2018 nys fair Book Changes Changes are in Red

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  • (note: page numbers listed here are from 2017 book, may have different page numbers once new book comes out)

2018 NYS Fair Book Changes

  • Changes are in Red

  • Section C- Communications and Expressive Arts.

  • All work is to be completed by the individual youth exhibitor in the current 4-H Program Year, not a collaborative effort. (page 16)

  • Class 2 B. Displays demonstrating the theme “4-H Grows Here” or “Building Sustainable Communities”. Exhibitors may use…. (page 18)

  • Section D- Consumer & Family Science

  • Food and Nutrition Section DA… general guidelines

e. No exhibits requiring refrigeration (cream or custard based pies, cakes, cream cheese) are allowed…

changed format of some classes as follows:

1) Cookies. No frosting or added decorations that are not part of the recipe.

a) drop cookies: ex. Chocolate chip, applesauce, oatmeal, etc.

b) hand shaped: ex: peanut butter, snickerdoodles, crinkles. Can be rolled in sugar if

part of the recipe.

c) Bar cookies: ex. Date bar, pumpkin bar, brownies, layered fruit bars or other batter cookies.

8) Cakes. An exhibit will consist of one-half of the following:

a) plain cake (spice, chocolate, butter) baked in a pan approximately 8-9 “ (round or square).

b) A foam-type cake (angel food, sponge, chiffon) baked in a tube pan, approximately 9-10”

c) Nutritious cake made with a vegetable or fruit, such as carrot, applesauce, sweet potato, etc. Baked in an appropriate size pan approximately 8-9” round or square or 9-10” tube pan.

9) Cake Decorating………only class number change – no change in wording


10) Pies……. No exhibits requiring refrigeration (cream or custard-based pies, cream cheese, etc) are allowed.

11.) Tarts or turnovers… only class number change- no change in wording

12) Healthy Baked Product….only class number change – no change in wording

Removed Grown in New York Class. Entries can be made in individual classes.

13) Heritage/Cultural Foods…only class number change- no change in wording

14) Food Technology Exhibit…only class number change-no change in wording

15) Healthy Snack… (moved from page 22)

16) Packed lunch (moved from page 22)

17 ) Menu for a day (moved from page 22)

18) Healthy Recipe Collection (moved from page 23)

19) Heritage Recipe Collection (moved from page 23)

Preserved Food Classes including all canned and dried food as well as Maple Syrup, will be placed at the end of the Recipe Collection Section. Class numbers will be changed.

Fine Arts & Crafts- Section DB

General Guidelines: Added the following guideline

  • Entry in Fine Arts and Craft is to be made entirely by the exhibitor, not a collaborative effort with a commercial business. This includes selection of materials and entire construction process. Ex. Ceramics should not be from pre-made molds that are just painted. Exhibits meeting that criteria should be entered in the Hobby Craft Section.

Fine Arts

2. Craftsmanship

E. Glasswork- Self created entries made by exhibitor, including all steps of the process. Not made from a commercial source.

Hobby Craft and Home Environment- Section DC

  1. Crafts

  1. Craft Kit- Used as a commercially available kit or experience to explore a new area. Last sentence should read: Please give the name of the kit or experience/location on your Exhibitor Entry Statement.

8. Creative Framing (moved from page 31 in Visual Arts/Photography)

Remove the line “Photographic Image may come from Class #1 or Classes #5-8” and replace with “Entry will include both photo and frame and item will be evaluated together. Photo is not to be entered in any other class.”

Remaining classes in section will be re-numbered.

Visual Arts/Photography- Section E

13. Visual Arts/Photography/Graphic Design Open Class. Add *Example: Photos that are self-developed.

Horticulture - Section F

Division 1 Plant Collections A. there will be a new link to info on pressed flowers.

Class 9. Miscellaneous Collection (A) and Horticulture Scrapbook will be 9B.

Class 10 Beginner (1-3 years)

Class 11 (3-6 years)

Class 12 (5 or more years)

Division 3 Garden Entries… for further information on preparing and exhibiting vegetables go to……. Scroll down to “Vegetable Fare”

26 Floral Design.

Last bullet…. Fall arrangements gourd arrangements and photo stories may be entered in class 28 Open

Division 4 Horticultural Methods

(bullet) “for ideas and information consult the State Fair Website- competitions-youth building”

Class 39. Removing link

Class 42 add bullet “varieties listed

Environmental Education - Section G

REMOVE: All exhibits in Section G must include, in addition to the completed green Exhibitor Entry Card and Statement, a project story (essay) on a separate sheet of paper, detailing: etc.


Section J- STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Section JF: Class 4, App Development - Exhibit an original mobile app. Describe the purpose of the app and what inspired you to create it in the exhibit information statement. 
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