ĐỂ thi chọN ĐỘi tuyển hsg 2 CẤp tỉnh lần năm họC: 2018-2019

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Example: 0. reason reasons
IV. Fill in the blank with ONE suitable preposition.
1. The school examination for eleven-year-olds was done_________ with some years ago.
2. Tuck your shirt ________your trousers.
3. At first Tim insisted he was right, but then began to back ________
4. He is a solicitor________ profession.
5. A huge crowd turned _________ in the pouring rain to cheer the president.
I. Read the passage and choose the correct answer that best fill in the blank.
Stressful atmospheres, (1) _______ of deadlines and long hours dominate office life, according to a survey (2) _______ recently.
The majority of those questioned said a good salary and career (3) _______ were their main reason for working. But (4) _______ numbers did not believe their employers offered either. In general the survey found that most felt that (5) _______ of life was more important than (6) _______and company perks. Most would prefer employers to offer (7) _______ hours, challenging tasks and job (8) _______ rather than perks such as company cars and private health care. Many employers’ (9) _______ to understand this meant more than a third worried about their work on holiday, and 40 per cent took days off (10) _______when not ill.
Workers were also (11) _______ by the conditions they had to work in. A fifth struggled with (12) _______ technology, badly lit offices and chairs which caused backache. Half said their (13) _______ would increase if their environment improved.
On the plus side, the biggest (14) _______ was the friendship offered by colleagues, and it appears that the office also affords the chance to flirt with colleagues, make (15) _______ calls to friends abroad, steal stationery and play computer games.
1. A. weight B. force C. heaviness D. pressure
2. A. published B. printed C. publicised D. proclaimed
3. A. outlooks B. odds C. prospects D. views
4. A. important B. impressive C. heavy D. significant
5. A. quality B. calibre C. excellence D. worth
6. A. rank B. status C. degree D. grade
7. A. pliable B. elastic C. amenable D. flexible
8. A. safety B. security C. sanctuary D. protection
9. A. failure B. defeat C. deficiency D. lack
10. A. indisposed B. unwell C. injured D. sick
11. A. pestered B. inflamed C. irritated D. ruffled
12. A. behind the times B. expired C. out-of-date D. invalid
13. A. fertility B. capacity C. value D. productivity
14. A. compensation B. damages C. reimbursement D. atonement
15. A. idiosyncratic B. unique C. personal D. individual

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