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X00119398 Rebecca Stenson

Graphic Design Essay

Some company Logos remain virtually unchanged for decades while other organisations change their branding on a regular basis. What factors are involved in the longevity or otherwise of a logo design?

If you look up logo in the dictionary its definition is ‘a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.’ A logo is a very powerful thing, it is what is used to represent your brand, company or organisation. It is the face of what you’re trying to sell and it can make or break you. A logo needs to be simple but effective and most importantly it has to be remembered. Every organisation, brand and company aim to have their logo recognised worldwide. There is a lot of logos that we know recognise immediately from just a glance. The most successful logos are products and food, because it’s what people associate with the most. As technology advances the logos used as app faces are now becoming worldwide recognised logos, this is because people use them on a daily basis. The logos that are most successful are the ones that people use and see regularly. With a successful logo the possibilities are endless, when brands are competing they try to get their logo out there more than the other brand because they know this is how to win by becoming recognisable. Customers will always buy or go with the brand that they know, it’s what’s familiar to them. If people see two fast food restaurants together will they go for the one they’ve never seen before or will they go for the big McDonald’s sign they see everywhere and are familiar with. People generally don’t like change and if they see something that they are familiar with they will go with that. When it comes to branding people will generally go with a brand like Nike or adidas over a brand they’ve never seen before. They would want to show off the Nike tick and let everyone know they are wearing Nike shoes. Brands have built up this reputation because of their logo, it’s what represents their good quality products or services.

Many companies choose to pick a logo and stick with that and let people remember the logo for years to come, it never changing and people always being able to rely on the brand because it hasn’t changed. They are still getting from the company what they originally wanted.

You can see here from the picture above that Nike one of the most powerful companies and brands in the world have basically stuck with the logo since it originated in 1971 by Phil Knight. (Nike History and Timeline, http://www.easybib.com/cite/eval?url=http%3A%2F%2Fxroads.virginia.edu%2F~class%2Fam483_97%2Fprojects%2Fhincker%2Fnikhist.html) Although there is some minor alterations like the word ‘Nike’ being placed in different places with different themes the swoosh or some people may call it the ‘tick’ has stayed the exact same. People know the swoosh worldwide as the biggest most popular sports brand. People are proud to wear the clothing with the Nike logo on it because they know they are representing one of the most powerful companies in the world. There are many advantages of not changing their logo like other brands such as McDonalds, BMW, Volkswagen and Warner Brothers will have experienced. People know the brand. It is easy to spot and recognisable to everybody, the brands that haven’t changed are usually the ones who have been most successful. They have achieved success with this logo and everyone knows them because of this so they see this as a reason to not give up the logo and stick with it, let the public recognise them wherever they go and know the company for the success its achieved. If they started changing the logo would people stick with the brand, many people are uncomfortable with change and this is why many big companies stick with the same logo once they’ve reached a high level of success, so when people see the logo they think of the success that has been achieved from this brand and why they should, buy, support and stick with this brand.

Changing your logo regularly can have advantages also, it can represent how the brand is advancing and becoming better. The logo if the face of the company so if the logo is constantly advancing and becoming better well is this not the perfect representation of how the company itself is getting better. Sometimes changing the logo and announcement of this change and the wait for it can draw attention to the company itself. In September 2013 Yahoo! said that they were going to change their logo and for 30 days leading up to it they’ll feature the ‘running up designs’ each day. In an article about it the author said ‘Let’s hope Yahoo decides just to keep its old logo and skip the drama.’ So people are noticing that Yahoo! May be only doing this to raise users, which is a smart marketing sale but do we really need the drama? Is it that big of a deal to us, would brands not be better releasing new content to us instead of trying to redesign a brand that is already successful. (Larry Polpelka, bloomberg.com, Risky business: Yahoo!’s Logo Redesign, Sep 03 2013) Although saying this we can’t deny the amount of attention Yahoo! got as a result of changing the logo and making such a big deal out of it, so if companies can get this kind of response from changing a logo then the real question is why wouldn’t they make a change every now and again. In my opinion I think the brands that change often are the ones on the border line of worldwide success, one more push and they’ll be global. Whereas the brands that don’t change are the ones that have already reached this and are sticking with what they know in order to stay on top.

Pepsi, is definitely one of the biggest brands in the world but they have always been under their competitor ‘Coca-Cola’. Pepsi makes a change to their brand very regularly as you can see from the picture above. It is constantly becoming more and more modern and more powerful. It went from being just a font to full on graphics with a new redesigned logo in the space of 107 years. This has definitely advanced them there is no doubt but has it put them in a position where they could take over ‘Coca-Cola’ who have barely changed their logo as you can see below.

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