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Islam Unit Review

CGE2c,ISV.05, ISV.06, IS1.04, IS1.05, IS2.02


Muhammad, Abraham, Adam, Jesus, Angels, Women, Imam


Dome of the Rock, Medina, Mecca, Mosque

Rites of Passage

Birth, Death, Adhan, Aqiqah,

Day of Judgment


Glossary Terms, Islam, Polygamy, Creed, Monotheistic, Jihad, Hijrah,

Sacred writing

Koran(Qur’an), Hadith(Sunnah)

5 Pillars

1 - Shahadah-Profession of Faith

2 - Salah- Prayer 5 times a day

3- Zakah- Giving money to charity

4 - Saum-fasting during Ramadan

5 - Hajj-Pilgrimage to Mecca

7 Beliefs

  • The Nature of Allah

  • Angels

  • The Prophets

  • The Inspired Books

  • The Day of Judgment

  • The Hereafter

  • Kismet(Predestination)


How many? Where? Growth?

Daily Life

Hijab, Divisions of Islam,Food & Drink


Day of Hijrah, Millad ul-Nabi, Mi’raj Ramadan, Eid-Al-Fitr (Break Fast), Eid-Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice),

Art & Architecture

Prayer Mat, Calligraphy, Buildings,


Shares common history with Christianity and Judaism up until the time of Abraham

Islam is the second largest religion in the world.

Islam is also the fastest growing religious tradition in the world.

Islam came on the world scene in the 7th century.

Those people who follow this tradition are called Muslims, which means "one who submits to the will of God".

Islam is a monotheistic religion because they only believe in one God.

Muslims believe that all of life is sacred therefore there should be no separation between the secular and the sacred.

Muslim Symbols and Holy Places
Crescent Star and Moon

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