Writing Reflection- argument Essay “Biking vs. Running”

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Cole Rasmussen Rasmussen 1

January 10, 2014

English Period 2B

Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection- Argument Essay “Biking vs. Running”

The attributes of good writing are essential to express your message thoroughly through the text. One attribute of good writing is clearly stating your claim. Because stating a claim is essential to an argument essay, my essay shows an example of a claim as: “I claim that outdoor biking is the best aerobic activity.” Another attribute of good writing is using examples or statements to support your claim. My essay shows this by saying, “The best kind of exercise is the kind that is the most fun, because it is something you enjoy doing and will keep coming back to.”

The expectations of a reader reading a well composed piece of writing should be relevant as to what type of writing the reader is reading. My piece of writing does this because it is meant to persuade the reader toward the author’s idea(s). My argument essay convinces the reader that outdoor biking is not only better than running, but all other aerobic activities as well. The reader is convinced because it gives reasons, which are clearly stated and explained, why outdoor biking is the best form of aerobic exercise. As a reader, I would say that my argument essay does a good job at illustrating the author’s claim and ideas.

Understanding how the author works and the time spent is important to know. It can help you understand the seriousness of the topic, and it can help you understand how high of quality the writing is as well as how good of a writer the author is. As the author of this piece of writing, I put in a lot of time and effort. I researched the topic, found ideas I wanted to use and used my

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own knowledge as well. I also spent a lot of time organizing my thoughts and points into, what I thought, the best way possible.

I can think of a few writing foals I have in mind. My first goal is to remember that the first draft you write doesn’t need to be perfect. I need to remember this because I tend to put too much time and effort into making it really good the first time, which is bad because I need to focus more on making the polished copy perfect. I also need to work on sentence variety. I can think of interesting and good points to make, but I just need to work on making them sound interesting. I need to work on this because I want to have good essays in the future, like in college or business. I also just want to become an overall better writer. I believed that sentence variety will help me to better communicate to my readers because different people respond better to different ways of saying something.

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