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I. Who says this to whom?

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I. Who says this to whom?. Rassendyll says this to Marshal Strakencz.

2. Where are they and when is this?. They are in the streets of Strelsau, going from the station to the coronation. This is before the coronation.

3. Why does the speaker say this?

. He wants to act as a king. He wants the people to know that he trusts them.

"You mustn't try too hard. I'm not sure it was a good idea to ride alone through the old town. Duke Michael won't like it if you become too popular with his people, you know. "

1. Who says this to whom?. Fritz says this to Rassendyll.

2. Where and when is this said?. They are in the King’s bedroom after the coronation.

3. Why did the person ride alone through the old town and why won't Duke Michael like it if the person becomes too popular?

. Rassendyll wanted to act like a real king and show that he wasn’t afraid of the people/show that he trusted the people. Duke Michael won’t like it because if he tries to become King, the people will probably support him. But if the King/Rassendyll becomes popular, it will be harder for Michael to get the support of the people.

"If all's well, why go there? And if all isn't well, I fear there 'Il be a trap. "

1. Who says this to whom?. Max Holt says this to Duke Michael.

2. Where are they?. They are on the road between Strelsau and Zenda./On the way to Zenda.

3. What is "there"? What do you think he means by "all's well"?

. “There” means the hunting lodge. “All’s well” probably means that the Duke’s plan has gone ahead and that the King is kidnapped.

"We'll go back to Strelsau. The King will be back in the capital again tomorrow!"

1. Who says this to whom?. Sapt says this to Rassendyll.

2. Where are they and what has happened? They are in the hunting lodge near Zenda. They have found Josef dead and the King is gone.

3. How will the King be back in the capital tomorrow?. Rassendyll will continue to pretend to be the King. / Sapt wants Rassendyll to continue to pretend to be the King.

Chapter 4

A. Answer these questions.

  1. What does Sapt plan to do if the real King is dead?

He plans that Rassendyllwill remain as King.

  1. Why do Michael's men have spades? What does it mean that they were going to "hide their evil work"?

They are going to bury Josef’s body so no one will know about his murder.

  1. What does Rassendyll mean that some of those evil men should join Josef?

Rassendyll means that some of them should be killed. They should join Josef in death.

  1. Why does Sapt say to the servant at the secret door "All young men like to ride their horses now and then, so why not the King?"

He wants the servant to think that the King was just out riding for fun. He doesn’t want him to know anything about where they were. Sapt says it’s best not to trust people too much.

  1. Why does Rassendyll use a new servant who has never met the real King? Who is the servant replacing?

The new servant would be less likely to realise that Rassendyll is not the real King. The servant is replacing Josef, who was killed by Michael’s men.

  1. Who are the Six Men? Where are they from? Why are only three in Strelsau?

They are six special soldiers that Duke Michael keeps in his house all the time. Three are from Ruritania, one is French, one is Belgian, one is English. Sapt and Fritz assume that if only three are in Strelsau, the other three must be guarding the King.

  1. Rassendyll decides to keep some of his plans secret from Sapt and Fritz. What are those plans?

He plans to make himself as popular as he can, and to not say anything bad about Michael. This way, if there were a fight, some of the people would support him (the King) and not Michael. Michael would not become stronger this way.

  1. Why does he visit the Princess? What does he do on the way? How do these things make him more popular?.

He wants to get the support of the Princess (for the King). On the way he buys some flowers from a poor girl and pays with a gold coin. Giving the coin makes him look generous to the people. The people like the Princess and seem to want the King to marry her, so visiting her will make the people happy.

  1. Why can't Michael come into the room when the King is there? What mistake does Rassendyll make? How does he cover up his mistake?

because the King is royal and higher than Michael. Rassendyll does not know this rule, and he makes the mistake of asking why Michael will be angry (that he isn’t asked to enter the room). He covers his mistake by saying that he keeps forgetting all the rules.

  1. Rassendyll says that his hand was hurt from an animal bite and that he's waiting to see if the bite is poisonous. He also says that he is sure the animal will try to bite again. Who is he really talking about, and who understands this?

He is really talking about Michael (his poisoning and kidnapping of the King, and his men’s shooting at Rassendyll), and Michael understands this.

  1. How does Rassendyll know that the Six Men also know his secret?

He knows because of the way Detchard (the Englishman) smiles at him when he is presented to him. Rassendyll knows that if one of the Six Men knows, they will all know.

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

"You're mad! The plan's too dangerous!"

1. Who says this to whom?. Rassendyll says this to Colonel Sapt.

2. Where are they?. They are at the hunting lodge near Zenda.

3. What is the dangerous plan?. Sapt wants Rassendyll to continue to pretend to be the King and to return to Strelsau that night.

"We've got them! They can't say anything without showing their guilt. "

1. Who says this to whom?. Sapt says this to Rasendyll.

2. Why does he say this?. He is trying to persuade Rassendyll to continue to be the King.

3. Who is "them"? What does the speaker mean by "We've got them"?

. “Them” is Duke Michael and his men. The speaker means that they have trapped the

Duke and his men. The Duke can’t say anything against Rassendyll because he would

have to admit that he is guilty of kidnapping the real King.

"Now remember, say nothing about this. All young men like to ride their horses now and then, so why not the King?"

1. Who says this to whom?Sapt says this to (Freyler,) the servant waiting for them outside the secret door to the palace.

2. Where is the speaker coming from and who is with him?. Where was the speaker coming from and who was with him? He was coming from Zenda and Rassendyll (disguised as the King) was with him.

3. Why does the speaker say this?. Why does the speaker say this? He doesn’t want the servant to talk about the King’s going out. He wants him to think that the King was just out riding (and enjoying himself).

Chapter 5

A. Answer these questions

  1. Rassendyll has never liked responsibilities. Now he has many. What responsibilities does he have?

He has to act like the King. He has to run the country. He has to try to rescue the real King from Michael.

  1. Why does Rassendyll become good at pretending he has forgotten rules or people he has met? How does that prevent people from noticing that he is not the real King? What else do you think helps him not to be discovered?

When he makes a mistake in pretending to be the King he has to cover it up by pretending that he has forgotten something or someone. In this way, people don’t notice that he’s not the real King. Other things that might help him are these: people don’t expect that there is a pretend King, so they don’t look for one; they see what they expect to see. He looks nearly identical to the King, so this helps. Also Sapt stays close to him to tell him what to say or do

  1. Sapt brings news of the real King. What is it?

The King is at the Castle of Zenda.

  1. Why does Rassendyll want to go to Zenda? What does Sapt mean when he says “You’ll probably stay there forever if you do”?

He wants to go to rescue the real King. Sapt means that Rassendyll will either be imprisoned in Zenda or killed there if he goes.

  1. Why does Sapt have Rassendyll followed everywhere? What does he mean by “If you disappear, the game’s over”?

He has him followed to protect him from Michael’s men. If they can kill or kidnap Rassendyll, they will kill the real King and make Michael the King. Rassendyll’s game of pretending to be King would be over.

  1. Who writes a letter to Rassendyll and what does it say? Who does he suspect really wrote it?

Antoinette de Mauban writes a letter. It tells him to come to a certain place in a summer house in a garden late at night. He suspects that Michael wrote the letter (or at least dictated it to her).

  1. When Rassendyll talks to Detchard at the summer house, what does Detchard offer him? Why doesn’t Rassendyll accept it?

Detchard offers to give Rassendyll 50,000 English pounds and a safe journey to the border. Rassendyll doesn’t accept this because he knows that they will kill the real King, and he doesn’t trust them. They will promise him one thing but kill him instead.

  1. How does Rassendyll come out of the summer house alive?

He holds the iron table in front of him to protect him (like a shield) and he rushes out of the door and knocks the three men down. He runs quickly away.

  1. Why have they prepared a ball for the Princess?

They want to make the people happy and make them think that the King wants to marry the Princess. They want Rassendyll to ask the Princess to marry him. Some people think that if the King doesn’t marry her soon, she should marry Duke Michael.

  1. Rassendyll tells the Princess that when he was younger, he thought he didn’t need to worry about society. Why does he say this? How does the Princess react? Why is it a mistake for him to say this?

He says it because he is forgetting to act like the King. He is thinking that he is himself, Rassendyll. The Princess is surprised because the King must have always known that he was going to become the King one day. This is a mistake by Rassendyll because he almost uncovers the truth about who he is.

  1. The day after the ball, the Princess receives two letters. What are they and who are they from?

One is an invitation from Michael for her to visit him in Zenda. The other is a warning not to accept any invitations from Michael and not to go anywhere without many guards. It is from Antoinette de Mauban (although the Princess doesn’t know this).

  1. What does Rassendyll do when he hears of these letters? Who does he go to?

He orders a guard for the Princess. He goes to Marshal Strakencz and gives him some orders.

  1. . What does Rassendyll tell Marshal Strakencz to do?

He tells him to guard the Princess and not allow Michael or his men hear her. He also tells the Marshal that he is leaving Strelsau for a few days and he will send a message to him every evening. If he doesn’t get a message for three days, he has the authority to say that he is now the head of Strelsau.

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

It would be very useful for Michael if you disappeared. And if you disappear, the game’s over.”

1. Who says this to whom?.Sapt says this to Rassendyll.

2. Why does the speaker say this? 2. Because Rassendyll complained that there are always men following him. (The men were ordered by Sapt to do so.)

3. What game would be over if the person disappeared? Explain.

3. The game of who is King. Michael would also kill the real King and then make himself King.

I also have a game to play. I’ll tell the Duke’s men that you never came. If the Duke doesn’t find out what I’ve done, we may meet again.”

1. Who says this to whom?. Antoinette de Mauban says this to Rassendyll.

2. Where are they?. They are in a summer house in a garden in Strelsau.

3. What has the speaker done that the Duke shouldn’t find out?

She has warned Rassendyll that they are trying to kill him, and has told him how to escape.

But you always knew that you would become King. How could you think that was someone else’s job?”

1. Who says this to whom? . Princess Flavia says this to “King” Rassendyll.

2. Where are they? . They are at the ball in the palace.

3. This was said in reaction to the other person’s words. What did the other person say before this? . He said that when he was younger he didn’t think he had any responsibilities to society.

Every evening, I’ll send you a message. If you don’t get a message for three days, you have the authority to say that you are now the head of Strelsau.”

1. Who says this to whom?. “King” Rassendyll says this to Marshal Strakencz.

2. When is this said?. This is said the day after the ball, before Rassendyll goes to Zenda. / After the Duke invites the Princess to Zenda and Antoinette warns her to stay away.

3. What other orders does the speaker give?

The Marshal must guard the Princess and not let Michael or his men near her. If the Marshal becomes the head of Strelsau, he must then go to the Duke and demand to se the King. If he doesn’t see the King in twenty-four hours, he must tell the people that the King is dead and make Princess Flavia the new ruler of Ruritania.

Chapter 6

A. Answer these questions.

  1. Rassendyll’s writing is different from the King’s. What reason does Rassendyll give? Why might this difference be a problem for Marshal Strakencz?

Rassendyll says it is because of his injured finger. It might be a problem for Strakencz

because people might think the order from the King is not a real one.

  1. What reason does Rassendyll give Princess Flavia for leaving Strelsau? What does he ask her to do if he doesn’t come back?

. He tells her he is going to hunt a big animal —Michael. He tells her she must become Queen if he doesn’t return.

  1. Where do Rassendyll and his men stay for their hunting trip? Where is it and who does it belong to?

They stay in a country house called Tarlenheim. It belongs to a relative of Fritz. It is on a hill on the opposite side of the town of Zenda from the castle.

  1. What reason does Duke Michael give for not visiting “King” Rassendyll or inviting him to his castle?.

He says that he and some servants have a serious sickness. (It is not true.)

  1. Why do Rassendyll and Fritz go to the inn at Zenda? Who do they talk to there and what do they say?

They go to meet Johann (or someone who can contact him). They talk to the innkeeper’s daughter and ask her to have Johann meet them the next night.

  1. What happens to Bernenstein while Fritz and Rassendyll are out?

He is shot in the arm while he is out in the woods.

  1. What message does Rupert Hentzau bring the next day? How does Rassendyll reply? What happens when Rupert is leaving?

The Duke offers Rassendyll a safe journey to the border and a million gold pieces. Rassendyll refuses. As Rupert is leaving, he stabs Rassendyll in the shoulder with a knife.

  1. What do they learn from Johann?

They learn where the King is being kept in the castle and the Duke’s plans.

  1. Describe the room and the pipe where the real King is being kept.

There is an outer room with no windows. It is always guarded by three of the Six Men. The King is kept in chains in the next room. Its window has a large pipe that leads to the castle moat.

  1. What is the plan if they are attacked? How will they kill the King and what will they do with the body?

They will kill the King and then put him into the pipe. The chains will keep the body under the water of the moat. The guards can then go out the same pipe and swim across the moat to escape.

  1. Why do they send Johann back to the castle?

The Duke would look for him if he were missing. They also hope they can trust him and get more information from him.

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

1- “The writing’s a little different from your usual. I hope people know it’s a real order from the King.”

1. Who says this to Rassendyll (the King)?. Marshal Strakencz says this.

2. What does he think is the reason that the handwriting is different? What is the real reason?

He thinks it is different because the King has injured hishand. The real reason is that Rassendyll is not the real King.

3. Why is it important that the handwriting be the same? So that people will know that it is a real order from the King.

2- “So you’d prefer to hunt animals than do your duties in the capital?”

1. Who says this to Rassendyll? 1. Princess Flavia.

2. When does the person say this?. The day after the ball, when Rassendyll is saying goodbye to go to Zenda to hunt Michael.

3. What “animal” is Rassendyll going to hunt? . Duke Michael.

3- “If you do not know how to address the King, my brother must find another messenger.”

1. Who does Rassendyll say this to?. Rassendyll says this to Rupert Hentzau.

2. Where are they?. They are at Tarlenheim.

3. Why does he say this?. He says this because Hentzau has addressed him as “Rassendyll”.

4-“Rassendyll, I think that this time next year, you’ll still be King 1. Who says this?. Colonel Sapt.

2. What has he just heard? He has just heard the Duke’s plan for killing the King and hiding the body.

3. Why does he think Rassendyll will still be King after a year?Because the Duke’s plan is very clever and he will kill the King whether he is attacked by a small group or a large one.

Chapter 7

A. Answer these questions.

  1. What three pieces of news arrive at Tarlenheim the next day?

The people of Strelsau heard that the King was badly injured while hunting. The Duke thought he was badly injured. The Princess ordered Marshall Strakencz to take her to Tarlenheim to see the King.

  1. Why do Rassendyll and the others go to the castle at night?

They want to see it so that they can make plans to rescue the King.

  1. Why does Rassendyll kill Max Holf?

He is guarding the King’s prison. Rassendyll kills him because this is a war for the King’s life and Max is working for the enemy.

  1. Why do the seven gentlemen go with Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz to the castle? What do they do?

They go to protect the horses and the others in case the Duke’s men attack. They fight with the Duke’s men (and three of them are killed).

  1. Who gets killed in the fight in the woods? Who gets away?

Two of the Duke’s Six Men get killed, Lauengram and Krafstein. Three of Rassendyll’s men get killed also. Rupert Hentzau escapes.

  1. . Why were Rassendyll’s bags found at a train station near Zenda? Why is the Chief of Police looking for Mr Rassendyll?

Rassendyll had sent the bags ahead to the station on the morning of the day he met the King in the woods. He never went to the station to get them because he was pretending to be the King. The Chief of Police is looking for Rassendyll because he has disappeared. (His family has not heard from him.)

  1. . Rassendyll meets Rupert the next day while they are out riding. What plan does Rupert offer to Rassendyll?

He offers to help him attack the castle. But Sapt, Fritz, Michael and the King must all die. Then Rassendyll can stay as King and Rupert will be given a reward (money).

  1. Why is Antoinette de Mauban being kept as a prisoner of the Duke?

He discovered that she helped Rassendyll in the summer house. He cannot trust her now.

  1. A doctor has been brought to see the real King in his prison. Why doesn’t Duke Michael let the doctor leave?

Because the doctor would tell people that the King is a prisoner.

  1. . Why does Rassendyll ask Antoinette de Mauban to cry out for help at two o’clock in the morning?

So the Duke will go to help her. At the same time Johann will open the front door to let in Sapt and Fritz with their men.

  1. Why does Rupert Hentzau swim across the moat to go back to the mansion? Why doesn’t he use the drawbridge?

The drawbridge has been pulled up for the night. He is doing something secret, so he does not use the bridge.

. Read the quotations and answer the questions.

1- “Go back to Strelsau and tell the Ambassador what you know. I’ll look into this for you.”

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