1997 acf nationals Toss-Ups by V. Jejjala

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1997 ACF Nationals

Toss-Ups by V. Jejjala

1. Set in Elizabethan England, the mystery it raises is based on actual history; however, it is not known whether

Varney is really responsible for the heroine's death. The novel, with such colorful characters as Sir Walter Raleigh

and the mysterious Tresillian, involves the unhappy covert marriage of the beautiful Amy Robsart to Robert

Dudley, the earl of Leicester who entertains ambitions of becoming the queen's consort. FTP identify this

Waverley novel of Sir Walter Scott which takes its title from the name of a magnificent castle near Stratford.

Answer: Kenilworth

2. At fourteen Schmalfuss, the director of his school, decided that his pupil could learn no more from him and lent

him a copy of Legendre's Theory of Numbers, an 859 page work that he mastered in just six days. In a

probationary essay on Dirichlet's condition for the representability of a function by its Fourier series he developed a

new and rigorous definition of the integral as an operator. FTP name this man who, when Gauss asked him to

discuss the foundations of geometry in a lecture, developed a consistent non-Euclidean elliptic geometry.

Answer: Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann

3. He was born in either 1912 or 1916 and disappears in 4272. Born as Woodrow Wilson Smith, he sang with the

blind Rhysling in a Martian whorehouse. Under the assumed name of Captain Aaron Sheffield, he, with Andy

"Slipstick" Libby, develops a faster-than-light space drive. He ultimately travels backward in time and ends up

missing in action in World War I. The Senior Member of the Howard Families, he is the oldest member of the

human race. FTP identify this Robert A. Heinlein hero of Methuselah's Children and Time Enough for Love.

Answer: Lazarus Long or Lazarus Long

4. The Athenians built a temple in his honor after successfully invoking him to repel a fleet sent by Xerxes.

Depicted in art with serpent-tails for feet, he lives in a cave in Mount Haemus and tends Ares' horses. The son of

Astraeus and Eos, he ravished Oreithyia who bore him the twin sons Calais and Zetes. FTP identify this Greek

god of the north wind.

Answer: Boreas

5. Elliot Cowdin, Bert Hall, and William Thaw alone among the original seven members survived. Pilots of

single-man Nieuport pursuit planes, Colonel Claire Chennault was greatly inspired by their example in founding

the "Flying Tigers." Following American entry into World War I, they were incorporated as the 103rd Aero

Squadron of the 3rd Pursuit Group of the United States Air Service. FTP identify this group of 38 American pilots

who flew in defense of France from 1916 to 1917.

Answer: Lafayette Escadrille
6. Poets and artists have transformed this stock character from the commedia dell'arte to an artist-lover of soaring

imagination, who grimly hides his real passions behind a comic mask. It is a role traditionally played by a tall,

thin young man with his face and hair covered with white powder or flour. He wears a white gown with very long

sleeves and a row of big buttons down the front. FTP identify this lover of Columbine and rival of Harlequin.

Answer: Pierrot or Little Peter
7. It is believed that the first Europeans to cross it were David Livingstone and W.C. Oswell who did so in 1849.

Its physical features include the Okavango Swamp, a remnant of an ancient inland sea, the Makgadikgadi Pans, an

ancient drainage basin, and Lake Ngami. With natural fauna including giraffes, lions, and wildebeests, it is

inhabited by the nomadic Khoikhoi and the San Bushmen. FTP identify this desert which covers the western two-

thirds of Botswana and adjoining areas of eastern Namibia and South Africa's Cape Province.

Answer: Kalahari Desert

8. Two answers are required. They are compiled in books such as the Bonner Durchmusterung. One is measured

in hours, minutes, and seconds and increases in the eastward direction; the other is measured in degrees and is

positive in the northern hemisphere and negative in the southern hemisphere. One measures the celestial longitude

with respect to the vernal equinox; the other represents the latitude with respect to the celestial equator. FTP name

these two coordinates commonly used by astronomers in measuring the position of a star.

Answer: right ascension and declination

9. Born into a family of seafarers at Plymouth, he married Katherine Gonson whose father was treasurer of the

navy. After his father-in-law's death, he assumed the post and innovated shipbuilding and naval administration.

Between 1562 and 1569, he led three expeditions that transported slaves to Spanish colonies in the West Indes and

with his kinsman Francis Drake engaged the Spanish fleet at San Juan de Ulua off the coast of Mexico. FTP name

this man who also commanded a portion of the English fleet that ultimately defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Answer: Sir John Hawkins

10. More successful with cultured audiences than with the masses, Quintilian praised him and Terence imitated

him. In 1905 Lefebvre discovered 1328 lines from three of his plays on an Egyptian papyrus. In 1957 his only

extant complete play, Dyskolos or The Bad-Tempered Man was found on a palimpsest in Geneva. A sophisticated

and witty playwright of over 100 comedies, many of his works were adopted by Plautus. FTP identify this man

who lived from 342-292 BC, one of the best known writers of the Greek New Comedy.

Answer: Menander

11. The phenomenon is not observed in one or two dimensions, a result verified in part by examining the behavior

of the zeta function. When this condition is achieved, the chemical potential of the substance is 0 and so the

fugacity is 1. For many particle systems what empirically occurs is that the excited states cannot accommodate all

the particles in the system, so the ground state occupation becomes macroscopic. FTP identify this phenomenon

that only occurs for systems of particles with integer spin that was experimentally observed by Colorado scientists

in 1995.

Answer: Bose-Einstein condensation
12. He is often depicted in art as a prince consorting with his lover Radha or as a small child caught stealing

butter. He was born after Brahma beseeched Vishnu to relieve the world of the demon-king Kamsa. After hiding

among the shepherds, he achieves his destiny and kills Kamsa becoming King of the Yadavas. FTP name this

blue, flute-playing deity whose discourse with Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra forms the basis of the

Bhagavad Gita, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

Answer: Krishna

13. He spent much of his personal fortune on public works for Rome, building the Pantheon and the first public

baths. As consul in 37 BC, he organized a fleet that won decisive victories over Sextus Pompeius at Mylae and

Naulochus. During the early days of the Roman Empire, he helped consolidate control of the east by leading

campaigns in Gaul and Spain. FTP identify this general whose third wife was Augustus' daughter Julia, a

marriage that was designed in part to acknowledge the emperor's debt to his masterful deployment of the fleet at

the Battle of Actium.

Answer: Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
14. It was inspired by two seventeenth century narratives: The Letters of Saint Paulinus to Macarius (1618) and

Strange and Dangerous Voyage (1633). It is written in seven parts, the sixth of which includes a dialogue between

two voices. Published anonymously in 1798, the Latin epigraph and the marginal gloss did not appear until 1817.

William Wordsworth claims to have contributed the shooting of the albatross. FTP identify this Samuel Taylor

Coleridge poem of a man who "stoppeth one of three."

Answer: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

15. Glucose 6-phosphate; fructose 6-phosphate; fructose 1,6-diphosphate; glyceraldehyde phosphate; 1,3-

diphosphoglycerate; 3-phosphoglycerate; 2-phosphoglycerate; and phosphoenolpyruvate. These are the

intermediate compounds in a series of reactions that converts glucose to pyruvate. FTP what name is given to this

metabolic pathway that has a net gain of 2 ATP molecules that occurs in the cytoplasm of eukaryotes and is the

starting point for fermentation and aerobic respiration.

Answer: glycolysis

16. Its libretto is by Targioni-Tozetti and Menasci and when the composer was 26, it won a contest sponsored by

the Milan publisher Sonzogno. Based on a short story by Giovanni Verga, it received its premiere at the Costanzi

Theater in Rome in 1890. In a duel at the end of this one-act opera, Turiddu admits to wronging Alfio by having

an affair with Lola and forsaking Santuzza. FTP identify this work, often performed with the other verismo operas

Il tabarro and I Pagliacci that is Pietro Mascagni's masterpiece.

Answer: Cavalleria Rusticana or Rustic Chivalry

17. Following the killings of Indians by John Stone and Massachusetts trader John Oldham, the Indians were

reluctant to yield the suspected perpetrators. John Endecott led an expedition against the tribe, and subsequently,

John Mason led New England soldiers in concert with Mohegan and Naragansett warriors against a village located

on the Mystic River and slaughtered its inhabitants on May 26, 1637. FTP identify this first major conflict

between Indians and English settlers in New England.

Answer: Pequot War

18. Walker Percy was teaching at Loyola in 1976 when a woman presented him a badly smeared, scarcely readable

manuscript of a novel written during the early 60's by her son. The novel's characters include Myrna Minkoff, a

woman transported from her native Bronx to New Orleans, the eccentric Mrs. Reilly, and her son Ignatius who,

lying in his flannel shirt in a back bedroom on Constantinople Street, is filling dozens of Big Chief tablets with

invective against the modern age. FTP identify this perverse Pulitzer Prize winning comedy by John Kennedy


Answer: A Confederacy of Dunces
19. The original statement of Ampere's law only accounts for the production of a magnetic field by current, so it is

necessarily incomplete. In formulating his equations, Maxwell accounted for the omission of magnetic field

production by a changing electric flux by adding an additional term to Ampere's law. This term has the added

benefit of making Ampere's law and Faraday's law nearly symmetric and predicted the existence of electromagnetic

waves. FTP what name is given to this added term, the product of the permittivity constant of free space and the

time derivative of electric flux?

Answer: displacement current
20. On the extreme left, Mercury pokes his caduceus up among storm clouds. Cupid shoots at the Graces to his

right who are the artist's answer to a challenge issued by Alberti to recreate a scene described by Seneca. At the

extreme right, the wind god Zephyrus flies in pursuit of the nymph Chloris. Between Chloris and the Graces are

Venus and Flora. FTP identify this masterpiece commissioned by Lorenzo de Medici now at the Uffizi Gallery, a

1482 painting by Sandro Boticelli.

Answer: La Primavera or Spring

21. The name's the same. The first was fought on July 15, 1410 and is sometimes called the Battle of Grunwald.

A combined Polish-Lithuanian alliance defeated the Teutonic Knights and halted their eastward advance along the

Baltic. The second was fought half a millennia later and played an important role in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's

August 1914. German commanders Hindenburg and Ludendorff encircled Samsonov's 2nd Russian Army and took

about 90,000 prisoners. FTP identify the common name of these two battles fought near Stebark, Poland.

Answer: Battle(s) of Tannenberg

22. A scholar who taught Oriental and Greek literature at the General Theological Seminary in New York from

1823 to 1850, he was instrumental in getting Lorenzo Da Ponte a professorship in Italian literature at Columbia

University. He is best remembered, however, for an 1823 poem first published anonymously in the Troy, New

York Sentinel. FTP identify this author of A Visit from Saint Nicholas.

Answer: Clement Clarke Moore
23. This blind old man performed his final and lasting profanation of the Hagia Sophia by being interred there.

After defeating the Pisans, he subdued Trieste and ordered Zara taken. When the emperor Alexius was

assassinated by his own subjects, he laid siege to Constantinople taking it by storm in 1204 and installing Count

Baldwin I of Flanders as Latin Emperor there. FTP identify this Doge of Venice who financed and headed the

Fourth Crusade.

Answer: Enrico Dandalo

1997 ACF Nationals

Bonus Questions by V. Jejjala

Note to Reader: All bonus questions are valued at 30 points. If you're one of the thrice damned College

Bowlers who don't like that and prefer the Company's unmitigated tripe replete with VVBs, bite me.

1. "In the room the women come and go / Talking of Michelangelo." Michelangelo is far too easy to ask about, so

identify these Parmigianino paintings for the stated number of points instead.

1. In this unfinished, but most famous, of Parmiaginino=s works, we see the Christ asleep in a pose suggestive of

death. At the left, five graceful, sexually ambiguous figures appear in varying stages of undress; one holds a huge

urn and looks at the Virgin who is herself elongated. FFP name the 1534 work.

Answer: Madonna of (with) the Long Neck or Madonna dal Collo Lungo

2. Vasari, who knew the painting when it belonged to the letter writer Pietro Aretino, tells us that it was painted to

showcase "the subtleties of art." Parmigianino had a carpenter turn a wooden sphere on a lathe and then saw off a

section in order to obtain the surface on which the work is painted. FTP identify this work that presents the artist's

reflection in an unusual manner.

Answer: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (1524)

3. Painted for the Bufalini family and one of the few paintings named by the artist himself, the title figure lies

sleeping fitfully in the foreground. The kneeling St. John to his immediate left gestures, his right arm sweeping a

massive curve in contrast to his foreshortened legs. The Virgin and the Christ who hover above them in an aura of

light are depicted perversely: we can see Mary's nipples erect against her sheer tunic, and the young Jesus' genitals

are emphasized. F15P name the work.

Answer: Vision of St. Jerome (1527)
2. "O what can ail thee knight-at-arms! / Alone and palely loitering!" Identify these knights of the Round Table

from some of their labors for the stated number of points.

1. His mother ordered him to conceal his name and work as a scullion--a plain laborer--for 12 months. He agrees

to this, Sir Kay dubs him "Beaumains," and at the end of the year he is knighted by Sir Launcelot. FFP name him.

Answer: Sir Gareth

2. The father of Sir Lamerok, Sir Percival, Sir Agglovale, Sir Dornar, and Sir Torre, he is the hunter of the

Questing Beast. FFP name this knight killed by Sir Gawain in revenge for fatally wounding King Lot in a joust.

Answer: King Pellinore

3. A Saracen knight who loves Iseult, wife to King Mark, he is overcome in single combat by Sir Tristan. After

the lady has been given up by the Saracen, Tristan converts him to Christianity. FTP name this knight who shares

his name with the Greek who reputedly invented lighthouses, the discus, and dice.

Answer: Sir Palamades

4. Malory reports that these two brothers unknowingly kill each other in single combat, not recognizing the other

until just before death. They are buried in the same tomb at the insistence of Merlin. FTP name either of them.

Answer: Sir Balin or Sir Balan
3. "Don Juan stood, and, gazing from the stern, / Beheld his native Spain." FTP each answer these questions

about Don Juan.

1. The first appearance of Don Juan in literature was in the play El burlador de Sevilla, a work by what Spanish

dramatist, an avowed disciple of Lope de Vega, who was born Fray Gabriel Tellez.

Answer: Tirso de Molina

2. In this play subtitled A Comedy and a Philosophy, a scene in Act III includes John Tanner, Ann Whitefield, the

statue of the Commendatore from Mozart's opera, and the Devil discussing the questions evoked by the work.

Answer: Man and Superman

3. Finally, the name of Don Juan's servant has changed several times. Tirso calls him Catalinon, Moliere uses

Sganarelle, and there are dozens of other. The best known servant, however, is the one used in the Mozart/da

Ponte opera. FTP identify this servant who sings of Don Giovanni's 1,003 conquests in Spain alone.

Answer: Leporello

4. "Like fiends embattled by a wizard=s wand, / The Monarchs marched in evil day, / And Britain joined the dire

array." Identify these British military figures elevated to peerage on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10: Commissioned in the Royal Engineers in 1871, he was attached to the Egyptian army in 1883 and became

its commander in chief in 1892. He defeated the Mahdi at Omdurman in 1898, and avoided war with France with

his tactful treatment of the Fashoda incident.

5: Chief of staff to Frederick Sleigh Roberts, he directed the Boer War. Parliament sided with him in an argument

over military policy in India with Lord Curzon, and he was made a field marshal. At the start of World War I, he

expanded the army from 20 divisions to 70. He was drowned when his ship was torpedoed while on a mission to


Answer: Horatio Herbert, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum

2. 10: Married to Sarah Jennings, this son of a country squire entered the army in 1667 and distinguished himself

in defeating a rebellion led by the Duke of Monmouth. When Sarah=s relationship with the queen worsened, he

was ousted from office in 1711.

5: He campaigned for William of Orange during the War of the Grand Alliance in Flanders and Ireland. During

the War of Spanish Succession, he won decisive victories at Blenheim, Oudenarde. And Malplaquet. His immense

baroque palace was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh.

Answer: John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

3. 10: While chief of British combined operations during World War II, he directed the invasion of Madagascar

and led commando raids in Norway and France. After the war, he was first sea lord from 1955-1959 and remained

a close confidant of Queen Elizabeth II, and his nephew Prince Philip.

5: As supreme Allied commander for Southeast Asia, he was responsible for the recapture of Burma from Japan.

The last viceroy of India, he was supervised the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947. He died n 1979 when

a bomb destroyed his fishing boat off the northwest coast of Ireland.

Answer: Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

5. "Bright star! Would I were as steadfast as thou art." Identify these bright stars from a brief description FTP


1. Located a mere 2.65 parsecs away, it was discovered to be an astrometric binary system before it was

determined a visual one as well. Its B star was the first white dwarf to be discovered.

Answer: Sirius

2. About 680 light years away, it is a Cepheid variable. It can be found by tracing the line connecting Merak and


Answer: Polaris

3. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, it was the pole star as recently as 12,000 years ago. After 61 Cygni,

this fifth brightest star (that isn't the Sun) was the first to have its stellar parallax measured.

Answer: Vega
6. "Much have I travell'd in realms of gold." Identify the following gold miners for the stated number of points.

1. FFP this immigrant obtained a large tract of land in the Sacramento Valley and established the colony of Nueva

Helvetia. The Supreme Court later declared the title to much of his gold-laden land invalid, and he died bankrupt

after unsuccessfully petitioning Congress for payment of his losses.

Answer: John Augustus Sutter

2. FTP he discovered gold on January 24, 1848 launching the California gold rush while building a sawmill near

Sutter's fort. The mill failed, and he too died nearly penniless.

Answer: James Wilson Marshall

3. F15P he made a fortune of nearly $9 million from Colorado's Matchless Mine and other mining enterprises.

Eventually becoming lieutenant governor of Colorado, he lost his fortune in the panic of 1839, and he became a

Denver postmaster. His widow, Elizabeth, continued to live alone in a shack near Matchless Mine and is the

subject of Douglas Moore's opera The Ballad of Baby Doe.

Answer: Horace Austin Warner Tabor
7. "Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night: / God said, `Let Newton be!' and all was light." Answer the

following questions about Isaac Newton for the stated number of points.

1. FFP while Newton was the Master of the Mint, he came home one afternoon and learned that John Bernoulli

had issued a challenge to determine the shape of a wire down which a bead will slide under the influence of gravity

and without friction in the least time. What name is given to this curve whose shape Newton determined that

evening by developing the calculus of variations?

Answer: brachistichrone or tautochrone

2. FTP what man, Newton's teacher at Cambridge, stepped down from the Lucasian chair in deference to his


Answer: Isaac Barrow

3. Newton got into disputes with men besides Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz. Among the men he argued with

were John Locke and Samuel Pepys. But F15P, what first astronomer-royal's data did Newton steal, publish in his

own name, and later use to help verify his theory of universal gravitation while systematically deleting references

to the other in later editions of the Principia?

Answer: John Flamsteed
8. "How far is St. Helena from the field of Waterloo? / A near way--a clear way--a ship will take you soon."

Answer the following about the Battle of Waterloo for the stated number of points.

1. Wellington was able to win at Waterloo primarily because of a 90,000 man Prussian army fighting at his side.

FFP who was the Prussian commander?

Answer: Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, Prince of Wahlstadt

2. Blucher was able to render assistance because the battle had been delayed by rain, and because his army had

eluded pursuing French forces led by what man, FFP?

Answer: Emanuel, Marquis de Grouchy

3. FFP Napoleon's center was held by what marshal?

Answer: Michel Ney

4. Finally, F15P, Ney led the main attack at what site on the field of Waterloo at about 1 PM on June 18, 1815?

The tide had turned against Napoleon when his forces were driven away from here around 7:30 PM.

Answer: La Haye Sainte
9. "Down, down, down! / Down to the depths of the sea!" Identify these literary works that take place on the high

seas. 10 points are awarded if you can identify the work from characters; if you need additional clues, you only get

5 points.

1. 10: Humphrey Van Weyden and Maude Brewster

5: The captain of the Ghost is the title character of this Jack London novel.

Answer: The Sea Wolf

2. 10: James Wait and Donkin

5: The protagonist of this Joseph Conrad novel is a black sailor dying of tuberculosis.

Answer: The Nigger of the Narcissus

3. 10: Squire Trelawney and Ben Gunn

5: The story begins at the Admiral Benbow Inn and much of the action takes place on the schooner Hispaniola.

Answer: Treasure Island

10. "Notice Neptune, though, / Taming a sea horse, thought a rarity, / Which Claus of Innsbruck cast in bronze for

me." Answer these questions about the exploits of Poseidon for the stated number of points.

1. First, FFP who is Poseidon's wife?

Answer: Amphitrite

2. Next, FTP, having earned the displeasure of Zeus, he with Apollo, constructed the famous walls of Ilium for

what Trojan King?

Answer: Laomedon

3. Now F15P, Alope, the daughter of the Arcadian King Cercyon, was seduced by Poseidon, and secretly bore him

what son--a child who she exposed to the elements on a mountain, but was saved by shepherds and brought to the

king who again ordered him abandoned on a mountain when he learned the boy was Alope's. The child was later

installed as king by Theseus after his father's death.

Answer: Hippothous

11. "Let us grant that the pursuit of mathematics / Is a divine madness of the human spirit." Recall your integral

calculus and evaluate the following expressions F15P each. As per standard ACF rules, you have 25 seconds for

each part.

1. Find the total area enclosed by the lemniscate r2 = 2a2 cos 2N. (Read: r-squared equals 2 a-squared cosine 2


Answer: 2a2

2. Find the indefinite integral of ln x dx. (Read: natural log of x dx) Neglect the additive constant.

Answer: x ln x - x

12. "For God's sake let us sit upon the ground / And tell... stories." Given a collection short stories, identify the

collection in which they appear FTP each.

1. "Young Goodman Brown," "The Birthmark," "Rapaccini's Daughter"

Answer: Mosses from an Old Manse

2. "The Bell Tower," "The Lightning Rod Man," "Benito Cereno"

Answer: Piazza Tales

3. "The Killers," "Fifty Grand," "Hills Like White Elephants"

Answer: Men without Women

13. "The music in my heart I bore, / Long after it was heard no more." Identify the Beethoven work for the stated

number of points.

1. FFP its movements are entitled "Awakening of Cheerful Feelings on Arrival in the Country," "Scene by the

Brook," "Merrymaking of the Country Folk," "Storm," and "Song of the Shepherds, Joy and Gratitude after the


Answer: Sixth Symphony in F-major, Opus 68 or "Pastoral" Symphony

2. Beethoven writes of this work to his secretary Anton von Schindler that "of all my children, this one was born

in greatest travail." FFP name this work originally performed in November 1805, revised and shortened in the

spring of 1806, and drastically revised into its familiar and definitive form in 1814.

Answer: Fidelio or, grudgingly, Leonore

3. FTP this work, "Opus 123 in D-major for voices and orchestra," was described by Wagner as his greatest work.

Answer: Missa Solemnis

4. Finally, this work, the "Opus 57, Sonata No. 23 in F-minor," was published anonymously in 1807 and dedicated

to the Count von Brunswick. FTP name the work which introduced the same rhythmic piano motifs that would

again be used in the opening bars of the Fifth.

Answer: Apassionata

14. "And therefore I have sailed the seas and come / To the holy city of Byzantium." Answer these questions

about Constantinople for the stated number of points.

1. First, FFP, on what strait is the city located?

Answer: Bosporus

2. Next, FTP, when the Roman Empire formally split in 364, what man became the first to rule in the east with his

seat at Constantinople?

Answer: Valens

3. FTP what man, the first of the Palaeologus dynasty, recovered Constantinople from the Latin emperor Baldwin

II in 1261 and was crowned Byzantine emperor by the patriarch?

Answer: Michael VIII

4. Finally, FFP, what landmark was designed by Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus?

Answer: Hagia Sophia

15. "Erwin with his psi can do / Calculations quite a few. / But one thing has not been seen: / Just what does psi

really mean?" FTP each answer these questions about the wavefunction in quantum mechanics.

1. Erwin Schrodinger himself incorrectly described the product of the wavefunction and its complex conjugate in

position space as the electric charge density. Instead, what physicist demonstrated that the product represents the

probability density of the particle.

Answer: Max Born

2. Experimental confirmation of the wave-particle duality of matter was determined through X-ray diffraction.

Name any one of three men who conducted these experiments.

Answer: Clinton Davisson or Lester Germer or G.P. Thomson

3. Interpretation of electron diffraction in terms of wavefunctions posits the wave-particle duality of matter.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle extends this to commuting observables. Neils Bohr developed what quantum

mechanical principle to this phenomenon a statement of which appears on his coat of arms.

Answer: Principle of Complementarity
16. "The man is only half himself: the other half is his expression." Provide both the first and last names of these

men culled from the pages of German literature on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10: He buys Mignon, a young girl in a troupe of side-show performers, from her brutal guardian. Mignon is

completely devoted to and possesses a mystical love for this man, her savior.

5: He has dreams of becoming a great playwright, but, under the unobtrusive guidance of the Tower Society of

which he eventually becomes a member, he accepts a more objective view of himself, and eventually becomes a

surgeon. Identify this subject of a famous bildungsroman.

Answer: Wilhelm Meister

2. 10: A young marine engineer of middling talents, this son of a Hamburg merchant family is influenced by such

people as Clavdia Chauchat, Leo Naphta, and Dr. Behrens.

5: He goes to the Haus Berghof tuberculosis sanatorium in the Swiss Alps to visit his cousin Joachim Ziemssen.

Answer: Hans Castorp

3. 10: He is a grotesque hunchback who recalls the bizarre events in his hometown of Danzig before, during, and

after the Third Reich.

5: He is very attached to a tin drum.

Answer: Oskar Matzerath

17. "Tell me not in mournful numbers, / Life is but an empty dream! / For the soul is dead that slumbers, / And

things are not what they seem." FTP each answer these questions about DNA, the stuff of life.

1. They are the most basic proteins in chromatin and account for about the same mass as the DNA. FTP identify

these arginine and lysine rich proteins around which eukaryotic DNA is often coiled.

Answer: histones

2. They are short DNA chains 100 to 1000 base pairs long. Named after their discoverer, it is hypothesized that

they may play an important role in DNA replication.

Answer: Okazaki Fragments

3. They are small circular DNA molecules found in the cytoplasm of bacteria that usually act as dispensible

accessory sources of DNA.

Answer: plasmid
18. "Bibles laid open, / Millions of surprises." FFP each identify the Old Testament book from which each of the

following Biblical quotations originate.

1. "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity."

Answer: Ecclesiastes, i. 2

2. "Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting."

Answer: Daniel, v. 27

3. "The Lord bless thee and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious onto thee: The

Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."

Answer: Numbers, vi. 24

4. "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks; nation shall not lift up sword

against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."

Answer: Isaiah, ii 4 or Micah, iv. 3

5. "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath

taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

Answer: Job, i. 21

6. "Wither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God,

my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but

death part thee and me."

Answer: Ruth, i. 16
19. "The play's the thing." Identify the following plays from a character who dies in the work FTP. 5 points are

awarded if you need more information.

1. 10: Eilert Lovberg

5: Judge Brack tries to blackmail the ruthless, and neurotic title character to be his mistress.

Answer: Hedda Gabler

2. 10: Sam Evans

5: It is a play in nine acts about the emotional and sexual reactions of Nina Leeds.

Answer: Strange Interlude

3. 10: Baron Tuzenbach

5: The title characters are Olga, Masha, and Irina.

Answer: The Three Sisters or Tri sestry
20. "And all quality, / Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!" FTP each identify these men who

campaigned with and served with distinction under Robert E. Lee.

1. In 1861 he resigned his commission and joined the Confederate army. Distinguishing himself during the

Peninsular Campaign and at Second Bull Run, his arrival saved the day for the Confederates at Antietam.

Although he led his corps at Gettysburg and the Wilderness, he was often incapacitated by illness. Name this

general who was killed during the last of the fighting around Petersburg.

Answer: Ambrose Powell Hill

2. After the war, he was appointed to federal office by his friend U.S. Grant, a political connection that, along with

his criticism of Lee, hurt his image in the South. Blamed by Jubal Early for the defeat at Gettysburg, he led troops

at Fredricksburg and Chickamauga before being wounded in the Wilderness Campaign.

Answer: James Longstreet

3. Mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern, Virginia, he took command of Lee=s mounted units and performed

brilliantly during the Peninsular Campaign and at Second Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredicksburg. He assumed

Stonewall Jackson's command at Chancellorsville after Jackson was mortally wounded, but, because of ambiguous

orders, his cavalry embarked on a controversial raid around the Union army at Gettysburg and wasn't around when

Lee needed them.

Answer: James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart

Literature: Kenilworth, Pierrot, Menander, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," A Confederacy of Dunces,


History: Lafayette Escadrille, Hawkins, Pequot War, Agrippa, Tannenberg, Dandalo

Science: Riemann, right ascension/declination, Bose condensation, glycolysis, displacement current

Religion/Philosophy/Mythology: Boreas, Krishna

Music/Fine Art: Cavalleria Rusticana, Primavera

Geography: Kalahari

Trash/General Knowledge: Lazarus Long
Bonus Questions

Literature: Don Juan, sea literature, American short stories, German characters, plays

History: British military figures, gold mining, Waterloo, Constantinople, Civil War

Science: Random stars, Isaac Newton, integrals, wavefunctions, DNA

Religion/Philosophy/Mythology: Round Table knights, Poseidon, Biblical quotes

Music/Fine Art: Parmigianino paintings, Beethoven works

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