Yakar, Rachel Yakimenko, Fyodor Stepanovich

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Yakar, Rachel

Yakimenko, Fyodor Stepanovich

Yakovlev, Leonid Georgiyevich

Yakovlev, Mikhail Luk'yanovich

Yakubov, Manashir Abramovich

Yale School of Music.

Yamada, Kazuo

Yamada Kengyō

Yamada, Kōsaku [Kósçak]

Yamaguti [Yamaguchi], Osamu


Yamashita, Kazuhito

Yamash’ta [Yamashita], Stomu [Tsutomu]

Yampol'sky, Abram Il'ich

Yampol'sky, Izrail' (Markovich)

Yancey, Jimmy [James Edwards]

Yang Liqing


Yanguas, (Francisco) Antonio

Yang Yinliu

Yang Yuanheng

Yaniewicz, Felix.

Yanks, Byron.

Yannay, Yehuda

Yannidis, Costas.

Yanovs'ky (Siegel), Borys Karlovych

Yanov-Yanovsky, Dmitry Feliksovich

Yanov-Yanovsky, Feliks

Yanowski, Feliks.



Yardbirds, the.

Yardumian, Richard

Yarkov, Pyotr (Glebovich)

Yarustovsky, Boris Mikhaylovich

Yashiro, Akio

Yasser, Joseph

Yasukawa, Kazuko

Yatga [yataga, yatuga].

Yatuhasi [Yatsuhashi] Kengyō

Yavorsky, Boleslav Leopol'dovich


Ycart [Hycart, Hycaert, Icart, Ycaert], Bernhard [Bernar, Bernardus]

Ye Dong

Yefimenkova, Borislava Borisovna

Yeghiazarian, Grigor Yeghiai


Yekimovsky, Viktor Alekseyevich

Yel'cheva, Irina Mikhaylovna

Yellin [née Bentwich], Thelma

Yellin, Victor (Fell)

Yemen, Republic of (Arab. Jumhūriyyat al-Yaman).

Yepes, Narciso (García)

Yerkanian, Yervand Vahani

Yermolenko-Yuzhina [Ermolenko-Yushina; Plugovskaya], Nataliya (Stepanovna)


Yesipova, Anna [Annette] Nikolayevna

Yeston, Maury

Yevdokimova, Yuliya Konstantinova

Yevlakhov, Orest Aleksandrovich

Ye Xiaogang

Yiddish music.

Yim, Jay Alan

Yin Falu

Yi Sung-chun



Yoder, Paul V(an Buskirk)

Yokomichi, Mario

Yon, Pietro Alessandro

Yonge [Young, Younge], Nicholas


York Buildings.

Yorke, Peter

Yorke Trotter, Thomas Henry

York plays.

Yoruba music.

Yoshida, Hidekazu

Yoshino, Naoko

Yosifov, Aleksandar

Yost, Michel

Youll, Henry

Youmans, Vincent (Millie)


Young [Youngs], (Basil) Alexander

Young, Douglas

Young, John

Young, La Monte (Thornton)

Young, Lester (Willis) [Pres, Prez]

Young, Neil

Young [Younge], Nicholas.

Young, Percy M(arshall)

Young, Simone

Young, Victor

Young [Joungh], William

Young Chang.

Young Poland.

Youngs, Alexander Basil.

Youth and Music.

Yradier (y Salaverri), Sebastián de.

Yriarte, Tomás de.

Ysaac [Ysac], Henricus [Heinrich].

Ysaÿe, Eugène(-Auguste)

Ysaÿe, Théophile (Antoine)

Ysaÿe Quartet (i).

Ysaÿe Quartet (ii).

Yso, Pierre.

Ysoré [Isoré], Guillaume

Yssandon [Issandon], Jean

Yu, Julian (Jing-Jun)

Yuasa, Jōji

Yudina, Mariya (Veniaminovna)


Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of

Yuhas, Dan

Yulchiyeva, Munadjat

Yun, Isang


Yuon, Paul.

Yupanqui, Atahualpa [Chavero, Héctor Roberto]

Yurgenson, Pyotr Ivanovich.

Yusupov, Benjamin

Yūsuf, Zakariyyā

Yusupov, Prince Nikolay Borisovich

Yuzhak, Kiralina Iosifovna

Yu Zhenfei

Yvain, Maurice [Paul, Pierre; Sautreuil, Jean]


Yzac, Henricus [Heinrich].

Yzo, Pierre.


(b Dêgê county, Kham, eastern Tibet, 1963). Tibetan rock singer. His father was a businessman who died when Yadong was 12 years old. Yadong grew up close to his mother, who was known for her beautiful voice. He worked as a physical education instructor in the army for several years, after which he became unemployed and started teaching himself how to play the guitar. He found work as a truck driver and sang occasionally at weddings and festivals. He was asked to join an official performing arts troupe, but he declined this offer and instead found a job with a construction company in Chengdu, where he saved enough money to produce his first cassette; 'khyam-pa-kyi sems (‘A vagabond's soul’) was released in 1991. He performed in bars at night, and in 1995 he produced a new album with a Chinese title, xiang wang shen ying (‘Desire for the eagle god’), which comprises traditional songs mostly from Kham, such as the King Gesar epic, remixed in rock and rap style. In 1996 Yadong's third album, kham-pa'i bu-gsar (‘The young khampa man’), was released; it features Tibetan music and Chinese lyrics. By the mid-1990s he had gained widespread popularity in Tibet, especially among young people.


Yakar, Rachel

(b Lyons, 3 March 1938). French soprano. She studied at the Paris Conservatoire and with Germaine Lubin, making her début in 1963 at Strasbourg. In 1964 she joined the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf, which remained her base for over 20 years. She sang Freia and Gerhilde at Bayreuth (1976), Donna Elvira at Glyndebourne (1977), First Lady (Zauberflöte) at Salzburg and Monteverdi’s Poppaea in Edinburgh (1978), and made her Covent Garden début as Freia. Her wide repertory included Rameau’s Aricia, Handel’s Cleopatra, Celia (Lucio Silla), Ilia, Fiordiligi, Tatyana, Mimì, Málinka/Etherea/Kunka (Excursions of Mr Brouček), and the Marschallin, which she sang at Glyndebourne in 1980. An extremely musical as well as dramatic singer, capable of subtle tone colouring, Yakar was particularly fine in roles such as Mélisande, which she recorded, and Jenůfa. Her other operatic recordings include several Mozart roles, Climène in Lully’s Phaëton (which she sang in Lyons in 1993), Madame Lidoine in Dialogues des Carmélites and Diane in Honegger’s Les aventures du roi Pausole. Yakar also had a notable career as a recitalist and concert singer, and has recorded works ranging from Bach’s B minor Mass to mélodies by Hahn.


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