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)Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly

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4)Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly.

1) I need to get fit, so I've made a decision. I do more exercise. am going to do

2) The Prisoner of Zenda was wrote by Anthony Hope. written

3) We moved 'to this house two years ago today, so we lived here for exactly two years. Have lived

4) Before I entered the university, I had to show my credit card. identity

5) If you heat water, it melts. boils

6) Ra'fat EI-Haggan and Goma'a EI-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian kings. spies

Pt 3

1-Don’t worry. I’m sure …. them again soon.

A -you see b- you’re seeing c- you’ll see d -you’re going to see

2-Wanting friends is part of human .

A- nature b- conflict c -will d -life

3-They have just received this photo as an e-mail .

A -post b -attachment c- letter d- part

4- Lightning is a dangerous but natural……. .

A -sight b -response c -eclipse d- phenomenon

5-She didn’t see her brother this morning. He ….. the flat very early.

A -must have left b- must leave c- can’t have left d -can’t leave

6-He left his glasses at school yesterday. I’m hoping someone……. found them.

A must have b might have c can’t have d can have

7-The quickest way for Sawsan to get to school is to…… a train.

A-go b- bring c -come d -take

8-That plant has been …… so that it gets lots of light.

A- explored b -raised c- positioned d- put

9-Taha’s mother asked him where…………. .

A -he had been b -had he been c- has he been d -he has been

10-She promised she …… me as soon as the plane landed.

A -will phone b- phoned c- would phone d -phones

11-Is that someone………. on our door? I’ll see who it is.

A -hitting b- knocking c -smashing d- beating

12-Their uncle is a scientist. He’s …….. research into new forms of energy.

A -making b- taking c- getting d- doing

13-If you … earlier, you wouldn’t have missed your train.

A- had left b- leave c -would have left d- left

14-………you work harder, you’ll fail your exam.

A- If b -Unless c- When d- As

15-I’m hot today. How about………….. to the beach

A -gone b-going c -went d- go

16-Accidents… more frequently when the roads are busy.

A -take part b- come in c- cause d -occur

4 -Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

1- Let’s try to find them. They can’t have went very far. gone

2- Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession. profesion

3- He asked me if saw his newspaper. I saw

4- The statue of Ramses II is a very important Ancient Egyptian magnet. monument

5- People can waste lots of money by using the underground. save

6-The accident wouldn’t happen if he hadn’t been using his mobile phone . have happened

PT 4

1- You'll have to hurry. Your lesson.......... in half an hour,

a) is going to start b) starts c) will start d) start

2- That tower is one of the towns most famous...............

a) landmarks b) marks c) events d) products

3- I'd like to get a job in the medical.............

a) work b) career c) occupation d) profession

4- I wish I ............... where I left my jacket.

a) know b) had known c) knew d) could know

5- Heba wishes she. ........ all her money at the weekend.

a) didn't spend b) doesn't spend

c) hasn't spent d)hadn't spent

6- My brother....... his ambition when he became a doctor.

a) achieved b) won c) got d) made

7- After the storm, there was a huge... …….. of water on the roads.

a) floods b) number c) amount d) lot

8- Sara felt ill all night because she......... too much the day before.

a) had eaten b) was eating c) eats d) has eaten

9- Hamdi was very tired yesterday evening because he............... for a school test all day.

a) has revised b) had been revising c) revised d) revising

10- I really ............... to very loud music in public places.

a) disagree b) argue c) can't stand d) object

11-Ahmed's friends didn't ................ him when he returned from a year abroad. He looked so different.

a) recognize b) remember c) see d) look

12- My friend suggested ................ for a picnic in the park.

a) go b) to go c) going d) goes

13- We're planning..... to Europe for our holiday next year.

a) f1ying b) to fly c) fly d) to flying

14 In some countries, people ............... the end of the year on December 31st.

a) enjoy b) celebrate c) have fun d) party

15 In our town, there are musicians who play.... music.

a) tradition b) national c) folk d) historical

16 Whose ................ is it to make sure children arrive safely at school?

a) responsible b) responsibility c) response d) respond

4-Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

1- I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got a bread? Bread / any bread

2- Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is chronic. diabetic

3- I asked my mother whether had she seen my English book. She had

4- Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's lost a lot of weight. gained

5- She has always enjoyed to go to the theatre. going

6- Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwrite. playwight

Pt 5

1- Five pounds................ a lot for a cup of coffee.

a) are b) cost c) pay d) is

2- In some countries, people use a passport instead of ……… card.

a) an identity b) a personal c) a national d) an individual

3- Sayed ................ the train. He was at the station half an hour before the train left.

a) can't miss b) can't have missed

c) must have missed d) didn't miss

4- My friend advised me to see a doctor. I wish I ..........her advice now.

a) took b) take c) had taken d) have taken

5- Did they ever discover the …………of the fire?

a) reason b) purpose c) explanation d) cause

6- My sister promised ........ me after school this afternoon.

a) meeting b) to meet c) met d) meet

7- I've just finished a novel.... ......the main character is an 80-year-old man.

a) which b) in which c) who d) whose

8- Have you heard? They've discovered a/an………….. new treatment for flu.

a) effective b) useless c) real d) cruel

9- She............sport as a very important part of her life.

a) thinks b) believes c) regards d) looks

10- On ........... that he had passed his driving test, Taha was very happy.

a) heard b) he heard c) to hear d) hearing

11- There was great ……..when our team won the match.

a) procession b) imprisonment c) excitementd) attachment

12- He wasn't getting enough exercise……… he joined a sports club.

a) because b) although c) and d) so

13- I've seen an interesting article on the internet which I have ........... onto my computer.

a) received b) done c) downloaded d) written

14- By this time next week, the exam results will........... .

a) have been published b) have published

c) publish d) be publishing

15- I like that photograph on your computer..............

a) glass b) screen c) film d) front

16- Nader is really ............ about all kinds of sport. He loves playing and watching it.

a) interested b) active c) enthusiastic d) keen

4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly.

1- When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring. bored

2- The person who's job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill. whose

3- When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her wedding. funeral

4-You should reinvent paper, rather than throw it away. recycle

5- Some people believe that in the future, water will use as a fuel for cars .will be used

6- Despite he is 68, my grandfather is still working. Although

Pt 6

1- In some modern homes, water ................ by energy from the sun.

a) are heated b) heat c) is heated d) is heating

2- My daily... starts when my alarm clock goes off at 6.30.

a) routine b) habit c) custom d) way

3- There's water all over the floor. Someone...............to turn off the shower.

a) must forget b) must have forgotten

c) can't have forgotten d) can have forgotten

4- Her parents ……. have meetings with the teachers at her school.

a) totally b) gradually c) slowly d) regularly

5- My brother and I have just had a phone conversation........ we discussed our holiday plans

a) which b) in which c) what d) to which

6- At the weekend, my aunt asked me what I …… since we last met.

a) did b) was doing c) have done d) had been doing

7- Teachers are always encouraging their students to be ………..and hard-working.

a) conventional b) common

c) confusing d) conscientious

8- He wanted to know whether anyone ………… the book he was reading.

a) had seen b) has seen c) sees d)saw

9- My sister hasn't finished her course yet. She's still.........

a) a trainer b) an employee c )an employer d) a trainee

10- The best writers force their readers ………. about serious questions.

a) to think b) thinking c) thought d) think

11- A new supermarket in our town was opened by a well-known .......... yesterday.

a) celebrity b) famous c) character d) somebody

12 I think someone may have.................. today's newspaper by mistake.

a) wasted b) thrown c) refused d) thrown away

13 I really ............... phone my parents to tell them I'm going to be late home today.

a) need b) must c) can d) could

14- At her first school, she ......... to wear a blue uniform.

a) had b) must c) could d) has

15- He is thinking of..............on a Business Studies course at the local college.

a) entering b) applying c) enrolling d) beginning

16- Pupils don't have to pay for their books. The school……….them.

a) pays b) provides c) takes d) affords

4-Find the mistake in each' of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

1- I wish I can read more quickly. could

2- She asked her friend weather she had finished her homework. whether

3- My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend. To stay

4- When Wagdy was five years old, he was sting by a scorpion. stung

5- I need to go to the university to buy some medicine. pharmacy

6- A civil servant is someone who works for the army. Government

The Novel

Chapter 1 A. Answer these questions.

  1. Why doesn't Rudolf Rassendyll work?

He belongs to a rich important family and doesn’t need to work.

  1. What kind of work does Rose suggest Rudolf should do?

She wants him to take a job in an embassy, working for Sir Jacob Borrodaile.

  1. Why has the Rassendyll family been interested in the Elphberg family?

Countess Amelia Rassendyll married a member of the Elphberg family many years ago..

  1. Where does Rassendyll decide to travel to? What does he tell his family about his plans?

He travels to Ruritania to see the coronation of the new king. He doesn’t tell his family that. He says he is going to go walking in the Alps and write a book about social problems in the country.

  1. What does the owner of the inn think of Michael Duke of Strelsau?

She thinks he should be the King because the real King only likes hunting and good food.

  1. Why does Rassendyll decide to walk through the forest the next day?

He wants to see the forest where the King is staying.

  1. Who does Rassendyll meet in the forest? Why are they surprised to see him?

He meets Colonel Sapt and Fritz von Tarlenheim, and then the King. They are surprised because he looks almost exactly like the King.

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

"To a man like me, opportunities are responsibilities. "

1. Who says this and when?

Rudolf Rassendyll says this while he is eating breakfast with his sister-in-law.

2. What does the person mean by this?

He means that ifan opportunity comes, he takes it but he doesn’t look for work or responsibilities.

3. Do you think a person like this is very serious about work or life?

Opinions may vary. But his sister-in-law does not think that he is very serious about work and life with this attitude.

"He's always lived in Ruritania and he cares about the people, so people like him. "

1. Who says this to whom?

The innkeeper (inn owner) says this to Rassendyll.

2. Who is the person talking about?

She’s talking about Duke Michael, the Duke of Strelsau.

3. What more does the speaker think about the person?

She wishes that he would be the King.

Chapter 2

A. Answer these questions.

  1. Why do you think Fritz says that it is not a good time for Rassendyll to visit Strelsau?

Perhaps Fritz thinks there will be problems with someone who looks so much like the King.

  1. How does the King react to Fritz's suggestion, and what does that tell you about the King?

The King seems surprised by the suggestion (He says, “What?”) and asks Sapt what he thinks. Perhaps it means that the King is not very wise, or that he depends too much on other people for advice.

  1. Why don't Fritz and Sapt eat very much? What advice do they give the King? Does he listen to them?

They don’t want to overeat because they have to get up early the next day. They advise the King not to eat too much. He doesn’t listen to them.

  1. What happens at the end of the meal? What is the result the next day?

The servant brings some cakes from the Duke. The King eats a lot of them and is poisoned. He can’t be woken up the next day.

  1. Why does the Duke poison the King?

He hopes that the King will miss the coronation and that he (the Duke) will become the King instead.

  1. Is Rassendyll also poisoned? Why isn't he as sick as the King?

He is probably also poisoned because they have to throw water in his face to wake him up. But he ate only one cake, so he did’t eat as much poison. The King eats more, so he receives more poison.

  1. Rassendyll tells himself that he has no choice but to pretend to be the King. Do you think he has a choice? Is there something else they can do?

No, he has no choice as he looks exactly like the king

  1. How and when will they get the King to Strelsau?

They will hide the King in the cellar of the lodge. At night, after the coronation, Sapt and Rassendyll will come back and get the King. Sapt will take him back to the palace, and Rassendyll will leave the country.

  1. Who overhears their plan? What do they do with the person?

Johann’s mother (who is a servant to the Duke) overhears the plan. They tie her up and lock her in the cellar with the King. Josef will let her out later.

  1. Why do they go to the station early instead of waiting for Duke Michael's guards?

The Duke’s guards have probably been told to kidnap or kill the King. They want to get out of the lodge and be on their way to the capital before the Duke’s men come.

  1. What is the first thing they do when they reach the capital? Why aren't the people from the palace at the station in Strelsau to meet them?

The first thing they do is eat breakfast at the train station. The palace people aren’t there yet because the King (Rassendyll) arrived earlier than planned.

  1. Why is Rassendyll afraid when he sees Antoinette de Mauban?

Her expression changes, so he thinks she recognises that he is not the real King. He is afraid that she will shout out and tell others

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

"Meanwhile, I'll have some breakfast! The King is hungry!"

1. Who says this to whom? 1. Rassendyll (disguised as the King) says this to Sapt and Fritz.

2. Where and when does he say this?. In the train station at Strelsau. They have just arrived but they are early, so Rassendyll will eat first.

3. What does this show you about the speaker? He is feeling a little more relaxed and acting more like the King.

"God save both Kings."

1. Who said this and where was he?

Sapt said this in the restaurant at the train station in Strelsau.

2. What did the people say just before this?. The people said, “God save the King!”

3. Why does the speaker say "both Kings"? Who is he talking about?

He’s talking about the real King who is in the lodge at Zenda and about Rassendyll who is pretending to be the King for the coronation. He is worried about the safety of both men, the real King and the pretend King.

Chapter 3

A. Answer these questions.

  1. What kind of people live in the old part of the city? What does Rassendyll do when the Marshal wants him to ride through the old part of town?

The people in the old part are poor and many of them are loyal to Duke Michael. Rassendyll tells the soldiers to ride ahead and behind him, not next to him, so that he can show the people that he trusts them.

  1. Why is Sapt so anxious about Rassendyll's decision to ride alone through the old town?

He knows that the people in the old town support the Duke and he is afraid that Rassendyll will be hurt or attacked there.

  1. Why does Duke Michael's face turn white when he sees "the King" (Rassendyll)?

He thought that the King was still in Zenda (because he had poisoned him), so he is surprised to see the King here at the coronation.

  1. Does Michael realise that this is not the real King? How do you know?

Yes, Michael knows Rassendyll is not the real King. First, Michael knows (or thinks) that the King is poisoned and still in Zenda.

  1. Does the Princess know that this is not the real King? What does she say about him?

She thinks this is the real King, but she says that he has changed. He is more tired and serious, and also thinner.

  1. Why do Rassendyll and Sapt need a permit to leave the city?

Michael controls the city and he has had news from Zenda, so he won’t want people to leave the city

  1. How do they get a permit from the King?

Sapt can write like the King and he signs the paper.

  1. What does Fritz do while Sapt and Rassendyll go to Zenda?

He stays and guards the bedroom. He must not let anyone inside the room.

  1. How do Sapt and Rassendyll get out of the palace? Why do they go this way?

They go through a secret passage in the wall and out of a secret back door. They do this because they don’t want anyone to see them and they want people to think that the King is in his bedroom.

  1. Who else is riding to Zenda? Which way do they go at the fork in the road? Which way do Sapt and Rassendyll go?

Duke Michael and his servant Max Holt are riding to Zenda. They decide to go to the castle. Sapt and Rassendyll go to the hunting lodge.

  1. What do you think the message "all is well" means?

It probably means that the King is captured, as that is what the Duke was planning, but there may be other details that are also “well”.

  1. What do Sapt and Rassendyll find inside the lodge?

Johann’s mother and the King are gone. Josef is killed.

  1. What does Sapt want Rassendyll to do?

He wants him to continue to pretend to be the King.

Read the quotations and answer the questions.

"Tell your soldiers to ride ahead of me. I don't need them or you. You can wait here until I've continued through the old town alone."

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