ليلة الامتحان –Mr. Gawad

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Find the mistake :

  1. My sister refused to take part in the reading completion.

  2. I wasn't visited Aswan since I was young .

  3. Leila , who is an arachnologist will lead the excavation .

  4. Being a suspicion . he as arrested to be investigated .

  5. Metals expand if they will be heated .

  6. I asked the tailor to short my trousers as they are too long .

  7. Travelling by plane sometimes makes me a headache .

  8. The novel was wrote by Anthony Hope .

  9. We saw a lot of photos but we couldn't identity the killer .

  10. If you will call me , I will give you the address .

  11. Wood has always been used as a fool for cooking .

  12. Our car is repairing now .

  13. In some Arab countries it is the routine to eat without a spoon .

  14. N or M is a sap story by Agatha Christie .

  15. A famous player believes to be hurt .

  16. The Park on a tree protects it .

  17. Our villa has built 5 years ago .

  18. If you mix red and white , you would get pink .

Units 7 – 9

Choose the correct answer :

  1. Some people ……… long distances while others work close to home.

a-communicate b- commute c– complain d– compete

  1. The first line of the Paris Metro system ……. in 1900.

a- started b– opened c – destroyed d– made

  1. Education is a/an ………………… in the future of a country and its young people.

a- investment b – wish c– desire d- demand

  1. That tunnel has a ……………. of 7 metres.

a-size b – diameter c– weight d – price

  1. The height of the ………….. is 25 metres

a- street b– stiff c – staff d– cliff

  1. At night, bright lights always .. the front of the palace.

a- illuminate b – eliminate c – contaminate d – originate

  1. The Sphinx is ………… near the Pyramids at Giza.

a- postponed b– possessed c– preceded d– positioned

  1. The statue is built on a hard …. made of concrete.

a- basic b – base c – case d– brass

  1. The Great Pyramid is about 150 metres ………

a-height b– weight c– high d– low.

  1. It was …… that Egypt should lose one of its most important monuments.

a- unattainable b– uncontrollable c - unthinkable d- uncountable

  1. The metro must have …… people a lot of money and improved the journeys to work.

a- rescued b- saved c- provided d- supplied

  1. A- He's only been in the laboratory for ten minutes.

B Surely he ……. have finished his experiment already.

a- can't b-must c- mustn't d- might

  1. What a pity! He’s bleeding terribly. He … an accident.

a-can’t have had b-may have had

c-must have had d-should have had

  1. He …… ill as he was absent last week.

a-must be b-won’t be c-must have been d-can’t have been

  1. The streets are covered in sand, there ….a sandstorm last night.

a-must be b- can’t be c- might have been d-must have been

  1. There are braches all over the ground, it…windy yesterday.

a- can’t be b- might be c- must be d- must have been

  1. My uncle visited Aswan but now he has decided to live there ………………….

a- temporary b–permanently c– by chance d– fantastically

  1. Doctors and nurses belong to medical…………

a- confession b– decision c – transition d– profession

  1. All my friends come from very ………. families.

a- respectable b – evil c – devil d – unrespectable

  1. My grandfather is…. at the moment after along illness.

a- recuperating b– recuperate

c – recuperates d – recuperated

  1. I am reading the ………… of Shakespeare.

a- geography b – autograph c – biology d – biography

  1. He has worked in different places . Now , he would like a more…. job.

a- permanent b– temporary c– enjoyable d – profitable

  1. You should behave ……………………………

a- professional b – profession

c– Professionals d – professionally

  1. .. means to take something from someone for silence.

a-Blackmail b–Borrow c–Lend d–Laugh

  1. I'd rather ………… English .

a- to study b– to studying c– study d – to have studied

  1. He ………. he wouldn't be able to sleep until he had finished the homework.

a-said b– asked c– wondered d– wanted to know

  1. I asked him what ……………

a-was he reading b– is he reading

c– he is reading d– he was reading.

  1. He asked me where…………………………..

a -I have been b– have I been c – had I been d– I had been.

  1. He asked me if … the book he had lent me the week before. a-had I finished b– did I finish

c – I had finished d – I have finished

  1. My brother went on holiday to Aswan. Now he's decided to live there………….

a- annually b – permanently c– perfectly d– strangely.

  1. The best thing about our holiday to Iceland was our visit to see the……..

a-geyser b - gear c– grease d– goose

  1. When there is a/an ……….., of the sun, everything goes dark and the birds stop singing.

a-tips b – eclipse c– lips d - drips

  1. You cannot see ultraviolet………, but they can still damage your skin.

a- pays b – trays c – rays d – lays

  1. She does not need to wear glasses. There is nothing wrong with her……………

a-sight b – hearing c – feeling d- head.

  1. Scientists are not sure what causes volcanoes to……

a-adapt b – adopt c– erupt d- corrupt.

  1. An eclipse of the sun is a strange natural………

a-phenomenon b– photocopy c – photocell d - phobia.

  1. 10-Storms can ………… at any time and in any place.

a- behave b– favour c– disturb d- occur

  1. It has not rained here for five months. It is the longest ………… anyone can remember.

a- doubt b– draught c– drought d - drift

  1. When I was a child, I used to be afraid of storms. I covered my eyes so that I could not see the…….

a-tightening b – sighting c– lighting d - lightning.

  1. Alexandria is in the ………………….. of Egypt.

a- north b– northern c– northerly d - westerly

  1. Electrical storms are a common…….. in our part of the country.

a-assurance b– clearance c – occurrence d- disappearance

  1. These trees have grown …… tall in the last two years.

a- centrally b– phenomenally

c– classically d - critically

  1. A ……… is something unusual that happens.

a-phrase b – phase c – phenomenon d - praise

  1. ………rays means light which can make people's skin go darker.

a- Ultrasonic b- Ultraviolet c– extra violet d – violet

  1. .. is a long period of dry weather without enough water

a- Drought b–Draught c–Flood d–Flight.

Find the mistake :

  1. My parents always punish me as I don't tell them the true .

  2. There was draught as it didn't rain at all .

  3. He published his biography which he wrote it himself.

  4. She looks very sad. she must have passed her test.

  5. If I didn't go to bed last night. I will get up early.

  6. Successful people always depend of themselves.

  7. The interview from the hotel window is very fantastic.

  8. The new laws strength the position of women is the workplace

  9. Dubai has the tallest construction in the world.

  10. If he run faster, he'd have to win the race.

  11. If the storm had reached our city, houses and shops would have destroyed

  12. Tarek is really hungry. He mustn't have had enough breakfast.

  13. Ball thunder is a ball of light which floats around in the sky.

  14. Is your life be happier if your parents were wealthy?

  15. When the moon is shining, part of the earth is well-eliminated.

  16. If he to get up early, he'd catch the 6: 15 train.

  17. Total eclipses of the sun are a rare occurs.

  18. If we don't get heat and light from the sun, there would be no life on earth

تانى يوم مراجعة

Units 10-12

  1. The (description – principle- theory- attitude) of Freud is still applied in Psychology .

  2. I can not understand this article. It is certain that its words have (hiding-hide-hidden-hid)

  3. Their project stopped unwillingly because of the lack of (experiments-finances-decisions-movies)

  4. He was executed as a result of his charge with (treason-reasoning-treasure-pleasure)

  5. The always complain of him as they are (delighted-pleased-envious-satisfied)of him.

  6. (The earth day-Harvest-Victory day-Mother's day)is one of the oldest festivals.

  7. Unlike other kinds of music(modern-rock-jaz-folk)music develops in local communities.

  8. Sham El Nassim (marks-makes-remarks-grades)the beginning of spring.

  9. I wish I (have been-were-would be-had been)with you last night.

  10. Diabetics are always advised(to not eat-to eat-not to eat-do not eat)all kinds of food.

  11. What will you specialise (in-of-on-by) when you go to university.

  12. If only the rent (is-has been-would be-were)not so high nowadays.

  13. It wasn't (before-when-after-until)they had got passports that they booked tickets.

  14. After(found-had found-finding-finds)a suitable space, he parked his car.

  15. I can't help(stay-staying-to stay-to staying)alone after this tiring day.

  16. He denied(insulting-insult-insulted-to insult) the woman in spite of her complaint.

  17. I'd like to (release-consider-specialise-result)in studying the causes of cancer.

  18. My mother(achieved-won-got-won)his ambition when he became a doctor.

  19. His broken leg is the direct(production-theory-release-result)of his own carelessness.

  20. I wish I (didn't waste-hadn't wasted-wasted-had wasted)my time last weekend.

  21. If only it were fine, we(will go-would go-will have gone-may go)out for a walk.

  22. Hanna was so(concerned-envious-victimized-cold)of Farida's new dress that she went out and brought herself one.

  23. The two people were accused of (greed-treason-revenge-fiancée)and were imprisoned for life.

  24. When there is a legal system,(concern-review-revenge-a victim)has no place in society.

  25. Sara fell ill at night because she (had eaten-was eating-eats-has eaten) too mush the day before

  26. After Selma (has gone-goes –go-had gone)to the market, she made a delicious meal for us all.

  27. The world's ancient wonders are great(cityscapes-landscapes-trademarks-landmarks)about the glory of the past,

  28. It is your (responsibility-distinction-event-folk)to clean your room and be home on time.

  29. Amr's voice has a (eventful-involved-distinctive-evolving) sound. you can recognize it anywhere.

  30. I regret(telling-to tell-have told-am telling)you that Nabil will not be joining the team. I know you wanted him with us.

  31. Amina admitted not (to be known-known-to know-knowing)how to open the door.

  32. There were marching bands and politicians in the (position-procession-landmark-stop)

  33. They didn't(realize-remember-recognise-remind)their old friend. He looked quite different than he used to be

  34. On my may to work, I found a boy bleeding ينزفin the street. He (has cycled-had cycled-cycled-had been cycling) to school and a lorry hit him.

  35. It's out of (revenge-accusation-envy-treason)that she has told my fiancé lies about me.

  36. I wish I (could attend-attended-had attended-was attended)your wedding. but I was too ill that day.

  37. Professor Adam is not (a lecture-lectures-a lecturer-lecturing) this term. He's going to have a heart transplant operation.

  38. Edmond's friend wrote a letter in which they accused him of(envy-revenge-greed-treason)

  39. Let's have a look in that department store. Prices ( go-evolve-reduce-vary)from shop to shop.

  40. I dislike (to force-being forced-forcing-to be forced) to do something against my will.

  41. Most of the city roads were blocked to give way to the king's(coronation-situation-landmark-procession)to pass.

  42. Is there a (recognition-distinction-condition-Varity)between if and if only or they are both used the same?

  43. I regret(tell-telling-to tell-told)you about it. I should have kept it a secret.

  44. If only they ( could – will – can- should ) speak French well .

  45. Death is an important event, which is (made-caused-marked-attended)by a funeral ceremony of some kinds.

  46. What do you plan(to do-will do-doing-being done) in the summer?

  47. The mission was a failure, I regret(say-said-to say-saying)None of the goals have been achieved.

  48. Once it was(responsible-irresponsible-respectable-unthinkable)for the white Americans that their president would be black.

Find the mistakes

1-I promise carry out your instruction as long as they are clear.

2-Folk songs were made to describe important historical events.

3-After finished the report, he gave it to the manager.

4-Whate do you charge this man of?

5-I wish I can marry at an early age.

6-Students can not socialize until they go to the university.

7-Sylvia is on a law-far diet because recently she's lost of weight.

8-I wish he hasn't made that terrible accident.

9-As he suffers from amnesia, he is having problems with his recognize of faces.

10-Aftar the criminal was arrested, he was sent to prison for death.

11-The firefighters were beautiful, but the loud noise scared some of the children,

12-My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend..

13-He sold his car,and now he wishes he didn't sold it.

14-The oxygen that plants and trees produce is realised into the air.

15-He was innocent of murder and found guilty.

16-How would you feel if you had sent to prison for a crime you're innocent of?

17-Mervat has decided taking part in the reading competition.

18-The timing of the Chinese New year's day depends on the place of the moon.

Units 13 – 15

  1. My favourite ........... when I play football is goalkeeper.

a- place b- point c- location d- position

  1. When you pass your test, you’ll get a driving ............ .

a- permission b- licence c- paper d- certificate

  1. He does not want to live a ............... life. He would prefer excitement and adventure.

a- conventional b- daily c- interesting d- exciting

  1. Their television ............... is very dirty.

a- window b- glass c- gadget d- screen

  1. ................ books used to be very cheap.

  2. a- Paper b- Paperback c- Cardboard d- Hard

  3. My cousin is very .............. . She loves meeting and talking to new people.

  4. a- well-organised b- conscientious c- sociable d- ambitious

  5. People understand what I’m saying when I speak Spanish, but I’m not .............. .

a- fluent b- ideal c- mature d- qualified

  1. The school ................ every student with books, so you don’t have to buy any yourself.

a- gives b- trains c- provides d- lends

  1. I found university work very difficult, but my friends were always very ………

a- encouraged b-encouraging c- encourage d- courage

  1. A 14-year-old Japanese boy has become the youngest person to complete a …voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

a- alone b- only c-lonely d-solo

  1. I didn’t think about what I was doing. I just did it .. . a- Spontaneously b- spontaneous

c-spontaneity d- loyalty

  1. Many people agree that Shakespeare is the most ………..writer in the English language.

a-ignorant b- normal c- tradition d- influential

  1. Nader is really ........ about all kinds of sport. He loves playing and watching it.

a) interested b- active c- enthusiastic d- keen

  1. My cousin believes in …... He never plans what he’s going to do.

a-immunity b- immortality c-community d-spontaneity

  1. Ali is really …………..about his university course. He can’t wait for the beginning of the term.

a- enthusiastic b- keen c- eager d-surprised

  1. I’m going to……some information from the internet for my school project.

a- upload b- download c- load d-redial

  1. My father is a golf…….. He plays and watches it on TV whenever he can.

  2. a- enthusiastic b-enemy c- enthusiast d- tourist

  3. That play is very popular. You’d better check the ……of tickets.

a- available b- quality c- dignity d- availability

  1. I wanted to complain to the manager of the shop, but he was ……………. .

a- available b- invisible c- unavailable d- visible

  1. …. is a book that contains facts about many subjects .

a-Amnesia b-Excavation c- Mass media d- Encyclopedia

  1. ………….books used to be very cheap.

a- Paper b- Paperback c- Cardboard d- Hard

Units 16-18

  1. Mr George has a (degree-licence-grade-witness) in arts and education from Alexandria University.

  2. Ali is the most (fluent-sociable-conscientious-lazy) student in the class. He works hard and cares about what he does.

  3. Our school is very (disorganized-organized-social-friendly). The staff and students are always on time and everyone knows exactly what they have to do.

  4. Our family has a well-(cooked-detached-drawn-established) business. It was started by my grandfather in 1935.

  5. You are the most well- (established- organised-behaved-dressed) person I know. You never forget anything and you are never late.

  6. My uncle was always (conscientious-fluent-greedy-ambitious). He was always looking for a better job.

  7. The company received over 100 CVs from interested (applicants-employers-applications-managers).

  8. My brother is more (ambitious-selfish-sociable-unreliable) than me. He gets on with everyone he meets.

  9. She doubts whether she'll ever be able to fulfill her (ambition-nightmare-score-failure).

  10. He is a very good man. He always does his work (conscientiously-carelessly-lazily-suddenly).

  11. She asked him what (had he been doing-he was doing-he had been doing-he is doing) since he left school.

  12. He asked me why (I want-I wanted-do I want-did I want) to work abroad.

  13. They asked me if my father (know-are knowing-have known-knew) I was there.

  14. He asked me (whether-what-how many-how high) I had a driving licence.

  15. She asked me where (was I living-I were living-I was living-was I living) at that time.

  16. She asked me why (applied-had I applied-I had applied-did I apply) for that job.

  17. My grandmother's beautiful (steel-stone-pearl-bronze) necklace was a wedding present from her uncle. It cost him a lot of money.

  18. People lost their jobs and businesses closed during that year's terrible (depression-debate-decrease-impression).

  19. I'd like to help my country by working as a civil (service-server-serve-servant).

  20. Being (sung-rung-stung-drunk) by an insect is very painful.

  21. You should be careful when you (drive-live-dive-dip) into water if you don't know how deep it is.

  22. My sister can be very (persuade-persuasion-persuasive-passive). She usually gets what she wants.

  23. Don't be so (aggressive-cruel-sleepy-greedy). You've eaten enough.

  24. What's the best (treaty-treat-treatment-heal) for a headache?

  25. They gave a (stinging-sting-stung-ringing) report about the company's problems.

  26. The news of his failure (depresses-depressed-depressing-depression) his family.

  27. I shouldn't have (thrown-done-brought-taken) away the receipt. I need it to return this shirt.

  28. His mother has advised him to be careful (at-of-to-with) his money.

  29. After this accident, the government couldn’t (persuade-congratulate-concentrate-compensate) people that nuclear power stations are safe.

  30. He noticed she was wearing a string of (rocks-dust-pearls-peels) about her neck.

  31. Mona's mother asked her daughter (help-helping-helped-to help) her prepare dinner for the family.

  32. They are never late, so I expect them (to arrive-arriving-arrive-arrived) in a few minutes.

  33. Our friends invited us (having-to have-to having-had) tea with them.

  34. My father has advised me (be-being-to be-been) careful with my money.

  35. The teacher (warned-hoped-wondered-opposed) the students not to talk during the test.

  36. The officer ordered the soldiers (attack-attacking-attacked-to attack) the enemy.

  37. Don't forget (send-sending-to send-sent) me a postcard when you are on holiday.

  38. They do not allow (smoke-to smoke-smoking-smoked) inside the building.

  39. If you like, I can teach you (play-playing-to play-played) tennis at the weekend.

  40. Ali's father warned him (not to spend-not spending-not spent-not to be spent) too much money.

  41. She's training hard (won-winning-to win-of winning) the race.

  42. Leila asked Mona whether she could help her (do-to doing-done-to be done) the shopping.

  43. I recommend (to write-writing-written-write) your feelings down on paper.

  44. I've always wanted to paint – that's why I've (enrolled-entitled-entered-employed) on an art course.

  45. Most southern European countries have a (alike-unlike-similar-different) climate: hot in summer and cold in winter.

  46. My sister wants to be a teacher. She believes teaching is a (reward-rewarding-award-awarding) career.

  47. Doing things for other people can be a very (worthless-meaningless-worthwhile-useless) experience.

  48. The largest company in our town has 600 (employs-employees-employers-employment).

  49. Everyone likes working for Mr Hani. They say he is a very kind (employer-buyer-player-bricklayer).

  50. In the modern world, most young people must expect (changing-to changing-change-to change) employers several times in their working lives.

  51. Amin is (doing-running-making-providing) an evening course in Accountancy, paid for by his company.

  52. I expect he (would-should-will-must) pass his exams easily.

  53. My cousin used to be a soldier, but now he's (retraining-reworking-redoing-rewriting) to be a teacher.

  54. Someone that pays people to work for them is called a/an (purchaser-vampire-employer-employed).

  55. (Involvement-Inclusion-Enrolment-Investment) at this college will take place in September.

  56. Graduates are finding it more and more difficult to find (employment-disappointment-employees-unemployment).

  57. I cannot believe that it is (sensible-sensitive-senseless-sense) to spend so much.

  58. You (doesn’t have to-didn’t have to-shouldn’t-needn't) come if you don't want.

  59. We (mustn’t-don’t need to-can’t-shouldn’t) lock the car. It's safe here.

  60. You (shouldn’t-mustn’t-should-ought to) drive. You’re too tired.

  61. This is a really good book. You (should-must-may-might) read it.

  62. I was very tired yesterday. I (was-must-needn’t-had to) go to bed early.

  63. You (mustn’t-couldn’t-shouldn’t-shouldn’t have) telephoned me so late. I was fast asleep.

  64. We’ve got plenty of time. We (must-mustn’t-needn’t-can’t) hurry.

  65. He said I (may-might-should-needn't) try a different kind of job. I think it's good advice.

  66. I found a course at my local college where I (could-ought-could have-mustn't) train as a teacher.

  67. If I want to start this year, I (have to-may-might-shall) apply by the end of next week. I have no choice.

  68. I (ought-should have-am able-can) study at home when I want to.

  69. I (can't-may not-might not-should) spend all my life studying. It's impossible for me.

  70. You (shall-could-need to-manage) get more practice if you want to pass your driving test.

  71. I really (can-must-may-might) go and get some bread before the shop closes. I don't have any bread left at home

  72. You (can-have to-mustn't-might not) take photographs here. It's against the law.

  73. You (needn’t-mustn’t-don’t have to-have to) drive fast in the city centre. It’s very dangerous.

  74. You (must-ought-should have-could have) come and stay with us in Arizona sometime.

Find the mistake in each of the sentences then write them correctly:

  1. A farm is a store or a part of a store where medicines are prepared and sold.

  2. He asked for an applicant form to fill it in and send it to the company.

  3. Getting into university would be my greatest achieve.

  4. A train is someone who is being taught to do a particular job.

  5. After the interview, she got a work as secretary to the company director.

  6. He is so ambition that he is looking forward to becoming the director of the company.

  7. To get my degree, I have to complete and pass five of the six models.

  8. How many jobs had you replied for before you were offered this one?

  9. His previous employer describes him as honest, hard-working and conscience.

  10. Tarek makes friends easily and spends his free time with people. He is social.

  11. He spent three years as a train manager before getting his present position.

  12. Do you have any experiment of working with kids?

  13. He wanted to know if she enjoys swimming.

  14. She asked him why he has left his last job.

  15. He asked me whether I think I would enjoy working there.

  16. She didn't know why had I borrowed the money.

  17. That old chair should be flown away.

  18. A driver is someone who swims under water with breathing equipment.

  19. A celebration is a famous person, especially an actor or entertainer.

  20. A representative reports news or write about a particular subject.

  21. We make business with a number of Italian companies.

  22. The submarine drove just in time to avoid the enemy attack.

  23. Doctors are trying out a new heal for depression.

  24. After he had been beaten by the scorpion, he was carried to hospital.

  25. Being poor does not always solve people's problems.

  26. Being stung by a scorpion is very pleasant

  27. Peace can’t be achieved by farce.

  28. He takes great proud in his children's achievements.

  29. Nobody wanted we to go to the conference but our boss forced

  30. My boss told me do the reports before Friday. 

  31. Salem encouraged his brother working harder.

  32. When I was younger, I always wanted my mother read me stories.

  33. Her parents wanted her gone to a good university.

  34. I'd encourage everyone to working for a charity.

  35. When I was younger, my father often warned me not to waste time.

  36. This year, I'm expecting passing all my exams.

  37. A company in my town closed last week, leaving 50 people employed.

  38. Teaching is not very financially awarding.

  39. The secondary school in our town employers more than a hundred teachers.

  40. I hope my company will provoke me when I finish this computer course.

  41. In many countries, the government is the main provide of school education.

  42. My uncle works in the sales apartment in a big company

  43. To remain unemployable, you must be good at the jobs you’re doing today.

  44. The company needs an employer to work as an accountant.

  45. Dustmen collect our refusal every day.

  46. I needn't buy this furniture yesterday. It was really unnecessary.

  47. You have to do your homework today. You can do it tomorrow.

  48. You can't leave now. You may finish this work first.

  49. She must take a taxi yesterday as it was raining heavily.

  50. I might wash my hands before eating. It's very important.

  51. I wonder if you may do the shopping for me.

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2015 -> 1st Quarter
2015 -> Essay Tittle, Times New Roman, Size 16 Author(s)
2015 -> Private Scholarships local may have to cut and paste some sites into your browser
2015 -> Charting a course to Medical School: The amsa map for Success
2015 -> The Tenth Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference
2015 -> Syllabus for the session: 2015 – 16 class: XI english language

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