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Rolls-Royce Background Information

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Rolls-Royce Background Information

In 1906, a largely self-taught engineer named Henry Royce and a well-schooled businessman named Charles Rolls founded Rolls-Royce Limited. Their mission was clear: to produce engines for use “on land or water or in the air”. That same year, the company opened its first US office in New York. Since then, Rolls-Royce has become a world-leading provider of power systems for four major industries: civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy. They are a leading industry supplier in the US with a significant and growing presence. Today, more RR products are built in the US than anywhere else in the world.
Aviation High School is fortunate to have a strong partnership with Rolls-Royce, including their local office in Everett, WA. The company made a significant contribution to help us build our new school at The Museum of Flight. In addition, Rolls-Royce sponsors both the Joe Sutter Award* and the Spirit of Excellence Award, named after their passion for excellence, epitomized in Henry Royce’s famous phrase: “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”

Starting in the 2011-2012 school year, it was decided that the Spirit of Excellence Award would be awarded to two Aviation High School seniors who plan to pursue an education and career pathway in engineering. Each recipient will receive $5,000 to pursue a degree in engineering. Recipients will be recognized at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Joe Sutter Dinner on Saturday evening November 16, 2013 and again at the AHS Senior Awards Ceremony in June 2014. If you apply for this scholarship, you must commit to attending the Joe Sutter Dinner on November 16. Your parents will also be invited to attend.
AHS recipients of this award, to date include Griffin Nicoll who graduated in the Class of 2010, Lydia Johnston, graduate in the Class of 2011, Sydney Miller, Jenny Gao and Salina Abraham, graduates in the Class of 2012, and 2013 graduates Hunter McSwain and Jacob Wagner. Their names are inscribed on the magnificent fan blade of a Trent 1000 engine (manufactured by RR and used in the Dreamliner 787 airplane) that is proudly displayed in the Lobby of our school. When this year’s recipients are selected, their names will be added to this display. (2014: Teal Dowd & Camila Palacio)

The recipients of the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Excellence Award will be students who meet the following criteria:

  • Stellar academic performance record that includes AP classes as well as engineering studies

  • Active involvement in school activities during high school, preferably in Science Olympiad or Robotics; if not involved in either, please explain outside activities that have provided opportunity for application of engineering skills

  • Plans to pursue a college degree and career in engineering

  • Desire to innovate, create new solutions to engineering challenges (particularly related to jet engines) that may be of benefit to Rolls-Royce

Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words. Please address the above criteria and any other qualifications or experiences that make you a top candidate for the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Excellence Award. In addition, please seek the endorsement of two AHS teachers who can attest to your qualifications and education and career plans. Please ask the two teachers to sign your essay before submitting a hard copy to Ms. Carper. Please submit an electronic copy of your essay to both Ms. Carper and Ms. Gilman.

Due Date: November 7, 2014 by end of school day.

*The Joe Sutter Award is a separate scholarship from the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Excellence Award. It will be advertised to seniors in the spring of 2015. The Joe Sutter Award provides $5,000 to a student who plans to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Washington, which is Mr. Sutter’s alma mater.


One award of $5,000

Joe Sutter is a Seattle native who is best known as the “Father of the 747” airplane. He was the chief engineer on the program, and then, as VP General Manager, led Boeing’s 4,500-member team, that designed and built the largest commercial airliner. The team became known as “The Incredibles” for their unrelenting commitment to the vision of designing and building both the factory and the aircraft. Joe began his career at Boeing in 1946, retiring after 40 years; however, he now finds himself back at Boeing on a regular basis sharing his expertise as Boeing creates the next generations of aircraft: the 777, the 747-8, and the 787 Dreamliner.

Joe celebrated his 90th birthday on March 21, 2011. Honoring Joe’s incredible career in the aerospace industry, Rolls-Royce presented a very unique gift to him at his birthday celebration: a scholarship in his name which will be presented to an Aviation High School senior in the Classes of 2011 through 2015. The total amount of Rolls-Royce’s gift was $25,000, which provides $5,000 per year to a deserving graduate who meets the criteria established for this award.
Many AHS students have met Mr. Sutter at Pathfinder, the Royal Aeronautical Society lectures and dinners, at book-signing events (he’s the co-author of the book “747”), or other aerospace-related activities. Whether you have met him in person or not, you are encouraged to do your research about this remarkable aerospace engineer/innovator, author, public speaker prior to writing your essay. If you wish to apply for the “Incredible Award” your thinking should be informed by his vision, his engineering genius, his character, and his astonishing contribution to aerospace and to people everywhere.
(Note: Former recipients of this award are Curtis Campisteguy, Class of 2011, Casey Chandler, Class of 2012, Hunter McSwain, Class of 2013 and Teal Dowd, Class of 2014).
Criteria for the Incredible Award:

  • 3.0 or higher GPA; college-preparatory transcript that includes pre-engineering & AP coursework

  • Acceptance to the University of Washington, Joe’s alma mater. (Note: An exception to this requirement will be made only if there is not a qualified applicant to UW).

  • Clear vision and intent to pursue an engineering degree and be part of the aerospace workforce in your future. A resume that supports your passion for pursuing this particular college and career pathway.

  • Outstanding character and “spark;” demonstrated in your daily actions; and can be attested to by staff, students, club/team advisors, mentors, and/or community members.

  • Agreement that your name may be included on a perpetual plaque (747 model airplane) that will be exhibited in a place of honor at Raisbeck Aviation High School.

If you wish to be considered for The Incredible Award, your assignment is to write an essay of approximately 500 words in which you respond to the following prompt:

The 747 made its debut in 1970 when Joe Sutter was 49 years of age. Fast forward to Year 2046 when you, too, will be 49 years of age and been part of a new generation of “Incredibles.” Imagine what you will have accomplished in your life’s work in the aerospace industry. The essential question for your essay is: How will passenger-carrying aircraft be different in 2046, and how will you have contributed to the design and development process?

Two awards of $500 each or one at $1,000
All Students eligible for the RAHS General Scholarship may apply.

Peter Anderson is the nephew of the founder of Galvin Flying Service, which operated on the East side of Boeing Field until just recently when it was bought by Landmark Aviation.

Peter was the keeper of the Galvin vision and mission, serving as President and CEO for many years. He wholeheartedly embraced Galvin’s mission to develop, provide, and promote the highest levels of service excellence on behalf of the world aviation community. One only has to meet Peter once, or hear his greeting on his daily voice mail message, to understand that he models this mission to employees, customers, and anyone with whom he interacts.

Peter and his wife, Sarah, have supported Raisbeck Aviation High School for ten years as Peter has served as President of the Founding Board of Directors. Their contributions are many, including providing financial resources to build our new school. Peter and Sarah would like nothing more than to see many RAHS students enjoy a successful career in general aviation.

Applicants for the Peter & Sarah Anderson Award must submit a separate essay of approximately 300 words, explaining how you will model the mission of Galvin Flying Service.


One or two awards of $500 each anticipated
Some of you may know Mr. Dick Newman, a RAHS mentor and an employee of the FAA. Dick’s son, Jim, was a young man similar to many of you, with hopes and dreams of going to college and having a rewarding career. Jim earned his private pilot certificate during his junior year in high school. He was active in the Ski Patrol. And, while his father says that his grades weren’t outstanding, he received a National Merit Scholarship and was planning to major in environmental studies in college. Sadly, he never had the opportunity to chase his dreams and experience his life-long goals. He died just prior to his high school graduation.
Criteria for the Jim Newman scholarship includes:

  • Involvement in aviation activities, which can be other than piloting

  • Activities with positive social aspects

  • Strong academic background, some which can be non-traditional education

To qualify for this scholarship award, please write an essay of approximately 300 words describing how you exemplify the defining traits of Jim Newman.

NAIA (Northwest Aviation Insurance Association)

One award of $1,000
All students eligible for the RAHS General Scholarship may apply.
Northwest Aviation Insurance Association (NAIA) offers a scholarship to students who may wish to pursue a career in a business-related field such as aviation insurance, aviation safety, aviation law, or owning, managing, or working within a segment of the aviation industry. Applicants for this scholarship must submit a 500 word essay describing your interest in pursuing a business-related field. You are encouraged to do some research specifically about the field of aviation insurance and include in your essay how a career in the insurance business might interest you in the future.

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