# 15 3rd Street Paradise Village

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# 15 3rd Street

Paradise Village

Banilad, Cebu City 6000

Phone (0917) 321 3942; (032) 2311 512

E-mail l_lacambra@yahoo.com; l_lacambra@hotmail.com

Lawrence L. Ypil


Graduate : Thesis candidate MA English – Literary and Cultural Studies

Ateneo de Manila University


College of Medicine

University of the Philippines – Manila

1999- 2002 (Leave of Absence)

College: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Honorable Mention

Consistent Deans’ Lister, 7 semesters

Ateneo de Manila Universty


High School: Valedictorian

Sacred Heart School for Boys – Cebu



Part-time Faculty Member, English Department and Fine Arts Program

Ateneo de Manila University 2002-2008

Awards received

2nd Prize – Essay: Philippines Free Press Awards 2007

“Impermanent Residencies”, Awarded September 2008

1st Prize – Poetry: Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature 2006

“The Highest Hiding-Place”, Awarded on September 1, 2006

1st Place – Poetry : Philippines Free Press Awards 2001

“The Horde”; Awarded on February 4, 2002

Nominated, Philippines Free Press Awards 2004 Poetry “Slow Motion”;

Philippines Free Press Awards 2005 Poetry Five Fragments: A Confession

Gawad ng Dekano para sa Sining, UP College of Medicine 2001

Joseph Mulry Award for Literary Excellence, Ateneo de Manila University, 1999

Deans Awards for Creative Writing: Poetry, Ateneo de Manila University 1999

Recent Publications

My poems have appeared in the following publications:

Kapulongan: Interviews with Cebuano Writers 2008

Ladlad 3 2007: “Epilogue” and “Because I was Looking”

Philippine Studies 2006: “Being a Son”

Father Poems: An International Anthology ed by Alfred A. Yuson and Gemino Abad (2005): “Lemon Tree”

Father Poems, ed by Alfred A. Yuson and Gemino Abad (2004):”Dad Tests for Grade Oneand “After the Stroke”

Budhi: A journal of Ideas and Culture, vol vii nos. 1 and 2. (2003): “And Love Passed Between Them”, “The Discovery of Landscape”, “The Foundering”, “Visiting Danao” , “When I think of what could have been”, “Window”, “Garden” , and “House”

Cogito Ergo Sum: and other Musings on Science, ed by Queena N. Lee-Chua (2002): “Touch”

The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction2000, ed by Neil Garcia: “The Old Mime”

The Literary Review1999, edited by Bino Realuyo: “My Mother’s Dolls”, “At theVillage Chapel”, “Touch”, “Woman Mending Shoes”

The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction, 1999, ed by Ricardo deUngria: “At the Village Chapel”

Philippines Free Press: “Five Fragments: A Confession” “Slow Motion” (2004), “Childhood” (2002), “Watch” (June 2000), “Testing a Marriage” (September 2000), “The Horde” (October 27, 2001), “Samaritan Woman” (November 1999)

Sunday Inquirer Magazine: “House” (2002), “The Patient” (July 2000)

Manila Times: “The Foundering” (2002),

Sunstar Daily (Cebu):”Woman Mending shoes” (2006) , “Garden” (2006) ”At the Ballet” (2005), “Putting a Spark” (2004)
My essays have appeared in :
Philippines Free Press, “Impermanent Residences”, January 2007

Sunstar Weekend (Bi-monthly Column: beginning February 2005 up to the present): “Frivolous Words and the World”, “Talking about anything and everything”, “Old News”, “Confessions of an Englisero”, “On Leaving”, “Body of Work”, “Traveling (S)lightly”, “Three Girls, A Song, and the Search for a Missing Word

Magis: writings on faith, joy and love, ed by Queena Lee-Chua (2004): “Balancing on the Pleasure Wheel of Verse”

Workshop-related experience (Both as Guest Panelist and Writing Fellow)

Guest Speaker, Poetry, UP Visayas Cebu , “Mugna sa Pagsulat”

Panelist, UP Visayas – Cebu 2008

Panelist, UP Visayas Tacloban Writers Workshop 2007

Writing Fellow, Nonfiction UP Writers Workshop 2007

Panelist, Heights Writers Workshop 2006-2007

Moderator, Heights 2004-2005

Panelist, Ateneo National Writers Workshop 2004 and 2003

Panelist, Heights Writers Workshop 2004 and 2003

Panelist, La Salle Malate Writers Workshop 2004

Writing Fellow – Poetry, Iyas National Writers Workshop 2004

Associate Editor, Heights 1999

Writing Fellow- Poetry , Dumaguete National Writers Workshop 1998

Writing Fellow – Poetry, UP National Writers Workshop 1997

Workshop Facilitor—Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop 1997

Writing Fellow- Poetry, Ateneo-Heights Writers Workshop 1996

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