1. 2 Information problem

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Define Task

Using the worksheet provided, students will follow the directions to answer the questions provided using both books and the internet sites provided. Additionally, students will write either an expository or a persuasive essay after researching the questions provided. Finally students will be able to correctly follow and document MLA citation using the worksheets provided.

1.2 Information problem

Upon reading Tuesday’s With Morrie, students will be presented with a character that has a debilitating disease (ALS) and how it affects his life. Students will need to research the disease (by answering the questions on the worksheet provided) to gain a deeper understanding of the disease

1.2 information needed

Information about ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease

Information Seeking Strategies

Teacher and librarian met to discuss ways for students to find information, we decided to use both websites and print media

1.1 All possible sources

Teacher provided a website, www.kidshealth.com, Librarian provided the national website, www.alsa.org. Librarian also researched OPAC to located print media. Follow up note: after the research project was over Librarian passed on an article out of the Discover (December 2008) magazine on Stephen Hawking and how he lives with ALS.

1.2 BEST sources

The two websites from above and the following books:

Specifically for the short answer section

The Nervous System Evans-Martin, F. Fay 612.8 EVA

Stem Cell Research and Cloning Marzilli, Alan 174.2 MAR

Brain Facts Vera-Portocarrero, Louis 612.8 VER

Specifically for the essay portion

Brain Development Bangalore, Lakshmi 612.8 BAN

Stem Cell Research Allman, Toney 616 ALL

The Revolution in Healing the Brain Viegas, Jennifer 612.8 VIE

Location and Access

Teacher and Librarian met to arrange schedule and set aside the books and bookmark the websites.

1.1 locate sources

Teacher and Librarian shared website address for worksheet development. Librarian set aside the above books

1.2 find information in sources

Teacher researched the website she provided. Librarian researched the other website and the books to come up with a list of questions. Questions were discussed and narrowed down to the best.

Use of Information

CT to provide individual help. TL to provide MLA citation overview

1.1 Engage

Students will study websites and read the books provided to extract relevant information on the disease ALS.

Students can work in groups to help each other and share resources

1.2 extract relevant information

Students will be able to answer all questions on worksheet

Students will be able to properly cite their sources

Students will be able to synthesize information from sources and write a complete essay on the topic of their choice (given the topics provided)


1.1 Organize from multiple sources

Students will be able to answer the questions provided on the worksheet

Students will be able to format an essay with proper introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs using the websites and boks

1.2 present information

Students will turn in completed worksheet

Students will turn in completed essay

CT to grade writing using the MO writing rubric.

TL to grade works cited page


1.1 judge the product

CT to assign final grade on worksheet and paper. TL to assign grade on works cited.

1.2 judge the process

CT and TL to meet and email regarding the process and any changes for next year.

Download 13.03 Kb.

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