2014 Summer Assignment 9th Grade Pre-ib english 1 Mr. Tharin

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2014 Summer Assignment

9th Grade Pre-IB English 1

Mr. Tharin


We pressed a thought into the wayside,
planted an impression along the verge.
- from “Marginalia” by Billy Collins
Online Moodle Classroom Information:

Please enroll in the “Tharin Pre-IB English 1” Moodle page as soon as possible.

  • Go to http://moodle.pcsb.org/

  • Login with your “R2.D2” number (xx.xx) and use the last 8 digits of your student ID for password

    • Students new to Pinellas County Schools should receive login info after registering. This may take a while, so begin typing and saving your assignments in anticipation of when you get access to Moodle.

  • Click on the “High School Online Courses” button

  • Click on “Palm Harbor University High School”

  • Click on or search for “Tharin Pre-IB English 1” Moodle page

  • Enrollment key: 12345

  • You will have a minimum of 5 forum posts for The Alchemist and 5 forum posts for your poetry assignment.

Email Mr. Tharin over the summer with questions or concerns, or use the “social forum” on the moodle site to solicit help from your future classmates (remember that moodle is a digital classroom and anything you post there should be school appropriate; this is NOT Facebook).

Essential Questions:

  • Can I annotate a text and respond insightfully to its main implications as well as its subtleties?

  • Can I make highly relevant, precise, and effective references to literature?

  • Can I write well-developed and effective paragraphs?

  • Can I identify what piece of life, private or public, is [the poem] concerned with? and Where and when is this life being lived? (Questions posed in Poems, Poets, Poetry by Helen Vendler p.3)

  • Can I show careful consideration for the ideas of others and respond to them?

Required Texts:

How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster

    • HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN-13: 9780060009427

The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo

    • HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN-13: 9780061122415

You will need these works for class during the first few weeks of school, and I will be checking your annotations for a grade. On the first or second session of school, students should be prepared to demonstrate their knowledge of theses texts by writing either an essay or taking a quote-based test.

This looks like more work than it is. The novel is short and engaging. You may choose poems you enjoy from the website provided. Your responses should only be a paragraph each. Enjoy the forum to communicate with your peers and your teacher about what you read. Over the summer you are expected to complete the following for a grade, the assignments are detailed below:

  1. Read and annotate the 2 required texts.

  2. Complete 5 forum posts and respond to 5 forum posts of your classmates for The Alchemist.

  3. Complete 5 forum posts and respond to 5 forum posts of your classmates for the Poetry Assignment.


First with How to Read Literature Like a Professor, and then with The Alchemist, you will need to carefully read through and annotate by noting pithy quotations, important moments, and literary details. See http://www.slowreads.com/ResourcesHowToMarkABook.htm: this is an internet source for ideas on what to annotate. Do the following:

  • Mark things that you like, that puzzle you, that disturb you, that resonate with you.

  • Look up words you do not know and write the definitions in the margin.

  • Mark any literary devices you are familiar with and any patterns of ideas or images.

  • Jot notes and questions in the margin.

  • Talk back to the text by giving your emotional or critical responses.

  • Please don’t forget to enjoy the book.

Forum Posts that count as grades:

We will use this Internet format for communication a great deal next year. I will respond to your posts and you will be required to respond to at least one other person’s post for each prompt. These responses should be short, but constructive and valuable—not just “Wow! You’re brilliant.” Please save a copy of your posts on a USB flash drive or Google Docs for safekeeping.

Writing Expectations

As this is a literature and composition course, you will be expected to use every assignment that involves writing to practice your best composition skills. For your forum posts you will be responding in paragraph form and be graded on the following criteria.

Stand-Alone Paragraph Evaluation Criteria:

  1. The first sentence contains the assertion and key words from the question or assigned topic.

  2. Paragraph contains two to four explanatory sentences.

  3. Paragraph contains three to five sentences about specific details (things in quotation marks).

  4. Details are colorful, interesting, and appropriate.

  5. Paragraph ends with a good concluding sentence that refers to the assertion without repeating it.

  6. Paragraph contains no run-ons or sentence fragments.

  7. Paragraph is free of errors in agreement.

A. Subject/verb—singular or plural

B. Pronoun selection correct—singular or plural

C. Pronoun selection correct—subject or object
The Alchemist Forum Post Assignments:

  1. The first post should talk about you—nothing fancy, just an overview: your likes, dislikes, fears, hopes, ambitions, study habits, work ethic, and goals.

  2. Review Chapter 1 from How to Read Literature Like a Professor and list the 5 aspects of the Quest and apply them to The Alchemist. Prove to me that Santiago is, in fact, on a quest and use specific details from the text to support your assertion.

  3. Choose one of the following expressions to explain briefly, using specific evidence from the text: “The Soul of the World,” “The Unspoken Language,” or “Personal Legend.”

  4. Review Chapters 5, 7, & 9 from How to Read Literature Like a Professor and define intertextuality. Give two examples from The Alchemist. and discuss their significance.

  5. Review Chapters 19 from How to Read Literature Like a Professor and discuss what the geography in the novel contributes to theme. Theme is a statement about how the author treats the subject. An example for The Alchemist might be: “Fear of failure often keeps people from pursuing their personal legend.”

Poetry Assignment Requirements:

  • Choose poems that you like from the Poetry 180 website: http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/. As you read the poems, answer as many of the following questions as you can about reading poetry. For all of the following use specific details to support your answers.

  • Paraphrase the poem

  • Who is the speaker?

  • What piece of life, private or public, is the poem concerned with?

  • Where and when is this life being lived?

  • What kind of image patterns have you found?

  • What is the tone? How do you know?

  • Where is the shift in tone or meaning? How does it affect meaning?

  • What is the major theme of the poem?

  • What is the significance of the title?

  • What is the poet’s purpose in writing it?


  1. Read my post on poem #1. This will give you an idea of the types of things that I am looking for in your posts.

  2. Complete at least 5 posts, one per poem, and respond to at least 5 posts by your classmates.

  3. Choose poems from the website which you enjoy and which you feel comfortable talking about in class, you are by no means required to analyze a poem that you are uncomfortable with.

  4. In the title of your post indicate which poem (the number) you are blogging about, along with the title and poet. Example: “#1 “Introduction to Poetry” Billy Collins

  5. Answer or respond to some of the questions provided above in paragraph form.

Literary Terms:

We will be dealing with them for poetry, prose, drama, and fiction in general. If you are not familiar with the following, I suggest you look them up online and also try and find them in your summer readings (these are wonderful for annotating and for analyzing in poems). These terms would also be appropriate for forum posts and discussions. The terms are as follows: metaphor, simile, diction, mood, setting, allusion, tone, point of view, foreshadowing, personification, irony, symbol, hyperbole, understatement, flashback, and imagery.
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