Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

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At the end of this work, its composer's opus 34, the brass play the central theme while, beginning with the piccolo, the instruments one by one enter a fugue. The central theme is taken from the incidental music to the Aphra Behn work Abdelazar. In sequence the woodwind, brass, strings, and percussion are then featured with each individual instrument given its own variation. Subtitled Variations and fugue on a theme by Henry Purcell --for 10 points -- name this work originally composed to accompany a documentary on the orchestra by Benjamin Britten.

Answer: A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

This character disguises himself as Hearne the Hunter for a meeting in a nearby forest, after he is told to do so by a mysterious 'Mr. Brooke.' The drama, in which the character is featured, begins with his dismissal of Bardolph and Nym. Instead of petty thievery, he has instead decided to send identical love letters to the work's title characters, Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford. Described as larding "the lean earth as he walks along," --for 10 points-- name this jolly Shakespearean character whom Queen Elizabeth wanted to see fall in love, the protagonist of The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Answer: Falstaff

Julie Kristeva appropriated the name of this field for irrational effluxes of the infantile self. Lev Vygotsky emphasized the pragmatic-instrumental character of the elements of communication central to it. Its name was first coined in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and Charles Morris is credited with first applying to it, though it was Umberto Eco who popularized it. Charles Sanders Peirce categorized the field's subject into three types: index, icon, and symbol. Contrasted in its early context with semantics --for 10 points-- identify this interdisciplinary field concerned with the use of signs.

Answer: Semiotics

The Marshall-Lerner condition says that the sum of this quantity for home imports and foreign imports must be greater than 1. Affected by the availability of substitutes, degree of necessity, and time period over which it is calculated, isotropy can be achieved via the 'Arc' formulation of this economic quantity. Typically negative, one exception is Giffen goods for which this value is by definition positive. For 10 points-- name this economic quantity which can be defined as the measure the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a good to its price,

Answer: Price Elasticity of Demand

According to Karl Popper, this pre-Socratic was the chief forerunner of historicism. Believed to have been heir to a priest kingship, he turned down the post in favor of his brother. Holding that their existed a universal principle through which all things are interrelated, a concept he called 'nous,' this ancient opposed the theories of Parmenides who supported the notion of a static universe. A believer in fire as the one primordial element --for 10 points-- name this philosopher whose famous aphorism is, "No man can step in the same river twice."

Answer: Heraclitus of Eephesus

In the 1987 Edwards v. Aguillard case, the Supreme Court ruled that, based on this legal standard, a Louisiana law was an unconstitutional infringement of the first amendment. It was first articulated in a 1971 eight-zero (8-0) ruling by Chief Justice Burger in which the court ruled that a 15% teacher salary supplement was unconstitutional because, only Catholic School teachers would receive the funds. Set forth in a case filed against a superintendent Kurtzman --for 10 points -- name this legal test which holds that the government's action must not have the primary effect of either advancing or inhibiting religion.

Answer: Lemon Test

This artistic group published a namesake almanac that featured folk art and argued that the artificial separation of form and idea could not truthfully express the inner rhythm of the spirit. A collection of this group's works is held in the former home of Franz von Lenbach and the group met at the home of one of its founders, Gabriele Münter. Completing such works as Study for Improvisation V and Yellow Cow, the collaboration ended with the World War I deaths of August Macke and Franz Marc. For 10 points-- name this expressionistic movement led by Wassily Kandinsky and which often employed an equine motif.

Answer: Der Blaue Reiter OR The Blue Rider

After he was arrested with Pascual Orozco and charged with conspiracy to violate US neutrality laws, he died of alcohol poisoning while in an El Paso prison. He began his career as an army officer and under Porfirio Diaz rose to the rank of general and fought to subdue the rebellion of Emiliano Zapata. Most infamously he entered into a plot with American ambassador Henry Lane Wilson and executed José María Pino Suárez and Francisco Madero. Given the sobriquet the jackal --for 10 points-- name this Mexican dictator of 1913 and 1914.

Answer: Victoriano Huerta

Thermodynamically this effect's namesake coefficient is the partial derivative of temperature with respect to pressure at constant enthalpy. Though not true for hydrogen and helium, its coefficient is generally positive at room temperature. Due to it liquefaction is possible in the Linde refrigerator. Describing the temperature change associated with the throttling process --for 10 points-- name this effect, which describes the adiabatic expansion of real gases and is named for two 19th century British scientists.

Answer: Joule-Thomson Effect OR Joule-Kelvin Effect

In a famous letter Vissarion Belinksy castigated this author for his preoccupation with mysticism in the face of the need for social justice. After limited success with a work featuring the descent into insanity of Poprischin, this Ukranian native asked Pushkin for an idea and the result was the protagonist Khlestakov. Most famous for the the stories of Pavel Chicikov and Akaky Akakiyevich --for 10 points -- name this Russian author of Diary of a Madman, Inspector General, Dead Souls, and the Overcoat.

Answer: Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol

The author of this work left a fragmentary seventh book that has come to be known as the Mutabilitie Cantos. Characterized by stanzas of eight lines of iambic pentameter followed by an Alexandrine, at the end of the work's fourth book, in which the virtue of friendship is explored, Neptune's invention allows the reunion of Marinell and Florimell. Including King Arthur, whom after a vision searches for Glorianna, the title character represents Queen Elizabeth in, --for 10 points--, which 17th century epic poem by Edmund Spenser.

Answer: Faerie Queen

Born a slave, this protagonist is the victim of an arranged marriage to a "seven inch dwarf." She unsuccessfully attempts to woo her brother-in-law and at the end of the novel he kills her to avenge his brother. Unable to conceive, she becomes jealous of Vase's child and arranges a cat attack that leads to the child's death. Most infamously a nymphomaniac who was noted for her talent at p'in hsiao, literally "tasting the flute" For 10 points-- name this protagonist of the Plum and the Golden Vase, for whom Clement Egerton named his 1939 translation.

Answer: Golden Lotus or P'an Chin-Lien

The subject of the so-called Schröter Effect, this astronomical body lacks a magnetic field. Its lack of impact craters is explained by its thick atmosphere which casues meteors to decelerate as they fall toward its surface. Venera 3 first explored its surface and its highest point the Maxwell Montes is located on the "continent" Ishtar Terra. In 1672 Cassini gave the name Neith to an object he thought was a moon, though it is now known to have no satellites. First visited by Mariner 2, --for 10 points-- name this planet, the second nearest the sun.

Answer: Venus

The twin prime conjecture hypothesizes that this property is equal to 2 for the set of differences of consecutive primes. Under certain conditions, Fatou's lemma states that, for the integral of a function sequence, it must be greater than or equal to the integral of this property of that same sequence. Naively indicating the smallest number to which a sequence can converge, --for 10 points-- name this mathematical property for which convergence is achieved when it is equal to the sequence's lim sup (Pronounce: Lim Soup).

Answer: Lim Inf or Limit inferior (do not accept "inf" or "Infemum" or "Inferior")

Generally the development of this material property corresponds to a real-symmetric rank-2 dielectric tensor whose eigenvalues correspond to the three orthogonal principle axes of polarization. Characteristic of Nicol and Wallaston prisms, its paragon material is rhombohedral calcite and the Kerr Effect describes its development in an electric field. Referring to the division of light into ordinary and extraordinary components --for 10 points-- name this physical property of materials that be classified by two distinct an-isotropic indices of refraction.

Answer: Birefringence or Double Refraction (accept adjective forms)

In the Hulsemann letter the Taylor administration's support of this rebellion was protested by the region's ruler. It began with a March 3rd speech in which its leader urged a crown prince to 'perpetuate the ancient glory of the dynasty by meeting half-way the aspirations of a free people' and was finally defeated when the revolutionary government fled to Debrecen and Arthur Görgei surrendered. The setting of the fall of both Emperor Ferdinand I and Metternich --for 10 points-- name this 1848 revolution which lead to the ascension of Franz Joseph and the exile of Lajos Kossuth in the namesake nation.

Answer: Hungarian Revolution of 1848

Capable of being booted as either big-endian or little-endian, in 1985 this architecture's first design was released under the name the R2000. Choosing to eliminate the condition code register and implement multiplication and division in a separate unit, it was designed to keep its pipeline as full as possible. Developed by John Hennessy and used in both Cisco Routers and the Nintendo 64, For 10 points-- name this microprocessor architecture unique for lacking connected pipes.

answer: MIPS or Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages

Legendarily this figure received a signet ring from Honoria, the sister of Valentinian III, which he assumed was a marriage proposal. The leader of forces assembled by his uncle Rua, he killed Visigothic king Theodoric I at a 451 battle near the Marne river, though in the end his forces was defeated by Aetius. Said, the next year, to have been convinced by Pope Leo I not to sack Rome --for 10 points-- name this loser at Chalons, the legendary king of the Huns was referred to as the "Scourge of God."

Answer: Attila the Hun

Ended by Pierre de Beaufort, at the beginning of this period Bernard de Got, buoyed by Nogaret's charges of heresy against Benedict Caetani, essentially revoked Unam Sanctam. Following Caetani's death over a year passed before the ascension of Clement V during which time Phillip the Fair became the most powerful continental ruler. Among the events of this seventy-year period was the Treaty of Brétigny that was arranged by Innocent VI despite the influence of the French kings who were his landlord. For 10 points -- name this papal sojourn to Avignon whose name alludes to Nebuchadrezzar's deportation of the Jews to the namesake city.

Answer: Babylonian Captivity (do not accept: Great Schism)

The main navigational lanes through this archipelago are the Unimak, Umnak, Amukta, and Seguam passes. The group lies atop the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic platesis and its volcanoes includes Makushin, Bogoslof, and Grewingk. It was formerly known as the Catherine Archipelago and is comprised of four groups -- the Fox, Andreanof, Rat and Near. Located between 52 degrees and 55 degrees north, --for 10 points-- name this chain of small islands in the Northern Pacific Ocean and extending outward from the Kamchatka peninsula to the Alaskan peninsula.

Answer: Aleutian Islands

In Dante's Inferno, it is this monster that transports Virgil and the author from the seventh to the eighth circle of hell. The son of Chrysaor and Callirrhoe, the golden goblet of Helios allowed his slayer to reach his island home, Erythea. Eventually the fire-breathing giant Cacus would hijack his prized possession though not before he, Eurytion, and Orthrus were killed trying to defend them. For 10 points -- name this triple-bodied, winged giant whose herd was the subject of the tenth labor of Hercules.

Answer: Geryon

2003 guidelines released by the American Academy of Neurology advocate an anteromesial resection for the form of epilepsy that originates in this part of the brain. Lying lateral to the Sylvian fissure and inferior to the lateral sulcus, the uncus constitutes an inner protrusion near its ventral surface. On its medial surface are the hippocampus, amygdala, and olfactory cortex. Anterior to the occipital lobe --for 10 points-- name this lobe of the brain that is associated with memory and hearing.

Answer: temporal lobe

On a CD released in 1995, All-4-One reprised the title track of this 1971 album that included remakes of its artist's songs previously recorded by the Shirelles and Aretha Franklin. The story of a murderer, who shoots down people in a church and then is hung before being brought to trial, is told in the up tempo “Smack water Jack.” Featuring cover art of the artist on a windowsill with two cats, James Taylor provides back up on 'So Far Away' and the album opens with 'I Feel The Earth Move.' For 10 points-- name this 1971 classic album by Carole King.

Answer: Tapestry

"I'm with you Rockland" is repeated in the third part of this poem that was famously read by its author at the Six Gallery. The second part asks what monster "bashed open" the skulls of the "lamblike youths" and "ate up their brains and imagination" and eventually blames the Canaanite god Moloch. The author sees the afflicted as "starving hysterical naked, // dragging themselves through the Negro streets at // dawn looking for an angry fix." Considered a turning point in American literary history --for 10 points-- name this poem which takes as its subject the "angel headed hipsters," a beat anthem by Allen Ginsburg.

Answer: Howl

Meyer and Patterson translated the “Scholars” version of this religious work which begins "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death." Conspicuously failing to mention the resurrection, an early mention of it is included in the writings of Origen. It is hypothesized to be the source previously referred to as Q, and the version found in 1945 in the Egyptian desert is believed to be a translation from the original Gnostic Greek. A collection of 114 "secret teachings" of Jesus --for 10 points-- name this controversial "gospel" attributed to the apostle who is sometimes called Didymous.

Answer: Gospel of Thomas

Answer the following about bad things that can happen to male anatomy:

[10] 1. Like the testicle, this organ occasionally contains a vestigial appendix which can twist on itself and die, causing a "blue dot" to appear in the scrotum which is exquisitely painful. Answer: epididymis

[10] 2. Although rare, this condition typically results from a tear in the tunica albuginea, the fibrous layer surrounding the corpora cavernosa. It does not require a cast

Answer: penile fracture (accept: equivalents) no, it's not treated with a cast]

[10] 3. Inflammation of this tube is the most common cause of hematospermia, or bloody semen, in men under 40.

Answer: urethra

Answer of the following about a polymer:

[10] 1. The simplest, cheapest and most common polymer, this inert plastic comes in low-density and high-density variants. It is used extensively in plastic bags and milk cartons.

Answer: polyethylene (accept: polythene or polyethene)

[10] 2. High-density polyethylene is most often made by this method named for a German and an Italian scientist. The method uses a namesake catalyst, usually a titanium halide with an aluminum co-catalyst.

Answer: Ziegler-Natta polymerization

[10] 3. The first industrial process to employ Ziegler-Natta polymerization was developed by and named for this American petrochemical company. This company is also known for the 1989 explosion at their Pasadena, Texas plant.

Answer: Phillips Petroleum (accept Chevron-Phillips: do NOT accept or prompt on Chevron)
Answer the following about a school of Islam:

[05] 1. The largest Islamic sect, this group comprises about 85% of all Muslims.

Answer: Sunni

[05, 05] 2. The name Sunni is derived from the religious book, Sunnah, on which the group bases its faith. The Sunnah consists of these two portions containing the story of the life of Muhammad and his validated sayings.

Answer: Sira & Hadith

[15] 3. This is the collective name attached to the four Sunni schools of thought: the Hanafi, the Shafai, the Hanbali and the Maliki.

Answer: madhabs
Answer the following about a sociological theory:

[05, 05]1. These two terms are used to refer to two types of social groups that roughly translate as community and society.

Answer: Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft

[10] 2. The pair of concepts was developed by this German Sociologist.

Answer: Ferdinand Tonnies

[10] 3. The concepts are reminiscent of the concepts of mechanical and organic society developed by this sociologist in Divison of Labor in Society.

Answer: Emile Durkheim
Answer the following about a pair of philosophical concepts:

[10] 1. This the name given to the mysterious unknown force which drives life; the concept was posited in Creative Evolution.

Answer: Elan Vital

[10] 2. In Modern Theme this rationality for life was suggested as being violated when the modern theme is subjected to living.

Answer: Razon Vital

[05,05] 3. For five points each, respectively this French philosopher and this Spanish philosopher originated the concepts of ‘elan vital’ and ‘razon vital.’

Answer: Henri Bergson & José Ortega y Gasset
Answer the following about an Italian artist:

[10] 1. This was the byname taken by Antonio Allegri who is famous for his series of painting depicting the loves of Jupiter.

Answer: Corregio

[10] 2. Corregio was a master of this technique, the extreme foreshortening of figures painted on a ceiling to give the illusion that the figures are suspended in air.

Answer: sotto in su

[10] 3. Corregio's mastery of ‘sotto in su’ is evident in his Assumption of the Virgin for San Giovanni Evangelista cathedral located in this Italian city, originally named for a circular shield.

Parmesan cathedral.

Answer: Parma

Answer the following concerning Arab-Israeli conflict over a land area:

[10] 1. Throughout history, conflict over this peninsula has been centered on the Giddi and Mitla passes, control of which is strategically crucial.

Answer: Sinai Peninsula

[10] 1. The so-called 6-Day War, over the Sinai was precipitated in 1967 when this Israeli president ordering the shooting down of Syrian MIGs.

Answer: Levi Eshkol

[10] 2. In October 1973, both Egypt and Syria attacked Israel, beginning this conflict. Though it took heavy causalities, Israel was able to defeat the Arab armies.

Answer: Yom Kippur War
Answer the following about an American statesman from New Hampshire:

[10] 1. Prior to being appointed as minister to Spain by President Lincoln, this anti-slavery senator was responsible for the passage of a bill abolishing flogging in the Navy.

Answer: John Parker Hale

[10] 2. In 1848, Hale followed James G. Birney as this party's presidential nominee. Before the election Hale withdrew and the party disbanded.

Answer: Liberty Party

[10] 3. Following the dissolution of the Liberty Party, this party arose from a conglomeration of "Barnburner" Democrats and "Conscience" Whigs. Hale ran as its candidate in 1852.

Answer: Free Soil Party
Name the following about stars:

[10] 1. This type of star is a large non-main sequence star of stellar classification K or M which is larger than our sun.

Answer: Red Giant

[10] 2. This type of dense star is the collapsed remnant of a Type II or Ib supernova. The upper limit of its mass is given by the Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit.

Answer: neutron star

[10] 3. This is the name for the hypothetical type of star, a red giant that contains a neutron star inside it.

Answer: Thorne-Zytkow star
Answer the following concerning a computer game:

[10] 1. The follow-up to Doom 2, this first-person shooter was programmed by John Carmack and published by Id in 1996.

Answer: Quake

[10] 2. Quake's World was inspired by this author in whose work the Great Old Ones lie in a state of hibernation in the sunken city of R'lyeh and wait to wreak havoc on the earth

Answer: Howard Phillips Lovecraft

[10] 3. The last monster in the game is this fictional deity from the Cthulu Mythos with black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths and short writhing goat legs.

Answer: Shub-Niggurath (ACCEPT: The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young)
Name the following about a pair of Island groups:

[05, 05]1. Located on the southeastern margins of the Bay of Bengal, these two Indian owned groups are separated by Ten Degree Channel.

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

[10] 2. This anthropologist did fieldwork in the Andamans from 1906 to 1908. He was the first anthropologist to make a ethnic distinction between the Great and Little Andaman Groups

Answer: A.R. Radcliffe-Brown

[10] 3. In 1859, the British massacred aborigines at this battle in the Andaman capital of Port Blair. It shares its name with the Scottish seaport astride the Rivers Dee and Don.

Answer: Aberdeen
Answer the following about a poem whose grand chorus ends: "With nature's mother-wit, and arts unknown before. // Let old Timotheus yield the prize, // Or both divide the crown; // He raised a mortal to the skies, // She drew an angel down."

[10] 1. Name this Dryden Poem that celebrates an event held each November 22nd.

Answer: Ode in Honor of St. Cecilia's Day or Alexander's Feast or The Power of Music

[10] 2. Alexander's Feast refers to a celebration of this 331 BC victory over Darius.

Answer: Gaugamela or Arbella

[10] 3. “Ode in Honour of St. Cecilia's Day” is an example of this type of Ancient choral hymn in honor of Dionysus.

Answer: Dithyramb
Answer the following connected items:

[10] 1. In Greek mythology, this man was the son of Clio beloved by the god Apollo; he died accidentally due to a discus thrown by Apollo.

Answer: Hyacinth (or Hyacinthus)

[10] 2. Hyacinth came to be identified with a flower of the lily family. This is the name of grape hyacinths which are commonly included in flower arrangements as filler.

Answer: Baby's Breath or Muscari

[10] 3. The Death of Hyacinthus was painted by this neoclassical artist who was a rival of Anton Mengs.

Answer: Giambattista Tiepolo
Answer the following about Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick:

[10] 1. Following the death of Richard, Duke of York at the Battle of Wakefield, Warwick placed this son of Richard on the throne.

Answer: Edward IV

[10] 2. Edward alienates Warwick by marrying this widow and member of a rival family.

Answer: Elizabeth Woodville

[10] 3. Warwick was defeated and killed by the forces of Edward IV at this 1471 battle three weeks prior to Edward's defeated of Lancastrian forces at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

Answer: Battle of Barnet
Name the following about Verdi arias:

[10] 1. Perhaps the most famous by Verdi, Rigoletto laments women in this aria before making love to Maddalena.

Answer: La “Donna e Mobile”

[10] 2. In the beginning of the second act of this opera, Alfredo sings “De' miei bollenti spiriti” to Violetta and explains how good she is for him.

Answer: Traviata

[10] 3. In Il Trovatore, Manrico orders a sortie to rescue his mother and sings this aria that can be translated as "Tremble, ye tyrants"

Answer: “Di quella pira”
Answer the following about a ubiquitous technological device:

[10] 1. Predicted by Julius Edgar Lilienfeld as early as 1925, the types of this technological device now include: Junction, High Electron Mobility, and Thin Film.

Answer: Field Effect Transistors_

[10] 2. All or nothing, give the names commonly applied to the three terminals of a Field Effect Transistor.

Answer: gate, source, drain

[10] 3. In field effect transistors this effect explains the amplification gate-drain capacitance.

Answer: Miller effect

Name the following concerning Chinese capitals:

[10] 1. King Ping's decision to move the capital from Xi'an to Luoyang marks the boudary between this early dynasty's western and eastern periods.

Answer: Zhou

[10] 2. During the period of Three Kingdoms the State of Wu's chose this city as its capital. It was later used as the capital of the Song Dynasty.

Answer: Nanjing or Nanking

[10] 3. Towards the end of the first millennium, this Chinese capital was the world's most populous city. It served as capital to both the Sui and T'ang.

Answer: Chang'an or Xi'an

Answer the following about the War of Spanish Succession:

[10] 1. At the end of the war, this Bourbon became King of Spain.

Answer: Philip V

[10] 2. Philip V traced his claim through this grandmother and wife of Louis XIV who was the daughter of Philip IV of Spain.

Answer: Maria Theresa

[10] 3. One provision of the Peace of Utrecht was the ratification of this previous treaty that provided the succession of William III as king of England.

Answer: Treaty of Ryswick
Name the following about mythological dismemberments:

[10] 1. To avenge the murder of his mother Coatlicue (coh-ah-tlee'-cooeh), Huitzilopochtli (wee-tsee-loh-poch'-tlee) decapitated this sister of his and threw her head into the sky to form the Moon.

Answer: Coyolxauhqui (coh-yohl-shau'-kee)

[10] 2. After killing and dismembering his brother Osirus, this Egyptian god's foreleg and testicles were ripped off by his nephew Horus.

Answer: Seth or Set

[10] 3. The god Anat dismembered Mot and used spare parts to resurrect this Canaanite fertility god.

Answer: Baal
" The inheritors of unfulfill'd renown // Rose from their thrones, built beyond mortal thought, // Far in the Unapparent.... [He] Rose pale, his solemn agony had not // Yet faded from him;" For 10 points each, identify the following concerning that poetic quote.

[10] 1. The selection is taken from this elegy completed in 1821.

Answer: Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats

[10] 2. Those lines allude to this gothic revival poet who in 1769 sent poems to Horace Walpole claiming they were copies of 15th-century manuscripts written by a mysterious Rowley.

Answer: Thomas Chatterton

[10] 3. John Keats had previous dedicated this poem to Chatterton. The poem tells of the title figures love for Cynthia. According to the poet her 'loveliness increases; it will never // Pass into nothingness; but still will keep.'

Answer: Endymion: A Poetic Romance
Name the following works of literature concerned with the clash of Japanese and Western Culture.

[10] 1. This Endo Shusaku novel centers on Portugese missionary Sebastian Rodriques and explores the incompatibility of Christianity with Japanese culture.

Answer: Silence or Chimmoku

[10] 2. This Tanizaki Jun'ichiro work details Kaname's struggle westernization and his return to a traditional Japanese lifestyle.

Answer: Some Prefer Nettles or Tade kuu mushi

[10] 3. This Yukio Mishima works centers on the 13-year-old Noboru who struggles with non-traditional values symbolized by his mother Fusako and Ryuji, her boyfriend and title character.

Answer: The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
The 1990 Keanu Reeves movie Tune in Tomorrow was an adaptation of this author's 1977 semi-autobiographical novel, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, FTPE:

[10] 1. Name this author whose first published work was the three-act play, Escape of the Inca.

Answer: Mario Vargas Llosa

[10] 2. Originally published as "La ciudad y los perros," this 1963 novel was Vargas Llosa's first. It concerns the murder of a military school cadet to cover up the theft of an exam.

Answer: Time of the Hero

[10] 3. Vargas Llosa's most recent novel is this 2003 publication about the life of feminist-socialist Flora Tristan and her grandson, Paul Gaugin.

Answer: The Way to Paradise
Name the following Poe stories:

1. After the death of his second wife, the narrator is horrified when the corpse slowly reawakens, transformed into his first wife, the story's namesake.

Answer: Ligeia

2. A man sentenced to death by the Inquisition is tortured before being saved at the last minute.

Answer: The Pit and the Pendulum

3. Bedloe has a vision of the death of Oldeb and subsequently suffers an eerily similar fate.

Answer: The Tale of the Ragged Mountains
Answer the following about a recurring theme in literature:

[10] 1. This subject of the last story of the Decameron is noted for her patience and wifely obedience.

Answer: Griselda or Griseldis or Grisel or Grissil or Patient Griselda

[10] 2. Griselda's story was borrowed by Chaucer for this Canterbury Tale.

Answer: The Clerk's Tale

[10] 3. This Englishman borrowed Griselda’s story for his Pleasant Comedy of Patient Grissill. He is also known for the Honest Whore that he wrote with Thomas Middleton.

Answer: Thomas Dekker

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