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Chapter 12: Nursing Management During Pregnancy

Written Assignments

Learning Objective(s)

1. Develop a client teaching handout for a client who is to have an amniocentesis.


2. Write an essay about essential aspects of prenatal care, incorporating at least three of the key terms listed at the beginning of the chapter.


Group Assignments

Learning Objective(s)

1. Working with a partner, role-play a situation in which a 32-year-old woman comes to the prenatal clinic for an initial visit because she thinks she is pregnant. Take turns playing the client and nurse. Develop an assessment checklist for the history and physical examination and share it with the class.


2. As part of a small group, select an area of self-care important for pregnant women. Develop a list of ideas that could be useful in promoting self-care in this area. Create a poster that depicts your suggestions.


Clinical Assignments

Learning Objective(s)

1. In the clinical setting, shadow a nurse and observe the assessment of a pregnant woman at an initial or follow-up visit. Describe the information the nurse obtained on this visit and the teaching that the nurse performed.

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2. Investigate the birth setting options that are available in your community, and interview nurses working in these settings. Compare and contrast the nurses’ responses related to family involvement and support, pain relief methods, and client satisfaction. Share your findings with your classmates.


3. Interview several pregnant women in different trimesters of pregnancy. Ask them about discomforts they are experiencing and the measures used to alleviate or control them. Develop a teaching plan for one of the women.


Web Assignments

Learning Objective(s)

1. Investigate the Lamaze International website: http://www.lamaze.org. Write a report on the types of information the site provides to pregnant couples and analyze the usefulness of this information.


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