Your American Dream Project a photo Essay Description

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Your American Dream Project

A Photo Essay

Description: This is your introductory project that will let me know a whole lot more about you and will build a foundation for reading and writing in English 3 CP. You are going to describe yourself as you are now and explain your hopes and dreams for your life later on. This will be done in a combination of images and writing.

Materials: 1 report cover, 8 ½ x11 paper. (You may use scrapbook paper.), Magazine cutouts, photos, or images from the internet, which you must cite. You may not use clip art.

Purpose and Objectives: The purpose of this assignment is to introduce expository writing and a major theme of American Literature—The American Dream. This assignment also demonstrates the importance of citing sources.

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of The American Dream.

  2. Write on a chosen narrowed idea within a larger theme.

  3. Write using the top down approach.

I expect students to make corrections to first drafts in the area of basic punctuation, capitalization, and subject-verb agreement.

Cover Page—Give your project an interesting title that is connected to your topic. Please do not title your project “My American Dream” or something similar. Make your title expressive of who you are and what you want out of life. Center your name, teacher name (Mrs. Keels), subject, period, and date toward the bottom of the page. Include a picture or illustration that is suitable to your topic.

Page 1—Place a photo of yourself. Tell about your background and where you are now. On this page explain what your American Dream is and why it’s really important for you to achieve it. (Two Paragraphs)

Page 2—A picture of your American Dream. Explain what you would have to do to accomplish your American Dream. Here is where you would talk about college and jobs or obstacles to overcome. (Two paragraphs)

Page 3—A picture that shows how you may feel when you achieve your American dream. Remember, you may not use clip art. Explain how the feeling is connected to the picture. Describe also, how you would feel if you didn’t achieve your dream. (Two paragraphs)

Page 4—Citations. Cite every photo that you used, even if you took the photo. You should have three to four MLA citations.

*Each page must have its own heading.

*The written portion must be typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font. Double space. Use black ink, even if you are printing at home. (The pictures may be in color.)

*You must have at least one picture on each page, but you can have a maximum of three. Your pictures should not take up the space of your writing.

We will work in the lab on the writing portion, and all work must be submitted in Google Docs for review and grading on the dates due. You will have to print your work in the library and assemble your work on your own time. I will be available after school for those who need some help assembling the final product.

Warning: Your completed assignment is due in class on Monday, September 1. On that day if you ask for materials such as glue or tape in order to put your assignment together, your assignment will be counted late and incomplete. Also, I will not allow you to go to the library to print on the day it is due. If you come into class late, your assignment is also late and deductions will be made.

I have materials in class that you may have, and I am available after school on most days, except Tuesdays.

Rubric for The American Dream Photo Essay Project

Student’s Name ______________________________________ Turned in on Time? Yes No


  1. The project is typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font, except for headings.


  1. All pictures and photos are clear and crisp. Cutouts are glued completely; there are no edges that lift from the page.


  1. All wording and pictures are appropriate.


  1. Time and thought appears to have been put into the assignment.


Title Page

  1. The title is creative and interesting.


  1. The student included all heading information.


  1. There is a descriptive photo or cutout that is appropriate for the narrowed topic.



  1. There are only five pages. Content for each section fits on exactly one page. The student has three pages of required pictures and writing topics, and a works cited page.


  1. Each page has an appropriate heading.


  1. Pictures, cutouts, or photographs are directly related to the narrowed topic.


  1. Background information explains the student’s American Dream and why it is important to him or her.


  1. The student clearly explains what it would take to achieve the American Dream and the obstacles that may have to be overcome.


  1. The student explains how realizing the American Dream would make him or her feel. The student also explains the effect of not achieving the American Dream on his or her life.


Grammar and Punctuation

  1. There are few errors in grammar and sentence construction.


  1. There are few errors in punctuation.


  1. The project shows evidence of spell-checking and proofreading.


Grade ___________/100


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