1. The policemen this street (patrol)

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Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in the present Continuous tents (use the contracted forms wherever possible )
1. The policemen…..this street (patrol)
1…….this case (not investigate)
3. The players……..the play (rehearse)
4. …….my best ? ( I , not do)
5. Whom……..for the mouse of funds ? (they, blame)
6. …….very softly ? (the moon, not shine)
7. ………the accounts of Our firms ? (he not audit)
8. The authorities……adequate measures to check the spread of cholera (not take)
9 ……..too hard to move out? (it, not blow)
10. The child……much attention to his studies. (not pay)

1. He renounced his wife. He renounced his children. He renounced this world. This very cowardly act. He renounced his wife, children, and the world-very cowardly act_

3. India was once a rich country. India is now very poor. India, once a rich country. is now very poor.
4. lie fled from his creditors. This was very dishonest. He tied from his creditors, a very dishonest act.
5. Stalin was the Dictator of Russia. He had talks with Roosevelt, the President of the United States and Churchill. the Prime Minister of Britain. Stalin, the Dictator of Russia. had talks with Roosevelt. the President of the United States, and Churchill. the Prime Minister of Britain.
6. Mr. Brown is my teacher. He always tells the truth. Mr. Brown, my teacher. always tells the truth.

Complex modals 29-30

Complete these sentences with be, have or have been.
1 The ground is wet. It must raining hard while we were in the cinema.
2 Gibberish is speech that seems to have no meaning and cannot understood
3 My uncle used to have a great motorbike. He should never . sold it.
4 You can take those boxes if you want. We won't needing them.
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