ĐỂ thi chọN ĐỘi tuyển hsg 2 CẤp tỉnh lần năm họC: 2018-2019

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II. You will hear two people speaking about their fondness for trains. For questions 1-5, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.
1) What point does Philip make about the people who are involved in the locomotive side of trains?

A) Some avoid doing it because its too dirty.

B) Some worry about the dangers involved.

C) Some find it to be an instinctive activity.

D) Some only do it for the financial rewards it brings.

2) When Mike discusses why he enjoys the world of trains, what contrast does he identify between the different groups of people he interacts with?

A) A difference in social status.

B) A difference in ages.

C) A difference in technical ability.

D) A difference in motivation.

3) What view is stated by Mike about how the railway has helped him in his role as a parent?

A) It has helped him develop a closer relationship with his daughter.

B) It has taught him patience.

C) It has helped him focus on his daughters career possibilities.

D) It has given him stability in his life.

4) When discussing different aspects of the railway, both speakers agree that ___________.

A) Age does not need to be a handicap.

B) Both men and women are equally welcome.

C) It can be quite demanding.

D) Cleanliness is not the first adjective that springs to mind.

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