ĐỂ thi chọN ĐỘi tuyển hsg 2 CẤp tỉnh lần năm họC: 2018-2019

) What final conclusion do both speakers reach about volunteering on the railway?

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5) What final conclusion do both speakers reach about volunteering on the railway?

A) The time they have spent has been difficult but worth it.

B) They have both learnt a lot.

C) They are better people for having been involved with it.

D) It has helped them grow while at the same time giving them a direction for the future.

I. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.
1. If the work-force respected you, you wouldn't need to _________ your authority so often.
A. assert B. affirm C. maintain D. inflict
2. The factory is working below _________ because of the shortage of essential materials.
A. range B. scope C. capacity D. denstiy
3. His new designs are ______ the trend in women’s fashion right now.
A. aiming B. setting C. building up D. following
4. She wants to give full ______ to her anger about discrimination.
A. manifestation B. vent C. wear D. barometer
5. Without telling her directly, they ______ that she’d got the job.
A. prophesied B. inferred C. insinuated D. intimated
6. Athletes need to have a higher _________ of protein and vitamins in order to stay heathy
A. intake B. increase C. infection D. production
7. He claimed _____ from military service because he was a foreign national
A. liability B. exception C. demobilization D. exemption
8. It’s Prime Minister’s right to ______ an election at any time he likes
A. summon B. nominate C. call D. submit
9. The footballer never really recovered from the injury ______ at the beginning of the season.
A. got B.struck C.endured D.sustained
10. The drought ________ considerable problems for farmers.
A. instigated B. posed C. flexed D. pressed
11. At the start of the course, everyone is assigned a(n) ________ of studies.
A. advisor B. consultant C. counsellor D. guide
12. Jerry has been burning the midnight ________ over the last few days; his final exam is soon.
A. lamp B. light C. candle D. oil
13. In my first year at university I lived in the halls of ________ .
A. abode B. residence C. dwelling D. accommodation
14. Books taken from the short ________ section are due to be returned the next day.
A. borrowing B. credit C. loan D. return
15. You are bound to find information on the stock market crash of 1987 in the newspaper ________ .
A. files B. archives C. records D. collections
16. The accused confidently ________ that he was innocent.
A. preserved B. maintained C. conserved D. defended
17. We did our best to fix the broken computer but our efforts bore no ________.
A. success B. fruit C. luck D. end
18. I knew my mother would ________ a face the minute she saw my new haircut.
A. drag B. lift C. pull D. raise
19. There are a lot of computer programmes nowadays, but really good ones are few and far ________.
A. between B. apart C. away D. amongst
20. He is such a kind and caring young boy - he wouldn’t hurt a ________ .
A. bird B. worm C. fly D. bug

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