whaat aa larnt (Poem) 45 Win/Spr/1994

Yon Geordie aal Knaa, Stephinsun (Northumerick) 5 Win/1976

Aris, Dorothy,

Northumbrian Poets series

Robert Story 1795-1860 17 Aut/1979

Wilfred Wilson Gibson 13 Sum/1978

Proudlocks, The 6 Spr/1976

Armstrong, Ian,

The Naturalist's Northumberland series:

Coast, The 39 Sum/1990

Comings and Goings 23 Sum/1981.

Comparisons 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Life-lines for Wildlife 42 Sum/1992

Northumbrian Singsong 45 Win/Spr/1994

View of Northumberland, A 47 Win/Spr/1995

Wildlife of a City 35 Sum/1988

Window On Birds, A., 27 Sum/1983

Armstrong, James,

Bedlington Terrier, The 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Wild Hills o' Wanny's (Part of poem) 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Armstrong, Jenny,

Rothbury Hills (Song) 24 Aut/1991

Armstrong, Keith,

Shout! (Poem) 15 Spr/1979

Armstrong, Sarah,

Pit Life (Child's Verse) 43 Win/1992

Baker, Grace,

Wor Bob Brings the Lass in (Prose) 33 Win/1987

Wor Polly's Easter Egg 13 Sum/1978

Baker, Jean,

Geordie View, A (Poem) 35 Sum/1988

Neighbours (Play) 32 Sum/1986

Balmer, Mary,

Aa Hev Me Moments (Poem) 28 Winter/1983

Bambridge, Margaret,

Kyloe, Northumberland (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Barras, Leonard.

Dorty Neet, A (Poem) 40 Win/Spr/1991

Fat Ruby Slack (Poem) 45 Win/Spr/1994

Hinny, Canny Hinny (Poem) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Leg in the Bog, The 37 Spr/1989

Man in the Black and White Muffler The (Conversations at St. James Park) 48 Spring/Winter/1995.; 49 Sum/1996. 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Odd Sort of Gleam, An (Poem) 42 Sum/1992

Sister Minnie's Pewter Plantpot (Poem) 41 Aut/1991.

That's The Way Aa Am (Poem) 44 Sum/1993.

Unfavourable Winds 38 Win/1990

Unrepentant (Poem) 47 Win/Spr/1995

Verse To A Stotty, A (Poem) 39 Sum/1990

Why? (Poem) 43 Win/1992

Barron, J.W.,

Weathor Wisdom ricaaled 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Barrow, Tony,

Walks Around The Old Grain Ports of Northumberland 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Bateson, Edward, 1892

Embleton and Back, 1464 Pt.I. 47 Win/Spr/1995; Pt.2 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Baxter, Kenneth,

John Martin 38 Win/1990

Bell, David,

Elegy Written In A Waalker Boneyard (Poem) 36 Aut/1988

Owed to Charlie Palmer, A Decent Resting Place (Poem) 36 Aut/1988

Bennett, Mrs. L.S.,

Bad Owld Days, The (Poem) 42 Sum/1992

Berkshire, Pat,

Hallowe'en at Alnwick Castle (Essay) 42 Sum/1992

Honeymoon, The (Poem) 40 Win/Spr/1991

Hoosewife's Diary, A (Poem) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Mat, Thi, (Poem) 42 Sum/1992

Mekkin Hay (Poem) 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Sunday Best 38 Win/1990

Townie (Poem) 49 Sum/1996

Village Hop. The (Poem) 45 Win/Spr/1994

Bettenson, E.M.,

Northumberland and Newcastle Society (Northumbrian Societies) 15 Spr/1979; 16 Sum/1979; 17 Aut/1979; 18 Win/1980; 19 Spr/1980

Bibby, Roland,

Northumberland's Architectural Heritage series

Cockle Park Tower 11 Dec./1977; 12 Spr/1978; 13 Sum/1978; 14 Aut/1978; 15 Spr/1979;

Horsley Tower 16 Sum/1979; 17 Aut/1979; 18 Win/1980; 19 Spr/1980

Morpeth Chantry 21 Win/1980-81; 22 Spr/1981; 23 Sum/1981.

Ogle Castle (Northumberland's Architectural Heritage) 3 Sum/1975; 5 Win/1976; 6 Spr/1976

Tritlington Old Hall 7 Oct/1976; 8 Jan/1977.; 9 April/1977

Armorials of Northumberland series

11 Dec./1977; 12 Spr/1978; 14 Aut/1978; 15 Spr/1979; 16 Sum/1979; 18 Win/1980; 19 Spr/1980; 20 Sum/Aut/1980; 21 Win/1980-81; 22 Spr/1981; 23 Sum/1981; 24 Aut/1991; 26 Aut/1982; 29 Sum/1984; 49 Sum/1996;

Bogles, Brownies and Brags series

An' Hwaat's Mair. . . 49 Sum/1996

At Netherwitton 47 Win/Spr/1995

Bargeist, The 15 Spr/1979

Brag, The 13 Sum/1978

Brag and The Bord, The 14 Aut/1978

Broon Man 22 Spr/1981

Cauld Lads 19 Spr/1980

Dobie, The 11 Dec./1977

Duegars 21 Win/1980-81

Dunnie, The ( 12 Spr/1978

Fairy Folk 25 Sum/1982; 26 Aut/1982; 29 Sum/1984; 31 Aut/1985; 32 Sum/1986; 33 Win/1987; 34 Aut/1987; 35 Sum/1988

Habretot 7 Oct/1976

Hedley Kow, The 16 Sum/1979

Hobthrust 2 Spr/1975

Hog on Bogles 5 Win/1976

Howdie Tale, The 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Land's End Bogle, The 17 Aut/1979; 18 Win/1980

Redcap 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Todshawhill Bogle, The 23 Sum/1981.

Wag-at-the-Wa' 3 Sum/1975

Whalton Bale, The 6 Spr/1976

Northumberland Boundaries

Again - Opportunity! 37 Spr/1989

Choice, The 44 Sum/1993.

Deeor Reador-Hinny 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Fight the Good Fight! 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Opportunity! 35 Sum/1988

S.O.S. 22 Spr/1981

True Northumberland 9 April/1977; True Northumborland (Deor Ingland) 17 Aut/1979

Under Siege 42 Sum/1992; 43 Win/1992; 44 Sum/1993; 45 Win/Spr/1994

Cheviot Legends

Erratic Visitor, The 48 Win/Spr/1995; 49 Sum/1996; 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Must Northumbrian Die?

Dirge, A, on the unwearying and saddening, so-true reports on dead words 37 Spr/1989

Greet Northumbrian Burr, The 37 Spr/1989

Lifeboat Launched, The 26 Aut/1982

Must Northumbrian Die? 24 Aut/1991

Northumbrian Language Society, The (Must Northumbrian Die?) 28 Winter/1983; 27 Sum/1983; 29 Sum/1984

Ordeal by Media (Must Northumbrian Die?) 25 Sum/1982

Yon Burr 40 Win/Spr/1991

Northumbrian Poets

A.C. Swinburne as encountered by Sir John Squire 44 Sum/1993.

Lewis Proudlock 2 Spr/1975


Reed,Fred, (Obituary) 31 Aut/1985

Tulip, Norman (Obituary) 49 Sum/1996Tulip, Norman, Stick Dresser and Northumbrian (Obituary Poem) 49 Sum/1996

Wilson, Dick (Obituary) 29 Sum/1984


Kippor-Luvvor's Wetterloo, Thi (Poem) 40 Win/Spr/1991

Last Land, The (Poem) 42 Sum/1992

An' whin aw vaneesh tiv anuthor plyace 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Update (Poem) 49 Sum/1996.

Remember Milestones?

5 Win/1976; 6 Spr/1976; 7 Oct/1976; 8 Jan. 1977; 11 Dec./1977; 16 Sum/1979;


Bairns Writing 40 Win/Spr/1991

Border Romanies 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Chevy Chase 600 35 Sum/1988

Commendation, A Roland Bibby 47 Win/Spr/1995

Deep Dance 40 Win/Spr/1991

Deevil's Wattor and Seaton Born 49 Sum/1996

Diaries of a Duchess (Ed.) 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Een Teen Tethera 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Erhm . . . er . . . um . . . 40 Win/Spr/1991

Meyk an' Moas 45 Win/Spr/1994

More of Old Moor House 25 Sum/1982

New Tradition 30 Spring/1985

Northumberland Arms, The 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Northumbrian Who's Who? 49 Sum/1996

On Hoof or On Hook 39 Sum/1990

Our Own Tongue Roland Bibby 19 Spr/1980

Reiver's Neck-verse, A, A.C. Swinburne (The Balladry) 16 Sum/1979

Robbie's Voice Roland Bibby 42 Sum/1992

When aa wes a wee yin 43 Win/1992

Whey ye taalk! Not enuff! 45 Win/Spr/1994

Woodburn Puddin, The 34 Aut/1987

Woodburn Pudding, The 33 Win/1987

Wor Ain Fred (Poem) 31 Aut/1985

Yet More Northumbrian Strongholds 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Northumbrian Villages series

Bywell, a Byword for Beauty 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Corbridge (Northumbrian Villages) 47 Win/Spr/1995

Mitford (Northumbrian Villages) 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Stamfordham (Northumbrian Villages) 49 Sum/1996

Bibby, Wyn,

Scrag end Aa stud at the butchor's for (Poem) 19 Spr/1980

Whisht ye (Poem) 29 Sum/1984

Bishop, Elaine,

Whippet, The (Poem) 46 Aut/Win/1994-5.

Black, Jack,

Chepal Trip, The (Poem) 13 Sum/1978

Cyevlin Day at Netherton (Poem) 14 Aut/1978

Howard Raa Trip, The (Poem) 17 Aut/1979

Weshin Day at Netherton (Poem) 22 Spr/1981; 24 Aut/1991

Black, Dr. Jeremy,

Abusive Claim, An 32 Sum/1986

Bolam, Fiona,

Greet Aunt Jane (Child's Poem) 42 Sum/1992

Bolam, I.,

Aa Wish ye wad Get your Hair Cut (Poem) 11 Dec./1977

Bolam, Robert (Bob)

Aa'll Nivvor Be Famis (Poem) 34 Aut/1987

Bairn, The (Poem) 18 Win/1980

Band Concort (Prose) 23 Sum/1981.

Beamish Oppen Aior Museum (Poem) 22 Spr/1981

Borthda Lass, The (Poem) 33 Win/1987

Cinderella (Prose) 16 Sum/1979

Eytth Time Catchy Time? (Poem) 27 Sum/1983

Farmin' Life (Prose) 12 Spr/1978

Goldilocks (Prose) 14 Aut/1978

Hexham Auction Mart (Poem) 11 Dec./1977

High Standard, A 21 Win/1980-81

It's Not Cricket (Poem) 37 Spr/1989

Jack and the Leek Stalk (Prose) 15 Spr/1979

Little Red Riding Hood (Prose) 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Many a Good Tune (Play) 25 Sum/1982

Me Uncle Jack (Prose) 7 Oct/1976

Puss in Boots (Pantomime Guide) 28 Winter/1983

Quaandry, The 14 Aut/1978

Sleepin Beauty (Prose) 25 Sum/1982

Snow White (Prose) 13 Sum/1978

That'll Larn Ye (Poem) 24 Aut/1991

Three fellas oot o' Rothbury (Poem) 19 Spr/1980

Trial and Terror (Poem) 6 Spr/1976

Whee's Gat Hoosesteed's Picnic Tyebles? (Poem) 32 Sum/1986

Winter Weldin' 21 Win/1980-81

Yon Time It Wes Flaesome (Poem) 39 Sum/1990

Yor Family Tree (Poem) 36 Aut/1988

Boyd, Daphney,

Saga of Dissington, The (Poem) 34 Aut/1987

Brenard, Rebecca,

Maah Aad Granny (Poem) 47 Win/Spr/1995

Brewis, Henry,

Pig-Killin 3 Sum/1975

Brindalay, B.B., (alias Roland Bibby)

Evidence, The (Farnham Folios, The) 16 Sum/1979

Encounter, The (Farnham Folios, The) 15 Spr/1979

Macbeth (Farnham Folios, The) 18 Win/1980

Brown, Alan C.

Afghan Hoond (Poem) 39 Sum/1990

Encoontor (Poem) 41 Aut/1991.

Fra England (Poem) 26 Aut/1982

Geordie Childhood (Poem) 43 Win/1992

Hot Hoose (Poem) 44 Sum/1993.

How Few? (Poem) 21 Win/1980-81

Letting Up (To My Daughter) (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Mountain Climber, The (Poem) 5 Win/1976

Northumberland (Poem) 17 Aut/1979

Northumberland (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Northumbrian Heights (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Otterburn Moors (Poem) 23 Sum/1981.

Parish Priest (Poem) 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Pebble, The: A Parable (Poem) 36 Aut/1988

Pitman, The 42 Sum/1992

Pitman's Missus, A (Poem) 33 Win/1987

Reet and Wrang (Poem) 32 Sum/1986

Saint Bernadette (Poem) 40 Win/Spr/1991

Shoes (Poem) 49 Sum/1996

Song For My Mother (Poem) 27 Sum/1983

Tommy On the Bridge (Poem) 15 Spr/1979

Trees in Autumn (Poem) 38 Win/1990

Us Geordies (Poem) 14 Aut/1978

Why's Eastor Gud? (Poem) 16 Sum/1979

Wor Geordie Heritage (Poem) 28 Winter/1983

Brown, Sheila M.,

Craw and The Mussel, The (Poem) 44 Sum/1993.

Freends-like (Poem) 47 Win/Spr/1995

Gud Advice Ti Gi Yorsel (Poem) 32 Sum/1986

Inharritance (Poem) 37 Spr/1989

Rachel (Poem) 43 Win/1992

Thun An' Noo 45 Win/Spr/1994

Brown, Watson,

Summer Gale (Sea Fishing Annals) 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Bryan, James F.,

Northumbrian Small Pipe 9 April/1977

Buck, Jane,

Coveted Skippies, The (Poem) 31 Aut/1985

Bulmer, Joe,

Geordie's Dut (Poem)

Burn, Margaret,

Old Stone Bridge, The (Story) 24 Aut/1991; 25 Sum/1982

From Hill To Coast 20 Sum/Aut/1980

Holy Island (Essay) 16 Sum/1979

Second Time Around (Story) 23 Sum/1981.

Burr, Mrs. C.,

Border Country (Poem) 2 Spr/1975

Campbell, Thomas,

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea 32 Sum/1986

Howdon Trimmer (Extract from poem) 32 Sum/1986

Carey, J.J.,

September Eve (Play) 22 Spr/1981

Carr, Catherine,

Monda To Remembor, A (Children Writing, Poem). 28 Winter/1983

Carr, Fred,

Ottercops Moss (Poem) 30 Spring/1985

Chaplin, Sid,

Reed, Fred (Obituary): 31 Aut/1985

Charleton, Andrew

Heron's Lament, The (Poem) 41 Aut/1991.

Poke o' Gravelly Troot, A (Poem) 38 Win/1990

Charlton, Bessie,

Distortid Villige (Prose) 37 Spr/1989

Charlton, G.V.B.,

Northumbrian Pipes 47 Win/Spr/1995

Northumbrian Pipes 3 49 Sum/1996

Northumbrian Pipes, 4 50 Aut/Win/1996.

Northumbrian Pipes 48 Win/Spr/1995.

Charlton, J. Foster,

Hexhamshire Lad, Memories of a, 31 Aut/1985; 32 Sum/1986; 33 Win/1987; 34 Aut/1987; 35 Sum/1988; 36 Aut/1988; 37 Spr/1989; 38 Win/1990; 39 Sum/1990

Charlton, Harold W.,

Tommy On The Bridge (Poem) 28 Winter/1983

Charlton, Laurie Elliot,

Northumbrian Coble, The 7 Oct/1976; 8 Jan/1977.

Border Balladry series

Death of Parcy Reed 2 Spr/1975

Derwentwater 21 Win/1980-81

Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The 15 Spr/1979

Fair Flower of Northumberland, The 19 Spr/1980

Hughie the Graeme Part 2 11 Dec./1977

Jamie Telford and the Fair Dodhead 24 Aut/1991; 25 Sum/1982

Jock O' The Syde 17 Aut/1979

Johnnie Armstrong 12 Spr/1978

Johnnie Faa, the Gypsy Laddie 40 Win/Spr/1991

Johny Cock 22 Spr/1981

Keach i' the Creel, The 26 Aut/1982

Lament of the Border Widow 3 Sum/1975

Long Lankyn 5 Win/1976

Mary Hamilton, or The Queen's Maries 14 Aut/1978

Of The Middle March 41 Aut/1991; 42 Sum/1992

Thomas the Rhymer 33 Win/1987; 34 Aut/1987; 35 Sum/1988

Yet more of the Border Widow 7 Oct/1976

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